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Assessment of protocols for surgical-site preparation in a regional network of hospitals
Pe?alver-Mompeán, Maria Dolores;Saturno-Hernández, Pedro Jesus;Fonseca-Miranda, Yadira;Gama, Zenewton André da Silva;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692012000200014
Abstract: surgical-site infection is a preventable adverse event. implementation of good practices for correct surgical-site preparation can contribute to lessen this safety problem. the objective of this study was to describe the presence and quality of protocols on surgical-site preparation in the murcia (spain) regional network of public hospitals. the indicator "existence of protocol for surgical-site preparation" was assessed, as well as the formal quality (expected attributes) and contents (compared to current evidence-based recommendations) of existing documents. seven of the nine hospitals have a protocol for surgical-site preparation. opportunities to improve have been identified in relation to the protocols' formal quality and contents. recommendations related to skin asepsis are incomplete and those related to hair removal contradict existing evidence. most hospitals have protocols for surgical-site preparation; however, there is great room for improvement, in relation to their expected attributes and to the inclusion of evidence-based recommendations.
Community-Based Coral Reef Rehabilitation in a Changing Climate: Lessons Learned from Hurricanes, Extreme Rainfall, and Changing Land Use Impacts  [PDF]
Edwin A. Hernández-Delgado, Alex E. Mercado-Molina, Pedro J. Alejandro-Camis, Frances Candelas-Sánchez, Jaime S. Fonseca-Miranda, Carmen M. González-Ramos, Roger Guzmán-Rodríguez, Pascal Mège, Alfredo A. Monta?ez-Acu?a, Iván Olivo Maldonado, Abimarie Ota?o-Cruz, Samuel E. Suleimán-Ramos
Open Journal of Ecology (OJE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/oje.2014.414077
Abstract: Coral reefs have largely declined across multiple spatial scales due to a combination of local-scale anthropogenic impacts, and due to regional-global climate change. This has resulted in a significant loss of entire coral functional groups, including western Atlantic Staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis) biotopes, and in a net decline of coral reef ecosystem resilience, ecological functions, services and benefits. Low-tech coral farming has become one of the most important tools to help restore depleted coral reefs across the Wider Caribbean Region. We tested a community-based, low-tech coral farming approach in Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, aimed at adapting to climate change-related impacts through a two-year project to propagate A. cervicornis under two contrasting fishing management conditions, in coastal areas experimenting significant land use changes. Extreme rainfall events and recurrent tropical storms and hurricanes had major site-and method-specific impacts on project outcome, particularly in areas adjacent to deforested lands and subjected to recurrent impacts from land-based source pollution (LBSP) and runoff. Overall, coral survival rate in “A frame” units improved from 73% during 2011-2012 to 81% during 2012-2013. Coral survival rate improved to 97% in horizontal line nurseries (HLN) incorporated during 2012-2013. Percent tissue cover ranged from 86% to 91% in “A frames”, but reached 98% in HLN. Mean coral skeletal extension was 27 cm/y in “A frames” and 40 cm/y in HLN. These growth rates were up to 545% to 857% faster than previous reports from coral farms from other parts of the Caribbean, and up to 438% faster than wild colonies. Branch production and branchiness index (no. harvestable branches > 6 cm) increased by several orders of magnitude in comparison to the original colonies at the beginning of the project. Coral mortality was associated to hurricane physical impacts and sediment-laden runoff impacts associated to extreme rainfall and deforestation of adjacent lands. This raises a challenging question regarding the impact of chronic high sea surface temperature (SST), in combination with recurrent high nutrient pulses, in fostering increased coral growth at the expense of coral physiological conditions which may compromise corals resistance to disturbance. Achieving successful local management of reefs and adjacent lands is vital to maintain the sustained net production in coral farms and of reef structure, and the provision of the important ecosystem services that they provide. These measures are vital for buying time for
Inclusion of coconut meal in diets for growing pigs with or without enzimatic supplementation Inclus o de farelo de coco em dietas para suínos em crescimento com ou sem suplementa o enzimática
Leonardo Augusto Fonseca Pascoal,Edma Carvalho de Miranda,Maria Isabel Acioli Lamenha,Pedro Henrique Watanabe
Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produ??o Animal , 2010,
Abstract: To evaluate the productive and economic viability of coconut meal (FC) and enzymatic complex (E) inclusion in diets for growing pigs, it were used 20 homogenous barrows with average weight of 31.15 ± 5.59kg. The animals were distributed in a randomized block design with four treatments, and five replicates each, with an animal as experimental unit. The experimental treatments were: 0%FC – control diet, a corn-soy diet; 20%FC- control diet added of 20% of coconut meal (FC); 20%FC+0,05E – control diet added of 20% of coconut meal, plus 0,05% of enzymatic complex, and 20%FC+0,10E – control diet added of 20% of coconut meal, plus 0,10% of enzymatic complex. Experimental diets had the same level of nutrients. At the end of experimental period, blood samples were taken from each animal. Results demonstrated that coconut meal and enzymatic complex inclusion did not affect the performance and serum parameters of animals, except HDL fraction of cholesterol. In conclusion, the addition of 20% of coconut meal, added or not by enzymatic complex, did not affect the performance of the animals, but the inclusion of 20% of coconut meal without enzymatic complex resulted in economical efficiency. Com o objetivo de avaliar a viabilidade produtiva e econ mica da inclus o do farelo de coco (FC) e complexo enzimático (E) em dietas para suínos na fase de crescimento, utilizaram-se 20 suínos machos castrados de mesma linhagem, com peso médio de 31,15 ± 5,59kg. Os animais foram distribuídos em um delineamento em blocos casualizados com quatro tratamentos, de cinco repeti es cada, com um animal por unidade experimental. Os tratamentos foram: 0%FC - dieta constituída principalmente por milho, farelo de soja; 20%FC- dieta com inclus o de 20% de farelo de coco (FC); 20%FC+0,05E - dieta com inclus o de 20% FC e adi o de 0,05% do complexo enzimático e 20%FC+0,10E - dieta com inclus o de 20% FC e adi o de 0,10% do complexo enzimático. As dietas experimentais foram isonutritivas. Ao final do período experimental, foram colhidas amostras de sangue. Os resultados demonstraram que a inclus o do farelo de coco, e as enzimas n o influenciaram o desempenho produtivo e os parametros séricos, com exce o da fra o HDL do colesterol. Conclui-se que a inclus o de 20% farelo de coco, com ou sem complexo enzimático, n o influenciou o desempenho dos animais, porém a inclus o de 20% do farelo de coco sem adi o de enzimas proporcionou uma melhor eficiência econ mica.
Manoel Eduardo Rozalino Santos,Dilermando Miranda da Fonseca,Virgilio Mesquita Gomes,Simone Pedro da Silva
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2012,
Abstract: The analysis of both morphogenetic and structural characteristics of pasture allows us to understand the response patterns of the plant to the environment. Thus, this study was conducted to evaluate the associations between the morphogenetic and structural characteristics of Brachiaria decumbens under continuous grazing by cattle. The development of individual tillers in pastures was evaluated under two grazing management strategies during three seasons (winter, spring and summer). Pearson correlations between variables were estimated. The lengths of leaf and stem, number of tillers and leaves per tiller, rates of leaf appearance and elongation of leaf and stem of B. decumbens were positively correlated. There was a negative relationship between appearance and lifespan of leaves (r = -0.89). However, positive correlations between leaf appearance rate and number of tillers (r = 0.64) and between length of stem and leaf senescence rate (r = 0.63) were determined. The B. decumbens modifies its morphogenesis to better adapt to climate and grazing management.
Manoel Eduardo Rozalino Santos,Dilermando Miranda da Fonseca,Eric Márcio Balbino,Simone Pedro da Silva
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of this work was to compare the structural characteristics of vegetative and reproductive tillers on Brachiaria decumbens cv. Basilisk pastures diferred for 73, 95 and 116 days. Randomized block design in a split plot scheme with three replications was used. The stockpiling period did not influence (P>0.10) the number of vegetative tillers (VT) but increased (P<0.10) the number of reproductive tillers (RT) (from 16 to 117 tillers/m2). On pastures diferred for up to 95 days, RT were heavier (P<0.05) than VT. Contrarily to VT, the relation between the number and weight of reproductive tillers was positive (P<0.10). A linear increase (P<0.01 and P<0.10) for tiller pseudostem length in relation to the diferring periods of the pasture was found. The number of living leaves (NLL) per tiller was not increased (P>0.10) by the deferring period. The RT revealed (P<0.05) a higher pseudostem length, higher number of dead leaves (NDL) and lower NLL when compared to VT. RT showed (P<0.05) higher percentages of stem and dead leaf as well as a lower percentage of living leaf (P<0.05) than VT. VT showed a better morphological composition than RT. The deferring period alters the structural characteristics and worsens the morphological composition of tillers on deferred Brachiaria decumbens cv. Basilisk pastures.KEYWORDS:
Radiopacity evaluation of Portland and MTA-based cements by digital radiographic system
Borges, Alvaro Henrique;Pedro, Fabio Luiz Miranda;Semanoff-Segundo, Alex;Miranda, Carlos Eduardo Saraiva;Pécora, Jesus Djalma;Cruz Filho, Ant?nio Miranda;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572011000300009
Abstract: objective: the aim of the present study was to evaluate the radiopacity of portland and mta-based cements using the digora tm digital radiographic system. material and methods: the performed tests followed specification number 57 from the american national standard institute/american dental association (2000) for endodontic sealing materials. the materials were placed in 5 acrylic plates, especially designed for this experiment, along with a graduated aluminum stepwedge varying from 1 to 10 mm in thickness. the set was radiographed at a 30 cm focus-object distance and with 0.2 s exposure time. after the radiographs were taken, the optical laser readings of radiographs were performed by digora tm system. five radiographic density readings were performed for each studied material and for each step of the aluminum scale. results: white proroot mta (155.99±8.04), gray proroot mta (155.96±16.30) and mta bio (143.13±16.94) presented higher radiopacity values (p<0.05), while white non-structural portland (119.76±22.34), gray portland (109.71±4.90) and white structural portland (99.59±12.88) presented lower radiopacity values (p<0.05). conclusions: it was concluded that mta-based cements were the only materials presenting radiopacity within the ansi/ada specifications.
The Presence of Carnism on Portuguese Television  [PDF]
Rui Pedro Fonseca
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.38004
Abstract: This paper presents the results of a research about carnism on Portuguese television. It begins by presenting a case study of MasterChef program (TVI) which conveys carnism in both practices and language, and from which some characteristics of their dominant representations are described. Subsequently, the paper presents the indicators of the presence of carnism in the Portuguese television programming between 2013 and 2014, in the TVI, RTP1 and SIC channels. The data reveals that there is hegemony of the carnist ideology in the main channels of the Portuguese television. Also, the samples collected and viewed show no mention of the impacts of carnism in its various dimensions (non-human animals, environment, human health and sustainability).
Benefícios da estimula??o perceptual corporal no esquema corporal de idosos
Fonseca, Cristiane Costa;Gama, Eliane Florêncio;Thurm, Bianca Elisabeth;Pereira, Emy Suelen;Limongelli, Ana Martha de Almeida;Miranda, Maria Luíza de Jesus;
Revista Brasileira de Geriatria e Gerontologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-98232012000200017
Abstract: advances in science have resulted in increased longevity and reflect the growing number of elderly individuals in society today. the increase in chronological age brings progressive loss of functionality, and changes the process of providing information on body awareness, resulting in the misinterpretation of body parameters. studies have shown that movement and physical activity are able to positively influence body perception. this study aimed to evaluate the effects of perceptual body stimulation activities on the body schema of the elderly. the evaluation was performed with the imp (image marking procedure), capable of measuring the degree of distortion between the actual and perceived image in different parts of the body. measurements of body size perception were taken before and after perceptual body stimulation programs. the study results showed that the body intervention program can bring benefits to the participants, but it is necessary that stimulation have a more specific focus, according to the perceptive characteristics of each individual.
Pedro Fonseca
Signótica , 1995, DOI: 10.5216/sig.v7i1.7384
Abstract: O presente ensaio examina, atrav s da perspectiva da cr -tica cultural, a represen -ta § £o da imagem feminina no discurso europeu patriarcal, desde a tradi § £o at as cr ′nicas coloniais brasileiras. O ensaio mostra que a denega § £o da mulher ideol 3gica e ret 3rica, correspondendo a um complexo cultural que objetiva a hegemonia androc antrica. This essay examines through the perspective of cultural criticism the representation of female image in European patriarchal discourse from tradition down to colonial Brazilian chronicles. It shows that denigration of woman is ideological and rhetorical: it corresponds to a cultural complex aiming androcentric hegemony.
Pedro Fonseca
Signótica , 1996, DOI: 10.5216/sig.v8i1.7361
Abstract: Este artigo apresenta uma analise interpretativa de certos aspectos do imaginário literário medieval e sua influência na forma o tropológica das cr nicas do Novo Mundo. A abordagem examina algumas das motiva es estéticas e mentais da tradi o medieval no discurso historiográfico luso-brasileiro colonial, principalmente em rela o a alguns relatos de descobrimentos e ocupa o inicial de terras brasileiras na América. This article presents an interpretative analysis of certain aspects of the medieval literary imaginary and its influence in the tropological formation of the New World chronicles. The approach examines some of the aesthetic and mental motivations of the medieval tradition in the colonial Luso-Brazilian historiographical discourse, principally in regards to some accounts of discoveries and initial occupation of Brazilian lands in America.
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