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Identification of Candidate Polymorphisms on Stress Oxidative and DNA Damage Repair Genes Related with Clinical Outcome in Breast Cancer Patients
Patricia Rodrigues,Jessica Furriol,Bego?a Bermejo,Felipe Javier Chaves,Ana Lluch,Pilar Eroles
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ijms131216500
Abstract: Diverse polymorphisms have been associated with the predisposition to develop cancer. On fewer occasions, they have been related to the evolution of the disease and to different responses to treatment. Previous studies of our group have associated polymorphisms on genes related to oxidative stress (rs3736729 on GCLC and rs207454 on XDH) and DNA damage repair (rs1052133 on OGG1) with a predisposition to develop breast cancer. In the present work, we have evaluated the hypothesis that these polymorphisms also play a role in a patient’s survival. A population-based cohort study of 470 women diagnosed with primary breast cancer and a median follow up of 52.44 months was conducted to examine the disease-free and overall survival in rs3736729, rs207454 and rs1052133 genetic variants. Adjusted Cox regression analysis was used to that end. The Kaplan-Meier analysis shows that rs3736729 on GCLC presents a significant association with disease-free survival and overall survival. The polymorphisms rs1052133 on OGG1 and rs207454 on XDH show a trend of association with overall survival. The analysis based on hormonal receptor status revealed a stronger association. The CC genotype on rs207454 ( XDH) was significantly associated with lower time of disease free survival ( p = 0.024) in progesterone receptor negative (PGR?) patients and rs3736729 ( GCLC) was significantly associated with disease free survival ( p = 0.001) and overall survival ( p = 0.012) in the subgroup of estrogen receptor negative (ER?) patients. This work suggests that unfavorable genetic variants in the rs207454 ( XDH) and rs3736729 ( GCLC) polymorphisms may act as predictors of the outcome in negative progesterone receptor and negative estrogen receptor breast cancer patients, respectively.
Especia??o de cobre e chumbo em sedimento do Rio Tubar?o (SC) pelo método Tessier
Lima, Maria Carminati;Giacomelli, Maria Bertilia O.;Stüpp, Volnei;Roberge, Fernanda D.;Barrera, Pilar Bermejo;
Química Nova , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422001000600005
Abstract: the sequential extraction procedure proposed by tessier and total digestion were applied for the analysis of sediment samples from tubar?o river. the recoveries were between 93.5 and 102.5% for cu and 99.2 and 111% for pb. the precision was tipically better than 6% for cu and 3% for pb. comparison of the values obtained for the total digest with the sum of the extracted fractions showed that there were no significant losses in the extraction steps so that the method can be used for the monitoring availability and mobility of these analytes. according to ten points of sampling, was possible to determined the average of labiles phases (fractions 1 and 4) for pb and cu: 33.70% and 18.18%, respectively; and the inert phases (fraction 5- residual): 66.30% for pb and 81.82% for cu.
RM fetal: patología torácica y abdómino-pélvica Fetal MRI: thoracic, abdominal ana pelvic pathology
Manuel Recio Rodríguez,Pilar Martínez Ten,Javier Pérez Pedregosa,Carmina Bermejo López
Revista Argentina de Radiología , 2012,
Abstract: Aunque la ecografía (US) es el método de elección en la evaluación del feto, la resonancia magnética (RM) es una técnica complementaria a la US en el diagnóstico de las anomalías fetales. Entre las ventajas de la RM se destacan un excelente contraste tisular, un campo de visión grande y una relativa operador-independencia. La mayoría de los trabajos previos de RM fetal han estudiado el sistema nervioso central (SNC). Sin embargo, la RM es útil en la evaluación de las anomalías torácicas y abdominales. En este artículo se muestran los diferentes aspectos por RM de las anomalías fetales torácicas y abdominales y se discuten las indicaciones y ventajas de la RM fetal. Ultrasonography (US) is the method of chotee in fetal examinaüon. However, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging is a complementan/ technique that contributes to the aecurate diagnosis of fetal anomalies. The benefits of MR include excellent tissue contrast, large field of view and relative operator independence. Most previous reports on fetal MR have focused on central nervous system (CNS). However, MR is a useful tool for the examination of fetal thoracic and abdominal anomalies. This article illustrates the different features of fetal thoracic and abdominal anomalies on MR, and further discusses the indications and benefits of fetal MR.
Analysis of Nutritional Constituents in Twenty Citrus Cultivars from the Mediterranean Area at Different Stages of Ripening  [PDF]
Almudena Bermejo, Antonio Cano
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2012.35088
Abstract: Twenty Citrus cultivars grown in the Mediterranean climate were analysed at different stages of fruit maturity to determinate changes in organic acids, vitamin C and sugars. High-performance liquid chromatographic methods were used to identify and quantify of these compounds. The influences of variety, rootstocks and different stages of fruit maturity were observed. Generally, the vitamin C content was higher in varieties grafted on Troyer citrange that the corresponding cultivars grafted on Cleopatra mandarin. At commercial harvest stage, lemons, clementine mandarins and sweet oranges, showed the highest concentrations of vitamin C; citrons, limes and lemons, the higher amounts of organic acids; and mandarins and hybrids the highest amounts of sugars. Since sugars and acids played an important role in fruit flavor and their nature and concentration largely affect taste characteristic and organoleptic quality, we hope to relate genotypes and differences in final fruit quality. We have found clear differences in the content of sugars, ascorbic and organic acids for the different groups in agreement with the Citrus classification. Also climatic and cultural factors have affected to fruit quality, and anticipate or delay the collection generally results in a loss of bioactive compounds. The fruit quality was affected differently and we have observed differences in accordance with the rootstocks used but, the major differences in nutritional composition must be attributed mainly to genetic factors. The data presented are an important factor to chose varieties with a high potential as nutraceutical source.
Dos importantes pinturas flamencas inéditas atribuidas al Maestro de Frankfurt y a Petrus Christus
Bermejo, Elisa
Archivo Espa?ol de Arte , 2007,
Abstract: The author studies a new work by the Frankfurt Master, defining a series of characteristics which allow for the establishment of conclusions concerning the personality of the artist, one of the most advanced painters of his time. Further information is given on the Triptych of our Saviour in Avila Cathedral, here attributed to Petrus Christus. Se estudia una nueva obra del Maestro de Frankfurt definiendo una serie de caracteres que permiten establecer una serie de conclusiones sobre la personalidad del artista, uno de los pintores más avanzados de su época. Se completan las noticias que se dieron sobre el Tríptico de El Salvador de la Catedral de ávila que atribuimos a Petrus Christus.
Migration and Security in the EU: Back to Fortress Europe?
Rut Bermejo
Journal of Contemporary European Research , 2009,
Abstract: An analysis of the linkages between immigration and security must consider three basic issues and tasks. First of all, it must look at the definition of the concepts in use: threat, referent object and the logic or rationale that brings both concepts together. Secondly, the framing of immigration within the discourse on security issues is to be tackled. And thirdly, it must take into account the measures and public policy instruments related to that framing. This article focuses on these three interrelated issues and explores those questions with particular reference to the EU area. The first part reviews the scholarly literature that explores the linkage between migration and security in order to identify what is known as the ‘threat’, the referent object and the rationales established in discourses since the 1990s. During this decade the EU began to develop its ‘common’ immigration policy, while at the same time critiques of the emerging securitisation of migration were developed. The second part of this research traces the effects of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 on discourses and public policies in the EU. The analysis of post 9/11 developments in the EU provides evidence to deny on the hand, that EU institutions’ discourses on immigration policies consider this phenomenon as an existential threat and, on the other hand, to reject that extraordinary measures or courses of actions had followed those terrorist attacks. A global approach towards migration is underway although in need of political impetus.
Neuraminidase Antibodies and H5N1: Geographic-Dependent Influenza Epidemiology Could Determine Cross-Protection against Emerging Strains
Jesus F Bermejo-Martin,David J Kelvin,Yi Guan,Honglin Chen,Pilar Perez-Bre?a,Inmaculada Casas,Eduardo Arranz,Raul O de Lejarazu
PLOS Medicine , 2007, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pmed.0040212
RM fetal: patología torácica y abdómino-pélvica
Recio Rodríguez,Manuel; Martínez Ten,Pilar; Pérez Pedregosa,Javier; Bermejo López,Carmina; Tamarit Degenhardt,Inés; Pastor Abascal,Ignacio;
Revista argentina de radiolog?-a , 2012,
Abstract: ultrasonography (us) is the method of chotee in fetal examinaüon. however, magnetic resonance (mr) imaging is a complementan/ technique that contributes to the aecurate diagnosis of fetal anomalies. the benefits of mr include excellent tissue contrast, large field of view and relative operator independence. most previous reports on fetal mr have focused on central nervous system (cns). however, mr is a useful tool for the examination of fetal thoracic and abdominal anomalies. this article illustrates the different features of fetal thoracic and abdominal anomalies on mr, and further discusses the indications and benefits of fetal mr.
Collective Action in Common Pool Resource Management, Including Heterogeneity of Opportunities and Exit Options  [PDF]
Pilar Useche
Natural Resources (NR) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/nr.2013.48059

The mechanism through which exit options and outside opportunities affect cooperation outcomes has not been well studied in the resource management literature, since a deep analysis of the concepts of exit options and outside opportunitiesis missing. This article analyzes these concepts across the common pool resource management literature, investigates the factors that underlie opting out decisions, and reviews potential ways to operationalize these concepts for empirical analysis. It also explores how the relationship of cooperation and exit options may be influenced by broad economic processes, such as economic integration.

Influence of Gamma Irradiation on Seedless Citrus Production: Pollen Germination and Fruit Quality  [PDF]
Almudena Bermejo, José Pardo, Antonio Cano
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2011.23024
Abstract: Seedlessness is a desirable characteristic in citrus fruits sold for fresh consumption. Gamma irradiation is widely used to obtain seedless citrus fruits. Here, different clones of the self-incompatible parthenocarpic ‘Moncada’ mandarin, obtained by gamma irradiation, were studied to assess seedlessness, pollen germination, fruit characteristics and qua- lity attributes. Findings indicate that irradiation altered aspects other than seedlessness, such as pollen germination, and some of the clones presented different weight, size, acidity and maturity index. Fruit quality and nutritional bio- components were affected differently; some clones presented no changes compared to the control ‘Moncada’ man-darin, while other clones showed significant differences. In general, all clones examined presented low seed numbers and re- duced pollen viability. Some of these clones, which ripen late in the season and whose fruit quality is maintained or improved, are in the process of registration.
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