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Experimental infection parameters in Galea spixii (Rodentia: Caviidae) with Leishmania infantum chagasi
Barbosa, Patrícia Batista Barra Medeiros;Queiroz, Paula Viviane Sousa de;Jer?nimo, Selma Maria B;Ximenes, Maria de Fátima Freire de Melo;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762008000600006
Abstract: in order to better understand the epidemiological transmission network of leishmaniasis, an endemic disease in northeast brazil, we investigated the susceptibility of spix yellow-toothed cavies (galea spixii) to the leishmania infantum chagasi parasite. nine cavies were experimentally infected, separated into three groups and monitored at 30, 90 and 180 days, respectively. amastigotes were identified in the spleen slides of two cavies killed 180 days after infection. antibodies against the l. i. chagasi were identified in one of the cavies. this demonstrates that g. spixii is in fact capable of maintaining a stable infection by l. i. chagasi without alterations in biochemical and hematological parameters of the host and without perceivable micro and macroscopic lesions.
Percep??o das m?es sobre a importancia das práticas alimentares no tratamento da constipa??o cr?nica funcional
Pereira, Vivian Palo;Medeiros, Lilian Cristiane S.;Speridi?o, Patrícia da Gra?a L.;Lisboa, Valéria Cristina A.;Tahan, Soraia;Morais, Mauro Batista de;
Revista Paulista de Pediatria , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-05822009000100006
Abstract: objective: analyze the meaning of feeding habits according to the perceptions, experiences and values of mothers whose children and teenagers present functional chronic constipation. methods: 17 mothers were interviewed based on a semi-conducted questionnaire about feeding habits. the answers were gathered as following: family environment during meals, difficulties related to the eating habits of the teenager/child, the mothers' attitude regarding food rejection and mothers' knowledge about feeding and its relation to functional chronic constipation. results: the age of the mothers varied from 20 to 30 years, they had not finished high school and had an income of two to three minimum wages. the following problems aroused from their answers: most of them did not consider sharing meals with their families a pleasant time; financial constrains are the biggest obstacle to feed their children; when their children refuse to eat, most of them adopt strategies to convince them to eat; mothers do have some knowledge about the importance of the intake of different kinds of food to improve their children condition; they believe that certain kinds of food contribute to constipation. conclusions: despite knowing that the diet is important to the treatment of constipation, just a few mothers acknowledge the importance of dietary fiber. meals are not a pleasant time for the families and financial problems limit the choice of proper food for these children.
Abordagem cirúrgica da constri o maxilar unilateral
Patrícia Medeiros Berto
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/s1415-54192009000500003
Múltiplos pequenos nódulos hepáticos hiperecogênicos sem reverbera??o sonora posterior: outra forma de apresenta??o dos hamartomas dos ductos biliares
Machado, Márcio Martins;Rosa, Ana Cláudia Ferreira;Barros, Nestor de;Mota, Orlando Milhomem da;Silva, Osterno Queiroz da;Santana Filho, Jales Benevides;Barreto, Paulo Adriano;Cardoso, Daniela Medeiros Milhomem;Milhomem, Patrícia Medeiros;Milhomem, Leonardo Medeiros;Azeredo, Letícia Martins;Espírito Santo, José Monteiro Daher do;Espírito Santo, Ary Monteiro Daher do;Saad, Willian Abr?o;Cerri, Giovanni Guido;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842005000500016
Abstract: sonographic presentation of bile duct hamartomas is variable. it is important to recognize their different forms of presentation in order to be included in the differential diagnosis of multiple focal hepatic lesions. herein the authors report a case of bile duct hamartomas that was identified as multiple diffuse hyperechogenic liver nodules with the largest measuring 1.6 cm, without posterior acoustic reverberation.
Conhecimento de pediatras e nutricionistas sobre o tratamento da alergia ao leite de vaca no lactente
Cortez, Ana Paula B.;Medeiros, Lilian Cristiane da S.;Speridi?o, Patrícia da Gra?a L.;Mattar, Regina Helena G. M.;Fagundes Neto, Ulysses;Morais, Mauro Batista de;
Revista Paulista de Pediatria , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-05822007000200002
Abstract: objective: evaluate the knowledge of pediatricians and nutritionists regarding the exclusion diet of cow milk and derivates, with emphasis on questions related to the nutrition of children submitted to such diet. methods: cross-sectional study that enrolled pediatricians (n=53) and nutritionists (n=29) from public hospitals in s?o paulo, brazil, during 2005. data was collected through self-administered questionnaires. results: the age of the professionals varied from 21 to 50 years old. regarding professional experience, 41.2% were graduated for less than five years and 91.6% had a specialization course, masters and/or phd degree. the vast majority of professionals (97.5%) confirmed that they regularly evaluated the diet of children that needed exclusion of cow milk. however, only 48% of the professionals conducted a more detailed evaluation of the diet, including calculations of food ingestion. only 38.7% of the professionals compared child?s food ingestion with some recommended pattern. recommendations for daily ingestion of calcium by children up to the age of 36 months were properly mentioned by 22% of the pediatricians and 60.7% of the nutritionists (p=0.001). inadequate cow milk substitute products were recommended by 66% of the pediatricians and by 48.3% of the nutritionists. regarding labels of industrialized products, 81.6% of the pediatricians and 96.4% of the nutritionists advised the parents to look for all terms that could indicate the presence of cow milk protein. conclusions: pediatricians and nutritionists made conceptual errors in their main recommendations regarding the treatment of cow milk protein allergy.
Nurses’ knowledge of the postgraduate program in family’s health on dental avulsion
Ana Cristina Viana Campos, Daniela Carla Medeiros-Silva, Flávia Fonseca de Toledo, Patrícia Maria Pereira de Araújo Zarzar, Júlio César Batista Santana, Eduardo Augusto dos Santos Moreira-Silva
Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line , 2009,
Abstract: Objectives: to investigate the knowledge, the attitudes and practices of the nurses students' in the specialization in Family Health, of the Institute of Continuous Education in PUC Sete Lagoas city, Belo Horizonte, Brasil. Methods: transversal, descriptive, study developed with 17 nurses, students of the Family Health Specialization, with volunteered to participate in the study. It was conducted toward the application of modified questionnaire with the thematic dental avulsion. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistical methods. Results: most of the nurses (71%) never heard before the term “dental avulsion”. Five nurses (29%) would not know which providences is necessary in case of dental avulsion, six (35%) would store the tooth and conduct the person to the dentist, three (18%) just direct the person to the dentist, one nurse (6%) would conduct the person to do the restoration, the other (6%) would store the tooth in milk and would give the tooth to the rescuer, and only one (6%) of them would make the replantation immediately. Conclusions: we can affirm that the analyzed nurses present inadequately knowledge when they were questioned about different aspects of urgency procedures in cases of dental avulsion.
Avalia??o dos tumores hepáticos ao Doppler
Machado, Márcio Martins;Rosa, Ana Cláudia Ferreira;Herman, Paulo;Barros, Nestor de;Mota, Orlando Milhomem da;Azeredo, Letícia Martins;Silva, Osterno Queiroz da;Santana Filho, Jales Benevides;Campoli, Paulo Moacir O.;Barreto, Paulo Adriano Q.;Milhomem, Patrícia Medeiros;Milhomem, Leonardo Medeiros;Daher, Murilo Tavares;Daher, Renato Tavares;Cerri, Luciana Mendes de Oliveira;Saad, William Abr?o;Cerri, Giovanni Guido;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842004000500012
Abstract: recent advances in ultrasound have optimized the detection of liver tumors and helped to improve the prognosis of patients with this condition as newly developed and improved therapeutic modalities have been established. the authors review important doppler findings which may help in the identification and characterization of some hepatic tumors through the evaluation of color doppler, pulsed doppler and power doppler features. new imaging methods such as the use of harmonics imaging are also reviewed.
Oleic Acid Induces Lung Injury in Mice through Activation of the ERK Pathway
Cassiano Felippe Gon?alves-de-Albuquerque,Adriana Ribeiro Silva,Patrícia Burth,Isabel Matos Medeiros de Moraes,Flora Magno de Jesus Oliveira,Mauricio Younes-Ibrahim,Maria da Concei??o Batista dos Santos,Heloísa D’ávila,Patrícia Torres Bozza,Hugo Caire de Castro Faria Neto,Mauro Velho de Castro Faria
Mediators of Inflammation , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/956509
Abstract: Oleic acid (OA) can induce acute lung injury in experimental models. In the present work, we used intratracheal OA injection to show augmented oedema formation, cell migration and activation, lipid mediator, and cytokine productions in the bronchoalveolar fluids of Swiss Webster mice. We also demonstrated that OA-induced pulmonary injury is dependent on ERK1/2 activation, since U0126, an inhibitor of ERK1/2 phosphorylation, blocked neutrophil migration, oedema, and lipid body formation as well as IL-6, but not IL-1β production. Using a mice strain carrying a null mutation for the TLR4 receptor, we proved that increased inflammatory parameters after OA challenges were not due to the activation of the TLR4 receptor. With OA being a Na/K-ATPase inhibitor, we suggest the possible involvement of this enzyme as an OA target triggering lung inflammation. 1. Introduction Adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) description appeared in 1967, with 12 patients with refractory cyanosis to oxygenation therapy [1]. Recently, a draft definition proposed 3 mutually exclusive categories of ARDS based on degree of hypoxemia: mild (200?mm?Hg < PaO2/FIO2 ≤ 300?mm?Hg), moderate (100?mm?Hg < PaO2/FIO2 ≤ 200?mm?Hg), and severe (PaO2/FIO2 ≤ 100?mm?Hg) [2] which was nominated as Berlin definition, replacing the American-European consensus [3]. The initial lesion characterizing the exudative phase of ARDS is an increase in alveolar permeability to plasma proteins, leading to an interstitial and alveolar oedema [4, 5]. In the acute phase, cytokines and lipids are released, leading to alveolar-capillary barrier loss with hyaline membrane formation [6, 7]. In fact, ARDS is a diffuse alveolar damage secondary to an intense lung inflammatory response to an infectious, noninfectious, or extra pulmonary insult [8, 9]. ARDS can be induced by several factors such as systemic endotoxin release, pneumonia, drug overdose, acid aspiration, fat embolism, and pancreatitis [10–13] and can occur in pathological processes including sepsis, major trauma, or severe leptospirosis [8, 14, 15]. Resolution of the pulmonary oedema and lung inflammation are important determinants of ARDS outcome. Removal of alveolar fluid depends on transport of salt and water across the alveolar epithelium through apical sodium channels (ENaC) followed by extrusion to the lung interstitium via the Na-K-ATPase of alveolar epithelial cells [16–18]. Oleic acid (OA) is an inhibitor of the Na/K-ATPase activity in bovine serum [19] and is also a Na/K-ATPase inhibitor in a rabbit lung model, increasing endothelial
Pendred Syndrome in a large consanguineous Brazilian family caused by a homozygous mutation in the SLC26A4 gene
Lofrano-Porto, Adriana;Barra, Gustavo B.;Nascimento, Paula P.;Costa, Patrícia G. G.;Garcia, érica C.;Vaz, Rodrigo F.;Batista, Ana R. T.;Freitas, Ana C. R. de;Cherulli, Bruno L. B.;Bahmad Jr., Fayez;Figueiredo, Larissa G.;Neves, Francisco A. R.;Casulari, Luiz Augusto;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302008000800015
Abstract: pendred syndrome (ps) is an autossomal recessive disorder characterized by sensorineural deafness, goiter and iodide organification defect. the hearing loss is associated with inner ear abnormalities, ranging from an isolated enlarged vestibular aqueduct (eva) to a typical coclear dysplasia. mutations in the gene that encodes pendrin (slc26a4), a chloride/iodide transporter, have been shown to be associated with ps. we describe the clinical and molecular characteristics of a large consanguineous family harboring a mutation in the slc26a4 gene. the proband was a 26-year-old deaf brazilian woman who presented a bulky multinodular goiter and hypothyroidism since puberty. five other siblings were deaf: one brother had a similar phenotype, three siblings also had goiters but normal thyroid function tests, and one brother had only a subtle thyroid enlargement. other 4 siblings had no thyroid or hearing disorder. parents were first degree cousins and had normal hearing. the mother was healthy, except for subclinical hypothyroidism; the father was deceased. a perchlorate test in the proband showed a discharge of 21% of the incorporated iodide 2h after the administration of 1g of kclo4. audiological examinations showed profound hearing loss in all deaf subjects; ct and mri of the temporal bones showed eva in all of them. genomic dna was isolated from whole blood, from the 6 affected and 4 unaffected siblings, the mother and control. the coding region of the pds gene (exons 2-21), including exon/intron boundaries, were amplified by pcr and sequenced. a single base-pair (t) deletion at position 1197 of exon 10 was detected in homozygous state in the 6 deaf siblings. the mother and 2 unaffected siblings were heterozygous for this mutation, which has been described by everett et al. the 1197delt mutation is predicted to result in a frameshift and a truncated protein. the existence of ps phenocopies and intrafamilial phenotypic variability are well documented. the definite diagno
As atividades cerebrais de julgamento da beleza e da moral s o divididas e possivelmente explicam o estereótipo Belo-é-Bom Shared brain activity for aesthetic and moral judgments: implications for the Beauty-is-Good stereotype
Jorge Faber,Patrícia Medeiros Berto
Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/s2176-94512010000300002
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