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Les?o vascular da placenta condicionando RCIU e hidropisia fetal n?o imune em gesta??o gemelar
Pereira, Nuno Ricardo Gonalves Baptista;Branco, Miguel Pedro da Rocha;Silva, Maria Isabel Santos;Galhano, Eulália Maria Bento;Pina, Raquel Maria Pereira Ortins;Matos, Luís Filipe Costa Dias de;Mesquita, José Agostinho Valentim Barros de;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032011001200008
Abstract: placenta vascular lesions are a group of distinct yet related entities that include chorangiomas and diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis. chorangioma is an expansive nodular lesion with an incidence of about 1%. diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis is rare (0.2%) and mostly seen in placentas before the 32nd gestational week. the authors present a case of a monochorionic/biamniotic twin pregnancy, in which, at the 26th gestational week, one fetus developed intrauterine growth restriction (iugr), hydrops, and anemia associated with a tumor of the placenta with increased vascularization in the doppler study. pathological examination of the placenta diagnosed diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis. this rare case report of diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis with prenatal manifestations resembling those of a chorangioma proves that prenatal ultrasound detection of a placenta tumor, with increased vascularization at doppler study, must raise other diagnostic possibilities beside chorangioma.
Compact, Frequency Reconfigurable, Printed Monopole Antenna
Ricardo Gonalves,Pedro Pinho,Nuno B. Carvalho
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/602780
Abstract: This paper proposes a possible implementation of a compact printed monopole antenna, useful to operate in UMTS and WLAN bands. In order to accomplish that, a miniaturization technique based on the application of chip inductors is used in conjunction with frequency reconfiguration capability. The chip inductors change the impedance response of the monopole, allowing to reduce the resonant frequency. In order to be able to operate the antenna in these two different frequencies, an antenna reconfiguration technique based on PIN diodes is applied. This procedure allows the change of the active form of the antenna leading to a shift in the resonant frequency. The prototype measurements show good agreement with the simulation results. 1. Introduction Antenna miniaturization is the result of the continuous search for smaller and compact electronic equipment that can present the same or even better performance. There are many examples of techniques used for antenna miniaturization for different applications. For printed antennas, an approach is presented in [1], where a metamaterial is used between the radiating element and the ground plane of a printed circular patch, in order to reduce its resonant frequency. Another example is presented in [2], where a Koch fractal printed monopole is used to resonate at 2.5?GHz, granting a 21% reduction in size. In [3, 4], chip inductors are used in order to reduce the resonant frequency of printed C-monopoles, without changing the size and radiation characteristics and with minor losses to the radiating efficiency and gain. This is an interesting approach, since it is quite simple to fabricate, and it is not expensive. However it leads to narrower bandwidths. Due to the growth of the wireless technologies and the appearance of new systems associated to communication devices, the development of interoperable devices is of great interest, and since the antennas are indispensable to wireless communication equipments, there is a great scientific interest for antennas capable of working in different frequency bands. To achieve this goal, multiband and UWB antennas have been proposed in literature [5]. Besides these types, another possible class of radiant structures consists of the so-called reconfigurable antennas. Reconfigurable antennas have the ability to change one or more of its radiation characteristics in real time, such as the resonant frequency, the bandwidth, the radiation pattern, or even the polarization [6]. There are different ways to achieve these changes, and different techniques have been presented, but all
Dotted Version Vectors: Logical Clocks for Optimistic Replication
Nuno Pregui?a,Carlos Baquero,Paulo Sérgio Almeida,Victor Fonte,Ricardo Gonalves
Computer Science , 2010,
Abstract: In cloud computing environments, a large number of users access data stored in highly available storage systems. To provide good performance to geographically disperse users and allow operation even in the presence of failures or network partitions, these systems often rely on optimistic replication solutions that guarantee only eventual consistency. In this scenario, it is important to be able to accurately and efficiently identify updates executed concurrently. In this paper, first we review, and expose problems with current approaches to causality tracking in optimistic replication: these either lose information about causality or do not scale, as they require replicas to maintain information that grows linearly with the number of clients or updates. Then, we propose a novel solution that fully captures causality while being very concise in that it maintains information that grows linearly only with the number of servers that register updates for a given data element, bounded by the degree of replication.
Laparoscopia na decis?o da estratégia terapêutica para o casal infértil
Pereira, Nuno Ricardo Go?alves Baptista;Leite, Maria Helena Vasconcelos Barbosa Barros;Ribeiro, Ricardo Nuno Teixeira;Passarinho, Rita Marquez;Castro, Maria Geraldina Pereira Silva;Matias, Sidónio Magalh?es;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032010000900005
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the contribution of diagnostic laparoscopy to approach the infertile couple. methods: retrospective analysis of 86 consecutive cases of patients who were accompanied in the infertility appointments and were submitted to diagnostic laparoscopy from january 2004 to december 2006. eighty-two of these patients had been submitted to hysterosalpingography (hsg) prior to laparoscopy. the laparoscopic findings were analyzed, as well as the accessory procedures, and the results of the hysterosalpingography and of the laparoscopy were correlated. statistical analysis was performed by the use of the statistical package for the social sciences 15. the sensitivity and the specificity of hsg were determined and the confidence intervals were calculated with an alpha error of 0.05 (95%ci). results: the laparoscopy revealed 21 cases of endometriosis (24.4%), 14 cases of uni/bilateral inflammatory disease of the salpinx (16.3%), and 16 cases of pelvic inflammatory disease (18.6%). adhesiolysis and ablation of endometrial lesions were performed in eight patients. there were also other accessory procedures: two salpingostomies, two paraovarian cystectomies, two ovarian cystectomies and three ovarian drillings. the tubal patency test during laparoscopy was normal in 44 cases (53%), revealed unilateral obstruction in 21 cases (25.3%) and bilateral obstruction in 17 cases (20.5%). the results of the hysterosalpingography were similar to those of the laparoscopy in 44 out of the 82 cases (53.7%). hsg sensitivity was 0.79 (95%ci=0.62-0.9) and its specificity was 0.58 (95%ci=0.42-0.73) when the disease was defined as any form of tubal occlusion detected with the laparoscopy, wheter this occlusion was one-sided or two-sided. hsg sensitivity and specificity were 0.47 (95%ci=0.24-0.71) and 0.77 (95%ci=0.64-0.86), respectively, when the definition of the disease was limited to two-sided tubal occlusion. in nine cases (15.3%) in which hsg had shown normal findings or only a u
Aneurisma da Artéria Renal: caso clínico
Moreira,Joana; Nunes,Pedro; Antunes,Luís; Ana,Baptista; Pereira,Ricardo; Gonalves,Anabela; Anacleto,Gabriel; Alegrio,Jo?o; Fonseca,Manuel; Gonalves,óscar; Matos,Albuquerque;
Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular , 2011,
Abstract: one case of a large left renal artery aneurysm in a young patient 22 years old is presented. he appealed to his assistant physician a few weeks after development of left back pain. abdominal ultrasound imaging study has been requested. suggestive abdominal aortic aneurysm was detected. this finding led to the transfer to our hospital where he was admitted conscious and hemodynamically stable. a pulsatile epigastric mass with a systolic murmur on auscultation and thrill were detected. angio-ct scan revealed a left renal artery aneurysm, 16 cm in diameter. given the clinical stability and lesional topography we decide a previous embolization of left renal artery, unsuccessfully. the patient underwent then left total nephrectomy, through thoraco-abdominal incision. no local or systemic complications in the postoperative period. discharged at 8th day maintaining normal renal function and hemoglobin levels. renal artery aneurysm was confirmed in a pathological study of the surgical specimen.
Aneurismas poplíteos: estudo retrospectivo
Baptista,Ana; Antunes,Luís; Moreira,Joana; Pereira,Ricardo; Gonalves,Anabela; Anacleto,Gabriel; Alegrio,Jo?o; Fonseca,Manuel; Gonalves,óscar; Matos,Albuquerque;
Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular , 2010,
Abstract: introduction: the authors performed a 5-year retrospective study of all the case reports admitted in their department with the diagnosis of popliteal aneurysm. material and methods: to achieve that purpose, the clinical files of all the patients admitted with the diagnosis of popliteal aneurysm between january 1st 2004 and december 31st 2008 were reviewed. results: from a total of 61 patients, 37 (60,7%) had bilateral aneurysms. of those 61 patients, 58 were males and 3 were females. the mean age was 66,9 ± 11,6 years. 36,1% of the patients had also aneurysms in other locations. the majority of the aneurysms were asymptomatic. when symptomatic, the most frequent presentation was acute ischemia caused by thrombosis of the aneurysm. of all the popliteal aneurysms (n=98), 37 were repaired electively, 29 urgently and 32 were not repaired. the most used surgical interventions were the exclusion of the aneurysm by distal femoropopliteal bypass with greater saphenous vein (n=48) or with prosthesis (n=16). primary patency rates at 30 days were of 98% with vein and of 68,8% with prosthesis, which caused 3 transfemoral amputations. conclusions: popliteal aneurysms are more prevalent in males, frequently bilateral and there is a strong connection between them and aneurysms in other locations/arteriomegaly. the ideal surgical treatment is the elective repair with autologous material, being the patency rates with prosthesis inferior to the ones with vein.
Uma causa rara de hipertens?o portal: Caso clínico
Moreira,Joana; Antunes,Luís; Baptista,Ana; Pereira,Ricardo; Gonalves,Anabela; Anacleto,Gabriel; Alegrio,Jo?o; Fonseca,Manuel; Gonalves,óscar; Furtado,Emanuel; Matos,Albuquerque;
Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular , 2011,
Abstract: a case report of a patient with a framework for portal hypertension due to the presence of arteriovenous fistula between the gastroduodenal artery and portal vein is presented. a 77 years male previously healthy with a recent ascites appeared with a digestive hemorrhage caused by rupture of esophageal varices. abdominal ct scan revealed marked dilatation of the portal vein (30 mm) related with an arteriovenous fistula between this vein and the gastroduodenal artery, liver without chronic liver disease stigmata and without nodules; remarkable ascites. laparotomy, drainage of ascites, isolation and ligation of the journey fistula between the gastroduodenal artery and portal vein was performed. no intraoperative complications. discharged the 18th postoperative day after regression of ascites, treated with diuretics.
Traumatismos vasculares revis?o de 5 anos
Antunes,Luís F.; Baptista,Ana; Moreira,Joana; Pereira,Ricardo; Gonalves,Anabela; Anacleto,Gabriel; Alegrio,Jo?o; Fonseca,Manuel; Gonalves,óscar; Matos,Albuquerque;
Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular , 2011,
Abstract: this review intended to evaluate the series of acute vascular trauma in the vascular surgery service of the coimbra university hospital in the period between july 2004 and june 2009. a total of 97 patients were evaluated with iatrogenic lesions being the main cause of trauma injuries, followed by traffic accidents. in group of patients not related with percutaneous coronary angioplasty, it was found that brachial and radial arteries were the most affected in upper limb, while in the lower limb were the superficial femoral and popliteal arteries. the main clinical manifestation was acute ischemic limb. in this group, resection with end-to-end anastomosis and grafts were the main treatment in the upper limb, while trombectomy and bypass were the most common applied technique in the lower limb. there were no deaths, but morbidity was high. neurologic lesions were more frequent in upper limb and amputation in lower limb. these outcomes were similar to other results reported in the literature which demonstrates a gradual increase in iatrogenic injuries.
Aneurisma aterosclerótico da artéria axilar. Um caso clínico raro
Antunes,Luís F.; Baptista,Ana; Moreira,Joana; Pereira,Ricardo; Gonalves,Anabela; Anacleto,Gabriel; Alegrio,Jo?o; Fonseca,Manuel; Gonalves,óscar; Matos,Albuquerque;
Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular , 2011,
Abstract: atherosclerotic axillary artery aneurysms are very rare, but they can cause severe vascular or neurologic complications in the upper limb. early treatment is mandatory. the authors report a case of a 64 years man with a right axillary artery aneurysm. the patient has had a previous exclusion of thoracic aortic aneurysm by endograft (tevar). due to the sudden growth of aneurysm and neurologic symptoms, he was submitted to total aneurismectomy and interposition of axillary-axillary prosthetic graft (ptfe 8 without rings). the histological study shows an atherosclerotic aneurysm. in the follow-up the patient presented an improving clinical status of the upper limb and a patent graft. present case report shows the importance and good outcome of surgical treatment in such patients.
Trombose venosa profunda e sua rela??o com trombofilias e neoplasias: estudo retrospectivo
Baptista,Ana Vieira; Antunes,Luís; Moreira,Joana; Pereira,Ricardo; Gonalves,Anabela; Anacleto,Gabriel; Alegrio,Jo?o; Fonseca,Manuel; Gonalves,óscar; Matos,Albuquerque;
Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular , 2012,
Abstract: objectives: evaluation of the results obtained with the application of specific protocols established in the department for screening for thrombophilia and malignancy in patients hospitalized during a period of five years with the diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis (dvt). material and methods: a retrospective study was performed through the review of the clinical files of all patients aged 50 or less hospitalized in our department between january 1st 2006 and december 31st 2010 with that diagnosis, and the results obtained in the protocols were analysed. results: from a total of 89 patients, 64 (71,9%) were females and 25 (28,1%) were males, and the mean age was 33,3 ±10,0 years. 14,6% of the patients had already had, at least, one previous episode of deep venous thrombosis and 78,7% had, at least, one risk factor. the protocol for screening for thrombophilia and malignancy was applied to 65 patients (73,0%), being detected congenital thrombophilias in 41 patients (63,1%), two cases of antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (aps), one case of monoclonal gammopathy, one of lung cancer and one of sacral chordoma. 49 of the patients subjected to the protocols (75,4%) were referred to the hematology clinic for evaluation and in 40 of those patients (81,6%) was suggested keeping oral anticoagulation for more than 12 months. conclusions: given the high prevalence of genetic polimorphisms that confer a higher thrombotic risk and the not rare cases of aps and of occult malignancies present in this population, it is considered that, despiste its elevated costs, the screening for these kind of pathologies should continue to be done.
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