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Adaptaciones morfológicas foliares en tomate cultivado en bioespacio de techo retráctil con clima cálido
Medina Medina, Jorge Berni;Luna Ruíz, José de Jesús;Sosa Ramírez, Joaquín;Moreno Rico, Onésimo;Perales Segovia, Catarino;
Revista mexicana de ciencias agrícolas , 2012,
Abstract: microclimatic conditions and indeterminate tomato leaf morphology of two bio-spaces were analyzed: retractable-roof greenhouse and shade-house in culiacán, sinaloa, mexico, during the period 2009 - 2010. the results show that, the retractable-roof greenhouse generates more favorable conditions forphotosynthesis, as a re sult of lower thermal fluctuation within this bio-space, compared with the environment imposed by the shade-house. extreme temperatures (maximum and minimum) into the retractable-roof greenhouse remained in a range significantly smaller and therefore more favorable for the production and reproductive stability of tomato in the warm weather of culiacán, comparedto shade-house s. this was corroborated by the magnitude of leaf morphological variables analyzed and the differences detected between leaflets developed in both cases. the values of leaf area index, leaf thickness, length of palisade parenchyma and presence of double palisade parenchyma observed in plants grown under retractable-roof made of glass were significantly higher than the values observed in the shade-house. the results suggested that higher tomato yields recently reported retractable-roof greenhouse in warm climates are due in large part to the higher photosynthetic efficiency, resulting from the amendments and foliar morphological adaptations imposed by the retractable-roof greenhouse' s microclimate. these results support the vision of innovative agricultural management to put the search space for the expression of life. the scientific concept of bio-space for crop production under protected agriculture systems is essential to propose adaptation measures to climate change.
Fruit Damage Patterns Caused by Ovipositing Females of Conotrachelus dimidiatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Guava Trees
Felipe Tafoya,Catarino Perales-Segovia,Ernesto Gonzalez-Gaona,Humberta Gloria Calyecac-Cortero
Psyche , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/819532
Abstract: We evaluated the damage patterns produced by females of the guava weevil Conotrachelus dimidiatus Champion, 1904 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), according to the position of the damaged fruit in guava trees Psidium guajava L. in Calvillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico. The trees were subdivided in eight zones, and during one year the level of fruit lesions due to oviposition was registered. Results showed a higher level of damage in the upper and external zone of the trees (≤.05). We found no significant differences in damage between the four cardinal points (≥.05). During the year, the level of damage was recorded and was higher in the months of August and September (≤.05) associated with rainfall (0.86, =.06) and increase in temperature (0.84, =.03). The most susceptible fruits were in the size range of 2.1–4.0 cm (polar diameter). The information from this study will be used to design and establish effective control strategies for the guava weevil, taking into account location of the most susceptible fruits, seasonality of the pest, and the abiotic factors.
Evaluación de compuestos volátiles para estimar poblaciones del picudo de la guayaba Conotrachelus dimidiatus Evaluación de compuestos volátiles para estimar poblaciones del picudo de la guayaba Conotrachelus dimidiatus
Felipe Tafoya,Jorge Gibran Velasco-Olvera,Catarino Perales-Segovia,Ernesto González-Gaona
Acta Universitaria , 2012,
Abstract: Through experiments in Calvillo, Aguascalientes was determined that the populations of the guava weevil Conotrachelus dimidiatus can be estimated with pyramid traps baited with volatile compounds of guava. The attraction tests were conducted on commercial guava orchards for a period of five months during 2008 and 2009. The total catch of adults was higher in June and July of both years, with the beginning of the rainy season, decreasing towards the later months. The dispensers released the chemicals compounds up to 22 days depending on the mixture used. According to the results it is concluded that the strategy of trapping with chemical compounds can be an alternative to sample populations of the guava weevil. Additional compounds of the insect (pheromones) should be identified to increase the level of catches. Mediante experimentos realizados en Calvillo, Aguascalientes, México, se determinó que las poblaciones del picudo de la guayaba Conotrachelus dimidiatus pueden ser estimadas con trampas tipo pirámide cebadas con compuestos volátiles de la guayaba. Las pruebas de atracción fueron efectuadas en lotes comerciales de guayaba por un periodo de cinco meses durante los a os 2008 y 2009. La captura total de adultos fue mayor en junio y julio de ambos a os, con el inicio de la temporada de lluvias, decreciendo hacia los meses posteriores. Los liberadores disiparon los compuestos químicos hasta 22 días según la mezcla utilizada. De acuerdo a los resultados se concluye que la estrategia de uso de trampas con compuestos químicos puede ser una alternativa para muestrear las poblaciones del picudo de la guayaba. Compuestos adicionales del insecto (feromonas) deben ser identificados para incrementar el nivel de capturas.
Influencia de algunos factores climáticos en la distribución anual de la infestación por Haematobia irritans (Diptera:Muscidae) en un establo lechero de Aguascalientes, México
Carlos Cruz Vázquez,Miguel Ramos Parra,Zeferino García Vazquez,Catarino Perales Segovia
Veterinaria México , 2003,
Abstract: Se visitó semanalmente de marzo de 1999 a marzo de 2001 un establo que contaba con 510 vacas Holstein en producción y que no aplicó insecticidas durante el estudio. En cada ocasión se seleccionó 10% de las vacas en lactancia y se realizó un conteo directo del número de moscas Haematobia irritans observadas. Se calculó el número promedio semanal de moscas por vaca para identificar los periodos correspondientes al primer incremento poblacional, fluctuación, segundo incremento y decremento. Se realizó un análisis de correlación de Pearson (P < 0.01) entre el promedio semanal de moscas por vaca y temperatura, humedad relativa y precipitación pluvial, en cada uno de los periodos poblacionales. El nivel de infestación fue más alto cerca de los dos picos poblacionales, en verano-oto o, y nunca fue superior a 120 moscas por vaca. Durante el periodo de enero a marzo no se observaron moscas. En el primer incremento poblacional se encontraron altos índices de correlación, 0.80 y 0.85, para temperatura y 0.68 y 0.71 para humedad relativa, en cada a o de estudio. En el decremento se observaron altos índices de correlación con la temperatura, 0.79 y 0.80. No se detectó correlación significativa con la precipitación pluvial. La temperatura influyó considerablemente en la distribución anual de la infestación por H. irritans, promoviendo o limitando los periodos poblacionales identificados.
Phytoplasmas Associated to Diseases of Ornamental Cacti in Mexico
K. Avina-Padilla,F. Parra-Cota,J.C. Ochoa-Sanchez,C. Perales-Segovia
Journal of Biological Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: This study was aimed to elucidate the putative causal agents. Healthy and diseased Echinopsis sp. and Opuntia sp. plants were collected from several Mexican nurseries. DNA was extracted from proliferating buds or stems and used in Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR) to detect phytoplasmas. Two universal phytoplasma primer pairs were tested in nested PCR, initially with primer pair P1/tint followed by primer pair R16F2/R16R2 in a sequential test. The amplified DNA fragments were cloned and sequenced. Two different 16S rDNA partial operons were determined. One of present sequences was always associated to yellow mosaics in Echinopsis while the other to witches-broom syndromes in Opuntia. The comparative analysis of the sequences against the GenBank indicated that they were highly but not 100% homologous to phytoplasmas of group 16SrII. This is of major importance since this is the first report of finding representatives of this group affecting cacti in the Americas; all other reports of this kind of phytoplasmas have been detected in mainly in Asia.
Effect of aguamiel (agave sap) on hematic biometry in rabbits and its antioxidant activity determination
Clara Lourdes Tovar-Robles,Catarino Perales-Segovia,Alejandro Nava-Cedillo,Luis Lorenzo Valera-Montero
Italian Journal of Animal Science , 2011, DOI: 10.4081/ijas.2011.e21
Abstract: In this work, we analysed the effect of aguamiel (sap from Agave salmiana) on haematic biometry in rabbits as well as its antioxidant activity with the objective of determining its nutritional value. Nine male Landrace 55-day-old rabbits were sorted into three groups of three rabbits each, which had access to fresh aguamiel, boiled aguamiel and water instead of aguamiel. Commercial rabbit food was supplied ad libitum to each experimental unit. Fresh aguamiel promoted weight increases of about 13% by the seventh week. Haemoglobin counts increased by 4.5% and 9% when rabbits were fed with fresh and boiled aguamiel, respectively. Haematocrit counts increased from 2.6% to 5.3%. Mean corpuscular volume did not show a change. Mean corpuscular haemoglobin significantly increased up to 12% above that previously reported on rabbits. Observed Fe (fixed to transferrin), transferrin and ferritin content increased slightly when fresh aguamiel was included in the diet, as compared to the control. In bone, Fe increased 79.3% (boiled aguamiel) while P increased 23.6% (fresh aguamiel). In antioxidant activity determination, the aguamiel showed 20% with respect to that found in coffee and/or grape juice (commercial beverages with a high antioxidant capability), 226.2 μmol gallic acid equivalent and 35.1 mg ascorbic acid in 250 mL, respectively. These results showed that aguamiel is an innocuous beverage to feed animals, conferring some beneficial properties, and it could be considered as a nutraceutical product.
Injuries of Three Health Care Districts Employees in Finland  [PDF]
Simo Salminen, Annika Parantainen
Open Journal of Safety Science and Technology (OJSST) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojsst.2012.23014
Abstract: Abstract: Occupational injuries in hospitals have two-fold effects, decreasing both safety employees and the level of patient care. The aim of this study is to examine occupational injuries in Finnish hospitals. Three health care districts reported injuries and violent acts and the number of their employees over a period of three years: 2006-2008. Every eighth hospital worker was involved in an occupational injury each year, which is more than among the general working population. In addition, every twentieth hospital employee had encountered violence or a threat of violence in their work, which corresponds to the risk of violence among working men. There were huge differences in injury and violence rates between health care districts, which were due to different reporting procedures used in districts. Underreporting is another possible explanatory factor especially for minor injuries and verbal aggression.
Morphological and genetic characteristics allow the identification of a collection of garlic cultivars in the North-Central region of Mexico
Azuara Hern ández,L; Silos Espino,H; Perales Segovia,C; Gómez Leyva,JF; Alpuche Solís,AG; Macias Valdez,LM;
Phyton (Buenos Aires) , 2008,
Abstract: the objective of this study was to compare the yield and genetic relationships between two perla garlic selections, obtained by indi-vidual selection of cloves, and commercial varieties and cultivars adapted to diverse regions of mexico (which did not have a selection process). varieties with fewer cloves showed higher yields. coreano and california produced 20 ton/ha (fresh weight) and perla selections between 17-19 ton/ha (fresh weight). six primers of the series opb were tested for genetic characteriza-tion and opb-17 was selected. with the amplified dna fragments, a binary matrix was generated; afterwards, a dissimilarity matrix and dendrogram were developed. high genetic diversity was found among all varieties, which were separated into two groups through differential analysis. varieties of small-er yield were included in one group. the other group was constituted by the best production varieties with fewer cloves per plant (perla, california, coreano and chino). dissimilarity was found among perla varieties. the selection method used to obtain plants with better yield characteristics can be applied to the genetic improvement of garlic.
Reflexiones sobre ética de investigación en seres humanos
Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1726-46342010000300018
Abstract: in order to propose the necessary moral reflection about the personal responsibility that each researcher assumes when he performs scientific research in human beings, an essay of moral and scientific themes is presented, using information from the relevant scientific and ethical literature. around the concepts of heteronomous and autonomous ethics, it is proposed that ultimately and beyond informed consent and training courses on research ethics, the behavior of the researcher will depend on his/her own moral responsibility, tested in different situational contexts. two explanatory models are used in order to understand this dynamic, the one of normality in mental health and the one of moral development of men. we conclude that the research process in human beings is a scientific and moral activity that, depending in various situations of conflicts of interest, will always test the researcher’s moral controls.
La adquisición de los pronombres de OD y OI en espa ol: entre la sintaxis y el discurso
Susana Perales
Foro de Profesores de E/LE , 2007,
Abstract: Este trabajo tiene como objetivo proponer un acercamiento a la ense anza de los pronombres de objeto directo (OD) y objeto indirecto (OI) basado en las jerarquías de +/- animado y +/- temático propuestas en el trabajo de Correa (2003).
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