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Oncoplasty’s Contribution in Breast Cancers: About 48 Cases  [PDF]
Amine Rafik, Mounia Douiri, Naima Bahechar, Abdessamad Chlihi
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1101330
Abstract: Introduction: Oncoplasty has developed for 20 years in order to avoid potentially major deformations of conservative treatment. We report the results of our oncoplastic breast operations. Patients and Methods: We conducted a descriptive and retrospective study of 48 patients treated by oncoplastic technique in the national center of burn and plastic surgery in the U.H. IBN-ROCHD of Casablanca between 2011 and 2014. Patient and tumor characteristics, as well as information on the procedures and complications, were collected from clinical records. Results: Forty-eight cases were reviewed. The tumors were processed for the majority of invasive ductal carcinoma pT2. Seven patients had an inadequate surgical margin. About histology, the rate of recovery for non-positive margins was significantly lower in the CCI alone than that in other types. Morbidity was 14.5% and the average delayed to adjuvant treatment of 72 days. The symmetrization rate was 24%. In terms of oncological results, during a median follow-up of 22 months, the rate of local recurrences was 13%. Conclusion: The oncoplastic operations offer tools for breast conservation in patients and otherwise is destined for mastectomy or poor esthetic outcome. This study shows that the goal of surgical therapy is to identify patients who are suitable for oncoplastic surgery. Proper pre-operative evaluation and diagnosis, surgical planning, adequacy of resection, and pathological evaluation are essential.
Nosocomial Infections in a Morocco Burn Unit  [PDF]
Amine Rafik, Hakim Chabbak, Kawtare Jouhri, Mounia Diouri, Naima Bahechar, Abdes-samad Chlihi
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1101394
Abstract: Introduction: The bacterial nosocomial infection remains a common cause of death in patients who have sustained a severe burn injury. Material and Methods: We conducted a prospective study of 45 patients hospitalized in the ICU burns Hospital IBN-ROCHD of Casablanca over a period of six months, from 1 January 2014 to 30 June 2014. The criteria for nosocomial infection were those of the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta in 1988. Result: Incidence rates were calculated. The bacterial ecology of the service was described as also antibiotype. The population was predominantly male (14 women and 31 men). Their average age was 39 years; the occurrence of 17 nosocomial infections in 45 patients appeared from this study. The cumulative incidence was 103 infections per 1000 days of treatment. Regarding the characteristics of bacterial infections, infected sites were skin (69%), blood (18%), urinary tract (12%) and lungs (1%). The main organisms were: Staphylococcus sp. (37.7%), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (19.8%), Enterococcus faecalis and Proteus mirabilis (18.5%). Staphylococci were méthicillin-resistant in 22% of cases. Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter were multi-resistant (66%). The establishment of the bacterial ecology of the service helped us set the right rules of prescription of antibiotics. Conclusion: Finally, controlling the epidemic risk posed by the emergence of resistant organisms is necessary to combine the practice of good antibiotic therapy and prevention.
Improving the Reliability of Unmanned Aircraft System Wireless Communications through Cognitive Radio Technology  [PDF]
Hector Reyes, Naima Kaabouch
Communications and Network (CN) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2013.53027

Unmanned Aircraft System networks are a special type of networks where high speeds of the nodes, long distances and radio spectrum scarcity pose a number of challenges. In these networks, the strength of the transmitted/received signals varies due to jamming, multipath propagation, and the changing distance among nodes. High speeds cause another problem, Doppler Effect, which produces a shifting of the central frequency of the signal at the receiver. In this paper we discuss a modular system based on cognitive to enhance the reliability of UAS networks.

In Vitro Germination and Plantlet Establishment of Wild Chamomile of Morocco Cladanthus mixtus (L.) Oberpr. and Vogt  [PDF]
Naima Harras, Ahmed Lamarti
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.518277

In vitro seeds germination and plantlets establishment of Cladanthus mixtus (L.) Oberpr. and Vogt were studied in this report. A reliable protocol was developed for in vitro seed germination, multiplication and plantlet regeneration of Cladanthus mixtus. The seeds were sterilized and cultured in different media. Among the two basal media evaluated for symbiotic seed germination, gelled distilled water was found to be the best with a high percentage of seeds germination (100%) after 33 hours of culture. Seedlings were further transferred to different types of media. Result observed after 4 weeks showed that MS medium promotes the highest growth with an average of 2.75 ± 0.12 cm shoot length and 2.60 ± 0.29 shoots per explants, and the mean number of roots achieved 3.33 ± 0.17 root per explants with a length of 2.42 ± 0.16 cm. This study showed that macroelements of MS (1962) medium is essential for in vitro shoot multiplication, growth and rooting of shoots of Cladanthus mixtus L.

Scientific Preoccupations of Tlemcen scholars in Fez: During the eighth century AH / fourteenth century AD : /
Naima Boukridimi
Historical Kan Periodical , 2011,
Abstract: / . : ( ) . : ( 784 /1347 ). / (681 757 /1282 1356 ) ( 818 /1415 ). ( 789 /1387 ) (732 808 /1331 1405 ). ( ) ( 791 /1389 ). / .
Reconstruction of Scrotal and Perineal Defects in Fournier’s Gangrene  [PDF]
Hakim Chabak, Amine Rafik, Mohammed Ezzoubi, Mounia Diouri, Na?ma Bahechar, Abdessamad Chlihi
Modern Plastic Surgery (MPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/mps.2015.53005
Abstract: Fournier’s gangrene described in 1883 by Jean Alfred Fournier, still poses ethiopathogenic, evolutive and therapeutic problems. This is a therapeutic emergency; early diagnosis, medical and surgical treatments contribute to reducing mortality rate. Tissue defect engendered by infection and/or by its excision requires morphological and functional reconstruction. The choice of the reconstruction technique depends on several parameters: early or delayed coverage, the size of the defect, the local capital skin and the patient’s general condition. Through this study involving 95 cases of scrotal and perineal gangrene treated at the National Center of Burns and Plastic Surgery of Ibn Rochd University Hospital of Casablanca over a period of 10 years (2004-2014), we report our approach in the surgical management of defect secondary to Fournier’s gangrene.
Metamaterial Tunable Filter Design  [PDF]
Naima Benmostefa, M. Meliani, H. Ouslimani
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2013.56040

This paper presents a new concept to implement a tunable filter metamaterial with dual negative refraction composed of ferrite slabs and metallic resonators, including split-ring resonators (SRR), and short wire pairs. The ferrite slabs under an applied magnetics bias provide one magnetic resonance frequency band and the metallic resonators provide another one. The continuous wires within the metamaterials provide the negative permittivity in a wide frequency band covering the two magnetic resonance bands. This type of metamaterialis analyzed in detail, and tunable stop band filters are successfully designed. The effective electromagnetic parameters obtained from the simulation of the S-parameters indicate that metamaterial exhibit negative refraction bands, which can be shifted by changing the magnetic bias.

Transcriptome screen for fast evolving genes by Inter-Specific Selective Hybridization (ISSH)
Juan I Montoya-Burgos, Aurélia Foulon, Ilham Bahechar
BMC Genomics , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-11-126
Abstract: We demonstrate the efficiency of the ISSH method by generating a brain cDNA library enriched in fast evolving transcripts of a non-model catfish species as well as a control, non-enriched library. Our results indicate that the enriched library contains effectively more fast evolving sequences than the control library. Gene annotation analyses also indicate enrichment in genes with low expression levels and non-ubiquitously expressed genes, both categories encompassing the majority of fast evolving genes. Furthermore, most of the identified transcripts show higher sequence divergence between two closely related catfish species as compared to recognized fast evolving DNA markers.The ISSH method offers a simple, inexpensive and efficient way to screen the transcriptome for isolating fast evolving genes. This method opens new opportunities in the investigation of biological mechanisms that include fast evolving genes, such as the evolution of lineage specific processes and traits responsible for species adaptation to their environment.Fast evolving DNA sequences are used for answering a broad range of biological questions relative to population processes and phylogeography [e.g. [1]], species diversification [e.g. [2,3]], conservation biology [4] and also genome or phenotype mapping [e.g. [5]]. However, due to the very same intrinsic quality for which they are looked for, i.e. their high evolutionary rate, fast evolving DNA sequences display "lineage specific" changes and therefore require de novo development each time a new group of non-model organisms is being investigated. Despite various methodologies targeted toward the isolation of unspecific polymorphic DNA fragments [e.g. [6-8]] the identification and the isolation of fast evolving DNA sequences in non-model organisms is still laborious and expensive, making it a major impediment to the routine analysis of multiple loci on many taxa.The isolation of fast evolving genes has gained new motivation and attention as
Cyclic Voltammetry and Impedance Spectroscopy Behavior Studies of Polyterthiophene Modified Electrode
Naima Maouche,Belkacem Nessark
International Journal of Electrochemistry , 2011, DOI: 10.4061/2011/670513
Abstract: We present in this work a study of the electrochemical behaviour of terthiophene and its corresponding polymer, which is obtained electrochemically as a film by cyclic voltammetry (CV) on platinum electrode. The analysis focuses essentially on the effect of two solvents acetonitrile and dichloromethane on the electrochemical behaviour of the obtained polymer. The electrochemical behavior of this material was investigated by cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The voltammograms show that the film of polyterthiophene can oxide and reduce in two solutions; in acetonitrile, the oxidation current intensity is more important than in dichloromethane. The impedance plots show the semicircle which is characteristic of charge-transfer resistance at the electrode/polymer interface at high frequency and the diffusion process at low frequency. 1. Introduction As other conjugated conducting polymers, polythiophene and its oligomers can be polymerized from their monomers in solutions by electrochemical methods. The electrochemical synthesis is advantageous method: polymers are formed in the doped state; films generally possess interesting electrochemical and good semiconductor properties [1] and relatively good stability in air for both the neutral and oxidised states [2–7]. The mechanism of the electropolymerisation of conducting polymers and polyheterocycles occurred by the coupling via α-α bonding of monomer radical cation after its oxidation at the electrode, and the protons are removed from dihydrodication leading to neutral species [8–10]. As the dimer is more easily oxidized than the monomer, it is immediately oxidized. The chain elongation occurs by the addition of new monomer radical cation leading to polymerization and forms the insoluble polymeric species, which subsequently deposits onto the electrode [11]. Conducting polymer-modified electrodes have been widely investigated because of their potential application in areas such as electrocatalysis [12, 13], sensors [14, 15], corrosion [16–18], batteries [19, 20], electronic displays, and devices [21–24]. In our previous work [25], we have studied the role of P3T in corrosion of stainless steel; the results were important and show effectively that the film of P3T will decrease the corrosion rate. In this paper, we are interested in performing an electrochemical characterisation of P3T films electrochemically synthesized, in two organic solvents: acetonitrile (CH3CN) and dichloromethane (CH2Cl2), at platinum substrates. We want to show how the medium of the analysis is
Metastatic neuroblastoma to the mandible in a 3-year-old boy: a case report
Otmani,Naima; Khattab,Mohamed;
Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal (Internet) , 2007,
Abstract: although neuroblastoma is a relatively common malignancy of childhood and its dissemination to distant organs is often seen, metastasis to the mandible is rare. a 3-year-old boy which a mandibular soft tissue mass was the initial presenting symptom of disseminated neuroblastoma is reported. the results of biopsy were inconclusive and the differential diagnosis from the imaging studies included lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma, and osteosarcoma. a metastatic work-up disclosed neuroblastoma of the adrenal gland origin with osseous and bone marrow metastases. urinary catecolamines were also increased. regarding the widespread features of the tumor and lack of adequate treatment at this stage of disease, a palliative chemotherapy was conducted, and the patient died one month after starting treatment. this case illustrates that neuroblastoma at a young age, with bone metastases and bone marrow involvement are predictive of the poor outcome of the disease. therefore, detecting early stage metastasis is one of the essential factors for improving treatment of neuroblastoma patients.
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