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Sand Waves Generation: A Numerical Investigation of the Infiernillo Channel in the Gulf of California  [PDF]
Yovani Monta?o Ley, Noel Carbajal
Open Journal of Marine Science (OJMS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojms.2016.63035
Abstract: The effect of the coastal geometry on sand bed forms generation has been investigated for a tidal dominated area. Different hypothetical geometries of coastal channels with flat bottoms and unlimited sediment availability were exposed to strong oscillatory tidal currents to simulate the interaction of hydrodynamics and the bedload sediment transport. The hypothetical geometries stand for the idealization of the principal geographic features of the Infiernillo Channel, a coastal area of the Gulf of California where sandbanks and sand waves have been observed. A depth integrated hydrodynamic-numerical model and a parameterized formula to estimate the bedload sediment transport were applied coupled with a sediment conservation equation to determine the sea bottom morphodynamics. Model predictions in the Infiernillo Channel were compared to available satellite imagery. This investigation demonstrates that a vertical integrated numerical model is able to reproduce the development of incipient sand waves that exist in the Infiernillo Channel. Incipient sandbanks and shoals were also simulated. Sand waves with wavelengths of about 200 m were calculated on the same locations where sand waves actually exist. A crucial finding of this research was to show that the geometry of a shallow water basin and the presence of tidal velocity gradients associated with abrupt changes in the coastline alignment were critical in determining the sand-bed pattern generation. We demonstrate that a vertical variation of tidal currents is not necessary to generate sand waves.
Un obispado para Veracruz, 1799-1846 Del honor de la ciudad a la lealtad al Estado
Carbajal, David
Anuario de Estudios Americanos , 2005,
Abstract: Between 1789 and 1846 the authorities of Veracruz promoted the creation of a Bishopric with with the limits of the jurisdiction to their charge. Although the recent historiography has noticeable the existing continuity between the regalismo Bourbon and the first Mexican liberalism, the analysis of the arguments presented by the munícipes and congresspersons of Veracruz, suggests changes in the institutional context as in the principles in which they were founded. Until 1821, it was alluded to the own privileges of the oldest city of the kingdom; during the first federal republic, insisted on defending the honor of the sovereignty, position that is radicalized toward 1833, when the Congress decreed, without success, the creation of new diocese. The bishopric was created in 1844, the government of the Department of Veracruz repeated their requests, with arguments that show certain continuity with the of the first federalism, in spite of the change to the centralist regime. Entre 1789 y 1846 las autoridades de Veracruz promovieron la creación de un Obispado con los límites de la jurisdicción a su cargo. Aunque la historiografía reciente ha destacado la continuidad existente entre el regalismo borbónico y el primer liberalismo mexicano, el análisis de los argumentos presentados por los munícipes y congresistas porte os, sugiere cambios tanto en el contexto institucional como en los principios en que se fundaban. Hasta 1821, se aludía a los privilegios propios de la ciudad más antigua del reino; durante la primera república federal, se insistió en defender el honor de la soberanía, postura que se radicaliza hacia 1833, cuando el Congreso veracruzano decretó, sin éxito, la creación de la nueva diócesis. El obispado fue creado en 1844, el gobierno del Departamento de Veracruz repitió sus solicitudes, con argumentos que muestran cierta continuidad con los del primer federalismo, a pesar del cambio al régimen centralista.
Factores que dan origen al minado de acuíferos en ambientes áridos: caso Valle de San Luis Potosí
Noyola-Medrano, María Cristina;Ramos-Leal, José Alfredo;Domínguez-Mariani, Eloísa;Pineda-Martínez, Luis Felipe;López-Loera, Héctor;Carbajal, Noel;
Revista mexicana de ciencias geológicas , 2009,
Abstract: the analysis of historical and recent data on hydrology, geophysics, land use change, climate and water resources management points to a continue decrease of groundwater reserves, which indicates that groundwater mining is taking place in the san luis potosi valley aquifer. the system is formed by a shallow aquifer in a granular medium in alluvial depositions, a middle one of sedimentary material formed by gravels, sands and unconsolidated loams, and a deep aquifer in a volcanic fractured medium, named latita portezuelo. the factors negatively affecting the recharge into the valley are: a low permeability of rocky materials surrounding the valley that inhibit the water infiltration into the soil, the scarce precipitation and high evaporation characteristic of arid zones, the soil erosion by deforestation in mountain ranges that prevent water retention, and water dams built on low permeability materials that restrain water runoff to infiltration zones in the valley. additionally, the ages of the water in the granular aquifer range from 1300 to 2300 years and from 5300 to 6300 years in the fractured aquifer. hydrogeological balances from 1995 and 2002 show that the deficit has increased from 36.6×106 to 42.5×106 m3/year. these balances reveal a shortage, with extraction doubling the recharge. according to the climatic and geological conditions in the area, the groundwater in the san luis potosi valley reached a condition of mining.
Los a?os del hambre en Bola?os (1785-1786): Conflictos mineros, escasez de maíz y sobremortalidad
Carbajal López, David;
Relaciones (Zamora) , 2010,
Abstract: the objective of this study is to explain the high mortality registered in real de bola?os during the years of hunger in 1785-1786, in a setting characterized by local mining conflicts and corn shortages that affected large areas of central-western new spain. also, it analyzes the victims of that subsistence crisis from two perspectives: first, by examining global body counts of the dead and, second, by investigating the christian and f amily names of the victims.
Revista de análisis económico , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-88702010000200006
Abstract: this paper analyzes the differences in real hourly labor income (rhli) distributions between urban and rural workers for uruguay in 2006. a quantile regression decomposition technique is applied in order to examine the urban-rural gap across the entire rhli distribution. the urban-rural gap was primarily explained by the differences in the distribution of covariates along the entire distribution. differences in distribution of returns favored the rural workers in most of the rhli distribution although its contribution decreased across quantiles. the resulting gap in returns was most relevant for the worst off rural workers compared to the urban counterparts in both montevideo and the rest of the urban centers.
Ketotifeno: un antialérgico efectivo
Coronel Carbajal,Carlos;
Revista Cubana de Pediatr?-a , 2001,
Abstract: ketotifen is a drug that is widely used in the treatment of allergic diseases, but there are discrepancies in relation to its effectiveness. a descriptive study of a sample of 87 patients between 6 months old and and 15 years old was conducted at "armando enrique cardoso" general teaching hospital from november, 1998, to january, 2000, aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of ketotifen in the treatment of allergic diseases as well as to recognize its main side effects and the moment when the clinical improvement begins. the results obtained after applying a formulary are shown in 5 tables and are expressed in percentage. the following conclusions were reached: ketotifen proved to be effective in 72.6 % of the patients, this drug was effective in the prevention of aggravations of bronchial asthma in 71.3 %, only 25.2 % suffered from some adverse effect and the average time to control the disease was between 4 and 8 weeks in 58.7 % of the patients.
Problemas identificados en el manejo de la enfermedad diarreica aguda
Coronel Carbajal,Carlos;
Revista Cubana de Medicina General Integral , 2000,
Abstract: a cross-sectional study was conducted at the "armando e. cardoso" hospital from may, 1998, to february,1999. 256 mothers of children with acute diarrhea were surveyed in order to identify the inappropiate costums that still exist in the ambulatory management of diarrheal diseases. a poor food management was observed in 56.3% of the patients and only 12.1% of the mothers looked for medical advice during the first 24 hours. it was possible to know through this study that 100% of the mothers know that oral rehydration solutions (ors) are part of the treatment of add, but only 42% know that the drug also prevents dehydration. just 25% know about other fluids that replace the use of oral rehydration solutions
Mastocitosis: Unaafección poco común
Coronel Carbajal,Carlos;
Revista Cubana de Pediatr?-a , 2001,
Abstract: mastocytosis is the abnormal proliferation of mastocytes that may affect one or various organs. this cell stores important pharmacologically active substances. its most frequent manifestations are the cutaneous ones, but other manifestations may appear as a result of the affectation of some organs as the bone marow, the liver, the spleen, the bones, the lymphatic ganglia and the digestive tube. there are different diagnostic methods, but histology is essential. the treatment includes general and specific measures. interest in using interferon has increased nowadays.
Micronutrientes: una opción en el tratamiento de las enfermedades diarreicas agudas
Coronel Carbajal,Carlos;
Revista Cubana de Pediatr?-a , 2000,
Abstract: a longitudinal and prospective study was conducted among 126 patients that were admitted in the service of acute diarrheas of "armando enrique cardoso" general teaching hospital between june, 1998, and january, 1999. 71 patients were administered microelements (vitamin a, zinc sulfate and ferrous fumarate) in order to know their benefits in the acute diarrheal disease. on concluding the study, it was proved that the length of stay and the episode were shorter in the group of supplemented patients. it was also observed that the number of defecations as well as the nutritional affectation were lower in these patients and that the nutritional recovery and the recuperation of appetite were faster. the consistency of the defecations improved on the third day of treatment in the group that received micronutrients.
Estado de salud en los ni?os lactados por más de 4 meses
Coronel Carbajal,Carlos;
Revista Cubana de Pediatr?-a , 2000,
Abstract: 164 children, who were divided into 2 groups, took part in a retrospective study that was conducted at "armando enrique cardoso" general teaching hospital. group a was composed of 88 children that had been breast-fed for more than 4 months. 76 patients, who had been breast-fed for less than 4 months, were included in group b. the objective of this paper was to know the influence of exclusive breast feeding on the health status of these children during the first year of life. on concluding the study, it was found that the average of respiratory infections, diarrheic episodes and urinary infections was 4.0, 1.4 and 0.9 per patient in group a, whereas in group b it was 6.0, 3.0 and 1.6. it was also observed that 78.4% of the children in group a reached 1 year of age with a nutritional state between 25 and 90 p and that only 53.3% of the group b did so. 80.7% of the children in group b that reached 1 year of age had a hemoglobin over 100g/l 52.6% of the children in group b were under 100g/l.
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