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Assistência de enfermagem ao potencial doador de órg?os em morte encefálica
Guetti, Nancy Ramos;Marques, Isaac Rosa;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672008000100014
Abstract: this study aimed at describing nurse's activities in the assistance for the physiological maintenance of potential organ donors. this is a non-structured bibliographic review that considered current publications having as basis the publications of the brazilian organ transplant association and of the brazilian intensive medicine association. results are organized according to the following structure: ethical issues related to organ and tissue removal, physiological repercussions of brain death (bd), clinical and technological signs of bd, and nursing assistance in the physiological maintenance of potential organ donors. it was concluded that it is essential for the nurse to have enough knowledge about possible physiological alterations resulting from bd. when that knowledge is put into practice, nurse's role will contribute for changes in transplants scenario.
Evaluation of physical characteristics of substrates formulated with organic waste for the production of forestry seedlings in tubes
Marques Rondon Rondon Neto,Carolina Bombardelli Ramos
Pesquisa Aplicada & Agrotecnologia , 2010, DOI: 10.5777/801
Abstract: El experimento fue desarrollado en el Laboratorio de Suelos de la Ciudad Universitaria de Alta Floresta, pertenecientes a UNEMAT - Universidad de Estado de Mato Grosso. Los componentes utilizados en la formulación de los sustratos utilizados se obtuvieron de la Municipalidad de Alta Floresta - extremo norte de Mato Grosso. El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar las características físicas de los sustratos de diferentes composiciones formuladas con residuos orgánicos para la producción de plántulas forestales en tubetes. Fueran testadas doce combinaciones de sustrato (tratamientos). Las características analizadas fueron: densidad, porosidad total, micro y macro porosidad y capacidad de retención de agua en los tubetes de 50 cm3. El T6 (70% de estiércol de ganadería curado y 30% cáscara de arroz carbonizada) fue el sustrato que mostró los mejores valores de los parámetros analizados, y estos poden ser testados para la producción de plántulas forestales. O experimento foi desenvolvido no Laboratório de Solos do Campus Universitário de Alta Floresta, pertencente à UNEMAT - Universidade do Estado de Mato Grosso. Os componentes utilizados na formula o dos substratos testados foram obtidos no município de Alta Floresta – extremo norte do Estado de Mato Grosso. O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar as características físicas de diferentes composi es de substratos formulados com resíduos organicos para a produ o de mudas florestais em tubetes. Foram testadas doze combina es de substratos (tratamentos). As características analisadas foram: densidade global, porosidade total, micro e macroporosidade e capacidade máxima de reten o de água em tubetes de 50 cm3. O T6 (70% de esterco bovino curtido e 30% de casca de arroz carbonizada) foi o substrato que apresentou os melhores valores para os parametros analisados, podendo ser testado para produ o de mudas florestais. The experiment was developed in the Laboratory of Soils of the University Campus of Alta Floresta, which belongs to the UNEMAT - Universidade do Estado de Mato Grosso (State University of Mato Grosso). The compounds used in the formula of the substrates tested were obtained in the municipality of Alta Floresta – northernmost of the state of Mato Grosso. The aim of this study was to evaluate the physical characteristics of different organic substrates formulated with organic waste for production of forest seedlings in tubes. We tested twelve substrate combinations (treatments). The analyzed characteristics were: density, total porosity, micro and porosity and capacity to retain water in tubes of 50
Quantum Corrections to Nucleation Rates
G. C. Marques,Rudnei O. Ramos
Physics , 1992,
Abstract: In this paper we show how to compute in a consistent way nucleation rates in field theory at finite temperatures, with metastable vacuum. Using the semiclassical approach in field theory at finite temperature we show that the prefactor term can be calculated explicitly (in the thin-wall approximation) and that the same provides exponential finite temperature quamtum corrections to nucleation rates, when fluctuations around the bubble field configuration are considered.
Jointly Optimal Sensing and Resource Allocation for Multiuser Overlay Cognitive Radios
Luis M. Lopez-Ramos,Antonio G. Marques,Javier Ramos
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Successful deployment of cognitive radios requires efficient sensing of the spectrum and dynamic adaptation of the available resources according to the sensed (imperfect) information. While most works design these two tasks separately, in this paper we address them jointly. In particular, we investigate an overlay cognitive radio with multiple secondary users that access orthogonally a set of frequency bands originally devoted to primary users. The schemes are designed to minimize the cost of sensing, maximize the performance of the secondary users (weighted sum rate), and limit the probability of interfering the primary users. The joint design is addressed using dynamic programming and nonlinear optimization techniques. A two-step strategy that first finds the optimal resource allocation for any sensing scheme and then uses that solution as input to solve for the optimal sensing policy is implemented. The two-step strategy is optimal, gives rise to intuitive optimal policies, and entails a computational complexity much lower than that required to solve the original formulation.
The Total Amount of Energy Delivered by A Brazilian Hospital Catering does not Meet Patient Requirements as Measured by Indirect Calorimetry  [PDF]
Carolina Ferreira Nicoletti, Tatiana Pereira Lima, Roberta Deh Souza Santos, Nancy Yukie Yamamoto Tanaka, Vivian Marques Suen, Julio Sergio Marchini, Carla Barbosa Nonino
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2011.22008
Abstract: The literature is controversial regarding the dietary recommendations for hospitalized patients in Brazil. Objective: We aimed to determine whether the energy content of the diet for hospitalized patients met their energy requirements measured by indirect calorimetry. Methods: Cross-sectional study conducted on adult hospitalized patients of both sexes. The prescription food was checked by reading the charts. Nutritional status was evaluated on the basis of weight, abdominal circumference (AbC), arm circumference (AC), body mass index and waist/hip ratio (WHR). The resting energy requirements of the patients were determined by indirect calorimetry. The diets offered were collected on 3 random non-consecutive days. Total nitrogen, lipid, water, ash and carbohydrate content of the menus were determined. Patients receiving a general or low-sodium diet by the oral route participated in the study. The Student T test was used to analyze the differences in energy expenditure between individuals. The association between gender and percent adequacy of the diet was calculated by the Fisher exact test. The level of significance was set at p < 0.05. Results: We studied 46 adult patients of both genders (29 women and 17 men) aged 45 ± 16 years. Anthropometric evaluation re-vealed a mean weight of 72 ± 26 kg, BMI of 28 ± 10 kg/m². 78% of the patients received energy above their require-ments, with this value increasing to 82% when obese patients were excluded. Conclusion: Since the hospital diet is an important and often vital resource for the recovery of patients and in view of the high prevalence of undernutrition or obesity, it is fundamental to adjust it to the intra-hospital reality.
Effect of Carbon Fillers in Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Matrix Prepared by Twin-Screw Extrusion  [PDF]
Luiz Felipe M. Rocha, Suellem B. Cordeiro, Leonardo C. Ferreira, Flávio James H. Ramos, Maria de Fátima Marques
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2016.712066
Abstract: Oxidized (GO) and expanded (G-Exp) graphite were employed to prepare composites with ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) matrix using masterbatches of polyethylene with different compositions. The materials and a blend of UHMWPE/HDPE were prepared by extrusion and their properties were evaluated. The effect of carbon fillers on the crystalline structure, thermo dynamic-mechanical (DMTA) and thermal properties (melting and crystallization temperatures) of the composites were discussed. The thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and wide-angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD) measurements showed that the addition of masterbatch with GO and G-Exp significantly increased the crystallite size of composites, increasing the temperatures of melting, degradation, glass transition and the degree of crystallinity of polyethylene. DMTA analysis indicated the storage and loss moduli of composites in relation to neat UHMWPE, the blend and UHMWPE/composites. SEM micrographs showed a flatter, continuous and uniform surface meaning a compact lamellar structure. The present work resulted in interesting findings on the effects of GO on the crystalline structures, mechanical and thermal properties of UHMWPE, which can lead to generalizations useful for future work.
Investors Perception Regarding Depository Services
Golden Research Thoughts , 2013, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: Depository is an organization which holds securities of investors in electronic form. The objectives ofdepository system are to reduce the time for transfer of securities, to avoid the risk of settlement of securities, toenhance liquidity and efficiency, to reduce cost of transaction for the investor, to create a system for the centralhandling of all securities, to promote the county's competitiveness by complying with global standards, to provideservice infrastructure in a capital market.In this article, Investigator gave brief overview about depository participants, eligibility criteria for DPsand the legal framework of Depository system in India. In research, investigator has used a structured questionnairefor eliciting the required responses relating to Depository Services from the general public. For the purpose ofsecondary data books, articles, reports, annual reports of the stock exchanges, news papers and internet has beenused.
A família como institui??o moderna
Ramos, Danielle Marques dos;Nascimento, Virgílio Gomes do;
Fractal : Revista de Psicologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-02922008000200012
Abstract: every institution is a socialization tool created by man with function of managing your own interpersonal relationships. institution creates norm, law, legitimacy for individual's behavior in society. it is also generator of stability and security in social exchanges. considering family like an institution, it presents itself as the first institution with which individual has contact in life. however, changes occurred in the society have altered ways of social interaction inside the families, establishing new ways of relationship between individual and environment in and out of them. such changes are important in the new signification of family while a social institution.
Prevalência da asma e da rinite em adolescentes de 13 anos do Porto, Portugal
Falc?o,Helena; Ramos,Elisabete; Marques,Agostinho; Barros,Henrique;
Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia , 2008,
Abstract: background: the prevalence of asthma and rhinitis has been increasing over the past few decades, but the last few years have seen these rates stabilise or even decrease. aim: the aim of our study was to describe the prevalence of rhinitis, asthma or asthma-like symptoms in 13 year-old urban adolescents. methods: eligible participants were all students at state and private schools in porto born in 1990. 2161 (77.5%) agreed to participate. information was obtained using self-administered questionnaires inquiring into social, demographic, behavioural and clinical history including asthma and allergic diseases in the adolescent and the family. we used the portuguese version of the international study of asthma and allergies in childhood (isaac) questionnaire and we also performed spirometry tests. results: in this sample of 13 year old urban adolescents the prevalence of asthma ever was 12.9%, 84.4% with physician diagnosis. lifetime wheezing was reported by 18.3% and current wheezing by 9.3% of the adolescents. rhinitis was referred to by 10.1%, but the prevalence of adolescents with sneezing ever, or a runny/blocked nose, was 32.0% and the prevalence in the last 12 months was 27.4%. conclusion: we concluded that there was stabilisation or even decrease in the prevalence of asthma and rhinitis symptoms and diagnosis in adolescents reported in porto, compared with the 2002 isaac study, as observed in other surveys in europe. asthma and rhinitis is frequently present in the same patient and nocturnal cough is an important symptom concomitant with nasal symptoms. measures of lung function permitted the discrimination of adolescents with respiratory complaints.
Extra??o de incisivo inferior: uma op??o terapêutica
Lima, Camilo Massa Ferreira;Lacet, Eduardo;Marques, Candice Ramos;
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-54192005000400006
Abstract: the orthodontic treatment strategy in crowded cases has usually been oscillated among no extraction and premolars' extractions. in certain situations the choice for an alternative or another would bring negative consequences. the extraction of a lower incisor in well selected cases represents an efficient approach, although little attention has been given to this kind of therapy in the literature. however, the correct indication must be evaluated by the orthodontist, who needs to know the peculiarities related to this treatment modality. in this sense, the aim of this work is to approach in a systematic way the several clinical aspects related with this therapeutic modality, illustrating its applicability through the presentation of treated cases.
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