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Effect of erythropoietin-stimulating agent on uremic inflammation
Yuri Tanaka, Nobihiko Joki, Hiroki Hase, Masaki Iwasaki, Masato Ikeda, Ryoichi Ando, Toshio Shinoda, Daijyo Inaguma, Toshifumi Sakaguchi, Yasuhiro Komatsu, Fumihiko Koiwa, Toshihiko Yamaka, Takashi Shigematsu
Journal of Inflammation , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1476-9255-9-17
Abstract: This was a cross-sectional study. From January 2006 to October 2009, 1,623 patients with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) commenced hemodialysis (HD) at the 9 participating hospitals. The criteria for exclusion from the database were 1) serum C-reactive protein (CRP)?>?3?mg/dL, 2) WBC count?>?9,000/mm3 or <4,000/mm3, and 3) patients with cancer, immune complex disease, or vasculitis. A total of 900 patients were entered into the final database. We explored the association of serum CRP just before the first HD session with clinical characteristics, laboratory data, and medications for CKD in the predialysis period.On univariate analysis, age, CTR, eGFR, and WBC were significantly correlated with CRP. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure, serum albumin, LDL-C, HDL-C, Hb, Cr, and Ca were inversely associated with CRP. Use of erythropoietin-stimulating agents (ESA) using (r?=??0.111, p?=?0.0015), renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors (r?=??0.083, p?=?0.0154), and calcium channel blockers (r?=??0.1, p?=?0.0039) was also negatively correlated with CRP. However, only use of ESA showed a significant negative correlation with CRP that was independent of other clinical factors and CKD medications on multiple regression analysis.ESA may strongly reduce uremic inflammation in addition to improving anemia. To confirm this potential effect, a large-scale longitudinal study would be required.
What's a just war theorist?
Joki? Aleksandar
Theoria, Beograd , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/theo1101051j
Abstract: The article provides an account of the unlikely revival of the medieval Just War Theory, due in large part to the efforts of Michael Walzer. Its purpose is to address the question: What is a just-war theorist? By exploring contrasts between scholarly activity and forms of international activism, the paper argues that just war theorists appear to be just war criminals, both on the count of aiding and abetting aggression and on the count of inciting troops to commit war crimes.
Volzer brani Gazu - o neupotrebljivosti 'proporcionalnosti' pri razmatranju napada Izraela na Gazu
Joki? Aleksandar
Theoria, Beograd , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/theo1003121j
Abstract: nema
The right of servitude between public interest and undisturbed use of private property
Petovar Ksenija,Joki? Vesna
Spatium , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/spat1126007p
Abstract: For obtaining the land in order to build the magistral pipeline a specific form of land expropriation is applied, namely the Right of servitude. The Right of servitude can be realized on the basis of established public interest, which can be defined according to the spatial plan of the relevant area. The Right of servitude is analyzed from the point of its influence on the respect of basic human rights of property owners to enjoy their property in safety and without disturbance. Current legal framework in Serbia that regulates procedures for acquiring land for the purpose of public interest allows for breach of private property rights. There is a mutual inconsistency between a number of decrees that regulate property rights for large infrastructural development projects. A specific, and possibly a greater problem, is the status of the local population, the land owner and other real estate. It concerns their awareness of their private and individual rights, as well as technical and other legal standards, which must be applied during the preparation, construction and working stages of an energy facility. Applying the Right of servitude as a way to acquire land for construction of the Pipeline, there is direct breach of the basic human right as stated in the first Protocol of the European Convention on Human Rights, namely that ‘every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions’ (Article 1, Protocol 1). The Right of servitude allows the investor to use ‘public interest’ as a way of gaining access to another’s land, and under better financial conditions than if he were to apply permanent expropriation. While the owner retains his/her ownership of the land, inconvenienced by numerous limitations of its use, usability and market value of the land becomes substantially reduced.
A case of choledochal cyst complicated by biliary peritonitis
Cvijanovi? Radovan,Joki? Radojica
Medicinski Pregled , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/mpns0710497c
Abstract: Introduction. Choledochal cyst is a rare congenital malformation of the extrahepatic bile ducts. Its incidence varies among different populations, but it is highest in North East Asia. It is most frequent in childhood, and very rare in adults. Case report. A 7 year-old boy was admitted to the hospital with severe abdominal pain under the right rib margin. He presented with constant nausea, occasional jaundice and high colored urine. The following day the boy underwent ultrasound examination and computer tomography (CT). A choledochal cyst was found, and a CT-controlled puncture of the cyst was performed. An X-ray was taken by injecting contrast medium through the drain. A small leakage into the abdominal cavity was observed with subsequent peritonitis. The general condition of the child deteriorated and a decision was made to operate immediately. An upper medial laparotomy was performed. A cystic formation was noted in the hepatoduodenal ligament of 90x70 mm in dimension. The cyst was completely removed and a hepatico-jejunal anastomosis was performed. The child tolerated the surgery well and recovered quickly. Discussion. Cystic dilation of the common bile duct, known as choledochal cyst, is related to a rare malformation of this region. The exact mechanisam of cyst formation remains unknown. Choledochal cysts usually present in the early childhood, with higher frequency in females. The diagnosis is easily made, especially with the use of ultrasound and computed tomography. The treatment is usually surgical, and complete resection of the cyst with hepatico-jejunal anastomosis is the therapy of choice. Conclusion. One year later, ultrasound examination and specific dynamic tests (HIDA) showed normal liver function, and good anastomosis. .
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Neuroscience: Towards Closer Integration
Nata?a Joki?-Begi?
Psychological Topics , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of this review article is to provide an integrative perspective by combining basic assumptions of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with neuroscience research results. In recent years, interdisciplinary research in the field of neuroscience has expanded our knowledge about neurobiological correlates of mental processes and changes occurring in the brain due to therapeutic interventions. The studies are largely based on non-invasive brain imaging techniques, such as functional neuroimaging technologies of positron emission tomography (PET) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The neuroscientific investigations of basic CBT hypotheses have shown that (i) functional and non-functional behavior and experiences may be learned through lifelong learning, due to brain neuroplasticity that continues across the entire lifespan; (ii) cognitive activity contributes to dysfunctional behavior and emotional experience through focusing, selective perception, memory and recall, and characteristic cognitive distortion; on a neurobiological level, there is a relationship between top-down and bottom-up regulation of unpleasant emotional states; and (iii) cognitive activity may be changed, as shown by therapeutic success achieved by metacognitive and mindfulness techniques, which also have their neurobiological correlates in the changes occurring in the cortical and subcortical structures and endocrine and immune systems. The empirical research also shows that neurobiological changes occur after CBT in patients with arachnophobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, major depressive disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome.disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Causes and consequences of the changes in the ethnic structure of the Temerin municipality in the 20th century
Joki? Igor,Ristanovi? Branko
Zbornik Matice Srpske za Drustvene Nauke , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/zmsdn0621391j
Abstract: Ethnic structure in the Temerin municipality during the 20th century is characterized by great changes. The number of some ethnic grupations was changing in the relative short period. This had an influence on the increase and decrease in the development in the analyzed area… The great changes in the ethnic structure were caused by political factors that occurred in some periods, but also caused by other demographic elements that characterize some ethnic grupations. All these characteristics caused even the vanishing of for example, Germans from this area. This paper describes in details all causes that caused the changes in the ethnic structure in this municipality. Besides, the consequences of these changes are analyzed and all relations and problems that can appear primarily between the Serbs and the Hungarians are pointed out.
Actual metrological conditions for ionizing chamber calibration in radiotherapy
Spasi?-Joki? Vesna M.
Archive of Oncology , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/aoo0402100s
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Since 1976 it has been recognized that an accuracy of ±5% in the delivery of an absorbed dose to a target volume is necessary for successful therapy treatment. Recent studies have concluded that combined standard uncertainty in dose delivery should be smaller than ±3.5 %. The basic radiotherapy requirements initiated some changes in calibration approach. New approach included beam as vital part of calibration chain and also insisted on realization of measurement quality assurance through legal metrology, international key and supplementary intercomparisons, national comparisons, and routine calibration. METHODS: In past twenty years there were three various protocols for absorbed dose determination in radiotherapy that had been based on various principles and various calibration concepts. As there were three conversions in air kerma concept the basic national protocol was changed. We gave up air kerma concept and developed absorbed dose primary standard by ionometric approach and assured appropriate transfer of calibration through four various laboratory levels. The primary standard was realized with combined uncertainty better than 0.3%, 1 s. Transfer of calibration was realized through calibration coefficient determination. RESULTS: Before Code of Practice IAEA 398 was adopted some steps were made in verification of absorbed dose to water primary standard. This standard was established after bilateral intercomparison with Hungarian National Office of Measure (OMH) in 1999 and also after international supplementary comparison organized by International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Sevres, in 2001. Results of the BIPM intercomparison were presented in this paper and they are recognized as national input true value of absorbed dose. Verification of national absorbed dose true value gave us the opportunity to establish new calibration protocol in our radiotherapy centers. We also introduced the new regulatory paper for determination of ionization chamber calibration coefficient. New metrological conditions and calibration manual for radiotherapy chamber were presented in this paper. CONCLUSION: As the method for in-water calibration for gamma and high-energy photons generated in accelerators has been established in our country it gives us possibility to join regional EUROMET program for high-energy photon beam calibration. The first step of calibration in gamma beam quality included also users of high-energy beam in order to fulfill the main metrology goal: calibration in conditions similar to those of users as much as it is possib
The Impact of Telephone Channels on the Accuracy of Automatic Speaker Recognition
I. Joki,S. Joki,M. Gnjatovi?,M. Se?ujski
Telfor Journal , 2011,
Abstract: This paper presents an experimental study on the impact of telephone channels on the accuracy of automatic speaker recognition. Speaker models and the design of the recognizer used in this study are based on Hidden Markov models. In order to simulate telephonequality speech signals, several experimental conditions were introduced taking two control factors into consideration: the type of the applied codec and the probability of transmission errors. In addition, the impact of echo signals – that are often present in Internet telephony – on the accuracy of automatic speaker recognition systems is considered. Finally, the paper provides a brief overview of several methodologies for the adaptation of the recognizer to the expected environmental conditions that may enhance the robustness of the speaker recognizer.
Acute pancreatitis in children
Joki? Radoica,Milo?evi? Pavle
Medicinski Pregled , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/mpns1202069j
Abstract: Introduction. Acute pancreatitis in children is mostly due to abdominal trauma, diseases or congenital anomalies of the biliary-pancreatic tree. Both exogenous and endogenous functions of the gland could be disturbed by various levels of damage. Clinical Finding and Diagnostics. Acute abdominal pain, gastrointestinal signs and general deterioration are the main clinical findings. The examination can be completed by blood and urine tests of amylase, electrolytes level, and the C-reactive protein. In addition to these tests, ultrasound, computed tomography and endoscopy are required as well. Therapeutic Methods. The therapy of choice is non-operative treatment using medicaments to control the pain, decrease the pancreatic activity and prevent further complications. If the conservative treatment fails, the surgical approach is necessary: drainage, resections, by-pass procedures, etc. Conclusion. Acute pancreatitis is a very serious disease in childhood. Clinical experience and rational approach are very important in the diagnostic and therapeutic methods.
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