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Early Ophthalmological Manifestations of Crouzon Syndrome: About a Case  [PDF]
Nidain Maneh, Meba Banla, Nadiedjoa Kokou Douti, Komi Yayehd, Sophie Arsene, Ko-kou Vonor, Kassoula Batomaguela Nonon Saa, Koffi Didier Ayena, Komi Patrice Balo
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1101046
Abstract: We report the case of a major neonatal form of Crouzon syndrome of ophthalmic finding in a new- born of 21 days of age with no background of consanguinity. The clinical manifestations were marked by signs of Crouzon syndrome associated with dyspnea. The skull radiograph showed a decline of maxillary and closing sutures. The brain scan was marked by a bilateral fronto-parietal hypotrophy with agnenesis of the left temporal. She had received a lateral tarsorrhaphy in prevention to keratopathy of exposure. We noted a substantive consideration of normal eye and no recurrence throttle of eyeball 6 months after tarsorrhaphy. The major forms of Crouzon syndrome is a source of complications including exposure keratopathy and optic atrophy requiring ophthalmological caring in awaiting for a craniofacial surgery.
Doppler shift generated by diffraction gratings under time-dependent incidence angle near a Wood anomaly
Kokou B. Dossou
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: Diffraction gratings are famous for their ability to exhibit, near a Wood anomaly, an arbitrarily large angular dispersion, e.g., with respect to the incidence angle or wavelength. For a diffraction grating under incidence by a plane wave at a fixed frequency, by rotating the incidence angle at a given angular velocity, the field propagated by a nonzero diffraction order will rotate at increasingly fast angular velocity as the incidence angle approaches the angle where Wood anomaly occurs. Such a fast rotating diffracted field has the potential to generate a substantial Doppler shift. Indeed, under the assumption of a grating with infinite extent, the expression for the instantaneous frequency shift perceived by an observer, who is looking into the light radiated by the diffraction order, is derived and it is in full agreement with the prediction from an interpretation based on the Doppler shift generated by a rotation of light sources. In particular the classical (non-relativistic) Doppler shift can take arbitrarily high values as the incidence angle approaches a Wood anomaly. It is also found that gratings of a finite size can have a similar property. In order to have a physically detectable frequency shift, it is important to use a grating which can maintain a significant reflectance into higher diffraction orders near their Wood anomaly cut-off. Interestingly, we have found that the geometry of the nanostructures of a \emph{Morpho} butterfly wing scale is aptly suited for such a function because it can strongly reflect into higher diffraction orders while minimising the reflection into the specular order.
Solid Waste Management Challenges in Urban Areas of Ghana: A Case Study of Bawku Municipality  [PDF]
Nang Biyogue Douti, Samuel Kojo Abanyie, Steve Ampofo
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2017.84026
Abstract: This study was conducted in the Bawku Municipality of the Upper East, Ghana, with the view to assessing the factors that impede the management of solid waste. Questionnaires were submitted to 150 randomly selected households, while face-to-face semi-structured interviews were conducted with the municipal Waste Management Department and a private waste management company, Zoomlion Ghana Ltd. Data collected included components of solid waste generated, waste collection, transportation and final disposal methods, the challenges confronting waste management institutions, and respondents' knowledge and perceptions of the waste management system and their attitudes towards it. Components of wastes generated were organic waste, paper waste and plastics. Factors that adversely affected waste collection and transportation systems were the inadequate supply of waste collection containers, the existence of a weak waste transportation system and a low patronage of the door-to-door collection method. The study showed that the municipal landfill did not meet the required standard. The results also revealed the lack of public awareness on issues regarding waste and lack of a participatory approach that makes the people an active stakeholder in the waste management system. This situation accounted for indiscriminate disposals of waste by most respondents who viewed the issue of waste management as the exclusive responsibility of the local government. The study further showed that the waste management institutions were faced with financial difficulties, understaffing and poor logistics and nature of roads, and social constraints. The study therefore suggests the development of a strategic plan for efficient waste management which revolves around these findings.
Ecological Sustainability of Detar (Detarium senegalense J. F. Gmel) in Togo (West Africa)  [PDF]
Fifonsi Ayélé Dangbo, Kossi Adjonou, Kouami Kokou, Juergen Blaser
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2019.103030

Detarium senegalense J. F. Gmel., of the family of Fabaceae is one of the most exploited tree species in Togo. However, there are only few scientific studies on the distribution of this specie. This study is a contribution to the promotion of multi-purpose tree species in Togo with particular emphasis on a better knowledge of Detarium senegalense. It provides data on the ecology of the specie and his state of regeneration. The data on the specie are based on sample plots in the areas identified as hosts of the specie in Togo. A total of 77 circular plots of 1000 m2 (17.8 m radius) were established in ecological zones II, IV and V of Togo. The dendrometric parameters identified are: the total height and diameter at breast height (DBH) of Detarium senegalense and of all species found in each plot. Detarium senegalense trees of DBH < 10 cm are considered as potential regenerations. Detarium senegalense is more abundant in zones IV (forest area), followed by zone II. In zone V, Detarium senegalense is located only in the forest of “Have”. The structure of Detarium senegalense has a bell-shaped distribution with predominance of trees with large and intermediate diameters ranging between 30 and 70 cm. Trees of small DBH (<30 cm) are often lacking in natural forest stands where Detarium senegalense occurs. This indicates a low regeneration rate of the specie. However, the structure of all species inventoried has a negative exponential distribution with predominance of small diameter trees. The sustainable management of Detarium senegalense in the forest can

A Low-Cost Tele-Imaging Platform for Developing Countries
Kokou Adambounou,Alex P. Salam
Frontiers in Public Health , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2014.00135
Abstract: Purpose: To design a “low-cost” tele-imaging method allowing real-time tele-ultrasound expertise, delayed tele-ultrasound diagnosis, and tele-radiology between remote peripherals hospitals and clinics (patient centers) and university hospital centers (expert center).
Optical Coherence Tomography’s Contribution to the Diagnosis of the Pathologies of the Vitreoretinal Interface in Lomé  [PDF]
Kossi Dzidzinyo, Hubert Yamdeu, Koffi Didier Ayena, Kokou Vonor, Nidain Maneh, Kokou Messan Amedome, Kassoula Batomaguela Nonon Saa, Koko Roger Kuaovi, Yawa Nagbe, Meba Banla, Komi Balo
Open Journal of Ophthalmology (OJOph) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojoph.2018.83022
Abstract: Purpose: To identify the pathologies of the vitreoretinal interface by Optical Coherence Tomography OCT of the retina in Lomé. Methodology: This is a retrospective analytical study, carried out in a specialized liberal center in Lomé. It was based on the analysis of OCT images of the retina, carried out with patients between October 2012 and October 2014. The variables collected were the socio-demographic characteristics, which were the various pathologies of the vitreoretinal interface. Results: 303 eyes of 164 patients were analyzed. The population was predominantly female (sex ratio = 0.95) aged 9 to 84 years with an average of 52.93 years. 121 eyes (39.9%) had posterior vitreous detachment with 66.1% in the 50 - 70 age group. 42 eyes (13.86%) presented vitreomacular traction with 66.6% in the 50 - 70 age group. 31 eyes (10.23%) presented an epi-retinal membrane with 61.2% in the 50 - 70 age group. 33 eyes (10.89%) had a full-thickness macular hole with 69.6% in the 50 - 70 age group. 4 eyes had a lamellar hole and 1 eye had a pseudo hole. Conclusion: OCT is an excellent tool for non-invasive exploration of the vitreoretinal interface. It gives precise information on the various pathologies of this interface. The need to evaluate the functional impact of these abnormalities, calls for other studies, especially prospective studies to assert their reality of those disease.
Finite Deformation and Viscoelasticity Modeling and Test  [PDF]
Tibi Beda, Yvon Chevalier, Kokou-Esso Atcholi, Essole Padayodi, Jean-Claude Sagot
Engineering (ENG) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2011.38098
Abstract: A model is considered as a representation of compressive and incompressive elastomeric materials in nonlinear behavior. Applications are done on one hand by the characterisation of polyurethane 60 - 65 shore A (a compressive material), and on the other hand by the characterisation of polyurethane 95 shore A and fluorosilicone, both incompressive materials. The Rivlin energy expression is used for incompressive materials. Linear vibrations superposed on static large deformation, which is most often the real using state of elastomeric materials, are studied. Relative experimental and numerical results presented show good predictions.
Convergence of -series revisited with applications
Elom K. Abalo,Kokou Y. Abalo
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2006, DOI: 10.1155/ijmms/2006/53408
Abstract: We construct two adjacent sequences that converge to the sum of a given convergent p-series. In case of a divergent p-series, lower and upper bounds of the (kn)th partial sum are constructed. In either case, we extend the results obtained by Hansheng and Lu (2005) to any integer k≥2. Some numerical examples are given.
Survival, Growth and Orygmophora mediofoveata Shoot Borer Attack of Nauclea diderrichii Progenies Established in Three Ecological Zones in Ghana  [PDF]
Paul P. Bosu, Stephen Adu-Bredu, Yaovi Nuto, Kouami Kokou
Open Journal of Forestry (OJF) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojf.2013.34023

Nauclea diderrichii is a tropical African hardwood species and a suitable candidate for plantation development. However, attack by the Orygmophora mediofoveata, Hamps shoot borer threatens establishment of the species in plantations. A genotype * environment assessment of 15 N. diderrichii progenies from Ghana and Togo was conducted in the Wet Evergreen, Moist Semi-deciduous and Dry Semi-deciduous forest zones. Progeny performance (Attack intensity, survival and growth) varied significantly between sites, and marginally within sites after 2.7 years. Overall, incidence of shoot borer attack was lower at the wet zone than at the moist or dry zones. Percent survival was higher at the wet (79.5%) than at the moist (50.8%) or dry (55.0%) forest zones. Mean height across the 15 progenies was 5.40 m, 4.30 m, and 2.73 m at the wet, dry and moist forests, respectively. Similarly, mean diameter was 5.31 cm, 4.58 cm, and 2.83 cm at the wet, dry and moist zones, respectively. The relatively low growth rate recorded at the moist zone was attributed to the paucity of soil conditions at the experimental site. Three wet forest zone progenies (BS9, BS3 and BS2) and two moist forest zone progenies (BE2 and GA1) performed better than average and have been recommended for planting.

Natural Distribution of Nauclea diderrichii (Rubiceae) in Semi Deciduous Forest of Togo (West Africa) and Implementation of Integrated Silviculture  [PDF]
Kossi Adjonou, Yaovi Nuto, Paul P. Bosu, Stephen Adu-Bredu, Adzo Dzifa Kokutse, Kouami Kokou
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.59135

West African tropical forests spread from Senegal to Togo. They are considered as one of the world biodiversity hotspots. But these forests are disappearing very quickly because of human activities. In Togo, tropical forests degradation has been increased since 1980 because of improved coffee cultivation; about 67% of forests in the sub-humid mountains zone disappeared between 1978 and 2000. Facing this fast deterioration of the forests, populations begin to plant teak (an exotic species) that is the only choice proposed by local forest service. This survey consists in valuing the potentialities to restore the Togolese tropical forest using the local commercial species, recognized on the wood market. The first species retained is Nauclea diderrichii (De Wild. & Th. Dur.) Merrill, that spreads in the African tropical forest from the Sierra Leonne to Uganda and through the Congo basin. In Togo, this plant species colonises the plain of the Litimé. The objective of the present study is to analyze the distribution of the natural populations in the plain of Litimé forest but also natural and artificial regeneration of the species. The perspective is to repeat this experiment with other local species in other regions of Togo in order to diversify the plantations and to protect the local forest biodiversity.

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