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Desempenho e divergência genética de cenoura 'Brasília' em fun??o da procedência das sementes
Grangeiro, Leilson C;Azevêdo, Pascalle E de;Nunes, Glauber Henrique de S;Dantas, Mara Suyane M;Cruz, Claúdia A;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362012000100023
Abstract: the experiments were carried out at the universidade federal rural do semi-arido, in mossoró, rio grande do norte state, brazil, from august to november 2007 and 2008. the performance and genetic divergence of carrot 'brasília', depending on the source of the seeds was evaluated. the experimental design was of complete blocks design, with eight treatments and four replications. the treatments consisted of the sources of carrot seeds 'brasilia', provided by sakata, embrapa hortali?as, tecnoseed, hortec, feltrin, agristar/topseed, seminis and isla. the variables dry mass of shoot and root, total, marketable and non- marketable roots yield, staining of the roots (hue, chroma and brightness), soluble solids and genetic divergence were measured. the 'brasília' carrot presented the performance and quality standards within the cultivar, for the conditions of the experiments. however, it was different, especially in production and coloring characteristics.
Cultivo da alface em túneis baixos de agrotêxtil
Barros Júnior, Aurélio P.;Grangeiro, Leilson C.;Bezerra Neto, Francisco;Negreiros, Maria Zuleide de;Souza, Jean de O.;Azevedo, Pascalle E. de;Medeiros, Damiana Cleuma;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362004000400028
Abstract: the yield of lettuce cultivated under low tunnels of agricultural textile was evaluated in mossoró, rio grande do norte state, brazil. the experiment was carried out from march to april of 2004, in a randomized complete blocks design with three treatments and four replications. the treatments were: low tunnel (with 50 cm of height) of white agricultural textile with basic weight of 40 g/m2; low tunnel (with 50 cm of height) of white agricultural textile with basic weight of 13 g/m2 and control (treatment with no coverage). evaluations of plant height and diameter, number of leaves per plant, shoot dry matter and yield were done. cultivar babá de ver?o presented greater plant height, number of leaves per plant and yield. the low tunnel of agricultural textile with basic weight of 40 g/m2 presented superior results of plant height, diameter and yield.
The Scientific Collaboration Networks in University Management in Brazil  [PDF]
Liária Nunes Da Silva, Alan Malacarne, José Walter Silva e Silva, Flávio Valdir Kirst, Robelius De-Bortoli
Creative Education (CE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.99109
Abstract: The scientific collaboration, externalized through the formation of networks or research groups, has been used by researchers in the processes of production and publication of researches in the various areas of knowledge. On the basis of this, the aim of this article is to identify the structure of scientific collaboration networks in University Management among higher education institutions, based on the institutional links of researchers in this area. In terms of methodological steps, two data collections were done: one in the publications database of the Journal of University Management in Latin America (GUAL) to select the articles of interest in the research, and another in the current database of the Directory of Research Groups (DRG) of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) to identify the research groups in University Management registered in the Directory. The main results evidenced the predominance of scientific collaboration in the production of research in the area and that the formation of networks is influenced by several factors, such as social aspects and professional aspirations of researchers, interests in sharing resources, as well as the geographical proximity of institutions.
BCS Model in Tsallis' Statistical Framework
Lizardo H. C. M. Nunes,E. V. L. de Mello
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1016/S0378-4371(01)00147-9
Abstract: We show that there is an effect of nonextensivity acting upon the BCS model for superconductors in the ground state that motivates its study in the Tsallis' statistical framework. We show that the weak-coupling limit superconductors are well described by $q \sim 1$, where q is a real parameter which characterizes the degree of nonextensivity of the Tsallis' entropy. Nevertheless, small deviations with respect to q = 1 provide better agreement when compared with experimental results. To illustrate this point, making use of an approximated Fermi function, we show that measurements of the specific heat, ultrasonic attenuation and tunneling experiments for tin (Sn) are better described with q = 0.99.
Uso de cobertura com colágeno e aloe vera no tratamento de ferida isquêmica: estudo de caso
Oliveira, Simone Helena dos Santos;Soares, Maria Julia Guimar?es Oliveira;Rocha, Pascalle de Sousa;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342010000200015
Abstract: the present study is a clinical case report of a patient with diabetes and hypertension, with an ischemic wound, treated with a non-conventional aloe vera and collagen plastering. this study is part of an experimental research project, coordinated by professors and nurses that work together to discover new ways for wound treatment. this case was chosen among many patients. data was collected through anamneses and physical examination of the patient's condition, the wound, and pictures were taken. the plastering was applied every day, and by the end of ten weeks, total healing was obtained. there was no discomfort or any other implication as a result of using the compound. in conclusion, the compound was well accepted and efficient in this particular case.
Rela??es entre a concentra??o de íons e a salinidade de águas subterraneas e superficiais, visando à irriga??o, no sert?o de Pernambuco
Nunes Filho, José;Sousa, Antonio Raimundo de;Sá, Vital Artur de Lima e;Lima, Berthyer Peixoto;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662000000200010
Abstract: the objective of the study was to determine the relationship between the electrical conductivity of subsurface and surface water (ecw in ds/m at 25oc) and the ion concentration of na+, ca2+ + mg2+ and c1- (in mmolc l-1). the study was based on 75 and 100 samples collected from subsurface and surface waters, respectively, in 33 counties in the semi-arid region of the pernambuco state. results showed that elements na+, ca2+ + mg2+ and c1- may be estimated by a single linear regression of the type, y = a + bx, as described below: a) subsurface water; (na+) = - 0.710 + 4.765(ecw), r2 = 0.91; (ca2+ + mg2+) = 0.287 + 4.673 (ecw), r2 = 0.83; (c1-) = - 0.569 + 6.152 (ecw), r2 = 0.93 and b) surface water; (na+) = - 0.666 + 5.072 (ecw), r2 = 0.94; (ca2+ + mg2+) = 0.978 + 3.223 (ecw), r2 = 0 78; (c1-) = - 0.874 + 6.890 (ecw), r2= 0.94.
Dificuldade de adequa??o às medidas técnicas: a percep??o das empresas exportadoras de alimentos
Faria, Rosane Nunes de;Burnquist, Heloísa Lee;Pestana, Maria Helena de Aguiar Pereira e;
Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-20032011000300005
Abstract: this article measures the degree of difficulty of compliance to technical measures for firms that export food in brazil, through the construction of indexes. it has conducted a survey of 117 firms and data collected were analyzed by multivariate analysis. the detailed variables in the article which represent types of technical measures usually required in food export were grouped into two indices: technical specification index (tsi) and requirements information index (rii). the wilcoxon test revealed that firms have greater difficulty to comply products and processes with technical specifications such as plant and production process requirements, conformity assessment procedures, food safety, product's characteristics and environmental requirements.
Efeitos da oxigenoterapia hiperbárica em ratos submetidos à ligadura das veias hepáticas: avalia??o da mortalidade e da histologia do fígado e ba?o
Costa-Val, Ricardo;Nunes, Tarcizo Afonso;Silva, Roberto Carlos de Oliveira e;Souza, Tatiana Karina De Puy e;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502006000100012
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in rats submitted to instantaneously hepatic vein obstruction. methods: 30 holtzman adult male rats were utilised, distributed into two groups: 1) hepatic vein obstruction; 2) hepatic vein obstruction associated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. general anaesthesia was utilized by a solution composed of ketamine chloride (40 mg/ml) and meperidine chloride (10 mg/ml) in a dose of 50/mg/weight, applied into the right gluteus muscle. the animals belonged to group 2 were submitted to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, 8 hours after the operations, in a 2,5 atmosphere, which lasts 120 minutes per day, in consecutive 20 days. the statistical analysis was made in relation to mortality and histological study of livers and spleens utilizing the fisher test, and the results were considered statistically significant when p < 0,05. results: occurred seven (46,67%) deaths between animals belonged to group 1 and no deaths in the animals belonged to group 2. the histological studies made in the livers and spleens of the animals belonged to group 1 showed many alterations in the following percentages: thrombosis of hepatic, portal and center-lobular veins in five (33,3%), very extensive necrosis of liver cells in seven (46,7%), and light in eight (53,3%), kupffer cells developed and hypertrophied in 14 (93,3%), high congestion of the spleen purple in six (40,0%) and moderate and severe hemossiderinosis spleen in 14 (93,3%). the analysis of this parameters in the group 2 only showed light necrosis of liver cells, kupffer cells light developed and hypertrophied, moderated congestion of the spleen purple and light hemossiderinosis spleen. all these parameters analysed showed significantly difference (p < 0,05) between these two groups. conclusions: it could be concluded that the hyperbaric oxygen therapy applied in rats, with instantaneously hepatic vein obstruction decreased their post-surgical mortality and their early deleterious
Biomass allocation and water use efficiency in fertigated sweet pepper
Albuquerque, Francimar da S.;Silva, ênio F. de F. e;Nunes, Marcus F. F. N.;Souza, Amanda E. R. de;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162012000200011
Abstract: the use of productivity information and efficiency of water use is important for the economic analysis of production and irrigation management, and also helps the economy of water use, which is essential to plant life. the objective of this study was to evaluate the biomass allocation, the water use efficiency and water content in fruits of sweet pepper cropped under the influence of irrigation blades and potassium doses. the statistic design was a completely randomized factorial scheme (5 x 2) and four replications, with five irrigation blades (80; 90; 100; 110 and 120% of crop evapotranspiration) and two levels of potassium (80 and 120 kg k2o ha-1 ), applied according to phenological phase, through a system of drip irrigation with self-compensated drippers, installed in a battery of 40 drainage lysimeters cultivated with sweet pepper (maximos f1), at federal rural university of pernambuco (ufrpe), recife, state of pernambuco, brazil. the dry biomass production of sweet pepper was influenced by fertigation regimes; when it was set the lowest dose, estimates of the efficiency of water use and moisture in the fruit occurred with the use of irrigation depth of 97 and 95% of etc, respectively.
Efeitos da oxigenoterapia hiperbárica em ratos submetidos à ligadura das veias hepáticas: avalia o da mortalidade e da histologia do fígado e ba o
Costa-Val Ricardo,Nunes Tarcizo Afonso,Silva Roberto Carlos de Oliveira e,Souza Tatiana Karina De Puy e
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2006,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Avaliar os efeitos da oxigenoterapia hiperbárica em ratos submetidos a ligadura das veias hepáticas quanto a mortalidade dos animais e altera es na histologia do fígado e ba o. MéTODOS: Foram utilizados 30 animais machos adultos da espécie Holtzman, distribuídos aleatoriamente, em dois grupos de 15 animais cada, assim designados: grupo 1 - ligadura das veias hepáticas; grupo 2 - ligadura das veias hepáticas associada à oxigenoterapia hiperbárica. Todos os animais foram submetidos à anestesia geral por meio de solu o contendo cloridrato de cetamina (40 mg/ml) e cloridrato de meperidina (10 mg/ml) na dose de 50 mg/Kg/peso, laparotomia mediana e ligadura das veias hepáticas. A oxigenoterapia hiperbárica foi aplicada nos animais do grupo 2, a partir da oitava hora do pós-operatório, por 120 minutos, sendo 90 minutos sob press o de 2,5 atmosferas e 15 minutos no início e final da terapêutica, para promover a compress o e descompress o gradativa no período de 20 dias consecutivos. No 21degrees dia de pós-operatório, os animais foram mortos por inala o de éter, submetidos à laparotomia e extirpa o dos fígados e ba os para exame histológico. Foi comparada a evolu o dos animais dos dois grupos quanto à mortalidade e histologia do fígado e do ba o, aplicando-se o teste exato de Fisher, considerando-se a diferen a significante o valor de p<0,05. RESULTADOS: Ocorreram sete (46,67%) mortes nos animais do grupo 1 e nenhuma morte nos animais do grupo 2. Os exames histológicos dos fígados e ba os dos animais dos grupos 1 e 2 mostraram as seguintes altera es: trombose nas veias hepática, porta e centro-lobular estavam presentes em cinco (33,3%) animais do grupo 1 e ausente no grupo 2; necrose dos hepatócitos caracterizada como acentuada em sete (46,7%) e como leve em oito (53,3%) animais do grupo 1, enquanto em todos os animais do grupo 2 esta altera o foi caracterizada como leve; presen a de células de Kupffer muito proeminentes e hipertrofiadas em 14 (93,3%) animais do grupo 1 e pouco proeminentes e acentuadas todos os animais do grupo 2; congest o da polpa vermelha considerada acentuada em seis (40%) e moderada em nove (60%) dos animais do grupo 1 e em todos os animais do grupo 2; hemossiderinose moderada ou acentuada em 14 animais (93,3%) do grupo 1 e leve em todos os animais do grupo 2. A compara o entre os dois grupos mostrou diferen a significativa em todas a variáveis estudadas (p<0,05). CONCLUS ES: A oxigenoterapia hiperbárica em ratos submetidos à ligadura das veias hepáticas reduziu a incidência de mortes pós-operatórias e atenuou os efeitos
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