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Latinas’ Experience of Sexual Assault Disclosure  [PDF]
Melissa Villarreal
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.510140

This study describes Latina’s experience of sexual assault disclosure. This study contributes Latinas’ voices to the literature on sexual assault disclosure, about feelings experienced during the initial disclosure—regret, shame, and negative judgment of self, and about consequences experienced from the disclosure—feeling spoiled for marriage, silenced, and disbelieved. It points to the need for further research on social interventions to empower Latina sexual assault survivors. Although the literature review identified some research in the area of sexual assault with Latinas, there has been a limited amount of research conducted on feelings and consequences experienced specifically by Latinas during a sexual assault disclosure.

Detección de Hemoglobinopatía C: un caso de interacción interalélica
Villarreal E.,Bermúdez A.,Zuluaga A.
Acta Biológica Colombiana , 2001,
Abstract: Estudios en Colombia revelan una alta frecuencia de hemoglobinopatías (1, 2, 3, 4), con una frecuencia para hemoglobinopatía C de 1.4% y en combinación con otras variables 0.33%, esto constituye un problema de salud pública según la OMS. La forma heterocigota con frecuencia es asintomática y la homocigota presenta anemia de moderada severidad.
Procesos de corrosión debidos a corrientes alternas inducidas (60 Hz)
Vera, E.,Villarreal, J.,Panqueva, J. H.
Revista de Metalurgia , 1996,
Abstract: The phenomenon by which a sinusoidal a.c. signal damages a steel in contact with an aggressive electrolite was determined. Thus, a series of electrochemical tests was carried out, when a signal of the previously mentioned characteristics is present in the metal-electrolite interphase, both with cathodic protection and without it. The results allowed to postulate an empirical relationship that determines the corrosive process kinetics exerted by the action of an alternating signal. The phenomenon by which the AC signal generates a corrosion state over a probe was determined from the physical point of view. Se determinó el fenómeno por el que una se al de c.a. de tipo sinusoidal genera fenómenos de corrosión en un acero en contacto con un electrólito agresivo. Para ello, se realizaron pruebas electroquímicas cuando una se al de las anteriores características está presente en la interfase metal-electrólito, con y sin protección catódica. Los resultados permitieron postular una relación empírica que determina la cinética del proceso corrosivo ejercido por la acción de la se al alterna. Se determinó, desde un punto de vista físico, el fenómeno por el cual la se al de c.a. genera un estado de corrosión sobre la probeta.
Blowup algebras of square-free monomial ideals and some links to combinatorial optimization problems
I. Gitler,E. Reyes,R. H. Villarreal
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: Let I=(x^{v_1},...,x^{v_q} be a square-free monomial ideal of a polynomial ring K[x_1,...,x_n] over an arbitrary field K and let A be the incidence matrix with column vectors {v_1},...,{v_q}. We will establish some connections between algebraic properties of certain graded algebras associated to I and combinatorial optimization properties of certain polyhedrons and clutters associated to A and I respectively. Some applications to Rees algebras and combinatorial optimization are presented. We study a conjecture of Conforti and Cornu\'ejols using an algebraic approach.
Explicit representations by halfspaces of the edge cone of a graph
Carlos E. Valencia,Rafael H. Villarreal
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: Let G be an arbitrary simple graph. The main results are explicit representations of the edge cone of G as a finite intersection of closed halfspaces. If G is bipartite and connected we determine the facets of the edge cone and present a canonical irreducible representation.
On the etiology of an outbreak of winter dysentery in dairy cows in Brazil
Brand?o, Paulo E.;Villarreal, Laura Y.B.;Gregori, F.;Souza, Silvio L.P. de;Lopes, Marco A.E.;Gomes, Cleise R.;Sforsin, Angelo J.;Sanches, Alexandre A.;Rosales, Cesar A.R.;Richtzenhain, Leonardo J.;Ferreira, Antonio J.P.;Jerez, José A.;
Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-736X2007001000002
Abstract: winter dysentery (wd) is a seasonal infectious disease described worldwide that causes a marked decrease in milk production in dairy cows. in the northern hemisphere, where the disease is classically recognized, bovine coronavirus (bcov) has been assigned as a major etiologic agent of the disease. nonetheless, in the southern hemisphere, an in-deep etiological survey on wd cases had not been carried out. this study aimed to survey for bcov by nested-rt-pcr, rotavirus by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (page) and elisa, bacteria by classical bacteriological methods and pcr for virulence factors and parasites by sugar flotation test on fecal samples of 21 cows from a farm during an outbreak of wd in s?o paulo state, southeastern brazil. bcov was detected in all 21 samples, while rotavirus was detected in two symptomatic cows. escherichia coli, yersinia intermedia, providencia rustigianii proteus penneri, klebsiella terrigena and enterobacter aglomerans were detected in samples from both asymptomatic and healthy cows in different associations. the study of e. coli virulence factors revealed that the strains isolated were all apathogenic. cysts of eimeria sp. and eggs of strongyloidea were detected at low numbers in four of the symptomatic cows, with one co-infestation. these results suggest bcov as the main etiologic agent of the cases of wd in brazil, a conclusion that, with the clinical and epidemiological patterns of the disease studied herein, match those already described elsewhere. these findings give basis to the development of preventive measures and contribute to the understanding of the etiology of wd.
Cultivos celulares de molas hidatiformes
Crane C.,Villarreal E.,Aragón M.,Arteaga C.
Acta Biológica Colombiana , 2001,
Abstract: Definir las condiciones de cultivo de tejido trofoblástico, obtenido de embarazos con diagnóstico de MOLA, para definir por citogenética el origen parental.
A note on Rees algebras and the MFMC property
I. Gitler,C. E. Valencia,R. H. Villarreal
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: We study irreducible representations of Rees cones and characterize the max-flow min-cut property of clutters in terms of the normality of Rees algebras and the integrality of certain polyhedra. Then we present some applications to combinatorial optimization and commutative algebra. As a byproduct we obtain an "effective" method, based on the program "Normaliz", to determine whether a given clutter satisfies the max-flow min-cut property. Let C be a clutter and let I be its edge ideal. We prove that C has the max-flow min-cut property if and only if I is normally torsion free, that is, I^i=I^{(i)} for all i>=1, where I^{(i)} is the ith symbolic power of I.
Reproducción inducida de Capaz (Pimelodus grosskopfii) con extracto de hipófisis de carpa: reporte preliminar
Valbuena - Villarreal,Rubén D; Zapata-Berruecos,Beatriz E; Cruz-Casallas,Pablo E;
Abstract: in order to evaluate a protocol for induced breeding of capaz pimelodus grosskopfii, male and female in advanced stated of maturity were selected, it was evaluated in males by semen emission faced with a slight pressure in the coelomic cavity, and in females by the position of nucleus and oocyte diameter obtained through ovarian biopsy. as a final maturation inducer was used carp pituitary extract (cpe), with a single dose of 4 mg kg-1 for males and 5.75 mg.kg-1 (three doses) for females. since the last dose of the female until ovulation, the water temperature was recorded to determine the latency time; the semen was taken 9 hours (h) after the last dose of the male. females ovulated at 7 ± 0.2 hours on water temperature of 27.9 ± 0.2 °c. reproductive fecundity was 14 800 ± 1000 ovocytes per female. fertility was 90 ± 10 %, it was evaluated at 6 hours post fertilization (hpf) and the hatching rate of 80 ± 15 was observed at 12 hpf. these preliminary results permit to conclude that the cpe is effective in inducing final maturation of the species in captivity and therefore this becomes an alternative for diversification of pisciculture in colombia.
Diagnosis of infectious bronchitis: an overview of concepts and tools
Villarreal, LYB;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-635X2010000200006
Abstract: infectious bronchitis (ib) casues multi-systemic infection in chickens with signs similar caused by other poultry pathogens and thus a high diagnostic accuracy can only be achieved by s series of laboratory assays. this article reviews in a brief way the traditional virus assays such as embryo innoculation, tracheal rings and virus neutralization assays for the direct detection of avian infectious bronchitis virus (ibv) and methods based on gene molecular biology and some assays for the detection of anti-ibv antibodies, including elisa. a critical view on each technique is also provived by the author.
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