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Prevalência de infec??o por Leishmania chagasi utilizando os métodos de ELISA (rK39 e CRUDE) e intradermorrea??o de Montenegro em área endêmica do Maranh?o, Brasil
Nascimento, Maria do Desterro Soares Brand?o;Souza, Edilberto Costa;Silva, Leopoldo Muniz da;Leal, Plinio da Cunha;Cantanhede, Karleno de Lima;Bezerra, Geusa Felipa de Barros;Viana, Gra?a Maria de Castro;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2005000600028
Abstract: a prospective study was undertaken in 1,520 children less than 15 years of age in s?o josé de ribamar, maranh?o, brazil, from june 1994 to january 1995, to evaluate the prevalence and characteristics (socioeconomic, environmental, and behavioral) associated with infection by leishmania chagasi. montenegro skin test (mst) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa-rk39 and crude) test were used to detect infection. the statistical analysis used the c2 test with yates correction and a p value less than 0.05 was considered statistically significant. prevalence of infection was 61.7% as measured by mst, 19.4% according to elisa (rk39), and 19.7% by elisa (crude). association was detected between leishmaniasis in the family, water supply, application of insecticide, and infection by l. chagasi using mst. no association with infection by l. chagasi was detected using elisa rk39 or crude. more effective control measures are needed to reduce prevalence and to detect asymptomatic cases in this high percentage of infected children.
Superoxide dismutases and glutaredoxins have a distinct role in the response of Candida albicans to oxidative stress generated by the chemical compounds menadione and diamide
Chaves, Guilherme Maranh?o;Silva, Walicyranison Plinio da;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762012000800006
Abstract: to cope with oxidative stress, candida albicans possesses several enzymes involved in a number of biological processes, including superoxide dismutases (sods) and glutaredoxins (grxs). the resistance of c. albicans to reactive oxygen species is thought to act as a virulence factor. genes such as sod1 and grx2, which encode for a sod and grx, respectively, in c. albicans are widely recognised to be important for pathogenesis. we generated a double mutant, δgrx2/sod1, for both genes. this strain is very defective in hyphae formation and is susceptible to killing by neutrophils. when exposed to two compounds that generate reactive oxygen species, the double null mutant was susceptible to menadione and resistant to diamide. the reintegration of the sod1 gene in the null mutant led to recovery in resistance to menadione, whereas reintegration of the grx2 gene made the null mutant sensitive to diamide. despite having two different roles in the responses to oxidative stress generated by chemical compounds, grx2 and sod1 are important for c. albicans pathogenesis because the double mutant δgrx2/sod1 was very susceptible to neutrophil killing and was defective in hyphae formation in addition to having a lower virulence in an animal model of systemic infection.
Morphometric Characterization of a Watershed through SRTM Data and Geoprocessing Technique  [PDF]
Elias Rodrigues da Cunha, Vitor Matheus Bacani
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2016.82021
Abstract: The aim of this study is to characterize the morphometry of a watershed using radar data Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) and GIS techniques. The study is conducted in the watershed of the Indaiá stream, which is located in the southwestern region of the municipality of Aquidauana, MS, Brazil and has an area of 94.6764 km2. A tributary of the Taboco River consequently enters?the Pantanal lowlands. Classical morphometric parameters were calculated and specialized through spatial analysis in geographic information systems. The main results of the morphometric characterization were the variables of form factor, drainage density, coefficient of compactness, and maintenance coefficient, as well as the relief parameters found, including the hypsometry, slope, aspect and relief dissection (horizontal and vertical amplitude). The integrated analysis of the variables (morphometric and relief) concludes that the watershed has low susceptibility to flooding but that the morphology of the relief and lithological structure favors the development of erosion processes in the watershed.
Hume y el escepticismo antiguo
Plinio Smith
Signos filosóficos , 2007,
Abstract: Resumen: Propongo una comparación entre David Hume y las formas antiguas del escepticismo. Un molde histórico adecuado para comprender el escepticismo de Hume es la filosofía escéptica académica. Un análisis histórico revela que, de hecho, se encuentran algunas semejanzas importantes entre Hume y Carneades. Sin embargo, en el punto más fuerte de aproximación entre esos filósofos, el probabilismo de uno y el probabilismo de otro, se revela una falsa pista. La aproximación entre la creencia humeana y la carneadeana también resulta sospechosa. El pirronismo provee otro molde históricamente adecuado. El probabilismo de Hume, contenido en su teoría de la causalidad, está estrechamente emparentado con la doctrina pirrónica del signo conmemorativo. Otros puntos semejantes entre Hume y Sexto Empírico son: la idea de seguir la naturaleza, la defensa de la vida común, creencias no-dogmáticas y el origen empírico de nuestros pensamientos. El escepticismo pirrónico es, tal como el escepticismo humeano, una forma de empirismo. Ante estas constataciones, no cabe sino concluir que coincide en muchos puntos al escepticismo académico. El escepticismo humeano también está muy cerca del pirronismo. Abstract: I propose a comparison between David Hume and the ancient forms of scepticism. An apropriate historical mold to understand Hume’s scepticism is Academic Sceptic Philosophy. A historical analysis shows that, in fact, there exist certain, important similarities between Hume and Carneades. Nevertheless, there is a false clue on the strongest proximity point between these two philosophers, probabilism from one of them, and probabilism from the other one. The closeness between Humean believing and Carneadean believing turns out to be suspicious also. Pyrrhonism provides another apropriate hitorical mold. Hume’s probabilism, included in his theory of causality, is closely related to the Pyrrhonic doctrine of commemorative sign. Other points of proximity between Hume and Sextus Empriricus are: the idea of following Nature; the defense of common life, non-dogmatic beliefs, and the empirical origin of our thoughts. As Humean scepticism, Pyrrhonic scepticism is a form of empiricism. In the face of this state of affairs, it only remains to conclude that the latter is quite similar in many aspects to academic scepticism. And Humean scepticism is quite close to Pyrrhonism also.
Aprendizagens significativas na forma??o inicial de professores: um estudo no espa?o dos Cursos de Licenciatura
Cunha, Maria Isabel da;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832001000200007
Abstract: this paper describes reflections on research results and discusses concerns regarding the theme of teacher education. it focuses particularly on those relations that determine innovation, namely, the elements or factors that bring about rupture and that therefore eliminate mere reproduction within the undergraduate courses (licenciatura) that, in brazil, train teachers in universities. the article is based on the assumption that it is necessary to understand the relations that make innovation possible, so that criticism of the reproductive character of teaching may be transformed into a contagious search for improvement. relying on the ideas set forth by boaventura santos, it takes as its reference the conception of knowledge within contemporary paradigmatic transition. the study involved the undergraduate courses designed to train teachers (licenciatura) at a public university in the south of brazil and, based on student choices, tried to analyze the significant experiences they pointed out, in their configurations. to this end, it also had the participation of the professors who were the key players in the processes that took place.
Três vers?es do pragmatismo deweyano no Brasil dos anos cinqüenta
Cunha, Marcus Vinicius da;
Educa??o e Pesquisa , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-97021999000200004
Abstract: this text starts with a characterization in which the brazilian new school movement is considered as the disseminator of the introduction of scientific procedures in the pedagogical field, as if education should be subordinated to the rules of thought and to the findings of science. the text then shows that this characterization describes only one of the trends among the renewed educational ideas. another idea, this one heavily influenced by the thinking of north-american philosopher and educator john dewey, offers very different directions. the paper then analyzes some articles published in the fifties by the revista brasileira de estudos pedagógicos, a journal published by the national institute of pedagogical studies (inep). such articles, written by anísio teixeira, jo?o roberto moreira, and luiz alves de mattos amongst others, translate the renewed educational ideas of the period and express the conceptions based on john dewey?s ideas. the themes discussed by those brazilian educators are grouped according to the following categories: democracy, freedom, socio-educational research, and educational planning. along the analysis performed here it has been noted that the authors express different visions of the same thinker - john dewey. this fact can be understood using the concept of "recontextualization", proposed by basil bernstein, according to whom the theories or philosophical conceptions suffer modifications, sometimes fundamental, as they are transformed in pedagogical discourses. at the same that this work intends to contribute to a better understanding of the presence of dewey?s thinking in brazil, it also points to the need of developing deeper studies about the processes of recontextualization in the educational field.
Um modelo matemático para o problema de seqüenciamento e programa??o de visitas de gerentes de banco
Cunha, Claudio Barbieri da;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X2003000200005
Abstract: this paper deals with a real problem of sequencing (routing) and scheduling daily home visits by managers of a large bank corporation. the visits are scheduled in advance by phone operators for the following day. the managers are located in different branches of the bank. this problem can be formulated as a multi-depot routing and scheduling problem with time windows constraints. contrary to most vehicle and staff routing and scheduling problems, which require heuristic solution methods due to their combinatorial complexity, the special features of the proposed problem allow it to be simplified and solved through an exact algorithm, which is based on a minimum cost network flow model. the proposed solution algorithm has been implemented and successfully used to solve the problem.
O futuro da quest?o indígena
Cunha, Manuela Carneiro da;
Estudos Avan?ados , 1994, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-40141994000100016
Abstract: the indians future in brazil will depend on several strategic choices as much the brazilian state and international community as different races. it is a question of partnership. by historical reasons, which were recognized in brazil during the centuries, the native populations have a right to their territories. but these rights should not be thought as an impediment to the rest of the country. on the contrary, they are a preserving prerequisite of a richness even inestimable, but cruciate, the biodiversity and knowledges of traditional populations about natural kinds. according to everybody's interest what it should look for is to give conditions not to loose this richness. because of that, it is unreasonable want to open all amazonia areas to indiscriminate exploration. thus, it is necessary converge the indians rights with the brazilian society interests as a whole.
Popula??es tradicionais e a Conven??o da Diversidade Biológica
Cunha, Manuela Carneiro da;
Estudos Avan?ados , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-40141999000200008
Abstract: the convention for biological diversity (cdb) has acknowledged the importance of traditional knowledge and stewardship of genetic ressources. the trips agreement and the cbd are leading brazil and other countries to change their legislation on intellectual rights and on access to genetic ressources and associated knowledge. should one then extend the intellectual property system to cover local and indigenous knowledge? or should one rather maintain it in the public domain and assure that local people participate in the possible benefits of commercial products derived from it? and then, what is the nature of local knowledge?
Isolados 'como nós' ou isolados 'entre nós'?: a polêmica na Academia Nacional de Medicina sobre o isolamento compulsório dos doentes de lepra
Cunha, Vivian da Silva;
História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-59702010000400006
Abstract: given brazilian society's view of leprosy in the early twentieth century, patient segregation was considered the only way to protect the healthy. the policy enforced by the inspectorship for the prevention of leprosy and venereal diseases deemed isolation in leprosaria the preferred approach. belisário penna criticized the work of the inspectorship, arguing that the best way to isolate patients would be to create municipalities located a good distance from urban centers. in 1926, penna came head to head over the subject with eduardo rabello, the inspectorship's former chief. part of a broader debate on the best way to control leprosy, this controversy sheds light on the changes to leprosy policies introduced in the 1930s.
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