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Optimal Promotion and Replenishment Policies for Profit Maximization Model under Lost Units  [PDF]
Pradip Kumar Tripathy, Monalisha Pattnaik, Prakash Tripathy
American Journal of Operations Research (AJOR) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajor.2012.22031
Abstract: Ever since its introduction in the second decade of the past century, the economic order quantity (EOQ) model has been the subject of extensive investigations and extensions by academicians. The physical characteristics of stocked items dictate the nature of inventory policies implemented to manage and control. The question is how reliable are the EOQ models when items stocked deteriorate one time. This paper introduces a modified EOQ model in which it assumes that a percentage of the on-hand inventory is wasted due to deterioration. There is hidden cost not account for when modeling inventory cost. We study the problem of promotion for a deteriorating item subject to loss of these deteriorated units. The objective of this paper is to determine the optimal time length, optimal units lost due to deterioration, the promotional effort and the replenishment quantity so that the net profit is maximized and the numerical analysis show that an appropriate promotion policy can benefit the retailer and that promotion policy is important, especially for deteriorating items. Furthermore crisp decision making is shown to be superior to crisp decision making without promotional effort cost in terms of profit maximization.
Modulation in Ocean Primary Production due to Variability of Photosynthetically Available Radiation under Different Atmospheric Conditions
Madhumita Tripathy,Mini Raman,Prakash Chauhan,Ajai
International Journal of Oceanography , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/279412
Abstract: The rate of photosynthesis primarily depends on nutrients and photosynthetically available radiation (PAR) at sea surface. Several ship cruises were carried out to measure optical, biological, and atmospheric parameters in the Arabian Sea and their variability were studied. An analytical nonspectral photosynthesis-irradiance model was used to estimate euphotic primary production (EuPP) to study its variability during cruise periods. PAR was estimated using COART model using in situ measured aerosol optical depth (AOD) to compare with in situ measured PAR. In order to understand the variability of PAR under different types of aerosol and different aerosol loading, a simulation study was carried out using COART model. EuPP was estimated for various PAR values under different aerosol loading and cloud coverage conditions. Sensitivity analysis showed that for maritime, maritime polluted, and desert aerosols, the ratio PAR/PAR0AOD has attenuated to about 11–25%, whereas it has attenuated to 44% for urban aerosol type. PAR/PARclear??sky was reduced by ~57% for high aerosol loading and for overcast sky. The decrease in EuPP under various aerosol loading and cloud coverage was observed to depend on the photoadaptation parameter. EuPP/EuPPclear??sky was reduced by 38% for maximum maritime aerosol loading and for overcast sky. 1. Introduction Biological process in the ocean is mediated through the process of photosynthesis, where marine phytoplankton converts inorganic carbon to organic carbon and removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The rate, at which photosynthesis occurs, also termed as primary production, primarily depends on nutrients and photosynthetically available radiation, or PAR, (~0.4–0.7?μm wavelengths) at sea surface. Productivity varies with the availability of light and takes place within the euphotic zone. This extends from the surface to a depth where there is 1% of the light intensity from the surface. The photosynthetic response of phytoplankton to available light is not linear. It is light dependent at the lower light intensities and becomes independent (saturated) at higher light intensities, producing a curve which is described by its slope ( ) and the maximum photosynthesis ( ) [1]. As solar radiation passes through the earth’s atmosphere, some of it gets absorbed or scattered by different atmospheric constituents like aerosols, cloud cover, ozone, water vapor, and various gasses. On a daily level, cloudiness and aerosols have a significant influence on the amount of radiation that reaches the earth surface [2–4]. Arabian Sea and
Privacy Preserving Two-Party Hierarchical Clustering Over Vertically Partitioned Dataset  [PDF]
Animesh Tripathy, Ipsa De
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2013.65B006
Abstract: Data mining has been a popular research area for more than a decade. There are several problems associated with data mining. Among them clustering is one of the most interesting problems. However, this problem becomes more challenging when dataset is distributed between different parties and they do not want to share their data. So, in this paper we propose a privacy preserving two party hierarchical clustering algorithm vertically partitioned data set. Each site only learns the final cluster centers, but nothing about the individual’s data.
GDP Purchasing Power Parity per Capita and Its Determinants: A Panel Data Analysis for BRICS  [PDF]
S. Venkata Seshaiah, Trilochan Tripathy
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2018.83040
Abstract: This study examines the Gross Domestic product purchasing power parity per capita (GDP PPP per capita) and its determinants using the panel data method to test for unit roots in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS). The main dependent variable in our study is GDP PPP per capita while the independent variables are real exchange rate, real interest rate, consumer price index (CPI), and money supply. We find strong evidence of a long-run relationship among the chosen variables. The co-integration equation reveals positive relationship between GDP PPP per capita and the real exchange rate, real interest rate, and money supply and a negative relationship between GDP PPP and CPI. Based on the VEC Granger Causality/Block Erogeneity Wald Tests, the study finds that the GDP PPP per capita is influenced by the exchange rate and CPI. However, based on the overall Chi-square test, the study shows strong evidence of an influence of all variables on GDP PPP per capita. We hope this study would help the policy makers to come up with appropriate policies to bring about homogeneity among the BRICS nations.
Power Transformer Differential Protection Based on Neural Network Principal Component Analysis, Harmonic Restraint and Park's Plots
Manoj Tripathy
Advances in Artificial Intelligence , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/930740
Abstract: This paper describes a new approach for power transformer differential protection which is based on the wave-shape recognition technique. An algorithm based on neural network principal component analysis (NNPCA) with back-propagation learning is proposed for digital differential protection of power transformer. The principal component analysis is used to preprocess the data from power system in order to eliminate redundant information and enhance hidden pattern of differential current to discriminate between internal faults from inrush and overexcitation conditions. This algorithm has been developed by considering optimal number of neurons in hidden layer and optimal number of neurons at output layer. The proposed algorithm makes use of ratio of voltage to frequency and amplitude of differential current for transformer operating condition detection. This paper presents a comparative study of power transformer differential protection algorithms based on harmonic restraint method, NNPCA, feed forward back propagation neural network (FFBPNN), space vector analysis of the differential signal, and their time characteristic shapes in Park’s plane. The algorithms are compared as to their speed of response, computational burden, and the capability to distinguish between a magnetizing inrush and power transformer internal fault. The mathematical basis for each algorithm is briefly described. All the algorithms are evaluated using simulation performed with PSCAD/EMTDC and MATLAB. 1. Introduction Power transformer is one of the most important components in power system, for which various types of protective and monitoring schemes have been developed for many years. Differential protection is one of the most widely used methods for protecting power transformer against internal faults. The technique is based on the measurement and comparison of currents at both side of transformer: primary and secondary lines. The differential relay trips whenever the difference of the currents in both sides exceeds a predetermined threshold. This technique is accurate in most of the cases of transformer internal faults however mal-operation of differential relay is possible due to inrush currents, which result from transients in transformer magnetic flux. The transients in transformer magnetic flux may occur due to energization of transformer, voltage recovery after fault clearance or connection of parallel transformers. The existence of such current disturbances has made the protection of power transformers a challenging problem for protection engineers. Therefore, accurate
Aruna Tripathy
International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Emerging Technologies , 2012,
Abstract: The turbo equalizer (TEQ) is a baseband signal processor that combines the tasks of channel equalization and channel decoding in a closed loop by using turbo principles. The basic objective of a TEQ is to take care of interference in a communication system arising due to a host of reasons and correct the random errors caused by additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) simultaneously. All the TEQs reported in literature can be broadly categorized into three types; the trellis based equalizers, the apriori aided minimum mean square error (MMSE) filters and the soft interference canceller (SIC) type of filters. Pivotal to the operation of all the TEQs is the flow of the extrinsic information between the equalizer and the channel decoder. The extrinsic information is the information about a given bit available by the use of knowledge about other bits in a transmitted data stream. Most often, the extrinsic information is modeled as a Gaussian random variable. However, a generic mathematical model capturing the operations of a TEQ seems to be missing in literature. It is with this motivation that we propose a suitable mathematical model for a TEQ under converging conditions. This is the log likelihood ratio (LLR) enhancement model that describes the evolution of the extrinsic information as observed at the equalizer output. The LLR becomes a monotonically increasing function of the signal to noise ratio (SNR) from the no apriori condition to the perfect apriori condition about the transmitted bits. KEYWORDS:
Extreme metabolic alkalosis in intensive care
Tripathy Swagata
Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine , 2009,
Abstract: Metabolic alkalosis is a commonly seen imbalance in the intensive care unit (ICU). Extreme metabolic alkalemia, however, is less common. A pH greater than 7.65 may carry a high risk of mortality (up to 80%). We discuss the entity of life threatening metabolic alkalemia by means of two illustrative cases - both with a pH greater than 7.65 on presentation. The cause, modalities of managing and complications of this condition is discussed from the point of view of both the traditional method of Henderson and Hasselbalch and the mathematical model based on physiochemical model described by Stewart. Special mention to the pitfalls in managing patients of metabolic alkalosis with concomitant renal compromise is made.
Nanophotothermolysis of Poly-(vinyl) Alcohol Capped Silver Particles
Tripathy SurajKumar
Nanoscale Research Letters , 2008,
Abstract: Laser-induced thermal fusion and fragmentation of poly-(vinyl) alcohol (PVA)-capped silver nanoparticles in aqueous medium have been reported. PVA-capped silver nanoparticles with an average size of 15 nm were prepared by chemical reduction technique. The laser-induced photo-fragmentation of these particles has been monitored by UV-visible spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The morphological changes induced by thermal and photochemical effects were found to influence the optical properties of these nanoparticles.
Causal Relationship between Macro-Economic Indicators and Stock Market in India
Naliniprava Tripathy
Asian Journal of Finance & Accounting , 2011, DOI: 10.5296/ajfa.v3i1.633
Abstract: This paper investigated the market efficiency and causal relationship between selected Macroeconomic variables and the Indian stock market during the period January 2005 to February 2011 by using Ljung-Box Q test, Breusch-Godfrey LM test, Unit Root test, Granger Causality test.The study confirms the presence of autocorrelation in the Indian stock market and macro economic variables which implies that the market fell into form of Efficient Market Hypothesis. Further the Granger-causality test shows evidence of bidirectional relationship between interest rate and stock market, exchange rate and stock market, international stock market and BSE volume, exchange rate and BSE volume. So it suggests that any change of exchange rate, interest rate and international market significantly influencing the stock market in the economy and vice versa. The study also reported unidirectional causality running from international stock market to domestic stock market, interest rate, exchange rate and inflation rate indicating sizeable influence in the stock market movement in the considered period. The study points out that the Indian stock market is sensitive towards changing behavior of international market, exchange rate and interest rate in the economy and they can be used to predict stock market price fluctuations.
The symmetric power and étale realisation functors commute
Arnav Tripathy
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We show that under mild hypotheses on a proper algebraic space $X$, the functors of taking its symmetric powers and its \'{e}tale realisation commute up to weak equivalence. We conclude an effective version of the Dold-Thom theorem for the \'{e}tale site and discuss the stabilisation results for the natural morphisms of \'{e}tale homotopy groups $\pi_k \mathrm{Sym}^n X \to \pi_k \mathrm{Sym}^{n+1} X$ in the context of the Weil conjectures.
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