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Ana Lisa Paz Souza,Valéria Veras de Paula,Paulo Henrique Cavalcante,Moacir Franco de Oliveira
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2008,
Abstract: The effect of premedication with acepromazine and xylazine was evaluated in the dissociative anesthesia of collared-pecccaries (Tayassu tajacu). Twenty one animals randomized allocated into three groups of seven individuals. Groups I and II received acepromazine (0.2 mg/Kg) and group III received xylazine (1.0 mg/Kg) by intramuscular route. After 15 minutes, diazepam 0.5 mg/Kg and ketamine (2.5 mg/Kg) were given to group I and diazepam (0.5 mg/Kg) and ketamine (5.0 mg/Kg) to groups II and III, in the same syringe, intravenously (IV). The vital functions as well as the hemogasometry were evaluated. After the anesthesia, the vital functions average were: cardiac frequency (CF) = 133.85 ± 43.31 bpm, respiratory frequency (RF) = 64.57 ± 29.61 rmpm, temperature (T) = 39.82 ± 0.73°C; CF = 124.57 ± 29.43 bpm, RF = 57.28 ± 16.74 rmpm, T = 39.12 ± 0.93°C; and FC = 126.85 ± 34.15 bpm, RF = 95.42 ± 25.45 rmpm, T = 39.67 ± 0.98°C, for groups I, II and III, respectively. There was no significant difference in the hemogasometry. It was concluded that the tranquilization with acepromazine had highest quality. The protocols were safe, and xylazine (1.0 mg/Kg) was insufficient to sedate the animals, but association of acepromazine/ketamine (5.0 mg/Kg)/diazepam produced better results. KEY WORDS: Acepromazine, collared-peccariy, dissociative anesthesia, Tayassu tajacu, xylazine. Avaliou-se o uso da pré-medica o com acepromazina ou xilazina na anestesia dissociativa de catetos (Tayassu Tajacu). Foram utilizados 21 animais, distribuídos em três grupos de sete indivíduos. Os grupos I e II receberam acepromazina na dose de 0,2 mg/Kg, e o grupo III recebeu xilazina na dose de 1,0 mg/Kg, por via intramuscular. Após quinze minutos, o grupo I recebeu diazepam (0,5 mg/Kg) e cetamina (2,5 mg/Kg), e os grupos II e III, diazepam (0,5 mg/Kg) e cetamina (5,0 mg/kg), na mesma seringa, por via intravenosa. Avaliaram-se fun es vitais e hemogasometria. Após a anestesia, as médias das fun es vitais foram: freqüência cardíaca (FC) = 133,85 ± 43,31 bpm, freqüência respiratória ( ) = 64,57 ± 29,61 mrm e temperatura (T) = 39,82 ± 0,73°C; FC = 124,57 ± 29,43 bpm, = 57,28 ± 16,74 mrm, T = 39,12 ± 0,93°C; e FC = 126,85 ± 34,15 bpm, = 95,42 ± 25,45 mrpm, T = 39,67 ± 0,98°C, para os grupos I, II e III respectivamente. N o houve diferen a significativa na hemogasometria. Concluiu-se que a tranqüiliza o com acepromazina mostrou-se de melhor qualidade. Os protocolos apresentaram-se seguros, a xilazina (1,0 mg/kg) insuficiente para a indu o de seda o dos animais, sendo que e a associa o acepro
Influência de porta-enxertos no crescimento de clones de seringueira no Estado de S?o Paulo
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2000000900006
Abstract: this paper was established in the experimental fields of esta??o experimental de agronomia de pindorama, sp, brazil, in order to evaluate rootstocks vs. scion interaction in rubber tree, hevea brasiliensis (willd. ex adr de juss.) müell. arg. the clones involved were: ian 873, rrim 600, rrim 701, pb 235, pr 107 and gt 1 grafted in six different rootstocks from illegitimate seeds of the clones ian 873, rrim 600, rrim 701, pb 235, gt 1 and from unselected seeds. the lay out used was that of randomized blocks in split-splot design, with four replications. the outcome has shown that in the evaluation period the gt 1 and ian 873 rootstocks were the ones which produced the mayor girth per plant, being 10.20% larger than that of unselected seeds. at the same time the clones studied pointed out that pb 235, rrim 600 and pr 107 had a better achievement with an increase of 8.12% in the stem girth compared with rrim 701 and gt 1 clones that had the worst development. the interaction rootstocks vs. scion was not significant.
Influência de porta-enxertos no crescimento de clones de seringueira no Estado de S o Paulo
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2000,
Abstract: Este trabalho foi instalado na Esta o Experimental de Agronomia de Pindorama, SP, com a finalidade de avaliar a intera o enxerto vs. porta-enxertos de seringueira, Hevea brasiliensis (Willd. ex Adr. de Juss.) Müell. Arg. Os clones utilizados foram IAN 873, RRIM 600, RRIM 701, PB 235, PR 107 e GT 1, enxertados em seis diferentes porta-enxertos provenientes de sementes ilegítimas dos clones IAN 873, RRIM 600, RRIM 701, PB 235, GT 1 e de sementes n o selecionadas. O delineamento utilizado foi o de blocos ao acaso, com parcelas subdivididas, tendo os porta-enxertos como tratamentos e os clones (enxertos) como subtratamentos, em quatro repeti es. Os resultadosmostram que no período de avalia o o porta-enxerto GT 1 e IAN 873 foram os que produziram os maiores perímetros por planta, sendo 10,20 % maior que o de sementes n o selecionadas. Paralelamente, os enxertos em vigor mostraram que os clones PB 235, RRIM 600 e PR 107 apresentaram melhor desempenho, com um perímetro do caule 8,12% maior que o dos clonesRRIM 701 e GT 1,notadamente os de menor vigor. A intera o enxerto vs. porta-enxerto n o foi significativa.
Genetic Distance Estimated by RAPD Markers and Performance of Topcross Hybrids in Popcorn  [PDF]
Silvia Graciele Hülse de Souza, Valéria Carpentieri-Pípolo, Deoclécio Domingos Garbúglio, Nelson da Silva Fonseca Júnior, Claudete de Fátima Ruas, Paulo Maurício Ruas
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2012.312203
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the diversity of 14 popcorn populations and a broad genetic base tester using molecular RAPD markers and to estimate the correlation between the genetic distances and the performance of top-cross hybrids. For the evaluation of populations and hybrids resulting from topcrosses, the reduced model of Gardner was used. A genetic distance matrix was generated based on RAPD markers by Jaccard coefficient, and a dendrogram was constructed. In general, topcrosses performed better than the populations per se and evidenced heterosis occurrence in topcrosses. The trait grain weight is influenced by additive as much as by dominance effects. Genetic associations separated the populations in three groups, and RAPD showed to be a useful tool to determine the extension of genetic diversity in popcorn populations and to place genotypes in distinct heterotic groups. Correlations between genetic divergences, detected by RAPD, and the means observed in the topcross crosses were positive and non-significant for expansion volume, plant height, and female flowering, and were negative for grain weight.
Volume de iogurte light e sensa??es subjetivas do apetite de homens eutróficos e com excesso de peso
Nobre, Luciana Neri;Bressan, Josefina;Costa Sobrinho, Paulo de Souza;Costa, Neuza Maria Brunoro;Minin, Valéria Paula Rodrigues;Cecon, Paulo Roberto;
Revista de Nutri??o , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-52732006000500007
Abstract: objective: this study aimed to evaluate the effect of light yogurt volume on the food intake of healthy men regardless of other variables. methods: air was added to the yogurt by mixing it with a commercially available product, emustab?, (6g/300ml) and homogenized in a semi-industrial blender. three volumes of yogurt were used: 300, 450 and 600ml. twenty healthy volunteers participated in the study, 10 with normal weight, body mass index from 19 to 24.9kg/m2 and 10 with excess weight, body mass index >25kg/m2. each one of them was given a yogurt volume in three different days in the morning, after a 12 hour fast. after the intake of each yogurt volume, a visual analog scale was used to assess the subjective sensations of satiety, hunger and desire for specific foods. results: light yogurt volumes affected the satiety of both studied groups and the greater volume was more effective (p<0.01). the highest hunger score was obtained after the 300ml intake, followed by 450 and 600ml (p<0.01). the desire for sweet, salty and fatty foods and snacks was not influenced by time and yogurt volume in either studied group. energy intake between the days which yogurt was consumed and yogurt was not consumed was not statistically different (p<0.05). conclusion: the results of this study suggest that the volume of light yogurt, regardless of other factors, may influence appetite and satiety.
Avalia??o do potencial energético das espécies florestais Acacia auriculiformis e Ormosia paraensis cultivadas no município de Iranduba/Amazonas, Brasil
Barros, Samia Valéria dos Santos;Nascimento, Claudete Catanhede do;Azevedo, Celso Paulo de;Pio, Nabor da Silveira;Costa, e Suely de Souza;
Madera y bosques , 2009,
Abstract: at the municipality of iranduba, in the state of amazonas, there is a high consumption of wood by the local communities, for both charcoal production and to burn for producing bricks. as a result, embrapa has developed a project to grow trees at iranduba's communities. so, the goal of this study was to evaluate the species acacia auriculiformis (exotic) and ormosia paraensis (native) by dendrometric variables, basic density, heating power and immediate analysis, through an experiment at esta??o experimental da embrapa, in iranduba. the experimental design was by random blocks with three repetitions, in a total of six parcels with 25 plants each. five trees were taken out of the nine middle trees of the useful area. discs 5 cm thick were taken from those trees and turned into proof bodies in order to determine the basic density and other tests. analysis of variance and tuckey tests, at 5% probability, were performed. a. auriculiformis (23,61 cm -15,90 m) was larger than o. paraensis (7,26 cm-7,06m) in diameter and height, respectively. both species presented medium density, but a. auriculiformis (0,63 g/cm3) had greater values than o. paraensis (0,55 g/cm3). the heating potential of a. auriculiformis (4383,65 kcal/kg) was statistically higher than that of o. paraensis (4381,24 kcal/kg). for the immediate analysis a. auriculiformis showed greater values than o. paraensis, but presented lower values for fixed carbon. the results of this study showed that both species can be grown and used as proposed.
Si3N4 ceramic cutting tool sintered with CeO2 and Al2O3 additives with AlCrN coating
Souza, José Vitor Candido;Silva, Olivério Moreira de Macedo;Nono, Maria do Carmo Andrade;Machado, Jo?o Paulo Barros;Pimenta, Marcelo;Ribeiro, Marcos Valério;
Materials Research , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392011005000077
Abstract: ceramic cutting tools are showing a growing market perspective in terms of application on machining operations due to their high hardness, wear resistance, and machining without a cutting fluid, therefore are good candidates for cast iron and nickel superalloys machining. the objective of the present paper was the development of si3n4 based ceramic cutting insert, characterization of its physical and mechanical properties, and subsequent coating with alcrn using a pvd method. the characterization of the coating was made using an optical profiler, xrd, afm and microhardness tester. the results showed that the tool presented a fracture toughness of 6.43 mpa.m1/2 and hardness of 16 gpa. the hardness reached 31 gpa after coating. the machining tests showed a decrease on workpiece roughness when machining with coated insert, in comparison with the uncoated cutting tool. probably this fact is related to hardness, roughness and topography of alcrn.
Multiple dormancy and maternal effect on Miconia ferruginata (Melastomataceae) seed germination, Serra de Caldas Novas, Goiás, Brazil
Mendes-Rodrigues, Clesnan;Araújo, Francielle Paulina de;Barbosa-Souza, Cláudia;Barbosa-Souza, Valéria;Ranal, Marli A.;Santana, Denise Garcia de;Oliveira, Paulo Eugênio;
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-84042010000100009
Abstract: species with mostly asexual reproduction are interesting subjects for germination studies since variation would be more easily linked to environmental factors. miconia ferruginata dc. is an apomictic treelet in brazilian cerrado areas on rocky outcrops. germination of seeds collected from individuals occurring in the serra de caldas novas state park, goiás, was studied in three experiments under controlled conditions. germination characteristics differed among individuals and were correlated with altitude and soil al content. seeds from plants growing at lower altitudes, with lower soil aluminium content, presented malformed seeds with absence of embryo which rendered lower, but better synchronized germination. the nested analysis showed that from the total variance, 78.14% for germinability, 54.56% for uncertainty of the germination process, and 68.30% for the quantity of seeds without embryo was attributed to the altitudinal effect. individuals nested within altitude contributed up to 16.93% for the total variance. it means that there is low variability among individuals of the same altitude and high variability among individuals from different points of the slope, making clear that for the studied population the environmental effect is stronger than the genetic component to determine the seed quality. the testa of the seeds provides a mechanical dormancy which seems to be associated also with phenolic compounds, which help to disperse germination through time. photoblastism was also registered for seeds of this species.
Estimation of variance components and prediction of breeding values in rubber tree breeding using the REML/BLUP procedure
Furlani, Renata Capistrano Moreira;Moraes, Mario Luiz Teixeira de;Resende, Marcos Deon Vilela de;Furlani Junior, Enes;Gon?alves, Paulo de Souza;Valério Filho, Walter Veriano;Paiva, Jo?o Rodrigues de;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572005000200017
Abstract: the present paper deals with estimation of variance components, prediction of breeding values and selection in a population of rubber tree [hevea brasiliensis (willd. ex adr. de juss.) müell.-arg.] from rio branco, state of acre, brazil. the reml/blup (restricted maximum likelihood/best linear unbiased prediction) procedure was applied. for this purpose, 37 rubber tree families were obtained and assessed in a randomized complete block design, with three unbalanced replications. the field trial was carried out at the experimental station of unesp, located in selvíria, state of mato grosso do sul, brazil. the quantitative traits evaluated were: girth (g), bark thickness (bt), number of latex vessel rings (nr), and plant height (ph). given the unbalanced condition of the progeny test, the reml/blup procedure was used for estimation. the narrow-sense individual heritability estimates were 0.43 for g, 0.18 for bt, 0.01 for nr, and 0.51 for ph. two selection strategies were adopted: one short-term (st - selection intensity of 8.85%) and the other long-term (lt - selection intensity of 26.56%). for g, the estimated genetic gains in relation to the population average were 26.80% and 17.94%, respectively, according to the st and lt strategies. the effective population sizes were 22.35 and 46.03, respectively. the lt and st strategies maintained 45.80% and 28.24%, respectively, of the original genetic diversity represented in the progeny test. so, it can be inferred that this population has potential for both breeding and ex situ genetic conservation as a supplier of genetic material for advanced rubber tree breeding programs.
Comparative analysis of genetic diversity among the maize inbred lines (Zea mays L.) obtained by RAPD and SSR markers
Souza, Silvia Graciele Hülse de;Carpentieri-Pípolo, Valéria;Ruas, Claudete de Fátima;Carvalho, Valdemar de Paula;Ruas, Paulo Maurício;Gerage, Ant?nio Carlos;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132008000100022
Abstract: the rapd and ssr markers were used to compare the genetic diversity among the 16 maize inbred lines. twenty-two primers were used in the rapd reactions, resulting in the amplification of 265 fragments, while 16 pairs of ssr primers resulted in 75 fragments. the similarity based on dice coefficient for the rapd ranged from 53 to 84% and for the ssr from 11 to 82%. the dendrogram obtained by the rapd showed five groups, while dendrogram obtained by the ssr showed three groups and one isolated line. the association constructed from the markers and the principal coordinate?s analysis separated lines into two groups according to endosperm color, either orange or yellow. the rapd were effective to validate pedigree data, while the ssr were effective to recognize the differences between the quantitative characters. because they assess the distinct regions of the genome, the selection of one or other marker would depend on the characteristics of the material used and the objectives of the project.
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