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Somatic Polymorphism Variation in Crotalaria retusa L. Seeds  [PDF]
Paulo Sérgio de Figueiredo, Natale M. Lindoso Silva
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2018.91005
Abstract: The article describes the somatic polymorphism in Crotalaria retusa L. seeds. Each individual may produce yellow dormant seeds, brown quiescent seeds and unviable dark brown ones. Therefore, regarding physiology it is a dimorphism. We show that autogamy reduces dimorphism, favoring the formation of dormant seeds. However, the significant variation in dimorphism is seasonal as consequence of increased viability of dormant seeds under drier weather conditions. The variation is a phenotypic response to changes of humidity in the environment during plant reproduction, a mechanism inducing the prevalence of dormant seeds in the dry season and quiescent seeds during the rainy season. The seasonal alternation between dormancy and quiescence in seasonally dry environments has an apparent adaptive value. The chromatic polymorphism increases on the more humid coast and during the rainy season, due to increased mortality of dormant seeds under wetter weather conditions. Unviable seeds accumulate oxidized phenols in their seed coat that possibly act as induced chemical defenses. Its proportion increases with humidity, accentuating polymorphism, also in response to the increase in the predation rate by larvae of U. ornatrix during the rainy season.
Hipertens?o intracraniana com manifesta??es oculares associada ao uso de tetraciclina: relato de caso
Santos, Frederico Xavier dos;Parolin, André;Lindoso, Elissandro Márcio Silva;Santos, Fernando Henrique Xavier;Sousa, Luciene Barbosa de;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492005000500025
Abstract: the authors describe a young female patient with intracranial hypertension associated with ocular manifestations, during treatment with tetracycline. this is a rare adverse effect described in the medication warnings, and in a few reported cases in the scientific literature.
Liming and postharvest quality of carambola fruits
Prado, Renato de Mello;Natale, William;Corrêa, Márcio Cleber de Medeiros;Silva, José Ant?nio Alberto da;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132005000600003
Abstract: to determine the effects of lime application on the postharvest quality of carambola fruit, an experiment with carambola trees cultivated on an acid soil was conducted at the bebedouro, s?o paulo, brazil. the trees were treated with increasing doses of lime during the pre-planting period. liming led to a increase in calcium concentration of carambola leaves and fruits. adequate nutrition of the plant with calcium improved post-harvest fruit quality, permitting a longer (~ 2 days) period of storage under ambient conditions.
Distribui??o da biomassa e minerais em "família" de bananeira 'prata-an?' adubada com zinco via broto desbastado
Rodrigues, Maria Geralda Vilela;Pacheco, Dilermando Dourado;Natale, William;Silva, José Tadeu Alves da;Dias, Mário Sérgio Carvalho;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452010000200034
Abstract: in the north of minas gerais it is cultivated basically banana 'prata-an?', cultivar that requires mainly zn. the possibility of supply of zinc, without this nutrient gets in touch with the soil, it is important for the region, since several factors take to the low availability of the element supplied by the soil, as: elevated organic matter content on the surface (from cultural residues); maintenance of high ph of the soil - above 6,00 - as strategy contrary to the proliferation of the causal agent of the fusarium wilt; frequent fertilizations with potassium and magnesium that, besides converting the medium into base, they reduce the participation of zn in the balance cation/anion of the soil, hindering the absortion of this micronutrient by the plant. for determining the distribution of biomass and minerals in the banana prata-an?, cultivated under irrigation in the north of minas gerais, when zinc supplied through thinned sprout, an experiment was carried out in the irrigated perimeter of jaíba. the plants were fertilized with 0,00; 1,66 and 3,33 g.family-1 of zn, through thinned sprout. one month after the fertilizations from october, 2007 and february, 2008, the production of fresh mass (fm) and dry mass (dm) were evaluated, the contents and meanings of minerals in all of the banana ''family'' bodies composed by mother-plant with bunch + tall daughter-plant + plant-granddaughter. the doses of zn did not influence on the production of fm and dm of the plants in the first evaluation, while in the second evaluation positive effect of the treatment was observed just for mf accumulated in the inferior leaves, in the portions of the medium third and inferior of the pseudostem, and in the mother-plant's rhizome. as much the content as the accumulation of nutrients in the mother-plants presented the following decreasing order: k > n > ca > mg > p > s > fe > zn > b > cu. the zn contents were affected by the dose of that micronutrient in the most of the studied situation
índice de pegamento de frutos em goiabeiras
Corrêa Márcio Cleber de Medeiros,Prado Renato de Mello,Natale William,Silva Marcos Antonio Camacho da
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2002,
Abstract: A produ o das plantas está relacionada com o florescimento e frutifica o, podendo variar em fun o de fatores genéticos, ambientais e de manejo dos pomares. Informa es dessa natureza, tal como índice de pegamento de frutos, s o importantes na caracteriza o biológica, estudos comparativos de cultivares e predi o de safra. O objetivo deste estudo foi determinar o índice de pegamento de frutos em goiabeiras adultas das cultivares Pedro Sato, Paluma e Rica, em pomares comerciais de elevada produtividade, localizados no município de Taquaritinga-SP. No auge do florescimento de cada cultivar ('Pedro Sato': final de fevereiro; 'Paluma' e 'Rica': final de outubro), foram marcados ramos em volta das plantas, à altura do ter o médio da copa e contados o número de bot es, flores e frutinhos presentes. A opera o repetiu-se cerca de 30 dias depois. A contagem final de frutos foi feita quando estes apresentavam diametro superscript three 3 cm nas plantas de 'Pedro Sato' e uma semana antes da colheita nas plantas de 'Paluma' e 'Rica'. A partir do número total de bot es florais emitidos (NB) e do número de frutos fixados (NF), calculou-se o índice de pegamento de frutos [IP=(NF/NB)100]. A cultivar Pedro Sato apresentou IP=32,3%. As cultivares Paluma e Rica apresentaram IP de 18,7% e 12,2%, respectivamente.
Resposta de mudas de goiabeira à aplica o de zinco
Natale William,Prado Renato de Mello,Corrêa Márcio Cleber de Medeiros,Silva Marcos Antonio Camacho da
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2002,
Abstract: O subsolo, normalmente utilizado para produ o de mudas de frutíferas, apresenta baixa concentra o de zinco e, assim, existe grande probabilidade de resposta à aplica o deste micronutriente. Considerando a falta de informa es sobre o assunto, procurou-se avaliar o efeito da aplica o de zinco ao substrato de produ o das mudas de goiabeira e acompanhar os efeitos no desenvolvimento, na produ o de matéria seca e no estado nutricional das plantas. O delineamento experimental foi em blocos ao acaso, com cinco tratamentos e cinco repeti es. As doses de zinco, na forma de sulfato de zinco, foram: 0; 2; 4; 6 e 8 mg dm-3 de Zn. No plantio, as mudas receberam doses de N, P, K e B de 300; 100; 150 e 0,5 mg dm-3, respectivamente. O experimento foi conduzido em viveiro telado, em vasos com 2,8 dm3 de substrato de um Argissolo Vermelho-Amarelo. Após 135 dias do plantio, avaliaram-se: a altura, a área foliar e a matéria seca da parte aérea e das raízes, bem como os teores de macronutrientes e de Zn. As mudas de goiabeira responderam positivamente à aplica o de zinco. O maior desenvolvimento das mudas esteve associado à dose de 2 mg dm-3 de Zn. Doses iguais ou superiores a 4 mg dm-3 causaram redu o significativa no desenvolvimento e no acúmulo de macronutrientes nas mudas de goiabeira.
Aplica??o superficial de calcário em pomar de laranjeira pêra em produ??o
Silva, Marcos Antonio Camacho da;Natale, William;Prado, Renato de Mello;Corrêa, Márcio Cleber Medeiros;Stuchi, Eduardo Sanches;Andrioli, Itamar;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452007000300036
Abstract: the state of s?o paulo has the largest citriculture of the world, managements are of extreme importance and seek to increase and improve the production. because of that, an experiment with application of five limestone rates was installed in eecb (bebedouro, sp, brazil), in a hapluxtox (red latossol), in july/99. the effects of the limestone, after its application were evaluated through soil testing, in the layers 0-10, 10-20, 20-40 and 40-60 cm, at the 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 months. linear models demonstrated that the effects of surface liming in soil could reach up 20-40cm. it is known that soil base saturation is a great property of liming action, although it is necessary to use more soil parameters to evaluate its effects. in soils with base saturation >50% the limestone application can be reduce. the maximum reaction of limestone happened between the 12 and 18 months after its application, but in areas with perennial cultures the relative studies to the effects of the liming should be longer.
Nematódeos resistentes a anti-helmíntico em rebanhos de ovinos e caprinos do estado do Ceará, Brasil
Melo Ana Carolina Fonseca Lindoso,Reis Iarle Feitosa,Bevilaqua Claudia Maria Leal,Vieira Luiz da Silva
Ciência Rural , 2003,
Abstract: O controle do parasitismo por nematódeos gastrintestinais é feito basicamente com a utiliza o de anti-helmínticos. Falhas no controle s o o primeiro sinal do aparecimento de resistência anti-helmíntica. A real situa o da prevalência da resistência anti-helmíntica, em fazendas comerciais de cria o de ovinos e caprinos no Brasil, é desconhecida. Esse experimento teve como objetivo, estimar a ocorrência de resistência ao oxfendazol, levamisol e ivermectina em propriedades comerciais de cria o de ovinos e caprinos, na regi o do médio e baixo Jaguaribe, através do teste de redu o na contagem de ovos nas fezes acompanhados de coproculturas. O trabalho foi realizado em 25 cria es, sendo 16 de ovinos, 7 de caprinos e uma de ovinos e caprinos. Os dados obtidos foram analisados pelo programa estatístico RESO (1989). A prevalência de nematódeos resistentes ao oxfendazol, levamisol e ivermectina em ovinos foi de 88%, 41% e 59%, e em caprinos de 87,5%, 75% e 37,5%, respectivamente. Observou-se que o gênero Haemonchus foi o mais prevalente na popula o resistente a todos os anti-helmínticos, tanto em ovinos quanto em caprinos, seguido de Trichostrongylus e Oesophagostomum.
Uso da grade aradora superpesada, pesada e arado de discos na incorpora??o de calcário em profundidade e na produ??o de milho
Prado, Renato de M.;Natale, William;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162004000100019
Abstract: the objective of the present study was to assess the effect of the modes of lime incorporation on the correction of soil acidity and on corn production. an experiment was conducted on typic hapludox of clay texture in uberlandia - mg, brazil, from may 1995 to march 1997. the experimental design consisted of a split-plot scheme. the main plots consisted of the modes of lime incorporation: heavy harrow (14 disks of 0.86 m) and leveling harrow (60 disks of 0.56 m); disk plow (4 disks of 0.66 m) and a leveling harrow; super heavy harrow (14 disks of 0.86 m) and a leveling harrow. the subplots were doses of dolomitic lime of 0; 6 and 9.2 t ha-1. the mode of lime incorporation affected the efficiency of liming in terms of soil profile. the heavy harrow was inadequate for lime incorporation. plowing with a super heavy harrow plus level harrowing showed a satisfactory performance, reaching a depth of as much as 0.20 m. harrowing with a super heavy harrow provided a greater uniformity and depth of incorporation, with neutralization of soil acidity to a depth of 0.30 m. corn responded in a linear manner to lime incorporation, with the mode of incorporation by harrowing with a super heavy harrow providing a greater production.
Efeito da aplica??o de silicato de cálcio no crescimento, no estado nutricional e na produ??o de matéria seca de mudas de maracujazeiro
Prado, Renato de M.;Natale, William;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662005000200006
Abstract: this work was carried out with the objective of evaluating the effect of the addition of industrial residue (calcium silicate) to the substrate in the production of the passion fruit seedlings, studying the benefits in the development, the production of dry matter and the nutritional state of the plants. the experimental design adapted was a randomized block with 5 treatments and 4 repetitions. the doses of calcium silicate applied were equivalent to raise in half; one; one and half; and twice the dose to elevate percentage of base saturation = 50%, corresponding to the 0; 0.45; 0.90; 1.35 and 1.80 g per pot, respectively, besides a control without application. the experimental unit was constituted of pots with 2 dm3 of a red latossol (oxisol). after 80 days of the plantation, the height, stem diameter, number of leaves and the dry matter of the shoot and the root, as well as contents of macro and micronutrients were evaluated. the passion fruit seedlings responded to the calcium silicatie application. the maximum development was associated with the base saturation of 58% with the concentrations of ca in the soil equivalent to19 mmolc dm-3 and the content of ca in the shoot of 12.0 g kg-1.
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