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Indigenous Handicrafts in the Pernambuco and Bahia Sert?es and Its Implications for the Conservation of Biodiversity  [PDF]
Carlos Alberto Batista Santos, Roberto Remígio Florêncio, Vinina da Silva Ferreira, Patrícia Luiza de Oliveira-Rebou?as
Creative Education (CE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.915182
Abstract: The use of by-products of wild animals for the production of handicrafts is a common practice among indigenous peoples. Natives prefer to hunt birds because of the beauty and diversity of their feathers. In the Brazilian Northeast, this practice involves several hunting techniques, according to the species type. This research aimed to list the species of birds used in the handicraft of the Truká indigenous people and to characterize the techniques used to capture birds employed by the native hunters in the four ethnic settlements in the backlands of Pernambuco and Bahia. The information was obtained through semi-structured interviews applied to 23 indigenous artisans, in the villages Truká of Cabrobó, Orocó, Sobradinho and Paulo Afonso. Four capture techniques, slingshots, firearms, and traps have been identified, such as the trap and the trapdoor. The traps are the most commonly used technologies in the study area. In addition to crafts, informants have indicated the use of bird species in food, traditional medicine and domestic breeding as pets.
Abelhas (Apoidea) visitantes de flores de Comolia ovalifolia DC Triana (Melastomataceae) em uma área de restinga na Bahia
Oliveira-Rebou?as, Patrícia;Gimenes, Miriam;
Neotropical Entomology , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-566X2004000300006
Abstract: the flowers of comolia ovalifolia present poricidal anthers and their pollen serve as protein source to a specific group of bees, able to extract the pollen from the anthers through vibration. from january to december /2001, we observed the flowering of c. ovalifolia and the activity of the most frequent bees throughout the year. the peaks of flowering of c. ovalifolia occurred in march and from september to november/2001. the flowers of c. ovalifolia were visited by 16 species of bees, being the most frequent centris leprieuri (spinola), xylocopa subcyanea pérez, centris sp., euglossa sp. and florilegus similis urban. among these, c. leprieuri was the most frequent visitor in the flowers (89%) and its foraging period overlapped with the blooming of c. ovalifolia. this bee presented adequate size and efficient behavior in pollen collection and transfer to the stigma, being considered an effective pollinator of the flowers.
Resposta da comunidade de Histeridae (Coleoptera) a diferentes fisionomias da vegeta??o de restingas no Espírito Santo
Lopes, Priscila P.;Louzada, Júlio N.C.;Oliveira-Rebou?as, Patrícia L.;Nascimento, Leila M.;Santana-Reis, Vanessa P.G.;
Neotropical Entomology , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-566X2005000100004
Abstract: aiming to determine if the vegetation structure affects the local and regional richness and community structure of predator beetles (histeridae), four habitats established on sandy soils (restingas and pasture) in espírito santo state, brazil, with a structural complexity gradient and showing varying degrees of disturbance were surveyed with pitfall-baited traps (human and horse dung). eight histerid species were registered. the species richness was almost equal in all habitats (4 to 5 species), and there was no significant difference in diversity and equitability. although not significantly different in diversity, the communities could be considered different due to the gradual substitution of the dominant species and composition. the species substitution pattern was related to the change in vegetation physiognomy, which seems to impose barriers to the odour dispersion, affecting resource location, and allowing rare (but more efficient in resource localization) species to be maintained in the community. the local richness of histerids in pasture and in different physiognomies of restinga is similar and low due to the ephemeral nature of decaying resources, which impose a limit to the number of species that get to the resource. its spatial and temporal unpredictability, by its turn, allows both common and rare species to remain in the community, the first through numeric advantage and the last through an eventual superiority in finding the resource.
Potential pollinators of Comolia ovalifolia DC Triana (Melastomataceae) and Chamaecrista ramosa (Vog.) H.S. Irwin and Barneby var. ramosa (Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae), in restinga, Bahia, Brazil
Oliveira-Rebou?as, P.;Gimenes, M.;
Brazilian Journal of Biology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842011000300002
Abstract: comolia ovalifolia dc triana (melastomataceae) and chamaecrista ramosa (vog.) h.s. irwin and barneby var. ramosa (leguminosae - caesalpinioideae) are tropical plant species found in restinga (herbaceous-shrubby, sandy costal ecosystems). they have flowers with poricidal anthers and are pollinated by bees. the study sought to analyse potential pollinators of both plants during visits to their flowers in a restinga area in bahia. the flowering displayed by both species was considered continuous and long duration, constantly providing pollen to floral visitors. c. ovalifolia was visited by 17 species of bees and c. ramosa by 16 species, predominantly from the apidae family (with a similarity index of 74%). the behavior displayed by these visiting bees was of vibrating anthers. the small-sized euglossa sp. latreille, 1802 and florilegus similis urban, 1970 bees played less of a role as pollinators, since they rarely touched the flower stigma during harvests and were thus considered opportunist visitors or casual pollinators. centris decolorata lepetier, 1841 (= c. leprieuri) and xylocopa subcyanea perez, 1901 are large bees and were considered efficient pollinators of c. ovalifolia and c. ramosa because of the higher frequency and constancy of their visits, and their favourable behaviour and size for pollen transfer between flowers, which guarantees the survival of these native restinga plant species.
O ensino de Ciências Naturais e cidadania sob a ótica de professores inseridos no programa de acelera??o de aprendizagem da EJA - Educa??o de Jovens e Adultos
Santos, Patrícia Oliveira;Bispo, Josiane dos Santos;Omena, Maria Luiza Rodrigues de A.;
Ciência & Educa??o (Bauru) , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-73132005000300006
Abstract: the objective of this study was to know the conceptions of teachers from eya- education of youths and adults on the teaching of natural sciences and citizenship. it was also used to identify the main difficulties found by the teachers concerning citizenship formation in students, as well as to reveal today's situation for the teaching of natural sciences on such program. therefore, 19 natural science teachers from the 5th and 6th grades inserted in eya's fast learning program were interviewed in public schools of aracaju, se. as a data collecting tool, the technique of the semi-structured interview was used, as well as document analysis focusing on quality.
A importancia da atua??o odontológica em pacientes internados em unidade de terapia intensiva
Morais, Teresa Márcia Nascimento de;Silva, Antonio da;Avi, Ana Luiza Ribeiro de Oliveira;Souza, Patrícia Helena Rodrigues de;Knobel, Elias;Camargo, Luiz Fernando Aranha;
Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-507X2006000400016
Abstract: background and objectives: in the intensive care unit, the nosocomial respiratory infection is responsible for high rates of morbidity, mortality and expressive increase in hospitals costs. its establishment feels more commonly by the aspiration of the content present within the mouth and the pharynx. thus we intended to review the literature on the participation of the oral condition in the establishment of the nosocomial respiratory infection. contents: deficient oral hygiene is common in patients under intensive care, which provides the colonization of oral biofilm for pathogenic microorganisms, especially for respiratory pathogens. the studies clearly show that the amount of oral biofilm in patients under intensive care increases according to period hospitalization meanwhile there also is an increase in respiratory pathogens. that colonizes the oral biofilm. this biofilm is an important resource of pathogens in patients under intensive care. conclusions: in spite of well-established hypotheses that narrow down the relationships between lung infections and the oral condition, the studies are not still completely defined. however, due to strong possibilities that these hypotheses are true, it is necessary to have and maintain the oral health, in addition to more integration of dentistry and of medicine, seeking patients' global treatment, the prevention of diseases, and more humanization at the intensive care unit.
Prevalência do tabagismo em adultos residentes nas capitais dos estados e no Distrito Federal, Brasil, 2008
Malta, Deborah Carvalho;Moura, Erly Catarina;Silva, Sara Araújo;Oliveira, Patrícia Pereira Vasconcelos de;Silva, Vera Luiza da Costa e;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132010000100013
Abstract: objective: to determine the prevalence of smoking in the adult population of brazil, in order to propose recommendations for the reduction of tobacco use. methods: this was a population-based, cross-sectional study including a sample composed of residents (> 18 years of age) of the capital cities of 26 brazilian states and in the federal district of brasília, brazil. for the determination of sample size, a 95% confidence interval and a 2% sample error were defined. the participants were selected and interviewed by means of the sistema de vigilancia de fatores de risco e prote??o para doen?as cr?nicas por inquérito telef?nico (vigitel, telephone-based system for the surveillance of risk and protective factors for chronic diseases).the proportion of smokers and the number of cigarettes smoked per day were estimated and stratified according to sociodemographic variables. in addition, the male/female ratio was estimated for the prevalence of smoking. results: the prevalence of smoking was 16.1% (20.5% among males and 12.4% among females). the proportion of adults that reported smoking > 20 cigarettes a day was 4.9%, being greater in males (6.5% vs. 3.6%). the prevalence of smoking was greater among individuals with a lower level of education (< 8 years of schooling). the number of cigarettes smoked per day by males was approximately the double that smoked by females. conclusions: the vigitel estimates indicate a reduction in the prevalence of smoking, which was, however, still greater among males than among females. the vigitel has been fundamental to monitoring smoking, as well as to informing decisions regarding public policies for health promotion and the prevention of chronic nontransmissible diseases.
Narrativas identitárias e constru es subjetivas: considera es teóricas e análise empírica de identifica es entre jovens das classes populares = Identity narratives and subjective construction: theoretical considerations and empirical analysis of identification processes among youngsters from popular classes
Oliveira, Patrícia de
Civitas , 2011,
Abstract: Nesse artigo, abordarei como processos identitários e suas conex es com o estudo das constru es narrativas vêm sendo analisados na Sociologia das últimas décadas. Mais especificamente, o desenvolvimento identitário na juventude será discutido, especialmente no que se refere a questionamentos sobre a conclus o desse processo na idade adulta e sobre a sua rela o com características de gênero. Além de uma breve reflex o teórica, ser o também apresentadas considera es empíricas sobre juventude e identidade. Aqui ser o enfocadas constru es sobre ser mulher bem como representa es de gênero e sexualidades.
Prevalência de sobrepeso e obesidade em escolares da regi?o de Parelheiros do município de S?o Paulo
Fagundes, Anna Luiza N.;Ribeiro, Denise Carpigiani;Naspitz, Laura;Garbelini, Luciana Elisa B.;Vieira, Júlia Ketter P.;Silva, Adriana Paulino da;Lima, Vitor de Oliveira;Fagundes, Djalma José;Compri, Patrícia Colombo;Juliano, Yára;
Revista Paulista de Pediatria , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-05822008000300003
Abstract: objective: to establish the prevalence of overweight and obesity in school children from low socioeconomical status. methods: this cross sectional study randomly enrolled 218 eighteen students out of 1.500 students with six to 14 years old from three schools located in parelheiros, s?o paulo, brazil. children with a diagnosis and or treatment of metabolic or endocrine diseases were excluded. the studied children had an anthropometric evaluation of weight and height, and body mass index was calculated. all children answered a questionnaire about daily food consumption and physical activity. results: the prevalence of obesity and overweight were respectively 14.7 and 16.5%. among these students, the low consumption of fruits (10.8 and 10.8%), vegetables (16.3 and 9.1%) and the high consumption of candies (72.2 and 78.1%) were associated with weight excess. poor physical activities was common among obese (81.3%) and overweight (77.8%) students. conclusions: the evaluated students, despite living in a poor region of s?o paulo, showed a profile of nutritional transition, with high obesity and overweight rates.
Comparativo de personagens da história da enfermagem brasileira
Furukawa, Patrícia de Oliveira;
Escola Anna Nery , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452009000200023
Abstract: este artículo es una reflexión sobre la historia de los profesionales que se destacaron en la enfermería. para ello, la búsqueda se llevó a cabo en algunos personajes que hicieron mucho para la enfermería y la salud en el país. el análisis de las historias de estas enfermeras puesto de manifiesto en hechos común como: la ruptura de paradigmas relacionado con el matrimonio, la formación en instituciones de renombre, la ocupación en puestos de gran importancia, la participación en asociaciones profesionales expresiva, a si como una relación con la formación de calidad. a través de sus biografías, se puede ver que a pesar del contexto político de la época han favorecido la formación de esas enfermeras, mucho esfuerzo y dedicación fueron necesarios para esas trayectorias de éxito, que cooperaron en la consolidación de la enfermería brasile?a.
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