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New 3′,8′′-Linked Biflavonoids from Selaginella uncinata Displaying Protective Effect against Anoxia
Jun-Xia Zheng,Yang Zheng,Hui Zhi,Yi Dai,Nai-Li Wang,Yan-Xiong Fang,Zhi-Yun Du,Kun Zhang,Ming-Ming Li,Li-Ying Wu,Ming Fan
Molecules , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/molecules16086206
Abstract: Seven 3′,8′′-linked bioflavonoids, including one new compound, (2′′S)-2′′, 3′′-dihydroamentoflavone-4′-methyl ether (1) and six known compounds: (2S)-2,3- dihydroamentoflavone-4′-methyl ether (2), (2S,2′′S)-2,3,2′′,3′′-tetrahydroamento- flavone-4′-methyl ether (3), (2S,2′′S)-tetrahydroamentoflavone (4), (2S)-2,3-dihydro- amentoflavone (5) and (2′′S)-2′′,3′′-dihydroamentoflavone (6) and amentoflavone (7), were isolated from the 60% ethanolic extract of Selaginella uncinata (Desv.) Spring. The structures of these compounds were elucidated mainly by analysis of their 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopic data, and their absolute configurations were determined by circular-dichroism (CD) spectroscopy. All the seven compounds showed protective effect against anoxia in the anoxic PC12 cells assay, in which compound 6 displayed particularly potent activity.
Elevated Frequencies of Circulating Th22 Cell in Addition to Th17 Cell and Th17/Th1 Cell in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome
Lei Zhang, Ting Wang, Xiao-qi Wang, Rui-zhi Du, Kai-ning Zhang, Xin-guang Liu, Dao-xin Ma, Shuang Yu, Guo-hai Su, Zhen-hua Li, Yu-qing Guan, Nai-li Du
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0071466
Abstract: Background Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease mediated by immune cells. Th22 cells are CD4+ T cells that secret IL-22 but not IL-17 or IFN-γ and are implicated in the pathogenesis of inflammatory disease. The roles of Th22 cells in the pathophysiologic procedures of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) remain unclear. The purpose of this study is to investigate the profile of Th22, Th17 and Th17/Th1 cells in ACS patients, including unstable angina (UA) and acute myocardial infarction (AMI) patients. Design and Methods In this study, 26 AMI patients, 16 UA patients, 16 stable angina (SA) patients and 16 healthy controls were included. The frequencies of Th22, Th17 and Th17/Th1 cells in AMI, UA, SA patients and healthy controls were examined by flow cytometry. Plasma levels of IL-22, IL-17 and IFN-γ were measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Results Th22, Th17 and Th17/Th1 cells were significantly increased in AMI and UA patients compared with SA patients and healthy controls. Moreover, plasma IL-22 level was significantly elevated in AMI and UA patients. In addition, Th22 cells correlated positively with IL-22 as well as Th17 cells in AMI and UA patients. Conclusion Our findings showed increased frequencies of both Th22 and Th17 cells in ACS patients, which suggest that Th22 and Th17 cells may play a potential role in plaque destabilization and the development of ACS.
Flavonoids and a New Polyacetylene from Bidens parviflora Willd
Yu-Lan Li,Jun Li,Nai-Li Wang,Xin-Sheng Yao
Molecules , 2008, DOI: 10.3390/molecules13081931
Abstract: Fifteen flavonoids, 1-7 and 9-16, and a polyacetylene, 8, were isolated from the ethanol extract of the dried whole plant of Bidens parviflora Willd. by various chromatographic techniques. Their structures have been elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic analyses and chemical studies. Compound 8 is new and was identified as 3-(R),8(E)-decene-4,6-diyne-1,3,10-triol. All the flavonoid compounds were isolated for the first time from this plant species.
A New Phloroglucinol Diglycoside Derivative from Hypericum japonicum Thunb.
Xiao Wei Wang,Yu Mao,Nai-Li Wang,Xin Sheng Yao
Molecules , 2008, DOI: 10.3390/molecules13112796
Abstract: A new phloroglucinol diglycoside 1, together with eight known compounds, were isolated from Hypericum japonicum Thunb. The structure of the new compound 1 was determined by spectroscopic methods to be 4,6-dimethyl-5-O-[α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→6)-α-D-glucopyranosyl] multifidol. Different solvent extracts of Hypericum japonicum Thunb. were tested for in vivo antihypoxic activity using mice, with the EtOAc extract showing better activity.
Two New Steroidal Saponins from Allium macrostemon Bunge and Their Cytotoxity on Different Cancer Cell Lines
Hai-Feng Chen,Guang-Hui Wang,Qiang Luo,Nai-Li Wang,Xin-Sheng Yao
Molecules , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/molecules14062246
Abstract: Two new steroidal saponins (1 and 2) were isolated from the dried bulbs of Allium macrostemon Bunge. Their structures were elucidated by the spectral data as 26-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-5α-furost-25 (27)-ene-3β, 12β, 22, 26-tetraol-3-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl (1→2) [β-D-glucopyranosyl (1→3)]-β-D-glucopyranosyl (1→4)-β-D-galactopyranoside (1) and 26-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-5β-furost-20 (22)-25 (27)-dien-3β, 12β, 26-triol-3-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl (1→2)-β-D-galactopyranoside (2), respectively. Their cytotoxic activities on several cancer cell lines (MCF-7, NCI-H460, SF-268 and HepG2) were tested. 1 showed special cytotoxity on SF-268, while 2 showed cytotoxity on NCI-H460 and SF-268 cell lines, respectively.
Doping effect from substituting Fe for Mn in Nd0.5Sr0.4Pb0.1Mn1-xFexO3(x=0.0-0.1) compounds
钙钛矿型稀土锰氧化合物Nd0.5Sr0.4Pb0.1Mn1-x FexO3中Mn位的Fe替代效应

Lu Yi,Li Qing-An,Di Nai-Li,Cheng Zhao-Hua,
鲁 毅

物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 对Nd0.5Sr0.4Pb0.1Mn1-xFex O3系列多晶样品的结构,磁和转变特性进行了实验研究.在x=0.00—0.10的范围内获得了单相样品,Fe3+的替代并没有引起整个系列的结构变化,然而Mn位的掺杂却强烈地抑制了Nd 0.5Sr0.4Pb0.1MnO3的铁
Impacts of increased N use and precipitation on microbial C utilization potential in the semiarid grassland of Inner Mongolia

毕 捷
,张乃莉,梁 宇,蔡 禄,马克平

中国生态农业学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Plant community structure and composition have been noted to be sensitive to climate change and N deposition in the semiarid grassland of northern China. Despite this fact, little research has been conducted on the response of microbial community in this semi-arid grassland region. The aim of this study was to assess the variations in soil microbial C utilization potential under future scenarios of changes in precipitation and N deposition in the semiarid grassland of northern China. C utilization potential of soil microbial community was determined at community-based physiological profiles in a 3-year field experiment. To simulate changes in precipitation and N deposition in the area under the future scenario, increased precipitation and N treatments were performed in a experiment field in the semiarid grassland at Inner Mongolia. Based on the study, N application and increased precipitation changed the soil environment that in turn significantly influenced soil microbial C utilization. While increased precipitation increased soil moisture and soil organic matter, N application or N application combined with increased precipitation increased soil dissolved inorganic N and decreased soil pH in the semiarid grassland of the study area. Neither sole application of N nor increased precipitation influenced soil microbial C utilization potential. Positive interactions between increased precipitation and N application enhanced microbial C utilization potential, which implied that microbial C utilization potential was somewhat inactive until N and water were available in sufficient amounts. The response of soil microbial community to increased precipitation and N application confirmed the hypothesis that combined increase in precipitation and N application influenced microbial communities in semiarid grasslands. This enhanced microbial C utilization potential with possible acceleration of the C cycle due to future increases in precipitation and N deposition in the semiarid grassland of North China. Correlations between soil microbial C utilization potential and soil/plant factors suggested that soils, microbes and plants reacted with simultaneously increase in precipitation and N application.

ZHANG Nai-Li,GUO Ji-Xun,WANG Xiao-Yu,MA Ke-Ping,

植物生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 气候变暖和大气N沉降是近一、二十年来人们非常关注的全球变化现象,它们所带来的一系列生态问题已成为全球变化研究的重要议题。它们不仅影响地上植被生长和群落组成,还直接或间接地影响土壤微生物过程,而土壤微生物对此做出的响应正是生态系统反馈过程中非常重要的环节。该文分别从气候变化对土壤微生物的影响(土壤微生物量、微生物活动和微生物群落结构)和土壤微生物对气候变化的响应(凋落物分解、养分利用与循环以及养分的固持与流失)两个角度,综述近期土壤微生物对气候变暖和大气N沉降响应与适应的研究进展。气候变暖和大气N沉降对土壤微生物的影响更多地反映在微生物群落的结构和功能上,而土壤微生物量、微生物活动和群落结构的变化又会通过改变凋落物分解、养分利用和C、N循环等重要的土壤生态系统功能和过程做出响应,形成正向或负向反馈,加强或削弱气候变化给整个陆地生态系统带来的影响。然而,到目前为止土壤微生物的响应对陆地生态系统产生的最终结果仍是未决的关键性问题。

Yang Chuan-zheng Huang Shao-quan Wang Nai-li He Fu-xiang Su Ying-Wei,

金属学报 , 1978,
M?ssbauer Effect Probe of Local Jahn-Teller distortion in Fe-doped Colossal Magnetoresistive Manganites
Zhao-hua Cheng,Zhi-hong Wang,Nai-li Di,Zhi-qi Kou,Guang-jun Wang,Rui-wei Li,Yi Lu,Qing-an Li,Bao-gen Shen,R. A. Dunlap
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1063/1.1605232
Abstract: Local structure of the Fe-doped La$_{1-x}$Ca$_{x}$MnO$_{3}$ (x=0.00-1.00) compounds has been investigated by means of M\"{o}ssbauer spectroscopy. $^{57}$Fe M\"{o}ssbauer spectra provide a direct evidence of Jahn-Teller distortion in these manganites. On the basis of M\"{o}ssbauer results, the Jahn-Teller coupling was estimated. It is noteworthy that Ca-concentration dependence of Jahn-Teller coupling strength is very consistent with the magnetic phase diagram. Our results reveal that M\"{o}ssbauer spectroscopy can not only detect the local structural distortion, but also provide a technique to investigate Jahn-Teller coupling of Fe-doped La$_{1-x}$Ca$_{x}$MnO$_{3}$ colossal magnetoresistive perovskites.
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