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Presen?a dos vírus da mancha anelar e do amarelo letal em frutos de mamoeiro comercializados
Ramos, Najara F.;Nascimento, Aline K.Q.;Gon?alves, Maria Fátima B.;Lima, José Albérsio A.;
Tropical Plant Pathology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1982-56762008000600008
Abstract: considering the high incidence of virus in papaya (carica papaya) orchards and their typical symptoms in the fruits, a survey was carried out in the central market in the state of ceará (ceasa) for the presence of papaya fruits infected with papaya ringspot virus (prsv) and papaya lethal yellowing virus (plyv). ceasas are the most important fruit commercial centers, and a great number of plant products sold in supermarkets are obtained in ceasa. fruits were randomly collected from ceasa stalls and brought to the plant virus laboratory at the federal university of ceará (ufc) to be analyzed for typical virus symptoms and tested by indirect enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) against antisera specific to prsv and plyv. according to the results obtained by symptom analysis, which were confirmed by serology, among the 8,400 fruits analyzed 5.5% were infected with prsv and 1.2% with plyv, showing the need to implement a control program involving eradication of virus sources in the field, represented by infected plants in papaya orchards, abandoned orchards and infected plants identified in backyards.
植物研究 , 2014, DOI: 10.7525/j.issn.1673-5102.2014.05.018
Abstract: ?番木瓜环斑病毒(Papayaringspotvirus,PRSV)和番木瓜畸形花叶病毒(Papayaleaf-distortionmosaicvirus,PLDMV)是热带、亚热带地区严重威胁番木瓜农业生产的主要病害。本研究对27份疑似番木瓜花叶病病叶样品进行分子鉴定,提取病叶总RNA,反转录获得对应的cDNA,根据PRSV病毒的CP、P1、Hc-Pro和NIb基因序列和PLDMV病毒的CP基因序列设计特异性引物进行PCR检测和测序分析。研究发现PRSV感染20例(74.1%),PLDMV感染3例(11.1%),PRSV和PLDMV交叉感染的样品1例(3.7%)。多样性分析结果表明,海南地区PRSV病毒存在3个株系,株系之间出现明显分化;海南地区PLDMV病毒与日本和中国台湾地区报道的PLDMV病毒株系有共同的起源。研究结果表明PRSV和PLDMV是海南地区番木瓜花叶病的主要病原,其中PRSV病毒3个株系之间P1基因同源性在95%以下,这可为后续研究构建抗PRSV和PLDMV的双价表达载体提供数据支持。
热带农业科学 , 2012,
Abstract: 微小RNA(microRNA, miRNA)是真核生物体内调控基因表达的一类非常重要的小分子RNA,在植物逆境适应过程中发挥着重要的作用。总结番木瓜环斑病毒(papaya ring spot virus, PRSV)致病机理研究的最新进展,探讨miRNA在植物抗病毒中的研究进展和应用前景,提出研究番木瓜miRNA参与抗PRSV机制的途径,为开展番木瓜miRNA研究和创制抗PRSV番木瓜新种质提供理论参考。
Problemas na premuniza??o de melancia para o controle do mosaico causado pelo Papaya ringspot virus
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-41582001000300013
Abstract: studies were carried out to evaluate the protective effect of two mild strains of papaya ringspot virus, watermelon strain, on watermelon (citrullus lanatus) plants under greenhouse and field conditions. the results showed that protection was positive under both conditions. however, protected plants of 'crimson sweet' showed a reduction on the average weight of fruit per plant of, approximately, 50% and 10.8%, as compared to the yield of healthy plants, in the first and second trials, respectively. yield reduction on protected 'crimson tide' was approximately 36.4% in one trial. in addition to yield reduction, another problem associated with cross protection in watermelon was the requirement of two successive inoculations of the seedling, on consecutive days, to increase the frequency of protected plants.
Problemas na premuniza o de melancia para o controle do mosaico causado pelo Papaya ringspot virus
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2001,
Abstract: Neste trabalho estudou-se a prote o de melancia (Citrullus lanatus) com estirpes fracas do Papaya ringspot virus, estirpe melancia, em condi es de casa de vegeta o e em campo. Os resultados mostraram que a prote o foi eficiente em ambos os testes. Nos testes em campo porém, as plantas protegidas da cultivar Crimson Sweet tiveram uma redu o no peso médio de frutos por planta de, aproximadamente, 50% e 10,8%, em compara o às plantas n o protegidas que estavam sadias, no primeiro e no segundo teste, respectivamente. O mesmo fato ocorreu com a cultivar Crimson Tide, na qual se registrou uma redu o de 36,4%, aproximadamente, em um único teste. Além da redu o na produ o, outro problema encontrado na premuniza o da melancia foi a necessidade de duas inocula es sucessivas das mudas, em dias consecutivos, para aumentar a freqüência de plantas infetadas.
核农学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 人工接种PRSV病毒Ys、Vb和Sm3个株系,分析了番木瓜抗病突变体岭抗1号(LK-1)和美中红(MZH)的杂交后代的抗病性遗传特性,结果表明,F2代对PRSVYs和Vb株系的抗病表现为由一对基因控制的质量性状遗传,感抗分离比例为3∶1,BC1代感抗分离比例为1∶1,抗病为隐性,感病为显性,表明岭抗1号具对PRSV株系专化性的隐性抗病基因,将该隐性抗病基因暂命名为rys基因。
Efeitos da intera??o de potyvirus em híbridos de meloeiro, variedades de melancia e abobrinha
Ramos, Najara F.;Lima, J. Albérsio A.;Gon?alves, M. Fátima B.;
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-41582003000200016
Abstract: considering the frequent natural occurrence of mixed infection of two or more viruses in the same plant, the present research was developed with the objective of studying the symptomatological effects of mixed virus infections in melon (cucumis melo), watermelon (citrullus lanatus) and zucchini (cucurbita pepo). the following virus species from the family potyviridae genus potyvirus were used in the study: papaya ringspot virus (prsv), watermelon mosaic virus (wmv), and zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv). the symptomatological effects were evaluated in double and single infections in three melon hybrids hy mark, gold mine and orange flesh, two watermelon varieties crimson sweet and charleston gray and zucchini 'caserta'. in greenhouse experiments, prsv, wmv and zymv alone and in all possible double combinations were inoculated in ten-day-old melon, watermelon and zucchini plants, using ten plants of each hybrid or variety per virus combination. inoculations were performed using leaf extracts from plants infected with each virus. leaf samples from each virus combination were tested by elisa against antisera specific for the respective viruses. the symptomatological effects in double virus infections revealed the existence of synergistic interactions between prsv, wmv and zymv in melon, watermelon and zucchini. the double infections involving zymv showed severe symptoms and symptoms not present in zymv single infection.
Sequences of the coat protein gene from brazilian isolates of Papaya ringspot virus
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-41582002000200009
Abstract: papaya ringspot virus (prsv) is the causal agent of the main papaya (carica papaya) disease in the world. brazil is currently the world's main papaya grower, responsible for about 40% of the worldwide production. resistance to prsv on transgenic plants expressing the prsv coat protein (cp) gene was shown to be dependent on the sequence homology between the cp transgene expressed in the plant genome and the cp gene from the incoming virus, in an isolate-specific fashion. therefore, knowledge of the degree of homology among the cp genes from distinct prsv isolates which are present in a given area is important to guide the development of transgenic papaya for the control of prsv in that area. the objective of the present study was to assess the degree of homology among the prsv cp genes of several brazilian isolates of this virus. papaya and prsv are present in many different ecosystems within brazil. twelve prsv isolates, collected in eight different states from four different geographic regions, were used in this study. the sequences of the cp gene from these isolates were compared among themselves and to the gene used to generate transgenic papaya for brazil. an average degree of homology of 97.3% at the nucleotide sequence was found among the brazilian isolates. when compared to 27 isolates from outside brazil in a homology tree, the brazilian isolates were clustered with australian, hawaiian, and central and north american isolates, with an average degree of homology of 90.7% among them.
Characterization of virus from pumpkin as an isolate of PRSV-W
Indian Phytopathology , 2012,
Abstract: Host range of WMV-A was restricted to the family cucurbitaceae and it could produce symptoms on Luffa sp. WMV-A was transmitted through sap and by aphid vectors; but no seed transmission was recorded. Aphis craccivora was found to be a more efficient vector than Myzus persicae in transmitting WMV- AWMV-A was found to produce amorphous cytoplasmic inclusions in the infected leaves of pumpkin and the aggregation of chloroplasts was also observed. WMV-A had a thermal inactivation point (TIP) of 50-55 °C and dilution end point (OOP) between 10-3 and 10-4. It retained infectivity for 24 hours at room temperature (30- 35 °C) and 7 days at 10 °C. The particles of WMV-A were flexuous filaments, typical of potyviruses. The most common size of the particles was found to be 812 x 12
Efeitos da intera o de potyvirus em híbridos de meloeiro, variedades de melancia e abobrinha
Ramos Najara F.,Lima J. Albérsio A.,Gon?alves M. Fátima B.
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2003,
Abstract: Em raz o da freqüente ocorrência de infec o mista, na natureza, o presente trabalho objetivou estudar o efeito da intera o de diferentes espécies de potyvírus em meloeiro (Cucumis melo), melancia (Citrullus lanatus) e abobrinha (Cucurbita pepo). Foram usados os seguintes vírus da família Potyviridae, gênero Potyvirus: Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV); Watermelon mosaic virus, (WMV) e Zucchini yellow mosaic virus, (ZYMV). Os efeitos na sintomatologia das infec es duplas e simples de PRSV, WMV e ZYMV foram avaliados em três híbridos de meloeiro, duas variedades de melancia e abobrinha 'Caserta', em experimentos de casa de vegeta o. Os três vírus, isoladamente ou em todas as duplas combina es possíveis, foram inoculados, em plantas dos híbridos de meloeiro Hy Mark, Gold Mine e Orange Flesh, variedades de melancia Crimson Sweet e Charleston Gray e abobrinha 'Caserta', usando-se dez plantas de cada híbrido ou variedade, por combina o de vírus. As inocula es foram efetuadas por meio de extratos de folhas com infec o simples dos respectivos vírus. As plantas inoculadas com cada vírus isoladamente e suas respectivas combina es foram observadas quanto ao aparecimento de sintomas durante 30 dias após as inocula es. Amostras foliares das plantas inoculadas foram, também, testadas por ELISA indireto contra os anti-soros correspondentes para cada vírus. As infec es duplas em meloeiro, melancia e abobrinha revelaram, através da avalia o sintomatológica, que existem intera es sinérgicas entre PRSV, WMV e ZYMV. As infec es duplas envolvendo o ZYMV apresentaram alta severidade, exibindo sintomas n o encontrados em infec es simples, apesar da severidade nas infec es isoladas do ZYMV.
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