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Wormholing Influenced by Injection Temperature in Carbonate Rocks  [PDF]
Heng Xue, Zuxi Huang, Liqiang Zhao, Hehua Wang, Pingli Liu
Open Journal of Yangtze Oil and Gas (OJOGas) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojogas.2019.41002
Abstract: This paper presented empirical models of describing reaction rate vs. hydrochloric acid temperature and concentration by regressing experimental data. And this paper also introduced the dependent reaction heat model into the thermal non-equilibrium models and coupled with two-scale continuum model to obtain governing equations for describing wormholing under non-isothermal conditions. The governing equations were discretized by implicit difference method and solved by programing. The effects of temperature on wormholing have been investigated based on the simulation results on 2-D vision. A significant difference of the effluent temperature between the dependent reaction heat model in present work and the constant reaction heat model in available literatures was observed, especially in high injection rate and strong acid concentration. In addition, the tendencies of optimum injection capacity vs. injection temperature under isothermal and non-isothermal conditions were almost different. Finally, an optimum injection temperature was found by changing the injection temperature under non-isothermal conditions.
The Influence of Ca and Y on the Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Vacuum Die Casting AZ91 Alloy
Feng Wang,Jibao Li,Jing Liu,Pingli Mao,Zheng Liu
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: The influence of Ca and Y on the microstructure and corrosion resistance of vacuum die casting AZ91 alloy is investigated using optical microscope, electron scanning microscope, weight-loss test and electrochemical corrosion test. The results indicate that the microstructure of AZ91 alloy can be refined, amount of Mg17Al12 phases is reduced, making Mg17Al12 phases transform from banding to reticular, and stringer Al2Ca phases and block Al2Y phases are formed through adding both Ca and Y. The corrosion resistance of AZ91 magnesium alloy can be increased greatly by adding both Ca and Y. The corrosion rate of AZ91-1.5Ca-1.0Y alloy is dropped to 16.2% of that of AZ91 alloy immersed in 3.5% NaCl aqueous solution for 24 hours. The corrosion current density of AZ91-1.5Ca-1.0Y alloy is dropped by one order of magnitude.
Modeling Impacts of Alternative Practices on Net Global Warming Potential and Greenhouse Gas Intensity from Rice–Wheat Annual Rotation in China
Jinyang Wang, Xiaolin Zhang, Yinglie Liu, Xiaojian Pan, Pingli Liu, Zhaozhi Chen, Taiqing Huang, Zhengqin Xiong
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0045668
Abstract: Background Evaluating the net exchange of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in conjunction with soil carbon sequestration may give a comprehensive insight on the role of agricultural production in global warming. Materials and Methods Measured data of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) were utilized to test the applicability of the Denitrification and Decomposition (DNDC) model to a winter wheat – single rice rotation system in southern China. Six alternative scenarios were simulated against the baseline scenario to evaluate their long-term (45-year) impacts on net global warming potential (GWP) and greenhouse gas intensity (GHGI). Principal Results The simulated cumulative CH4 emissions fell within the statistical deviation ranges of the field data, with the exception of N2O emissions during rice-growing season and both gases from the control treatment. Sensitivity tests showed that both CH4 and N2O emissions were significantly affected by changes in both environmental factors and management practices. Compared with the baseline scenario, the long-term simulation had the following results: (1) high straw return and manure amendment scenarios greatly increased CH4 emissions, while other scenarios had similar CH4 emissions, (2) high inorganic N fertilizer increased N2O emissions while manure amendment and reduced inorganic N fertilizer scenarios decreased N2O emissions, (3) the mean annual soil organic carbon sequestration rates (SOCSR) under manure amendment, high straw return, and no-tillage scenarios averaged 0.20 t C ha?1 yr?1, being greater than other scenarios, and (4) the reduced inorganic N fertilizer scenario produced the least N loss from the system, while all the scenarios produced comparable grain yields. Conclusions In terms of net GWP and GHGI for the comprehensive assessment of climate change and crop production, reduced inorganic N fertilizer scenario followed by no-tillage scenario would be advocated for this specified cropping system.
Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology in Electric Power System


红外 , 2010,
Abstract: An infrared thermal imager has its incomparable dominance in the monitoring of external malfunction of electric power equipment. Since it can detect the actual temperature distribution of the electric power equipment in operation contactlessly and accurately, it has become an effective detection means used commonly by the electric power sector. When the obtained infrared thermal images are processed by using the image enhancement and edge detection methods in the MATLAB image box, the accurate fault location in the electric power equipment can be determined.
Application of Intra-Particle Combustion Model for Iron Ore Sintering Bed  [PDF]
Pingli Hou, Sangmin Choi, Won Yang, Eungsoo Choi, Heejin Kang
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2011.25048
Abstract: In order to quantitatively predict the behavior of the material in the packed bed, a single particle model is developed to describe the combustion and sintering process inside an individual particle composed of multiple solid material fines, including iron ore, coke and limestone, and is applied to the combustion modeling of an iron ore sintering. Byanalyzing three typical fuel distribution cases using the developed single particle combustion model, the effects of temperature and oxygen concentration gradient inside the particle on heat and mass transfer and the combustion behavior of the iron ore sintering process areinvestigated. Considering the various combustion rates which are highly dependent on the fuel distribution methods, correction factor for single particle model is also introduced and systematically analyzed. The aim of this research is to supplement particle technology to conventional approach and it is found that the oxygen concentration gradient inside the particle is significantly affected from the mixing method thereby changing the completion times of sintering process.
Separating Benzoylmesaconitine from Aconite Using HSCCC

Wu Pingli,Liu Wen,Zhuo Chao,Zhang Jiquan,Shen Pingniang,
,刘 雯,卓 超,张继全,沈平孃

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2009,
Abstract: Authors separated Benzoylmesaconitine from raw aconite in an immediate manner using HSCCC. A methanol-methylene chloride-hydrochloric acid (-0.3mol/L) solvents system was used, with a rotation speed at 892rpm and a flow rate 1.2ml/min, making the upper part the fixed phase, and the lower part the mobile phase. The chemical composition was determined through ESI-MS, 13C-NMR, and 1H-NMR screening. HPLC test showed a purity as high as 98% or above.
Coal and Oil Shale Paragenetic Assemblage and Sequence Stratigraphic Features in Continental Faultted Basin

Wang Dongdong
, Li Zengxue, Lü Dawei, Liu Haiyan, Wang Pingli, Feng Tingting

地球科学(中国地质大学学报) , 2016, DOI: 10.3799/dqkx.2016.042
Abstract: 为了研究陆相断陷盆地煤层与油页岩共生发育的地质现象,采用沉积学、构造地质学、能源地质学和层序地层学的相关理论和方法对煤与油页岩共生发育特征进行了研究.研究发现:陆相断陷盆地煤层与油页岩主要存在5种共生组合类型;煤和油页岩的发育均需要稳定的构造和较少的陆源碎屑物质供应,共生发育的煤和油页岩中均含有高等植物和藻类;盆地基底的幕式构造活动对煤和油页岩发育的沉积环境及其转化起到主要控制作用,气候条件、陆源碎屑物质注入、有机质供应等起到次要控制作用;在层序地层格架下,各种煤与油页岩共生组合均可发育在湖扩张体系域,从体系域早期到晚期、从滨湖到湖中心,共生组合中煤层厚度逐渐减小,油页岩厚度逐渐增大;而早期高水位体系域,则主要发育厚度大、分布稳定的油页岩-煤层组合.可见,盆地基底幕式构造活动、沉积环境演化、气候条件、陆源碎屑物质注入、有机质供应等因素共同控制了陆相断陷盆地煤与油页岩的共生发育,且共生组合主要发育在湖扩张体系域和早期高水位体系域.
In order to research the geological phenomenon of coal and oil shale paragenetic development in continental fault basin, sedimentology, tectonics, energy geology, sequence stratigraphy related theories and methods are used for studying coal and oil shale paragenetic development characteristics. The study found that five types of coal and oil shale association exist in continental fault basin; The development of coal seam and oil shale similarly need stable tectonic and fewer terrigenous detrital material supply, and organic matter composition both contain higher plants debris and algae in paragenetic coal seam and oil shale; The basin basement episodic tectonic activity mainly controls the sedimentary environment development and evolution of coal seam and oil shale; The climate conditions, terrigenous detrital material supply and organic matter supply are secondary control effect; In sequence stratigraphic framework, all kinds of coal and oil shale symbiosis combination could developed in lake expand system tracts, from early to late, from the lakeside to center, the thickness of coal seam gradually reduce, and the thickness of the oil shale gradually increase; In early high water system tracts, the large thickness and stable distribution of oil shale and coal paragenetic assemblage was mainly developed. Visible, the factors of basin basement episodic tectonic activity, sedimentary environment evolution, climate condition, terrigenous detrital material supply, organic matter supply factors collectively control the coal and oil shale paragenetic development characteristics in continental fault basin, and those paragenetic assemblage mainly appear in lake expand system tracts and early high water system tracts
Multiple synchronous primary malignancies induced by benzene exposure: a case report
Pingli Wang, Gensheng Zhang, Huahao Shen
Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1745-6673-4-7
Abstract: We present an unusual case of triple synchronous primary malignancies most likely induced by occupational benzene exposure in a male patient. This spray painter was diagnosed as chronic aplastic anemia in his 21 years old after exposing to high concentration of benzene for three years. Then he was treated with glucocorticoid for four years. 40 years later, this patient developed three synchronous primary neoplasms with three different histologies including a basaloid squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus, primary hepatocellular carcinoma, and well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma of the gum.This case reminds us that the occurrence of solid tumors should be monitored in workers with occupational history linked with a high concentration exposure to benzene, though it's rarely happened.Chronic exposure to high concentrations of benzene in humans is usually associated with the development and progression of leukaemia and other haematological diseases [1-3]. Less frequently, solid tumors induced by benzene exposure may occur.We present a rare case of triple synchronous primary malignancies with chronic aplastic anemia induced by strongly related occupational benzene exposure in a male patient. This patient had three primary neoplasms with three different histologies including a basaloid squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus, primary hepatocellular carcinoma, and well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma of the gum. These neoplasms simultaneously occurred 40 years after benzene exposure.A 61-year old male patient was admitted to our hospital in May 2007 with a solid mass in the right-inferior gum for almost a year and progressive enlargement in latest two weeks. He had no respiratory or gastrointestinal complaints, and he denied any weight loss. In this spray painter, chronic aplastic anemia was diagnosed when he was 21 years old, after a previous three-year exposure to high concentration of benzene. Consequently, he was treated with glucocorticoid for four
Determination of Ractopamine in Swine Feed and Urine Using an Indirect Competitive Immunoassay
Pingli He,Liying Zhang,Tangbin Yang
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012,
Abstract: Anti-ractopamine polyclonal antisera were prepared by coupling ractopamine to bovine thyroglobulin and human serum albumin using two different methods. A systematic study of cross-reactions with eleven related compounds showed that the antibodies had a high specificity for ractopamine. Using the purified antiserum R3, an indirect competitive immunoassay for the determination of ractopamine in swine feed and urine was established and a typical competition calibration curve showed good sensitivity of 0.8 ng mL 1, estimated as the value of IC50, with a practical working range between 0.2 and 3 ng mL 1, the limit of detection of 0.15 ng mL 1. Finally, this assay was applied to the analysis of ractopamine in spiked swine feed and urine. The average recoveries of ractopamine were between 80-120% and the coefficients of variations were less than 10%. The results were also confirmed by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, which showed good agreement (r2 = 0.997) with the established immunoassay.
A Kind of Nonconforming Finite Element Approximation to Sobolev Equations on Anisotropic Meshes

SHI Dongyang,XIE Pingli,

系统科学与数学 , 2009,
Abstract: A kind of nonconforming finite element approximation to Sobolev equations is discussed with semidiscretization and full discretization on anisotropic meshes,respectively. The same optimal error estimates and superclose properties as the traditional finite element methods are derived. Furthermore, for the semidiscretization method, the global superconvergence is obtained through constructing an anisotropic post-processing operator.
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