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Guadalupe Mares,Héctor Rocha,Olga Rivas,Elena Rueda
Ense?anza e Investigación en Psicología , 2012,
Abstract: El propósito de este estudio fue identificar si las competencias académicas de los alumnos, la motivación por sus estudios y su condición laboral se correlacionan con su trayectoria universitaria. A 552 estudiantes de la carrera de Psicología se les aplicó un cuestionario y la Prueba de Aptitud para la Ciencia al ingresar a la institución; tres semestres después se obtuvo el promedio universitario, el registro de las asignaturas aprobadas y la deserción observada. Se encontró que las competencias académicas se relacionaron positivamente con el promedio y con la continuidad en los estudios, pero no con la deserción; la motivación por los estudios se relacionó positivamente con las mismas variables y negativamente con la deserción, y la situación laboral se relacionó positivamente con deserción. Se propone un modelo que describe la manera de interacción de los factores que afectan la trayectoria universitaria y la deserción.
Comments for Current Interpretation EEG Alpha Activity: A Review and Analysis  [PDF]
Olga Bazanova
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2012.22027
Abstract: Introduction: Exploring the EEG alpha oscillations generates considerable interest because there is well known its role in cognitive and psycho emotional aspects of human life. However, till now there isn’t well determined definition what is alpha activity phenomena and which indices are characterize it. Method: This article focuses on the attempt to determine EEG alpha-activity phenomena, its physical, molecular and morphological nature, to highlight its indices and their role in optimal functioning. Results: Specifically, this article examines individual alpha activity indices: 1) the individual alpha peak frequency; 2) activation magnitude measured by estimation the amount of alpha amplitude suppression in response to eyes open and individual alpha band width; 3) three alpha “autorhythmicity” indices: intra-spindle amplitude variability, spindle length and steepness. Conclusions: Throughout, the article provides a number of suggestions which alpha activity indices and in which conditions could be applied in psycho physiological investigations, what is their role in optimal functioning and what are possible directions for future research.
Legal Support of Planning in the PRC  [PDF]
Olga Kucher
Beijing Law Review (BLR) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/blr.2013.42007

Looking at the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) reforms it is necessary to mention that they were not resulted from foreign experts or from other countries experience they were a result of a long term Chinese strategy. This strategy includes such aspects as economy system, social benefits national safety provided that PRC is open to international influence. This long term strategy has its main tools of planning system. With the help of such system government can control all market processes which, for sure, lead to the growth and success in economy. Alongside of such model, Chinese government before and nowadays use methods of direct and indirect regulations as well as administrative influence. It means that such government interference in market process will make state structures powerful and experienced players in this game. It is necessary to say that in the period of globalized world economy multinational corporations started influencing all processes more and more, and we need to review role of government regulation. In this work next step will be directed at legal support and identification of effective government functions which can influence and control private sector. These government functions regulation can help to create balance between state, private assets and international organization in order to have a good basis for competitive world economic position. The article has a purpose to analyze key features of Chinese planning system, distinguish peculiarities and apply to other systems. In the article following methods are used chronological development of the system starting from the beginning; dialectical method of making conclusion basing on facts; and elements of comparative analysis. Result of this article is opportunity to apply such characteristics to other countries.

Modification of Steel Surface Using the Laser Energy Olga Chudina  [PDF]
Olga Chudina
Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology (JSEMAT) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jsemat.2014.44021

The article is devoted to surface hardening of steels by alloying with the use of laser energy. Two combined technologies were proposed: first—laser alloying by nitride-forming elements followed by nitriding, and secondthe local laser alloying followed by metallization in atmosphere of ammonia. It is shown that laser alloying in continuous radiation forms a layer with a homogeneous fine-grained structure with thickness of 600 microns. The subsequent nitriding increases the microhardness of the surface layer of low-carbon steels to 20,000 MPa, increases wear-resistance in a 3 - 15 times and crack resistance in a 1.5 times. Two-stage technology of metallization allows getting diffusion layer on the surface of steels with the thickness, which is 1.5 - 2 times higher than after traditional metallization. In addition, this method of surface modification can significantly reduce the temperature of diffusion metallization and reduce the processing time to 3 hours. The optimal regimes of both technologies, which provide homogeneous multiphase diffusion layers with high hardness and wear resistance, were determined.

The Significance and Role of Aesthetic Education in Schooling  [PDF]
Olga Denac
Creative Education (CE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2014.519190
Abstract: Every child needs planned, aesthetic education in order to influence the experiencing, feeling and enjoying of beautiful things as a counterbalance to our currently rationalized world. Since the contemporary school strives for the development of professional knowledge and skills on the basis of intellectual actions, while (at the same time) neglecting other dimensions of the child’s personality (emotions, feelings, etc.), it is one of the most important tasks of the education of children and young people to develop the ability to enjoy art and beauty, and in one’s inner and outer life to act in accordance with a sense of proportion, harmony and beauty. The purpose of the article is to highlight the significance of aesthetic education in the development of the personality as a whole, to shed light on the aims of aesthetic education, to define the aesthetic dimension of experience and to ascertain the reasons for the neglect of aesthetic education in theory and practice.
Siblings of a Child with a Serious Disease: Educational Family Guidelines for Developing the Emotional Health of This Minority Group  [PDF]
Olga Lizasoain
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.38005
Abstract: Diagnosis of a serious disease in childhood is a traumatic experience, not only for the sick child but also for those living in the same environment. The family life changes drastically, and the family members go through a period of time which is both hard and full of the unknown. Fear, confusion, anger and sadness will be the principal feelings present in each one of the family members. The sick child becomes the central focus of attention at the expense of the other children in the family, children who now take a secondary role, shifting into the background. Therefore, it is very important to offer support and give special care to these other children, not excluding them from everything that is occurring in the family. This article focuses on the feelings experienced by these group of siblings. The adaptation process when facing this difficult situation will be analyzed and educational guidelines which can help the family manage the emotional impact made by the serious disease will be offered, putting special emphasis on communication.
Carrying out the Principle of Horizontal Connectedness and Professional Justification in the Planned Curriculum for Kindergartens in the Field of Music Education  [PDF]
Olga Denac
Creative Education (CE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2015.617191
Abstract: The article presented the results of a study which included 159 pre-school teachers from all over Slovenia. The aim of the research was to determine whether teachers in the process of operative planning of the educational process account for the principles of horizontal integration and professional justification. We analyzed the planned curriculum in terms of structure, activities, goals, principles and contents. The results of the research show that the music education has been losing professional autonomy within the field of art, as kindergarten teachers only partially carry out individual principles of the curriculum in the planning of the educational process.
Chronotopic and blood pressure response to oral glucose load in chagas' disease
Guariento, Maria Elena;Olga, Elza;Muscelli, Ana;Gontijo, José Antonio Rocha;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 1994, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31801994000300006
Abstract: cardiac chronotropic and pressor responses after an oral load of glucose were assessed in sixteen chagasic subjects and 28 controls by means of blood pressure and pulse rate measurements. cardiovascular response was correlated with serum insulin and glucose levels. the experiment identified a subgroup of chagasic subjects (n=8) with a hypoinsulinemic behavior presenting less chronotropic and pressor responses than controls. this may indicate a lower insulin activity and/or an early autonomic nervous system dysfunction in this subgroup.
Mielolipoma, una lesión quirúrgica poco frecuente de la glándula adrenal Myelolipoma, a rare surgical lesion of the adrenal gland
Olga León González,Pablo Pol Herrera,Pedro López Rodríguez,Jorge Satorre Rocha
Revista Cubana de Cirugía , 2012,
Abstract: El mielolipoma adrenal es un tumor benigno poco frecuente, compuesto de tejido adiposo maduro y elementos hematopoyéticos diversos. Estos tumores pueden localizarse en las glándulas adrenales aunque también pueden encontrarse en sitios extradrenales. Las manifestaciones clínicas son variadas tales como sangramientos digestivos, dolor abdominal en los flancos, masa abdominal palpable, hematuria, hemorragia retroperitoneal y pérdida de peso. Entre los métodos diagnósticos figuran el ultrasonido, la tomografía axial computarizada y la resonancia magnética. La resección quirúrgica es el tratamiento de elección, sobre todo cuando haya sintomatología o en tumores mayores de 4 cm, por el riesgo de ruptura espontánea con hemorragia retroperitoneal. Presentamos la historia clínica de una paciente de 42 a os de edad con antecedentes de dolores en hipocondrio derecho de aproximadamente un a o de evolución, la cual sufrió un cólico nefrítico que cedió con tratamiento médico. Posteriormente en la consulta externa, en el examen físico, se constata una masa tumoral en hipocondrio derecho, la cual fue diagnosticada por ultrasonido y tomografía axial computarizada como un tumor adrenal. Se intervino la paciente y se confirma el diagnóstico. La evolución posoperatoria fue buena y la paciente continúa asintomática. El objetivo de este trabajo es presentar un nuevo caso de esta enfermedad, poco frecuente, la cual fue diagnosticada en una paciente de 42 a os de edad y realizar una breve revisión de la literatura. Mielolipoma is a rare benign tumor of the adrenal gland, which is formed by mature adipose tissue and several hematopoietic elements. They are generally located in the adrenal glands, although they can occur in other sites. The clinical manifestations are varied such as gastrointestinal bleeding, abdominal pain in the flanks, abdominal mass, retroperitoneal hemorrhage, hematuria and loss of weight. Among the diagnosing methods are ultrasound, computerized axial tomography and magnetic imaging resonance. The surgical excision is the treatment of choice, mainly when symptoms are present or in case of over 4 cm tumors, because of the spontaneous rupture risk with retroperitoneal hemorrhage. The objective of this paper was to present a new case of this rare disease together with a brief literature review. A 42 years-old female with a history of abdominal pain located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, who suffered nephritic colic that was successfully treated. The physical exam at the outpatient service revealed a tumorous mass diagnosed as adrenal tumor by me
Linfangioma mesentérico Mesentery lymphangioma
Pedro López Rodríguez,Pablo Pol Herrera,Olga León González,Jorge Satorre Rocha
Revista Cubana de Cirugía , 2012,
Abstract: El linfangioma representa el 6 % de los tumores benignos, y su localización más frecuente es la región cervical, seguida de la axila en el 95 % de los casos. Solo un 5 % tiene localización en otro sitio. Dentro de estos, los abdominales representan entre el 2 y el 5 %, y los más frecuentes son los del mesenterio. Se presenta el caso de una paciente de 45 a os con el diagnóstico de metrorragia disfuncional, que a pesar del tratamiento hormonal, aumentó en intensidad. Se le practicó un legrado diagnóstico, cuyo resultado fue hiperplasia adenomatosa con ligera atipia, y se le indicó una histerectomía abdominal, que se realizó sin dificultad. En el transcurso de esta intervención se llevó a cabo la extirpación de un tumor del mesenterio del yeyuno, cuyo diagnóstico histológico definitivo fue linfangioma mesentérico. The lymphangioma accounts for the 6 % of the benign tumors and its more frequent location is the cervical region, followed by the axilla in the 95 % of cases. Only the 5 % is located in other site including the abdominal ones accounting for the 2 and the 5 % and the more frequent are those of mesentery. This is the case of a patient aged 45 diagnosed with dysfunctional metrorrhagia that despite the hormonal treatment increased its intensity. A diagnostic curettage was made whose result was an adenomatous hyperplasia with a slight atypia prescribing an abdominal hysterectomy carried out without problem. During this intervention a yeyunal mesenteric tumor was removed with a definitive histological diagnosis of mesenteric lymphangioma.
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