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The Modalities of Students’ Engagement in Tunisian Private School  [PDF]
Nabila Bennour
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2015.52017
Abstract: In this article, we describe a particular aspect of the teaching-learning process: students’ cooperation. Our research attempts to understand the modalities of student engagement at a private institution in Tunisia. We mobilize the theoretical framework of the ecology of physical education (Tousignant, 1982) as a framework for this research. The data results from video recording and ethnographic observations of a gymnastics cycle conducted by a teacher specialist of tennis. The study was conducted according to a macroscopic analysis of students’ behavior of cooperation during three sessions of school education of gymnastics. Through the comparison of forms of engagement for contrasted students (high vs. low), the results reveal recurring characteristics and differences in degrees of cooperation between students according to their school levels.
Teaching Practices and Student Action in Physical Education Classes: Perspectives for Teacher Education  [PDF]
Nabila Bennour
Creative Education (CE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2015.610095
Abstract: This research is part of an educational framework for analyzing teaching practices. It attempts to understand teachers’ practices in physical education. For this matter, it relies on the theoretical framework of didactic joint action. Using “ordinary didactics” Schubauer-Leoni & Leutenegger, (2002), as a method of observation, we describe the teaching practices of two non-specialized teachers during two gymnastics units in two senior classes. The subject of our research is to joint didactic action in two didactic school systems: the first one is public while the second is private. In other terms, this research attempts the analysis of what the preselected teachers and students say and do while interacting. It attempts to identify teaching conditions that enable students to teach themselves, i.e. practice autonomous learning. The results put in evidence some generic characteristics of the topo-genetic process that may favor task transformation behavior among students in the context of each school system. The results open new perspectives of physical education for teacher education.
Mechanisms of haplotype divergence at the RGA08 nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat gene locus in wild banana (Musa balbisiana)
Franc-Christophe Baurens, Stéphanie Bocs, Mathieu Rouard, Takashi Matsumoto, Robert NG Miller, Marguerite Rodier-Goud, Didier MBéguié-A-MBéguié, Nabila Yahiaoui
BMC Plant Biology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2229-10-149
Abstract: Sequence comparison revealed two regions of contrasting features. The first is a highly colinear gene-rich region where the two haplotypes diverge only by single nucleotide polymorphisms and two repetitive element insertions. The second corresponds to a large cluster of RGA08 genes, with 13 and 18 predicted RGA genes and pseudogenes spread over 131 and 152 kb respectively on each haplotype. The RGA08 cluster is enriched in repetitive element insertions, in duplicated non-coding intergenic sequences including low complexity regions and shows structural variations between haplotypes. Although some allelic relationships are retained, a large diversity of RGA08 genes occurs in this single M. balbisiana genotype, with several RGA08 paralogs specific to each haplotype. The RGA08 gene family has evolved by mechanisms of unequal recombination, intragenic sequence exchange and diversifying selection. An unequal recombination event taking place between duplicated non-coding intergenic sequences resulted in a different RGA08 gene content between haplotypes pointing out the role of such duplicated regions in the evolution of RGA clusters. Based on the synonymous substitution rate in coding sequences, we estimated a 1 million year divergence time for these M. balbisiana haplotypes.A large RGA08 gene cluster identified in wild banana corresponds to a highly variable genomic region between haplotypes surrounded by conserved flanking regions. High level of sequence identity (70 to 99%) of the genic and intergenic regions suggests a recent and rapid evolution of this cluster in M. balbisiana.Comparative genomics studies at the interspecies and intraspecies levels have revealed the dynamics of genome evolution and the plasticity of plant genomes. Within monocotyledons, the grass species of the order Poales have been extensively studied for their genome structure and evolution [1], but little is known about monocotyledon plants outside this group. Musa species are giant herbs from the
The Relationship between Antioxidant and Anti-Ulcer Activities in Saudi Honey Samples Harvested from Various Regions in Different Seasons  [PDF]
Nabila Al-Jaber
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2013.48A016
Abstract: The main chemical components of 13 Saudi honey samples (composed of winter and summer honeys) were identified according to anti-ulcer and antioxidant activity by using phytochemical and chromatographic analyses. Phytochemical screening of ethyl acetate and water extracts was used to detect the presence of carbohydrates, flavonoids, amino acids, and phenolic acids. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) of sugar contents was used to detect the presence of galactose in all of the honey samples. The other detected sugars were sucrose, fructose, and arabinose. Fifteen amino acids were detected in all of the honey samples: Prolin is dominant in all of the honey samples. The citric acid and tartaric acids of winter and summer honey were also detected, in addition to faint traces of free oxalic acid. Both samples were tested for amino acids, phenolic compounds, and sugars. The most crucial result derived in this study is the effect of summer honey on ulcers. The anti-ulcer activities were also evaluated, showing that oral administration of the honey samples reduced the intensity of ulcer scores when compared to the control group. Similarly, there was a highly significant reduction in the values of the ulcer indices and areas in rats that received the same sample (P < 0.05 and P < 0.01) in comparison with those of the ulcer control rats. Finally, the antioxidant activity of the honey samples was evaluated, revealing a proportional relationship between the anti-oxidant and anti-ulcer activities. The results of this study could be reached that the effectiveness of honey as an anti-ulcer increase with the increasing its antioxidant activities.
Un roman entre l’aventure de l’écriture et l’aventure de la lecture : Saison de pierres d’Abdelkader Djemai
Benkhedidja Nabila
Synergies Algerie , 2007,
Abstract: Saison de pierres d’Abdelkader Djema se présente comme une histoire dont on ne conna t ni le début ni la n, comme un puzzle ; il arrive souvent qu’on échoue à les remettre en ordre car ce roman est tout entier situé dans l’impossibilité de son accomplissement puisque ce romancier s’attache à révéler à la fois un progrès vers l’histoire et l’impossibilité de la rejoindre en tant qu’histoire. Djema s’éloigne délibérément des conventions romanesques et s’engage dans l’exploration de voix narratives nouvelles, qui lui ouvre la porte d’un autre type de roman. Il réfute certains conformismes narratifs et propose un roman atypique qui invoque une modi cation des habitudes de lecture.
La langue et la culture : une relation dyadique
Nabila Hamidou
Synergies Algerie , 2007,
Abstract: Le besoin fondamental d’un apprenant de langue étrangère est de conna tre la culture véhiculée par cette langue et sa propre culture. Ce contact interculturel permet de découvrir sa personnalité à travers et par l’Autre. Outil d’apprentissage et véhicule culturel, la langue est la charpente identitaire d’un individu, d’un groupe ou d’un peuple et l’apprentissage des langues, le meilleur moyen de déceler les différences de vision des aspects socioculturels
Difficulties and outlook in formulating biodiversity indicators for the publication "Indicators for the sustainable management of French forests"
Nabila Hamza
Sciences Eaux & Territoires : la Revue du IRSTEA , 2011,
Abstract: With the IFN and GIP Ecofor, the Ministerial conference for the protection of European forests (MCPFE) in 2005 was an opportunity to evaluate the national indicators for forest biodiversity and identify priority issues for future work. This article presents the current situation.
Focus : élaboration des indicateurs de biodiversité de la publication Les indicateurs de gestion durable des forêts fran aises , difficultés et perspectives Difficulties and outlook in formulating biodiversity indicators for the publication "Indicators for the sustainable management of French forests"
Nabila Hamza
Sciences Eaux & Territoires : la Revue du IRSTEA , 2010,
Abstract: Le projet évaluation des indicateurs nationaux de biodiversité forestière mené en 2007 par l'Inventaire forestier national (IFN) dans le cadre d'un appel d'offre du Groupement d'intérêt public (GIP) Ecofor a été l'occasion de réaliser une évaluation des indicateurs nationaux de biodiversité forestière et de dégager quelques axes de travail à venir. En voici quelques éléments. With the IFN and GIP Ecofor, the Ministerial conference for the protection of European forests (MCPFE) in 2005 was an opportunity to evaluate the national indicators for forest biodiversity and identify priority issues for future work. This article presents the current situation.
The Ultra Wide Band Radar System Parameters in Medical Application  [PDF]
Elmissaoui Taoufik, Soudani Nabila, Bouallegue Ridha
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2011.35024
Abstract: In this work, an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radar system is proposed in an attempt to take a medical image of each hu-man body layer. In fact, this system consists of sending an electromagnetic pulse and analyzing the echo reflected by the human body tissue. In order to realize this system, the parameters which enable us to optimize the functionality of our radar are computed. Indeed, we fixed a frequency range, incident angle, pulse repetition frequency, the power and the antenna deployed by the UWB radar system in medicine. As well as, a human body model is presented in order to have practical results..
Optimization of the UWB Radar System in Medical Imaging  [PDF]
Taoufik Elmissaoui, Nabila Soudani, Ridha Bouallegue
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2011.23031
Abstract: During the last decades, we have witnessed a widespread deployment of the ultra wide band (UWB) radar systems. Considering a medical field, an algorithm optimizing these systems is pointed out in this contribution. Beginning with the description of the UWB radar system, this algorithm has proved to be not only able to take a medical image of the human body but also capable of diverting the human tissue. Moreover, we insist on the fact that this algorithm can easily optimize different radar parameters. So, the human body layer width, the incident angle and the frequency maximizing reflection coefficient are estimated in this paper.
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