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Phlebitis due to the insertion of peripheral venous catheters: issues relevant to nursing care
Paula Elaine Diniz dos Reis, Emilia Campos de Carvalho
Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: to contribute to the reflection on the mechanisms leading to phlebitis as a complication of intravenous therapy. Methodology: this is about an update paper, which presents the epidemiology, predisposing factors, preventive measures and evaluation methods of phlebitis due to insertion of peripheral venous catheter, in order to subsidize the nursing plan. Results: the phenomenon of phlebitis is quite prevalent in hospitalized patients, related to multiple factors such as hyperosmolarity and pH of the solution infused, type of device used venous and nursing care with regard to the procedure of venipuncture and venous access. It is important for nurses to learn the tools to diagnose phlebitis, identifying signs and symptoms of inflammation, thus being able to intervene according to the degree shown, preventing the occurrence of phlebosclerosis. Conclusion: knowing the types of phlebitis and, consequently, their risk factors helps the nurse to have a better basis for decision making regarding the construction of specific protocols aimed at preventing this complication.
Clinical application of Chamomilla recutita in phlebitis: dose response curve study
Reis, Paula Elaine Diniz dos;Carvalho, Emilia Campos de;Bueno, Paula Carolina Pires;Bastos, Jairo Kenupp;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692011000100002
Abstract: this experimental and dose-response curve study aimed to carry out the quality control of the chamomilla recutita sample, as well as to estimate the ideal dose, for anti-inflammatory effect, of the extract of its capitula, in patients with phlebitis due to peripheral intravenous infusion of antineoplastic chemotherapy and to evaluate the toxicity of this extract in human beings. the therapeutic efficacy, concerning the anti-inflammatory potential, of different doses of chamomilla recutita extract were analyzed and compared in 25 patients. the time of regression of phlebitis was shorter for groups with 2.5% concentration (mean=29.2h, standard deviation = 8.98) and 5% concentration (mean = 38.8h, standard deviation = 17.47). local toxicity was almost not observed. this research contributes to the innovation of the nursing clinical practice, since it suggests an alternative for the treatment of phlebitis through the clinical use of phytotherapeutic drugs.
Manejo do cateter venoso central totalmente implantado em pacientes oncológicos: revis?o integrative
Vasques, Christiane Inocêncio;Reis, Paula Elaine Diniz dos;Carvalho, Emília Campos de;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002009000500016
Abstract: totally implanted catheter, which is effective in deceasing complications related to peripheral intravenous therapy, is widely used in patients with cancer. thus, the goal of this study was to identify the nursing actions regarding the manipulation and management of totally implanted catheter in patients with cancer. an integrative literature review was conducted. a final sample of 15 articles was evaluated. findings indicated that nursing actions are directed to the catheter dwelling time, the catheter-related complications, the manipulation and management of the catheter, the patients' perception of the catheter, and the education of patients regarding the catheter care. these findings show the complexities of nursing actions regarding the management of totally implanted catheters. in addition, the findings can be useful for professionals who do not work in oncology who may need to apply this knowledge in their clinical practice.
Diniz dos Reis,Paula Elaine; Capucho Rodrigues,Cíntia; Vasques,Christiane Inocêncio; Campos de Carvalho,Emília;
Ciencia y enfermería , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-95532008000200008
Abstract: the intravenous system is one of the main chemotherapy administration routes and requires special care to prevent extravasations. this study aims to verify the incidence of local changes in the venous network of cáncer patients under chemotherapy. this observational and longitudinal study involves 15 patients over 18 years oíd, 11 of whom were women. twenty venous punctures were observed, mostly in the superior limbs (n=19). before chemotherapy, the access location was found intact (n=18), tortuous venous system (n=ll) of small caliber (n=ll). most punctures were performed by nurses, using a peripheral intravenous device with a rigid needle (n=19), caliber 23 (n=12). during the puncture, there was verbalization of pain (n=2), burning (n=3) and stin-ging (n=l) along the venous pathway; erythema (n=l), edema (n=5) and extravasaron (n=3) were observed as local manifestations. immediately after the removal of the infusión device, erythema (n=3) and hematoma (n=l) were observed. later on, hematoma (n=5), erythema (n=2), phlebosclerosis (n=2) and verbalization of pain in the infusión site (n=l) occurred. identifying the adverse effects related to the peripheral intravenous infusión of chemotherapy makes it possible to develop nursing care strategies that can reduce and prevent this damage in patients.
Estratégias de preven??o para cancer de testículo e pênis: revis?o integrativa
Souza, Kelly Wanessa de;Reis, Paula Elaine Diniz dos;Gomes, Isabelle Pimentel;Carvalho, Emília Campos de;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342011000100039
Abstract: testicular and penile cancers are genital disorders that affect a small part of population, but are generally aggressive mainly because of the dramatic psychological effect they impose over patients. the purpose of this study was to identify evidence concerning preventing strategies for the referred types of cancer. an integrative literature review was performed on the cochrane, pubmed/medline, lilacs, bdenf and cinahl databases using the following controlled descriptors: health promotion, risk factors, primary prevention, and urogenital neoplasms; and uncontrolled descriptors: prevention, penile cancer, testicle cancer. the studies were unanimous in concluding that self-examination of testicles is the best way to identify a possible event of testicular cancer. circumcision, prevention for sexual transmission diseases and adequate hygiene were the most important manners for penile cancer prevention. nurses should assume the role for general and specific health promotion, considering the major impact it would have for prevention of diseases, especially for the urogenital cancers studied in this review.
Paula Elaine Diniz dos Reis,Cíntia Capucho Rodrigues,Christiane Inocêncio Vasques,Emília Campos de Carvalho
Ciencia y Enfermería : Revista Iberoamericana de Investigacíon , 2008,
Abstract: A rede endovenosa é urna das principáis vias para administra o de quimioterápicos e requer um cuidado especial na preven o de extravasamento. Este estudo tem como objetivo verificar a incidência de altera es locáis na rede venosa de individuos em tratamento oncológico por quimioterapia. Trata-se de um estudo ob-servacional longitudinal, com 15 sujeitos, maiores de 18 anos, sendo 11 do sexo feminino. Foram observadas 20 pun es venosas, realizadas predominantemente em membros superiores(n=19). Antes da quimioterapia o local de acesso apresentava-se íntegro (n=18), rede venosa com trajeto tortuoso (n= 11) e de peque o calibre (n= 11). A maioria das pun es foi realizada por enfermeiros, com dispositivo intravenoso de agulha rígida (n= 19) calibre 23 (n= 12). Durante a pun o houve verbaliza o de dor (n= 2), queima o (n= 3) e ardência (n= 1) ao longo do trajeto venoso; as manifesta es locáis observadas foram eritema (n= 1), edema (n= 5) e extravasamento (n= 3). Imediatamente após a remo o do dispositivo de infus o ocorreram eritema (n=3), hematoma (n=l). Tardíamente houve hematoma (n=5), eritema (n= 2), fleboesclerose (n= 2) e verbaliza o de dor no local (n= 1). A identifica o dos efeitos adversos relacionados a infus o endovenosa periférica de quimioterápicos torna possível o desenvolvimento de estrategias de assistência de enfermagem capazes de reduzir e prevenir tais danos ao paciente. La vía endovenosa es una de las principales vías para la administración de quimioterápicos y requiere un cuidado especial en la prevención de la extravasación. Este estudio tiene por objetivo verificar la incidência de alteraciones locales en la red venosa de individuos en tratamiento oncológico con quimioterapia. Este estudio tiene característica observacional y longitudinal, con 15 personas mayores de 18 a os, siendo 11 del sexo femenino. Fueron realizadas 20 punciones venosas, la mayor parte en miembros superiores (n=19). Antes de la quimioterapia, el sitio de acceso se presentaba íntegro (n=18), red venosa con trayecto tortuoso (n=ll) y de peque o calibre (n=l 1). La mayor parte de las punciones fue realizada por enfermeros, utilizando un dispositivo intravenoso periférico de aguja rígida (n=19), calibre 23 (n=12). Durante la punción se registró verbalización de dolor (n=2), quema (n=3) y ardor (n=l) a lo largo del trayecto venoso; las manifestaciones locales observadas fueron eritema (n=l), edema (n=5) y extravasación (n=3). Inmediatamente después de retirar el dispositivo de infusión se manifestó eritema (n=3) y hematoma (n=l). Tardíamente se registró hemato
Ambulatório de quimioterapia pediátrica: a experiência no aquário carioca
Gomes, Isabelle Pimentel;Collet, Neusa;Reis, Paula Elaine Diniz dos;
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-07072011000300021
Abstract: the objective of this study was to report the nursing experience at a pediatric chemotherapy outpatient clinic that was decorated to be appealing to children (carioca aquarium). it is a descriptive experience report from a hospital in rio de janeiro, brazil, conducted between december, 2007, and may, 2008. the environment was decorated based on the (disney-pixar?) movie, "finding nemo" after an agreement between the institution and community representatives. carioca aquarium brought the act of playing to the treatment site. we observed that professionals were more motivated, care was facilitated, and relationships involved more dialogue when using recreational resources. in turn, children's agitation during procedures was minimized, nausea and vomiting was reduced, and the children's desire to remain in the room increased. the change of environment offered stimulating and fun activities to the children, bringing them distraction, calmness, security, and greater acceptance of their treatment. with this, the children were able to divert their focus from their disease.
Ambulatório de quimioterapia pediátrica: a experiência no aquário carioca
Isabelle Pimentel Gomes,Neusa Collet,Paula Elaine Diniz dos Reis
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2011,
Abstract: El objetivo del estudio es relatar la experiencia como enfermera en una quimioterapia pediátrica, decorada para ser atractiva para los ni os (Acuario Carioca). Se trata de un estudio de carácter descriptivo con relato de la experiencia vivida en un hospital de la ciudad de Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, entre diciembre de 2007 a mayo de 2008. La decoración del espacio se basó en la película "Buscando a Nemo" (Disney-Pixar ), después de un acuerdo entre la institución y la sociedad civil. El Acuario Carioca llevó la diversión al lugar de tratamiento. Se observó que los profesionales parecían más motivados, se facilitó la atención y las relaciones se han vuelto más dialógicas cuando se utilizan los recursos recreativos, reduciendo la agitación de los ni os durante los procedimientos, reducción de náuseas y vómitos, deseo de los ni os a permanecer en la sala. El cambio del espacio ofrece actividades estimulantes y divertidas, distracción, calma, seguridad y una mayor aceptación del tratamiento. Así, el ni o cambió su enfoque de la enfermedad.
Management of nursing’s care in pediatric ambulatory chemotherapy unit
Isabelle Pimentel Gomes, Paula Elaine Diniz dos Reis, Neusa Collet
Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: to present the activities performed by oncology nurses in a pediatric chemotherapy unit of a university hospital. Methodology: experience report at a pediatric chemotherapy unit in a school-hospital. We searched for publications in electronic databases to support discussions. This study has been approved by the Research Ethics Committee of Hospital Universitário Lauro Wanderley (124/08). Results: the authors pointed out the importance of these professionals to rethink about their professional practice and of management of care a way to implement the required changes. The nursing assistance starts at the moment of patient into the room, with attention to welcome. The assistance is the main activity, the others, administrative, information system, education, scientific and humanization, promote the better care. In the scene of a room of chemotherapy of a school-hospital, the nurses need to use its technical, scientific, administrative and practical knowledge, regarding pediatric oncology, in order to carry out the management of the care. Conclusion: management of care directed to pediatric cancer patient must be dynamic, according the actual situation and each institution’s reality, using full clinical judgment, decision, reflection, integration, creativity and knowledge of specific issues of each patient.
Análise das respostas comportamentais ao cancer de mama utilizando o modelo adaptativo de Roy
Santos, Letícia Rosa;Tavares, Glaucia Batista;Reis, Paula Elaine Diniz dos;
Escola Anna Nery , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452012000300005
Abstract: the study analyzes the behavioural responses of women during treatment for breast cancer using the roy adaptation model. studies show that cancer and its treatment can generate stimuli that will interfere in the sexuality. knowing the mechanisms these women face must be a concern of the healthcare professionals, so that comprehensive care can be provided. the study involved qualitative research where semi-structured interviews were conducted with five sexually active women. problems were identified in the modes of adaptation related to self-concept, role playing, and interdependence. these women were nevertheless able to overcome such situations and improve adaptation to their new condition. it was concluded that use of the roy adaptation model was appropriate, making it possible to grasp the changes related to modes of adaptation, and thus enabling the foci of nursing interventions to be concretely visualized.
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