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Novos hospedeiros de Fuligo septica no Estado do Maranh o
Gilson Soares da Silva,Isabel Cristina Madeira Ferreira,Natália Véras Bitencourt
Summa Phytopathologica , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/s0100-54052008000100025
Produ??o do maxixeiro em fun??o de espa?amentos entre fileiras e entre plantas
Oliveira, Ademar P de;Silva, Jandiê A da;Oliveira, Arnaldo Nonato P de;Silva, Damiana F da;Santos, Rodolfo R;Silva, Natália V da;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362010000300017
Abstract: the yield of the gherkin cv. nordestino was evaluated with different spacings between rows and plants in a row in an essay which was carried out at the universidade federal da paraíba, brazil, from august/2007 to january/2008. the randomized block experimental design was used and the treatments were arranged in the factorial scheme 3 x 4 - three spacings between rows (1.0; 2.0; and 3.0 m) and four spacings between plants (0.5; 1.00; 1.5; and 2.0 m) - with four replicates. the experimental plot comprised four rows with ten plants in each one, totaling 40 plants, with one plant per hole. two central rows were considered as the useful area. the evaluated variables were the average mass of commercial fruits, the number and production of the commercial fruits plant-1 and the commercial productivity of fruits. setting 0.5 m between plants, all the characteristics under evaluation decreased as consequence of increasing spacings between rows. the highest values for average fruit mass (38 g), number of fruits (67 and 78) and productivity of fruits plant-1 (36 and 34 kg) were obtained at spacings of 2.0 and 3.0 m between rows and 1.0 m between plants, respectively. the highest productivities of commercial fruits (16 and 12.9 t ha-1) were obtained with 1.0 and 1.5 m between plants and 2.0 and 1.0 m between rows. on the other hand, the highest spacing between plants (2.0 m) reduced fruit productivity.
Anti-tumor therapy with macroencapsulated endostatin producer cells
Danielle B Rodrigues, Roger Chammas, Natália V Malavasi, Patrícia LN da Costa, Rosa M Chura-Chambi, Keli N Balduino, Ligia Morganti
BMC Biotechnology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6750-10-19
Abstract: Mice were inoculated subcutaneously with melanoma (B16F10 cells) or Ehrlich tumor cells at the foot pads. Treatment began when tumor thickness had reached 0.5 mm, by subcutaneous implantation of 107 recombinant encapsulated or non-encapsulated endostatin producer cells. Similar melanoma growth inhibition was obtained for mice treated with encapsulated or non-encapsulated endostatin-expressing cells. The treatment of mice bearing melanoma tumor with encapsulated endostatin-expressing cells was decreased by 50.0%, whereas a decrease of 56.7% in tumor thickness was obtained for mice treated with non-encapsulated cells. Treatment of Ehrlich tumor-bearing mice with non-encapsulated endostatin-expressing cells reduced tumor thickness by 52.4%, whereas lower tumor growth inhibition was obtained for mice treated with encapsulated endostatin-expressing cells: 24.2%. Encapsulated endostatin-secreting fibroblasts failed to survive until the end of the treatment. However, endostatin release from the devices to the surrounding tissues was confirmed by immunostaining. Decrease in vascular structures, functional vessels and extension of the vascular area were observed in melanoma microenvironments.This study indicates that immunoisolation devices containing endostatin-expressing cells are effective for the inhibition of the growth of melanoma and Ehrlich tumors.Macroencapsulation of engineered cells is therefore a reliable platform for the refinement of innovative therapeutic strategies against tumors.Angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels from existing capillaries, is required for tumors to expand beyond 1-2 mm3 in size. It is also essential for the growth and persistence of solid tumors and their metastases [1-3]. Endostatin is a specific angiogenesis inhibitor that prevents vascular endothelial cells from proliferating and migrating in response to proangiogenic proteins. This inhibitor can potently prevent tumor growth without inducing toxicity or acquired drug resist
Viscoelásticos oftálmicos: compara??o entre os comerciais e formula??es de galactomanana de Dimorphandra gardneriana
Pires, Natália R.;Cunha, Pablyana L. R. da;Paula, Regina C. M. de;Feitosa, Judith P. A.;Jamacaru, Francisco V. F.;Moraes Filho, Manoel O.;
Química Nova , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422010000800017
Abstract: ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (ovd) are materials injected in intraocular space during cataract removal to reduce trauma in the patient's eye. three brazilian commercially available ovds (medilon?, metilcelulose? and ofthyal?) were evaluated as well as formulations based on dimorphandra gardneriana galactomannan. viscosity and viscoelastic parameters, such as viscosity at zero shear, pseudoplasticity index, elastic and viscous moduli, relaxation time, were determined and compared. characteristics of an effective ovd were proposed. none of the brazilian devices studied fulfill the rheological requirements. only the galactomannan at 3% concentration showed potential to be used as effective ovd.
Aduba??o fosfatada em inhame em duas épocas de colheita
Oliveira, Arnaldo Nonato P de;Oliveira, Francisco A;Sousa, Leossávio C de;Oliveira, Ademar P de;Silva, Jandiê A da;Silva, Damiana F da;Silva, Natália V da;Santos, Rodolfo R;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362011000400002
Abstract: the low content of phosphorus in tropical soils makes essential the research about fertilization in crops which are poorly studied such as yam. thus, this study aimed to evaluate the yam productivity (cultivar da costa) depending on phosphorus doses and harvest seasons. from february to december 2009, an experiment was carried out using the randomized blocks experimental design in subdivided plots, with four replications. in the plots six doses of phosphorus were evaluated (0, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 kg ha-1 of p2o5), and in the subplots two harvest seasons (seven and nine months after planting). the highest weight of tubers in seven and nine months was 1.94 and 2.20 kg with 245 and 240 kg ha-1 of p2o5, respectively. there was no significant effect of phosphorus doses on the total productivity in seven months and the average value was 13 t ha-1. the highest marketable productivity was 11.8 t ha-1 with 266 kg ha-1 of p2o5. in nine months, the highest total and marketable yield (24.7 and 20.5 t ha-1, respectively) was achieved with the application of 285 and 226 kg ha-1 of p2o5, respectively. the yield of tubers classified as first was 80 and 90% in seven and nine months, respectively, and was obtained with the application of 320 and 277 kg ha-1 of p2o5, respectively. the economic doses were 219 and 233 kg ha-1 of p2o5 to obtain 20.19 t ha-1 and 12.88 t ha-1 of marketable tubers in seven and nine months, representing increments of 19.17 and 3.9 t ha-1 in comparison to no application of phosphorus, respectively.
Tecnologia alternativa para produ??o de túberas-semente de inhame e seus reflexos na produtividade
Oliveira, Ademar P de;Silva, Damiana F da;Silva, Jandiê A da;Oliveira, Arnaldo Nonato P de;Santos, Rodolfo R;Silva, Natália V da;Oliveira, Francisca Joseanny M e;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362012000300033
Abstract: this study was carried out in two steps at ufpb, in areia, paraiba state, brazil, to evaluate the yam seed production by a high density planting system of tuber-seed portions and its effect on tuber yield. the experimental design in the two steps was randomized blocks with eight treatments and four replications. in the first step were produced yam tuber-seeds through planting of tuber-seed. initially, we produced tuber-seed portions by planting pieces of 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200 g, spaced 20 x 20 cm. the seeds produced in the previous step, had average weight of 108, 133, 157, 181, 205, 229, 253 and 277 g, which were planted to evaluate the yam yield. we evaluated the average mass and the production of seed tubers and the total and commercial yield. the production and average weight of tuber-seeds increased linearly with increasing weight of the pieces of tuber-seeds planted, with maximum values of 277 and 4,170 g, respectively, obtained with a piece of 200 g of tuber-seeds. the total average yield was 13.6 t ha-1 depending on the weight of the planted seed-roots. the marketable yield of tubers was 10.8 t ha-1 obtained with tuber-seeds with an average weight of 181 g, which represents a savings of 34% in the amount of tuber-seeds necessary for the implementation of a hectare of yam.
Entre memória e promessa: a identidade de ciência na revista Galileu
Flores, Natália;Silveira, Ada Cristina Machado da;
Linguagem em (Dis)curso , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1518-76322011000200004
Abstract: in this paper, it is examined how the identity of science is produced in galileu magazine. the analysis assumes that the media is constitutive of identities, which not only relate to a particular product, but are built by the confluence of different elements according to the historicity of their discursive formations. our guiding questions ask about the presence of ipse and idem elements - of the narrative identity in ricoeur (1991) - and its relation with discursive formations in the discursive formation of the identity of science in the discourse of the magazine. the corpus of the research includes four cover stories of galileu magazine, namely, the editions of april, may, june and july 2010. it analyzes how the activity of science, from a modern or a postmodern perspective, allows for the construction of science identities in galileu and how it builds the tension between sameness and ipseness, between memory and promise.
Perfil do cuidador familiar do paciente com seqüela de acidente vascular encefálico
Fonseca,Natália da Rosa; Penna,Aline Fonseca Gueudeville;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232008000400013
Abstract: this descriptive study using a qualitative approach aimed to identify who are the family caregivers and to understand how the caregiver is chosen amongst the family members of stroke patients. data were collected by means of a semi-structured questionnaire applied to ten family caregivers. in addition, these caregivers were observed during the interview.the interviews were recorded, transcribed and analyzed. most of the caregivers who participated in this study were females, married, partners and daughters, with a mean age of 54 years. the statements demonstrated that the "choice" of taking care is not so much an option but closely related to a feeling of obligation. besides, this choice is also related to the affective relation established with the patient before the illness.
Uma nova no??o de empresário: a naturaliza??o do "empreendedor"
Leite, Elaine da Silveira;Melo, Natália Maximo e;
Revista de Sociologia e Política , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-44782008000200005
Abstract: we can currently perceive a veritable explosion of books, magazines and television programs geared toward topics such as career, business and entrepreneurship. while on the one hand there is a wide range of academic literature that studies entrepreneurial activity as a type of economic action and the entrepreneur as a social actor characterized by a type of practice linked to leadership and innovation, on the other hand there is another non-academic type of literature to be found which turns entrepreneurial activity into a set of ideal principals on good behavior and uses this as an opportunity to establish normative prescriptions for those who wish to become entrepreneurs. in light of this phenomenon, the present article discusses the construction of an ideology that sees entrepreneurialism as a form of social action imbued with ethical connotation. businessmen's success stories thus emerge as rich empirical material for understanding the building and dissemination of an ideology within which the notion of the businessman is re-signified. standing center stage are the "gurus" of business administration whom, through their editorial success - via internet and large-scale media - spread practical advice and assume a role as moral facilitators of entrepreneurialism. we conclude that through this advice and the dissemination of exemplary cases of success (following the example of protestantism in the early days of capitalism), subjects who are willing to act economically and in ways recognized as good and just are shaped. thus from this point of view entrepreneurialism may be seen as the ideology of contemporary capitalism, emerging as a means to guarantee adherence to and the legitimacy of activities that in other periods were not held in high esteem.
Factors Related to Musculoskeletal Disorders in Nursing Workers
Fonseca, Natália da Rosa;Fernandes, Rita de Cassia Pereira;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692010000600006
Abstract: this cross-sectional study identified factors associated to musculoskeletal disorders in nursing auxiliaries and technicians in salvador - bahia. three hundred and eight randomly selected female workers answered a questionnaire administered by an interviewer, with questions related to physical and psychosocial demands at work, individual characteristics and activities outside work. multivariate analysis revealed that musculoskeletal disorders in neck, shoulder or upper back and musculoskeletal disorders in low back are associated to physical demand (material handling, poor back posture and work repetitiveness), psychosocial demand and precarious physical fitness. musculoskeletal disorders in distal upper extremities are associated to physical demands (repetitiveness and force) and years of work (> 19). the results appoint the need for intervention strategies, incorporating both the organizational aspects of work and adaptations in the physical environment and in the characteristics of tasks.
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