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Altas densidades con despunte temprano en rendimiento y período de cosecha en chile pimiento
Cruz Huerta, Nicacio;Sánchez del Castillo, Felipe;Ortiz Cereceres, Joaquín;Mendoza Castillo, Ma. del Carmen;
Agricultura técnica en México , 2009,
Abstract: the present research was carried out with the aim of determining the effect of plant stand combined with early pruning of the terminal buds on yield and length of harvest period in bell pepper. the experiment was carried out under soil-less culture conditions in a greenhouse at texcoco, estado de mexico, mexico, from 2004. the cv. ariane was utilized. three treatments were studied: 3.3 plants m2 with no pruning (control), 8 plants m2 with pruning above the fourth stem bifurcation and 14 plants m2 with pruning above the third stem bifurcation. a randomized block design with three replications was used. marketable fruit yield per plant and per m2 and lai were recorded. fruit yield was 873 g per plant in the control as compared to 604 and 404 g at 8 and 14 plants m2, respectively; however, yield per area basis was greater under high plant stands (5.63 and 4.83 kg m2 at 14 and 8 plants m2, respectively) as compared to the control (2.88 kg m-2). a high plant stand combined with early pruning of the terminal buds, significantly increased yield per unit area in bell pepper and showed potential to reduce the harvest period for specific market windows.
Biomasa e índices fisiológicos en chile morrón cultivado en altas densidades
Nicacio Cruz-Huerta,Joaquu00EDn Ortiz-Cereceres,Felipe Su00E1nchez del Castillo,Maru00EDa del Carmen Mendoza-Castillo
Revista fitotecnia mexicana , 2005,
Abstract: Se estudió la acumulación y distribución de biomasa y su relación con algunos indicadores de eficiencia fisiológica en chile morrón (Capsicum annum L.) cv. Ariane , cultivado en invernadero e hidroponía en distintas condiciones de manejo. Se manejaron tres densidades de población: 8 y 14 plantas/m2 despuntadas por encima de la tercera y cuarta bifurcación respectivamente (D8 y D14), y un testigo a 3.3 plantas/m2 sin despunte. Se hicieron cuatro muestreos: en transplante, amarre del primer fruto (40 días después del transplante [ddt]), crecimiento de los primeros frutos (70 ddt), y al final de la cosecha (158 ddt). La tasa de fotosíntesis se midió en hojas bien iluminadas con un analizador de gases al infrarrojo, en cuatro ocasiones (a los 40, 54, 68 y 82 ddt). Después de los 40 ddt, el testigo acumuló más biomasa por planta que las otras densidades de población, debido a su mayor área foliar. Sin embargo, por tener mayor densidad, D8 y D14 produjeron mayores índices de área foliar, lo que se correlacionó directamente con mayores cantidades de biomasa y rendimiento de frutos/m2. La tasa de fotosíntesis se incrementó durante el crecimiento de los primeros frutos en alrededor de 65 % (de 12 a 20 μmol CO2 m-2 s-1).
Relativistic charged particle in a uniform electromagnetic field
Torres del Castillo, G.F.;Sosa Sánchez, C;
Revista mexicana de física , 2011,
Abstract: the equations of motion for a relativistic charged particle in a uniform electromagnetic field are solved in a covariant form by calculating the exponential of the matrix corresponding to the electromagnetic field tensor. it is shown that owing to the antisymmetry of the electromagnetic field tensor, the exponential mentioned above can be easily calculated. some results are then applied to study the algebraic properties of the energy-momentum tensor of the electromagnetic field and the orthogonal transformations in spaces of dimension 4.
Influence of Temperature, Agitation, Sludge Concentration and Solids Retention Time on Primary Sludge Fermentation
J. Sánchez Rubal,J. A. Cortacans Torre,I. del Castillo González
International Journal of Chemical Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/861467
Abstract: The aim of this research was to determine the influence of temperature, agitation, sludge concentration, and solids retention time (SRT) to obtain readily biodegradable organic matter on primary sludge (PS) fermentation, which would be used as substrate in a biological nutrient removal (BNR) process. Stirring and heating the sludge as well as increasing SRT improved the PS fermentation, producing a large amount of soluble chemical oxygen demand (SCOD). The influence of each operational parameter on PS hydrolysis was observed clearly. A great performance on SCOD production was obtained when the PS was stirred and heated for 3 days. However, PS concentration did not affect the fermentation. Sludge agitation is a simple process with minimal energy consumption. Warming the sludge is very interesting in those plants with anaerobic digestion, where heat energy is obtained from biogas. Therefore, PS fermentation can be improved with a minimum investment and leveraging existing resources in a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Fermenter volume can also be reduced if sludge is being heated and stirred during fermentation. 1. Introduction Optimization of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) equipped with BNR processes has been taking place in Spain, in recent years, to satisfy the requirements of phosphorus and nitrogen set by the Council Directive of 21 May 1991 concerning urban waste water treatment (91/271/EEC). These requirements are listed in Table 1. Table 1: Requirements for discharges from urban waste water treatment plants to sensitive areas which are subject to eutrophication. Council directive of 21 May 1991 concerning urban waste water treatment (91/271/EEC). The fraction of organic matter that is readily biodegradable, namely, the organic matter that could be metabolized directly by heterotrophic bacteria in anoxic and anaerobic zones is a key parameter on BNR processes. However, the influent of the vast majority of the WWTP contains low readily biodegradable organic matter, particularly in urban plants. Therefore, in many cases, it is impossible to achieve a total nitrogen lower than 10?mg/L in the effluent of WWTP with over 100,000 inhabitants. A supply of readily biodegradable organic matter is required. The supply of readily biodegradable organic matter can be external to the processes that occur in the WWTP. Many commercially available organic compounds, such as methanol or acetic acid, can serve effectively as a carbon source for a BNR process. However, the use of such external carbon sources results in an increase of the operational costs and
Importancia de los polinizadores en la reproducción de seis especies de subpáramo del pico Naiquatá (parque nacional el ávila-Venezuela)
Barrios,Yeni; Ramirez,Nelson; Ramírez,Eduardo; Sánchez,Eduardo; Del Castillo,Rogelio;
Acta Botánica Venezuelica , 2010,
Abstract: relevance of pollinators in the reproduction of six plant species from subpáramo was determined in peak naiguatá. aspects of floral biology, species visitors network and the faculty to produce fruits and seeds without pollinators contribution were studied from each species. the flowers of the studied species present attraction structures, floral rewards and high pollen/ovule ratio, which indicated cross pollination. the floral visitors included 14 insect species belonging to the hymenoptera, coleoptera, diptera and lepidoptera orders. the rate of visit was high in comparison with other high mountain plant communities. bees were the most frequent visitors with most abundant pollen loads. specificity levels of plants and animals were low and resulted in a high proportion of weak interactions (conectance = 0.51).spontaneous reproduction test indicated that reproduction in libanothamnus neriifolius,monnina phytolaccaefolia, solanum americanum, arcytophyllum nitidum and castilleja fissifolia was significantly dependent from pollinators? activity, whereas it was independent in phytolacca icosandra. however, pollinators have a fundamental role in the reproduction of the six species, even of p. icosandra, that though presents alternative mechanisms to cross pollination, significantly depends from floral visitors for a more efficient seed set.
Absceso del músculo psoas-ilíaco por Streptococcus agalactiae como forma de presentación de fiebre de origen desconocido
Khosravi Shahi,P.; Castillo Rueda,A. del; Barrera Sánchez,J. L.; Portugal álvarez,J. de;
Anales de Medicina Interna , 2004, DOI: 10.4321/S0212-71992004000700007
Abstract: we present the case of a patient with precedents of endometrial carcinoma treated by surgery and radiotherapy, which presented a psoas abscess by streptococcus agalactiae as cause of fever of unknown origin, which answered favorably to the antibiotherapy and surgical drainage.
The Maxwell equations in a uniformly accelerated frame
Torres del Castillo, G.F;Pérez Sánchez, C.I;
Revista mexicana de física , 2007,
Abstract: the solution of the source-free maxwell equations in a uniformly accelerated frame of reference is expressed in terms of a single complex scalar potential that obeys a second-order equation. the field of a static electric charge is obtained as an example of a stationary axisymmetric field.
Uniformly accelerated observers in special relativity
Torres del Castillo, G.F.;Pérez Sánchez, C.I.;
Revista mexicana de física , 2006,
Abstract: the red shift for an electromagnetic wave measured by two observers in a uniformly accelerated frame, which, according to the equivalence principle, should correspond to a gravitational red shift, is calculated as well as the bending of light rays.
Evaluación estadística de correlaciones de fracción volumétrica de vapor para la modelación numérica de flujo bifásico en pozos geotérmicos
álvarez del Castillo, A.;Santoyo, E.;García-Valladares, O.;Sánchez-Upton, P.;
Revista mexicana de ingeniería química , 2010,
Abstract: predicting flowing pressure and temperature profiles in geothermal wells is a fundamental task to study the in flow production mechanisms. the gas void fraction is one of the most important parameters required for the better prediction of production profiles. eight empirical correlations (bonnecaze, dix model, duns-ros, krilov, hasan, rouhani, homogeneous model and orkiszewski) for the estimation of gas void fractions and to model their implications on the two-phase flow inside geothermal wells were evaluated. these correlations were assessed through the two-phase flow modeling (using the wellbore simulators geopozo and geowells) in four producer wells from mexican geothermal fields: los azufres, mich. (az-18), los humeros, pue. (h-1), and cerro prieto, b.c. (m-90 and m-201). the simulated pressure and temperature profiles were statistically compared with actual field data. a n acceptable agreement (< 10%) between the simulated profiles, obtained wit h the dix model correlation, and measured data was obtained. these results enabled the modeling of two-phase flow inside geothermal wells to be reliably performed, which constitute an advantage due to the limited number of available correlations to calcula te the gas void fraction in geothermal wells.
Preconcepciones de estudiantes de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali sobre el curso de estadística
José Rafael Tovar Cuevas,Harold Castillo Sánchez,María del Pilar Marín
Pensamiento Psicológico , 2007,
Abstract: Una de las dificultades más importantes a que se enfrentan los profesores que ense an estadística en cursos de pre-grado, son las ideas preconcebidas equivocadas respecto al curso. Un cuestionario de 16 puntos dirigido a averiguar la experiencia de los estudiantes en cursos de estadística y matemáticas, sus ideas preconcebidas respecto a los cursos de estadística y su conocimiento previo de la estadística fue respondido por 239 estudiantes de diferentes escuelas. Los estudiantes estuvieron de acuerdo en la importancia de realizar por lo menos un curso de estadística en su entrenamiento personal. Los resultados mostraron que los cursos de estadística deben pensarse y planearse de tal manera que se promueva un medio ambiente dominado por el pensamiento estadístico, en lugar de ser considerado un curso de cálculo o de matemáticas en el que los estudiantes actúan y hacen cálculos sin tener ideas claras sobre el problema que da pie a tales cálculos.
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