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La inmigración de jubilados estadounidenses en México y sus prácticas transnacionales: Estudio de caso en Mazatlán, Sinaloa y Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur
Lizárraga Morales, Omár;
Migración y desarrollo , 2008,
Abstract: this article analyses the migration of u.s. retirees to mexico, specifically the northwestern localities of mazatlán, sinaloa and cabo san lucas, baja california sur. this migration goes in the opposite direction of the mexico-u.s. flow traditionally addressed in international migration studies. it is also a fast growing occurrence, as the immigrants tend to be retired baby boomers. their social structures and some of their transnational practices are described, along with the social and economic impact they have on the receiving communities.
T Regulatory Cells and BCG as a Vaccine against Tuberculosis: An Overview  [PDF]
Om Parkash
World Journal of Vaccines (WJV) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/wjv.2015.52012
Abstract: Bacille Calmette Guerin (BCG), which has been used since 1921 as the only vaccine against tuber-culosis (TB), protects poorly, if at all, against pulmonary tuberculosis among adults in high incident developing countries. This failure has been attributed to the possible down modulating action of T regulatory cells (Tregs), which can be stimulated by environmental mycobacteria and expanded by BCG vaccination. Tregs induced at the site of BCG vaccination may interfere with protection against tuberculosis. This communication describes the contribution of Tregs towards dampening the efficacy of BCG and plausible approaches to countering this down modulating effect of Tregs. Probably, antigen specific inhibition of the local recruitment of Tregs whilst avoiding generalised disturbance of immune homeostasis could prove to be worthwhile. Alternatively, drugs with short half life may achieve more acceptable transient inhibition of Tregs function than the prolonged action of monoclonal antibodies. Evolving novel safe strategies is a challenge for developing a better anti TB vaccine.
Parotid mass, Metaplastic Whartin’s Tumor case report  [PDF]
Güclü Kaan Beriat, Cem Dogan, Sefik Halit Akmansu, Omür Ataolu
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2012.22029
Abstract: The Whartin Tumor is the second most frequent tumor of the parotid gland following pleomorphic adenoma. Among the Whartin tumors, Metaplastic Whartin Tumor (MWT) is rare. In case of a MWT, histo-pathological replacement of oncosytic cells by squamous cells, ruptured epidermoid and lymphoe-pithelial cystic areas, a large necrosis area, fibrosis and granuloma formation may be seen. MWT may display similar clinical characteristics as the malign parotid tumor that causes sialadenitis, abscess formation, skin ulceration, and facial paralysis. Although the histopathogenesis of Metaplastic Whartin Tumors is not exactly known, it is postulated that the histo-pathological processes caused by trauma, infection, or radiotherapy have a role in the formation of these tumors. This case study presents a 48-year-old female patient with a complaint of panicula before her left ear persisting for 5 months. Following a superfacial parotidectomy carried out 3 weeks after the fineneedle aspiration biopsy (FNAB), her pathological assessment was found to be in line with Metaplastic Whartin Tumor. Our case study presents the case of a Metaplastic Whartin Tumor case with a review of literature on the subject, accompanied by radiological and histological analyses.
Crystallization Behavior and Microstructural Analysis of Lead-Rich () Glass Ceramics Containing 1mole
C. R. Gautam,Devendra Kumar,Om Parkash
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/402376
Abstract: Solid solution of perovskite Pb,SrTiO3 in Pb-rich composition can be crystallized in borosilicate glassy matrix. The addition of rare earth and transition metal oxides is known to influence the crystallization behavior and surface morphology of perovskite crystallites in glassy matrix. In the present paper, the glasses in the lead-rich system 64[(PbxSr1-x)·TiO3]-25[2SiO2·B2O3]-5[K2O]-5[BaO] (1≤≤0.5) with the addition of 1 mol % La2O3 were prepared to study its effect on their crystallization behavior. Differential thermal analysis (DTA) patterns show one or more exothermic crystallization sharp peaks, which shift towards higher temperature with increasing concentration of SrO. The glasses were subjected to various heat-treatment schedules for crystallization. X-ray diffraction analysis of these glass ceramic samples shows that major crystalline phase of the entire glass ceramic sample with ≥0.5 was found to have tetragonal structure similar to PbTiO3 ceramic, and addition of La2O3 enhances the crystallization of the perovskite phase and retards the crystallization of minor phases.
Crystallization Behavior and Microstructural Analysis of Strontium Rich () Glass Ceramics in Presence of
C. R. Gautam,Devendra Kumar,Om Parkash
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/747346
Abstract: Crystallization and microstructural behavior of various strontium-rich glass ceramics in the system 65[(PbxSr1−x)TiO3]-24[2SiO2?B2O3]-5[BaO]-5[K2O]-1[La2O3] (0.0≤≤0.4) with addition of 1% La2O3 have been investigated. The addition of La2O3 has been found to play an important role in crystallization of perovskite (Pb,Sr)TiO3 as a solid solution phase. Also, it causes a change in the surface morphology of the fined crystallites of the major phase. Differential thermal analysis (DTA) shows only one exothermic crystallization peak, which shifts towards higher temperature with increasing amount of strontium oxide. Glasses were subjected to various heat treatment schedules for the crystallization. Very good crystallization of strontium-rich glass compositions is observed. X-ray diffraction studies confirm that cubic perovskite lead strontium titanate crystallizes as major phase. Lattice parameter decreases with increasing strontium content similar to lead strontium titanate ceramics. Uniform and interconnected crystallites are dispersed in glassy matrix.
A Novel Stress-Associated Protein ‘AtSAP10’ from Arabidopsis thaliana Confers Tolerance to Nickel, Manganese, Zinc, and High Temperature Stress
Anirudha R. Dixit,Om Parkash Dhankher
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020921
Abstract: We describe here the functional characterization of a novel AtSAP10, a member of the Stress Associated Protein (SAP) gene family, from Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Columbia. AtSAP10 contains an A20 and AN1 zinc-finger domain at the N- and C-terminal, respectively. Arabidopsis SAP10 showed differential regulation by various abiotic stresses such as heavy metals and metalloids (Ni, Cd, Mn, Zn, and As), high and low temperatures, cold, and ABA. Overexpression of AtSAP10 in Arabidopsis conferred strong tolerance to heavy metals such as Ni, Mn, and Zn and to high temperature stress. AtSAP10 transgenic plants under these stress conditions grew green and healthy, attained several-fold more biomass, and had longer roots as compared to wild type plants. Further, while these transgenic plants accumulated significantly greater amounts of Ni and Mn in both shoots and root tissues, there was no significant difference in the accumulation of Zn. AtSAP10 promoter-GUS fusion studies revealed a root and floral organ-specific expression of AtSAP10. Overexpression of AtSAP10-GFP fusion protein showed the localization in both nucleus and cytoplasm. Taken together, these results showed that AtSAP10 is a potentially useful candidate gene for engineering tolerance to heavy metals and to abiotic stress in cultivated plants.
Alteraciones clínicas y bioquímicas en ratas tratadas con dosis altas de vitamina A
Alarcón-Corredor OM,Alfonso R;
Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición , 2007,
Abstract: clinical and biochemical alterations in rats treated with high doses of vitamin a. in the present work the effect of intramuscular administration of 30.000, 50.000 and 100.000 iu of vitamin a palmitate daily for seven days, respectively, on the liver enzyme activity in 45 white male wistar rats, aged 12 weeks and weighing 180-200 g, have been studied. the group control was integrated by 15 healthy rats with similar characteristics (strain, gender, age and weight) to treated animals. food and water consumption and body weights were recorded at the end of the experimental period. rats were observed for clinical signs of toxicity. at the end of the study, rats were sacrificed under ether anesthesia. liver samples were taken for the determination of enzyme activity. administration of excess of vitamin a produced a significant (p<0.05) increase in the content of liver vitamin a, determined diverse and variable clinical signs (such as, anorexia, loss of body weight, alopecia, conjunctivitis, external and internal hemorrhages, skin abnormalities and death) and increased (p<0.05) the activity of the following enzymes: alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, acid maltase (acid α-1,4-glucosidase), acid proteases, lactate dehydrogenase and alkaline phosphatase while glucose-6-phosphatase, glycogen phosphorylase, α-amylase, cholinesterase and arginase decreased (p<0.05) as compared with untreated controls. these changes depend on the doses given of vitamin a. in conclusion, our results provide evidence that short-term administration of high doses of vitamin a determined diverse and variable clinical signs and produces a marked alteration of activity of liver enzymes
Sabit ortodontik tedavi sonras retansiyon
Zeynep Degirmenci,Omür Polat Ozsoy
Cumhuriyet Dental Journal , 2011, DOI: 10.7126/cdj.2012.1137
Abstract: Retention includes the procedures, which are applied to preserve the outcomes of orthodontic treatment and is an inseparable part of the treatment. Relapse, which is seen at postretention period, is affected by several factors including growth pattern, type of original malocclusion and type of treatment. This review implies the factors affecting relapse and the actual retention procedures, which are applied after fixed orthodontic treatment. ZET Retansiyon, ortodontik tedavi sonu lar n n korunmas amac yla uygulanan prosedürleri kapsar ve tedavinin ayr lmaz bir par as d r. Retansiyon sonras d nemde g rülen relaps büyüme paterni, orijinal malokluzyonun tipi, tedavi ekli gibi pek ok fakt rden etkilenir. Bu derlemede relaps etkileyen belli fakt rler ve sabit ortodontik tedavi sonras nda uygulanan güncel retansiyon prosedürleri detayl bir bi imde incelenecektir. Anahtar Kelimeler: Retansiyon, relaps, retansiyon apareyleri, ortodontik tedavi, sabit retainerlar
Diffuse phase transition and electrical properties of lead-free piezoelectric (LixNa1-x)NbO3 (0.04 to x to 0.20) ceramics near morphotropic phase boundary
S. Mitra,A. R. Kulkarni,Om. Prakash
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1063/1.4817815
Abstract: Temperature-dependent dielectric permittivity of lead-free (LixNa1-x)NbO3 for nominal x = 0.04-0.20, prepared by solid state reaction followed by sintering, was studied to resolve often debated issue pertaining to exactness of morphotropic phase boundary (MPB) location along with structural aspects and phase stability in the system near MPB. Interestingly, a diffuse phase transition has been observed in the dielectric permittivity peak arising from the disorder induced in A-site and structural frustration in the perovskite cell due to Li substitution. A partial phase diagram has been proposed based on temperature-dependent dielectric permittivity studies. The room temperature piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties were investigated and the ceramics with x = 0.12 showed relatively good electrical properties (d33 = 28 pC/N, kp = 13.8%, Qm = 440, Pr = 12.5 {micro}C/cm2, EC = 43.2 kV/cm, Tm = 340 oC). These parameter values make this material suitable for piezoelectric resonator and filter applications. Moreover, a high dielectric permittivity (= 2703) with broad diffuse peak near transition temperature along with low dielectric loss (< 4%) in a wide temperature range (50-250 oC) found in this material may also have a potential application in high-temperature multilayer capacitors in automotive and aerospace related industries.
Tracking of Non-Rigid Object in Complex Wavelet Domain  [PDF]
Om Prakash, Ashish Khare
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2011.22014
Abstract: In this paper we have proposed an object tracking method using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform (DTCxWT). The proposed method is capable of tracking the moving object in video sequences. The object is assumed to be deform-able under limit i.e. it may change its shape from one frame to another. The basic idea in the proposed method is to decompose the image into two components: a two dimensional motion and a two dimensional shape change. The motion component is factored out while the shape is explicitly represented by storing a sequence of two dimensional models. Each model corresponds to each image frame. The proposed method performs well when the change in the shape in the consecutive frames is small however the 2-D motion in consecutive frames may be large. The proposed algorithm is capable of handling the partial as well as full occlusion of the object.
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