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P-wave Dispersion for Predicting Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation in Acute Ischemic Stroke
Umuttan Dogan, Ebru Apaydin Dogan, Mehmet Tekinalp, Osman Serhat Tokgoz, Alpay Aribas, Hakan Akilli, Kurtulus Ozdemir, Hasan Gok, Betigul Yuruten
International Journal of Medical Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Detection of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) in acute ischemic stroke patients poses diagnostic challenge. The aim of this study was to predict the presence of PAF by means of 12-lead ECG in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Our hypothesis was that P-wave dispersion (Pd) might be a useful marker in predicting PAF in patients with acute ischemic stroke. Methods: 12-lead resting ECGs, 24-hour Holter recordings and echocardiograms of 400 patients were analyzed retrospectively. PAF was detected in 40 patients on 24-hour Holter monitoring. Forty out of 360 age and gender matched patients without PAF were randomly chosen and assigned as the control group. Demographics, P-wave characteristics and echocardiographic findings of the patients with and without PAF were compared. Results: Maximum P-wave duration (p=0.002), Pd (p<0.001) and left atrium diameter (p=0.04) were significantly higher in patients with PAF when compared to patients without PAF. However, in binary logistic regression analysis Pd was the only independent predictor of PAF. The cut-off value of Pd for the detection of PAF was 57.5 milliseconds (msc). Area under the curve was 0.80 (p<0.001). On a single 12-lead ECG, a value higher than 57.5 msc predicted the presence of PAF with a sensitivity of 80% and a specificity of 73%. Conclusion: Pd on a single 12-lead ECG obtained within 24 hours of an acute ischemic stroke might help to predict PAF and reduce the risk of recurrent strokes.
Effect of Erythropoietin on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
Journal of Neurological Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to identify the effect of erythropoietin (EPO) on a sciatic nerve injury model. The effect of single or repeated doses was also determined. Twenty-one Wistar rats were anesthetised and the sciatic nerve was transected 1 cm above the trifurcation and the nerve was repaired with four epineural 10/0 nylon sutures placed at 90 degrees intervals under microscope magnification.The rats were divided into 4 groups as follows: the sham,the saline, the single dose EPO and the multiple dose EPO. The skin was incised and closed and no treatment was given in sham group. In the saline group, 1 mL saline was given intraperitoneally; in the single EPO group, 5000 U/kg EPO was given intraperitoneally immediately after the procedure. In the multiple EPO group, 5000 U/kg EPO was given after the procedure and the same dose was repeated after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks. Functional recovery was evaluated by static sciatic functional index(SSI).Single EPO group had greater myofibril size, axon number, diameter, and ratio M than the saline group. The multiple EPO treatment was not found to be more effective than single EPO treatment. However, no significant difference was found between the single EPO, multiple EPO, and saline groups based on the 3rd and 4th postoperative month SSI scores. Thus, EPO treatment increased axonal regeneration in our study. However, repeated dose therapy was not found to be more effective than single dose therapy. The optimum dose and duration should be researched in further studies.
Effects of Erythropoietin on The Volume of Infarction After Spinal Cord Ischemia Model
Journal of Neurological Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Background: In this study we aimed to investigate the effects of intravenous erythropoietin on motor neuron cells and volume of infarction in a rabbit model of spinal cord ischemia of 40 minutes.Methods: Seventeen New Zealand Rabbits were used. Abdominal aorta was occluded for 40 minutes to induce spinal cord ischemia. Subjects were randomly divided into 2 groups. In the control group (n=7) we infused physiological saline solution while 1000 U/kg of erythropoietin in the group erythropoietin (n=7). Motor functions were evaluated with criteria of Drummond and Moore at times 1., 24., 48., and 72th hours. At the third postoperative day subjects were infused with high dose of thiopental and their spinal cords were removed. The number of viable motor neurons and the volume of infarction were obtained in the ischemic regions. Comparisons regarding motor functions and infarct volumes revealed significant differences.Results: Erythropoietin treated animals not only neurological functions were improved, but also number of motor neurons as well as the volume of infarction were decreased clearly in ischemic regions (1,48 ± 0,69 % vs 2,00 ± 1,28 % ).Conclusion: Since erythropoietin seemed to protect the rabbits against neurological deterioration even after 40 minutes of spinal cord ischemia, transferring these findings to clinical studies designed for spinal cord ischemia may improve the outcome expectations.
Protective Effects of Beta Glucan and Gliclazide on Brain Tissue and Sciatic Nerve of Diabetic Rats Induced by Streptozosin
Harun Alp,Sefer Varol,Muhammet Murat Celik,Murat Altas,Osman Evliyaoglu,Orhan Tokgoz,Mehmet Halis Tanr verdi,Ertugrul Uzar
Experimental Diabetes Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/230342
Abstract: There have not been yet enough studies about effects of beta glucan and gliclazide on oxidative stress created by streptozotocin in the brain and sciatic nerve of diabetic rats. The aim of this paper was to investigate the antioxidant effects of gliclazide and beta glucan on oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation created by streptozotosin in brain and sciatic nerve. Total of 42 rats were divided into 6 groups including control, diabetic untreated (DM) (only STZ, diabetic), STZ (DM) 
Dynamic Arbitrageurs’ Long-Run Impacts on Convertible Bond Issuers’ Stock Prices  [PDF]
Serhat Yildiz
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2018.89099
Abstract: I examine convertible bond arbitrageurs’ long-run impact on convertible bond issuers’ stock prices. I find a negative relation between arbitrage activity around convertible bond issues and convertible bond issuers’ long-run stock returns. Average three-year holding period return of convertible bond issuers with no-arbitrage activity around their convertible bond issues is two times larger than that of convertible bond issuers with arbitrage activity around their convertible bond issues. Overall, I show that convertible bond arbitrageurs’ price impact is not limited to short-term [1], but it also has a long-term component.
Personality Development
Osman Ozdemir,P?nar Guzel Ozdemir,Muhammed Tayyib Kadak,Serhat Nasiroglu
Psikiyatride Guncel Yaklasimlar , 2012,
Abstract: Personality is the integration of characteristics acquired or brought by birth which separate the individual from others. Personality involves aspects of the individual's mental, emotional, social, and physical features in continuum. Several theories were suggested to explain developmental processes of personality. Each theory concentrates on one feature of human development as the focal point, then integrates with other areas of development in general. Most theories assume that childhood, especially up to 5-6 years, has essential influence on development of personality. The interaction between genetic and environmental factors reveals a unique personality along growth and developmental process. It could be said that individual who does not have any conflict between his/her basic needs and society's, has well-developed and psychologically healthy personality.
Sacroiliitis due to Salmonella Typhi: A case report
Serhat Avcu,Osman Mente?,Mehmet Deniz Bulut,Mahmut Sünnet?io?lu
North American Journal of Medical Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: Context: Pyogenic infections of the sacroiliac joint are observed quite rarely. The most frequent causative microorganisms are Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus species, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa that are commonly found in patients under intravenous medication. In this paper, a rare sacroiliitis case that developed due to Salmonella Typhi is discussed.Case Report: A woman at the age of twenty applied to our clinic with complaints of fever, headache and diarrhea with which she had been suffering for five days. On physical examination, she had a slight fever, with a body temperature of 38.6°C. She was hospitalized, and Salmonella Typhi was isolated from her blood culture. Later on, the patient described pain during left hip movement. Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging and scintigraphic examinations revealed left sacroiliitis. Conclusion: Although sacroiliitis arising from Salmonella Typhi infection is a rare entity, it should not be ignored in patients who have a clinical history for sacroiliitis.
Bilateral Putaminal and Optical Involvement After Low Dose of Methanol Exposure: Case Report
Osman Serhat Tokg?z,Figen Güney,ümit Kam??,Yahya Paksoy
Erciyes Medical Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Methanol is a toxin with rare but serious effects on the central nervous system. It may cause severe visual dysfunction and mortality. This study presents the case of a 44-year-old man admitted to our clinic with bilateral amaurosis which developed after dental intervention for gingivitis. The patient was conscious and presented with stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, weakness, imbalance, and bilateral amaurosis; methanol poisoning was diagnosed. Upon examination, the absence of light perception in the eye and bilateral weakness in light reflexes were detected. Visually-evoked potentials (P100) could not be obtained. Hyper-intense lesions with bilateral putaminal localisation were observed on magnetic resonance imaging and bilateral pupil oedema was observed by fundus photography. The patient was treated with methyl prednisolone and intravenous vitamin B1. On the fifth day after admission, fluctuations in visual findings were observed, and light reflex loss and pupillary dilatation developed. Upon examination one and six months later, bilateral (total) amaurosis and bilateral optic atrophy were detected. This case demonstrates bilateral putaminal involvement after exposure to a very low dose of methanol.
Resonance Spectra of Caged Stringy Black Hole and Its Spectroscopy
I. Sakalli,G. Tokgoz
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1155/2015/739153
Abstract: The Maggiore's method (MM), which evaluates the transition frequency that appears in the adiabatic invariant from the highly damped quasinormal mode (QNM) frequencies, is used to investigate the entropy/area spectra of the Garfinkle--Horowitz--Strominger black hole (GHSBH). Instead of the ordinary QNMs, we compute the boxed QNMs (BQNMs) that are the characteristic resonance spectra of the confined scalar fields in the GHSBH geometry. For this purpose, we assume that the GHSBH has a confining cavity (mirror) placed in the vicinity of the event horizon. We then show how the complex resonant frequencies of the caged GHSBH are computed using the Bessel differential equation that arises when the scalar perturbations around the event horizon are considered. Although the entropy/area is characterized by the GHSBH parameters, their quantization is shown to be independent of those parameters. However, both spectra are equally spaced.
An Empirical Multi-Output Production Decision Model for the Profit Maximizing Multiproduct Firm  [PDF]
Ekaterina Vorotnikova, Serhat Asci
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2015.54065
Abstract: Empirical estimation of a theoretical multi-output production model that uses multiple inputs is difficult because of the complexities of its functional form. By using proper parameterization to linearize theoretical model’s functional form, this paper develops an empirical estimation for multi-output production decision using multiple inputs in the profit maximizing firm, namely, multi-output production decision model. The model aligns with the dual approach of cost minimization and revenue maximization for the profit maximizing multi-product firm while keeping jointness in production structurally intact.
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