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A Research on Quality Assurance in Arts Classroom Teaching in Higher Education in China  [PDF]
Ping Huang, Jing Chen, Wenjing Zheng
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2013.11002
Abstract: Classroom teaching is one of the most important aspects and links to assure quality in higher education. Although there have been some theoretical discussions and research by Chinese scholars about how to enhance the quality of classroom teaching in higher education, the experimental research of quality assurance in teaching is rarely seen. Based on an exploration of the teaching-learning methods of the presentation model, this article will provide evidence that interactive teaching styles, especially Presentation Teaching Methods, are very efficient in improving the quality of arts classroom teaching in higher education. It will analyze the quality and quantity of the empirical knowledge, which includes consciously challenging authority, academic research competencies of critical reading, critical writing and some practical abilities in finding, analyzing, solving problems and team work. Finally, it will provide some suggestions for quality assurance in classroom teaching in higher education.
The Restraining Factors for the Academic Development of Female Academics and the Countermeasures in China  [PDF]
Ping Huang, Guangrong Yu, Chuandong Ma
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.26055
Abstract: Female academics are an integral part in colleges and universities, playing a more and more important role in the development of higher education in China. Female academics are the part of main working force that cannot be neglected in higher education, especially in knowledge-based economy. This paper will commence to present the facts and situation of female academics’ achievement by some statistical data. Then, the significance of the female academics professional development will be discussed. The causes that restrain the female academics’ professional development will be analyzed in China. Some suggestions and countermeasures for their academic research development will be discussed.
Culturally Embedded Mechanism, Guanxi in Marketing  [PDF]
Meiling Wong, Ping-Chieh Huang
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.37025

While it is emphasized in Western on “what you know”, which refers to technological expertise, including the price and quality of tendered product or service, it is emphasized in Confucian societies on “who you know”, which refers to personal connections with the appropriate authorities or individuals. These connections are known in Chinese as guanxi. The present paper attempts to explore the underlying mechanism of guanxi which is culturally embedded onto added value of service quality by examining the construct equivalence of the two concepts between Western relationship marketing and Chinese guanxi. This paper provides an inner view of cultural value which offers insights that should prove helpful to academics in management and related disciplines as well as to practitioners engaged in Chinese business.

Beyond NAFTA with Three Countries: The Impact of Global Value Chains on an Outdated Trade Agreement  [PDF]
Michèle Rioux, Mathieu Ares, Ping Huang
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2015.54028
Abstract: This article shows how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is significantly affected by the redeployment of transpacific specialized value chains and production networks. More specifically, our study looks at the repositioning of NAFTA partners with new transnational production networks which point to the need for new trading schemes redeploying regional strategies on the transpacific axis. We used the ICT sector as an empirical case showing how China had become a key partner for the three NAFTA partners. This suggests changes in the process of regional economic integration/disintegration. Yet, a closer look at the global value chain of Apple indicates that US enterprises play a pivotal role in this transformation. Our findings point to the fact that the regional integration is significantly affected by emerging transpacific production networks linking the NAFTA regional trade pact to a new transpacific economic space. This can help explain the importance for the three countries to negotiate transpacific trade agreements like the Transpacific Trade Partnership which can be viewed as a de facto renegotiation of NAFTA, 20 years after its emergence as a regional trading model.
The Relationship between 2D Positioning Ability and Realistic Drawing Skill  [PDF]
Shih Ting Huang, I. Ping Chen
Art and Design Review (ADR) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/adr.2017.51001
Abstract: Realistic drawing ability is a fundamental human trait. However, the cognitive constituents of this ability are poorly understood. This study aims to evaluate the contribution of Two-dimensional (2D) positioning skills in the performance of realistic drawing. 2D positioning refers to an important observation technique employed by artists to locate the correct position of an object in its representation on a blank canvas. Two different types of 2D positioning techniques are considered: absolute positioning (using the canvas boundaries as positioning reference) and relative positioning (using already-drawn components as reference). We used a line-arrangement experimental task to evaluate the positioning abilities of experts and novices; we further measured their realistic drawing ability in a realistic drawing task. Pearson correlation-coefficient analysis showed that both positioning abilities are positively correlated with realistic drawing abilities, but that the two positioning abilities are not correlated. While expert participants were found to be significantly better at absolute positioning than the novice, their relative positioning performance does not differ from that of the novice. These results suggest that absolute and relative positioning are two independent observation techniques, and that experience might improve absolute positioning skills. This implies that absolute positioning is a more advanced technique requiring both training and practice.
Delayed Atmospheric Temperature Response to ENSO SST: Role of High SST and the Western Pacific
Delayed Atmospheric Temperature Response to ENSO SST: Role of High SST and the Western Pacific

HUANG Ping,HUANG Ronghui,
,HUANG Ronghui

大气科学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: Tropical zonally symmetric atmospheric warming occurs during ENSO's warm phase, and lags the equatorial east Pacific sea surface temperatures (SSTs) by 3--4 months. The role of the Indian and Atlantic oceans on the atmospheric delayed response has been pointed out by earlier studies. For 1951--2004, a regression analysis based on the observed SST data shows the western Pacific has a similarly important role as the Indian and Atlantic. Nevertheless, there is time mismatch of around 1--2 months between the zonally averaged tropical SST anomalies and the atmospheric temperature anomalies. It is expected that the tropospheric temperature should be controlled by diabatic heating forcing, which is sensitive primarily to SST anomalies over regions of high climatological SST, rather than to the tropical mean SST anomalies. To describe this mechanism, we propose a parameterization scheme of diabatic heating anomalies dependant on SST anomalies and climatological SST. The 1--2 month mismatch between tropical mean SST anomalies and air temperature anomalies is reconciled by the fact that the tropical mean heating anomalies are dominated by the SST anomalies over regions of high climatological SST, and lag the tropical mean SST anomalies by 1 month. The mechanism described by this parameterization scheme joins several physical processes of ENSO with reasonable time intervals. And the parameterized heating anomalies work better than the tropical mean SST anomalies for capturing the atmospheric temperature signal relative to ENSO.
Thermal, chemical and chemothermal denaturation of yeast enolase
Ping Huang,Aichun Dong
Spectroscopy: An International Journal , 2003, DOI: 10.1155/2003/941801
Abstract: We studied the temperature? and denaturant?induced denaturation of yeast enolase by means of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The temperature?induced denaturation/aggregation of the enzyme in the absence of denaturant was highly cooperative and occurred between 55 and 65°C with a midpoint of ~58°C. Above 55°C, the intensity at 1656 cm?1 (predominantly α?helix) decreases as a function of temperature, accompanied by the appearance of two new bands at 1622 and 1696 cm?1, indicating the formation of intermolecular β?sheet aggregates. Five clearly defined isosbestic points were observed, indicating a two?state conformational transition. Addition of a non?denaturing concentration of gdnHCl (0.4 M) caused the thermal denaturation/aggregation of the enzyme to proceed faster, but this revealed no unfolding intermediate. The gdnHCl?induced unfolding was first detected at a gdnHCl concentration of above 0.4 M, evidenced by loss of α?helix and β?sheet structures as functions of denaturant concentration. The fully unfolded state was reached at a gdnHCl concentration of 1.6 M. A significant amount of intermolecular β?sheet aggregate was detected at gdnHCl concentrations between 0.6 and 1.0 M, which disappeared as the denaturant concentration increased further. The gdnHCl?unfolded state is a heterogeneous ensemble of turns, helix/loops, and random structures, which continues to change at higher concentrations of denaturant.

Huang Ping,

现代图书情报技术 , 1992,
Abstract: The relation between cooperation network technology and open system with developmental strategy of library automation are discussed in this paper. With the concept of CISC/RISC, Unix, ISO/OSI and comprehensive computing environment are presented. Final, the prepare work for meeting open system arrival are also discussed.

Huang Ping,

力学学报 , 1999,
Abstract: Hydrodynamic lubrication theory based on viscous fluid mechanics has greatly devel-oped the tribology theory. However, because the mechanical equipment is developed with muchhigher speed and larger scale in recent years, lubrication failure occurs frequently. In electric gen-erator sets and mill trains, accidents caused by lubrication failure cost great lost. According tostatistics of the former Soviet Unions, 60 percent of the accidents in hydroelectric generator setsare caused by lubrication failure. The lubrication failure has also happened in some hydroelectricstations of China~l]. The burning of bearing bushes in the mill train is frequent. Because thehappening of lubrication failure is unpredictable and with destructive effect, to study and solvethis problem is very important.It should be pointed out that most of lubrication failure accidents happened under the con-ditions that the bearing had passed through the design of the classical hydrodynamic lubricationtheory. This raises the doubt on the correction and rationality of the theory to predict lubricationfailure.The plasticity of solid materials is well known. After the subjected stress reaches the yieldstrength of the solid material, its load carrying capacity cannot increase anymore. The yield regionincreases rapidly until the material is broken.In lubrication theory, it is known that a fluid film can also carry vertical load under thehydrodynamic conditions. However, the research on how the film will be broken is not well studied,yet, especially from the view point of a visco-plastic fluid.Recent high pressure rheological experiments have shown that lubricant possesses plasticity,too~2]. Therefore, non-Newtonian fluid lubrication becomes a main field to study lubrication failure.Researches~3-6] show that a slip may occur between fluid and solid with consideration of the limitingshear stress. It may change the distribution of the velocity and weaken the load carrying capacityof lubricant film.In the present paper, it is pointed out that the non-slip boundary conditions in the classicallubrication theory are no longer suitable to the visco-plastic fluid lubrication. By determiningthe position of the maximum shear stress and adding stress boundary condition, slip boundarylubrication equations are deduced. With solving the equations, the happening and expanding ofthe boundary slip are analyzed. Finally, the influences of the boundary slip with different filmratio on the lubrication properties are discussed.
Physical-Mathematical Model and Numerical Analysis of Nano Thin Film Lubrication


摩擦学学报 , 2003,
Abstract: With a view to the fact that lubricant molecules usually have chain structure, a physical model has been established to analyze the lubrication characteristics of nano thin film, by correlating the molecular chain length of the lubricants and the film thickness. Thus the equivalent Reynolds equations for the nano thin film lubrication have been derived from the basic equations of fluid mechanics, by taking into account the rotation terms. Numerical analysis has also been carried out to investigate the influence of the characteristic length of the lubricant molecules on thin film lubrication performance. Results indicate that the load carrying capacity of the thin lubricating film calculated by the present model is significantly larger than that based on the conventional fluid lubrication theory for a thicker film. This is because the length effect of the lubricant molecules is significant in thin film lubrication. Moreover, the range of thin film lubrication and the relationship between the film thickness and velocity determined with the present model agree well with the reported experimental ones.
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