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A New Immunofluorescence Assay for Fecal Calprotectin Distinguishes Inflammatory Bowel Disease from Functional Bowel Disease  [PDF]
Lixia Xu, Peisi Rao, Xin Liu, Zhirong Zeng
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2018.811042
Abstract: Aims: To investigate the diagnostic value of fecal calprotectin (FC) determined by a new immunofluorescence assay-fluorescence enzyme immunoassay (FEIA) in patient with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or functional bowel disease, compared with the typical ELISA kit. Methods: FC was determined simultaneously by FEIA and an ELISA kit in 26 patients with functional bowel disease and 77 patients with IBD. We compared the difference of FC levels between patients with IBD and patients with functional bowel disease. Receiver operating characteristics curve (ROC) was constructed to obtain the optimal cut-off value of FC for distinguishing IBD from functional bowel disease and the corresponding sensitivity and specificity. Results: The median FC levels of patients with IBD in clinical active stage or clinical remission stage was significantly higher than that of patients with functional bowel disease. The median FC levels of patients with IBD in clinical active stage, IBD in clinical remission stage and functional bowel disease were as follow: 699.91 (346.14 ~ 1647.54) μg/g; 407.36 (121.81 ~ 878.48) μg/g; 39.04 (12.09 ~ 81.04) μg/g when FC was measured by FEIA. The median FC levels were 716.99 (240.42 ~ 1232.53) μg/g; 338.46 (53.08 ~ 692.82) μg/g; 41.44 (11.77 ~ 73.19) μg/g among such above three groups of patients respectively, when FC was measured by ELISA kit. The diagnostic value of IBD with FC determined by FEIA (optimal cut-off = 131.79 μg/g) and ELISA kit (optimal cut-off = 121.85 μg/g) presented an area under the curve of 0.881 and 0.873, respectively. Conclusions: FC determined by FEIA was an accurate surrogate marker to distinguish IBD from functional bowel disease.
Probe into the “Marriage” Relationship of “Outside Managers” and Family Firm
Peisi Yu,Jingliang Chen
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v4n9p50
Abstract: In China, the try of family firms introducing “outside managers” usually results in a failure, which is caused by imperfect legal environment, and irregular professional managers’team. This paper aims at probing into the possibility of win-win of “outside managers” and China’s family firms in perspective of their complicated relationship, in hope of “outside managers” winning survival in family firms for a long period, and improving family firms’management level and market competitiveness.
Hollow cone sieve for top
Vernon Barger,Peisi Huang
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2012.01.056
Abstract: A method of top tagging is introduced. Using the anti-kt algorithm to define jets, events with nj = 2 fat jets of cone size R = 1.5 are decomposed into R = 0.6 sub-jets and retained if nj (R= 0.6) >= 4 . One pair of sub-jets reconstructs the W-mass and another jet is tagged as a b-jet, as necessary for hadronic or semileptonic events of tt origin. This 'hollow cone' method distinguishes the tt events from the light parton QCD dijet events.
Higgs finder and mass estimater
Vernon Barger,Peisi Huang
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.84.093001
Abstract: We exploit the spin and kinematic correlations in the decay of a scalar boson into a pair of real or virtual W-bosons, with both W-bosons decaying leptonically, for Higgs boson discovery at 7 TeV LHC energy with 10 fb-1 luminosity. Without reconstruction of the events, we obtain estimators of the higgs mass from the peak and width of the signal distribution in (mll). The separation of signal and background with other distributions, such as the azimuthal angle between two W decay planes, the rapidity difference between the two leptons, missing ET and the pT of leptons, are also prescribed. Our approach identifies the salient higgs to dilepton signatures that allow subtraction of the continuum W*W* background.
Hidden SUSY at the LHC: the light higgsino-world scenario and the role of a lepton collider
Howard Baer,Vernon Barger,Peisi Huang
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1007/JHEP11(2011)031
Abstract: While the SUSY flavor, CP and gravitino problems seem to favor a very heavy spectrum of matter scalars, fine-tuning in the electroweak sector prefers low values of superpotential mass \mu. In the limit of low \mu, the two lightest neutralinos and light chargino are higgsino-like. The light charginos and neutralinos may have large production cross sections at LHC, but since they are nearly mass degenerate, there is only small energy release in three-body sparticle decays. Possible dilepton and trilepton signatures are difficult to observe after mild cuts due to the very soft p_T spectrum of the final state isolated leptons. Thus, the higgsino-world scenario can easily elude standard SUSY searches at the LHC. It should motivate experimental searches to focus on dimuon and trimuon production at the very lowest p_T(\mu) values possible. If the neutralino relic abundance is enhanced via non-standard cosmological dark matter production, then there exist excellent prospects for direct or indirect detection of higgsino-like WIMPs. While the higgsino-world scenario may easily hide from LHC SUSY searches, a linear e^+e^- collider or a muon collider operating in the \sqrt{s}\sim 0.5-1 TeV range would be able to easily access the chargino and neutralino pair production reactions.
CMS kinematic edge from s-bottoms
Peisi Huang,Carlos E. M. Wagner
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.91.015014
Abstract: We present two scenarios in the Minimal Supersymmetric Extension of the Standard Model (MSSM) that can lead to an explanation of the excess in the invariant mass distribution of two opposite charged, same flavor leptons, and the corresponding edge at an energy of about 78 GeV, recently reported by the CMS collaboration. In both scenarios, s-bottoms are pair produced, and decay to neutralinos and a b-jet. The heavier neutralinos further decay to a pair of leptons and the lightest neutralino through on-shell s-leptons or off-shell neutral gauge bosons. These scenarios are consistent with the current limits on the s-bottoms, neutralinos, and s-leptons. Assuming that the lightest neutralino is stable we discuss the predicted relic density as well as the implications for Dark Matter direct detection. We show that consistency between the predicted and the measured value of the muon anomalous magnetic moment may be obtained in both scenarios. Finally, we define the signatures of these models that may be tested at the 13 TeV run of the LHC.
Personalized Video Search Based on User Log Mining
Ming Jiang,PeiSi Cen,JingFan Tang,Xing Qi Wang
Information Technology Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Since user log is an important carrier for recording the user’s behavior of Web search engine, by mining and analyzing user log the user’s laws and interest could be obtained effectively, which could be used to improve the accuracy of searching results when they use search engine. This study aimed to present an effective method for personalized video search based on user log mining. It first analyzed the related video log in user log which was free provided by Sogou company, classified them based on the contents, judged user’s intention by using sentence similarity matching algorithm and returned the videos which were closest to user’s search intention. The proposed method was verified through the experiment finally in this study.
Scalar-Top Masses from SUSY Loops with 125 GeV mh and precise Mw, mt
Vernon Barger,Peisi Huang,Muneyuki Ishida,Wai-Yee Keung
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2012.11.049
Abstract: We constrain the masses of scalar-tops (stop) by analyzing the new precision Tevatron measurement of the W-boson mass and the LHC/Tevatron indications of a Higgs boson of mass 125.5+-1 GeV. Our study adopts Natural SUSY with low fine-tuning, which has multi-TeV first and second generation squarks and a light Higgsino mixing parameter mu=150 GeV. An effective Lagrangian calculation is made of mh to 3-loops using the H3m program with weak scale SUSY parameters obtained from RGE evolution from the GUT scale in the Natural SUSY scenario. The SUSY radiative corrections to the Higgs mass imply maximal off-diagonal elements of the stop mass-matrix and a mass splitting of the two stops larger than 400 GeV.
Probing the Electroweak Phase Transition at the LHC
Peisi Huang,Aniket Joglekar,Bing Li,Carlos E. M. Wagner
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We study the correlation between the value of the triple Higgs coupling and the nature of the electroweak phase transition. We use an effective potential approach, including higher order, non-renormalizable terms coming from integrating out new physics. We show that if only the dimension six operators are considered, large positive deviations of the triple Higgs coupling from its Standard Model (SM) value are predicted in the regions of parameter space consistent with a strong first order electroweak phase transition (SFOEPT). We also show that at higher orders sizable and negative deviations of the triple Higgs coupling may be obtained, and the sign of the corrections tends to be correlated with the order of the phase transition. We also consider a singlet extension of the SM, which allows us to establish the connection with the effective field theory (EFT) approach and analyze the limits of its validity. Furthermore, we study how to probe the triple Higgs coupling from the double Higgs production at the LHC. We show that selective cuts in the invariant mass of the two Higgs bosons should be used, to maximize the sensitivity for values of the triple Higgs coupling significantly different from the Standard Model one.
Flavor-Tuned 125 GeV SUSY Higgs Boson at the LHC: MSSM and NATURAL SUSY TESTS
Vernon Barger,Peisi Huang,Muneyuki Ishida,Wai-Yee Keung
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.87.015003
Abstract: We show that an enhanced two-photon signal of the Higgs boson, h, observed with 125 GeV mass by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations, can be obtained if it is identified principally with the neutral $H_u^0$ of the two Higgs doublets of minimal Supersymmetry. We focus on sparticles and the pseudoscalar Higgs $A$ at the TeV scale. The off-diagonal element of the (Hu0,Hd0) mass matrix in the flavor basis must be suppressed, and this requires both a large Higgsino mass parameter, mu \sim TeV, and large tan beta. A MSSM sum rule is derived that relates gamma gamma and bb rates, and the gamma gamma enhancement predicts the bb reduction. On the contrary, Natural SUSY requires | mu | < 0.5 TeV, for which gamma gamma is reduced and $b\bar b$ is enhanced. This conclusion is independent of the mA-value and the SUSY quantum correction Deltab. Relative tau tau to bb rates are sensitive to Deltab.
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