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Microbiologia da carne moida: 1. contagem total de bactérias
Graner, Murilo;Martinelli Filho, Alcides;Cruz, Vivaldo F. da;
Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz , 1971, DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761971000100014
Abstract: as a first step in a program of evaluation of ground beef microbiological quality in the city of piracicaba, sp, forty samples of ground beef were taken at two kinds of retail markets (meat shop and supermarket), related to an old and a new system of meat merchandising. the samples were taken weekly in the morning and in the afternoon, during a two month period. total bacterial counts were determined by a procedure recommended by the american public health association and plates were incubated at 21oc (72 hours) and at 32oc (48 hours). the results can be summarized as follows = 1) total counts were generally high, with several samples in the range 107 to 109 cells/gram; average counts were 6.9x 107 cells/gram (21oc) and 2.5xl07 cell/gram (32oc). 2) incubation at 21oc resulted in total counts generally higher than those found at 32oc, although there was no statistically significant difference between the two incubation temperatures. 3) total counts were found to be higher in samples from the small shop (old system) than in samples from the supermarket (new system); the difference was related to higher counts in the morning samples taken at the former retail market.
Microbiologia da carne moída: 3. avalia??o da qualidade em diferentes épocas do ano
Martinelli Filho, Alcides;Graner, Murilo;Cruz, Vivaldo F. Da;
Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz , 1975, DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761975000100008
Abstract: in brazilian supermarkets, ground beef may sometimes be prepared using meat that has been previously frozen and stored to be consumed during periods of the year when there is a decrease in the amount of fresh meat available. the results of this study suggest that a modified resazurin test, previously described by the authors for the evaluation of ground beef microbiological quality, can be used in different periods of the year, even if frozen meat is involved.
Contagem total de bactérias e enumera??o de coliformes em cortes de varejo de carne bovina e em equipamentos de supermercados
Martinelli Filho, Alcides;Graner, Murilo;Barbin, Décio;Silveira, Expedito T. F.;
Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz , 1977, DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761977000100015
Abstract: total bacterial counts (32°c and 5°c) and most probable numbers (mpn) of coliform organisms and e. coli were determined for samples of three retail bovine meat cuts and cutting and boning equipment three supermarkets. in the oldest of these, total counts were higher on meat cuts prepared in the cutting room than on meat boned in the packing plant. total counts were generally high on the equipment (higher for incubation at 32°c), with the wooden surfaces (tables, cutting boards) showing significaitly higher numbers than the metallic ones (eletric saw, knives). no differences could be found between counts on "clean" equipment and counts on equipment being-used. coliform organisms were generally present; when meat samples were tested for this group of bacteria and for e. coli, it was found that 96% of the samples were positive for both.
Microbiologia da carne moida = 2. Avalia??o da qualidade por método modificado, baseado na redu??o da resazurina
Graner, Murilo;Martinelli Fo, Alcides;Cruz, Vivaldo F. da;
Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz , 1973, DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761973000100014
Abstract: forty samples of ground beef were taken at four supermarkets in the city of piracicaba, sp. total bacterial counts were determined using a produre recommended by the american public health association; the plates were incubated at 32°c (48 hours). a modified procedure based on resazurin reduction for the determination of ground beef microbiological quality was studied. the results can be summarized as follows = 1) total counts were generally higth, with several samples in the range 107 to 109 cells/gram; the average count was 3,0 x 107 cells/gram. 2) the differences between counts related to any two supermarkets were not statistically significant. 3) resazurin reduction to colorless was significantly correlated with total bacterial counts (r=-0,91).
Fun??o canino desempenhada pelo pré-molar
Silva Filho, Omar Gabriel da;Carvalho, Paula Martinelli;Capelozza Filho, Leopoldino;Carvalho, Roberta Martinelli;
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-54192006000300005
Abstract: extraction of the permanent canine surprises many traditional orthodontists who believe that negative functional and unaesthetic results may arise from the procedure. although esthetics is the major concern of layperson people, the occlusal aims of the orthodontic treatment are esthetics, occlusal function and periodontal health, with or without canines. the current paper describes the possibility of extracting the canine instead of the premolar in an orthodontic treatment with teeth extraction. in such a situation, which is not easily accepted by orthodontists and patients, the canine is eliminated but not its cusp function in lateral mandibular movements, thus maintaining the gnathologic functional concepts.
Espécies de Aspergillus produtoras de aflatoxina, na regi?o Araraquarense, SP
Fonseca, Homero;Martinelli Filho, Alcides;Del Nery, Humberto;Roncatto, Elisabeth;
Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz , 1974, DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761974000100042
Abstract: species of the genus aspergillus, mainly a. flavus strains, occuring in the araraquarense region (state of s?o paulo, brazil), were isolated and their ability to produce aflatoxin was studied. the isolation was conducted following routine methods in microbiology. the cultures were obtained from samples of peanuts collected in the 'rainy season" and in the "dry season". after the isolation the cultures were classified as follows: 102 a. flavus; 4 a. oryzae var. effusus; 2 a. oryzae; 2 a. parasiticus and 1 a. ochraceus. during the work, 4 cultures were lost, remaining 107 cultures. the cultures were then tested in their ability to produce aflatoxin, which was extracted from the mycelium and from the culture medium. the metabolites were separated by thin layer chromatography using the solvent benzene-ethyl acetate-ethanol and quantified under long wave u. v. light. from 107 cultures of aspergillus only 33 (31%) produced aflatoxin; seven of those produced it only in the culture medium, while two, only in the mycelium. the production of aflatoxin was much higher in the mycelium than in the culture medium; some of them produced very high quantities, up to 400 p.p.m. of b1 and 300 p.p.m. of g1. from the 33 cultures producing aflatoxin, 32 belonged to the a. flavus species and only one to the a. oryzae. previous studies when high yields of aflatoxin g1 as related to b1 were reported in that region, were confirmed in the present work.
Compara??o de dipirona intravenosa com metoclopramida intravenosa no tratamento de crise aguda de enxaqueca: ensaio clínico randomizado
Fernandes Filho, Sérgio Murilo Maciel;Costa, Márcio Santos;Fernandes, Mariana Torres;Foerster, Miriam Vils;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2006000600023
Abstract: introduction: migraine is one of the commonest diseases of clinical practice. objetive: to compare the analgesic effect of dipyrone to metoclopramide in the relief of pain. method: we conducted a pilot randomized study comparing intravenous dipyrone to intravenous metoclopramide in 27 patients presenting acute crisis of migraine. the primary end point was to compare reduction of intensity of pain up to 2 hours, as well as the development of collateral effects. results: the groups had similar ages, but there were difference between the sexes. in men, metoclopramide reduced pain in 80.0% compared with 55.0% from dipyrone (p=0.052). in women, there was a reduction of 65.0% with metoclopramide and 71.2% with dipyrone (p=0.748). the small number of patients in the study might have influenced these results. significant collateral effects were not found. conclusion: there was no difference about the intensity of pain reduction neither about the development of collateral effects comparing dipyrone to metoclopramide.
Perception-action interaction and bissection
Matsushima, Elton;Chiaretti, Paula;Kreling, Daniel;Lima, Murilo;Silva, José Aparecido Da;Ribeiro-Filho, Nilton;
Paidéia (Ribeir?o Preto) , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-863X2004000100011
Abstract: several studies using visually directed actions as indicators of perceived distance showed that people could accurately walk toward targets far up to 22m. those results, summed up to those related to perceptual measures of perceived distance, showed that those responses were controlled by a single internal variable, namely visually perceived location. in the present study, we compared performance in bisection tasks, performed by open-loop walking or by perceptual matching. observers (n=20) walked toward or adjust a pointer to the mean point of an egocentric distance (5, 10 or 15m), under binocular viewing. results indicated accuracy on both responses, with no reliable differences between them, supporting the hypothesis of a single internal variable controlling action and perception. this invariant may be determined by a weighted set of sources of information.
áreas propícias para o ataque de morcegos hematófagos Desmodus rotundus em bovinos na regi?o de S?o Jo?o da Boa Vista, Estado de S?o Paulo
Gomes, Murilo N.;Monteiro, Antonio M.V.;Nogueira Filho, Vladimir S.;Gon?alves, Celso A.;
Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-736X2007000700009
Abstract: supported by previous studies that selected areas prone for the development of desmodus rotundus roosts and bovine rabies transmitted by vampire bats in s?o paulo state, the department of agriculture of the state of s?o paulo (cda) has conducted interventions for bovine rabies control in areas mostly close to the main rivers of surveillance regions. inquiries of the actual concepts led to the development of a descriptive model to analyze the vampire bat desmodus rotundus attacks on cattle far beyond main rivers and water streams in the s?o jo?o da boa vista region, s?o paulo state. the model was elaborated using satellite images classification, parameters from previous studies about vampire bats behaviour, data from the cda and the brazilian institute of geography and statistics (ibge). all this information was used to build a geographical database and integrate in a geographical information system then analyzed through spatial statistical and analytical methods. the results showed that areas close to the main rivers of the towns aguaí, casa branca, santa cruz das palmeiras and tambaú were found not to be under risk of bat attacks, suggesting that the hypothesis behind the cda control areas definition does not hold when contracted with the obtained spatial data. the results indicate that the technicians from cda need to reformulate their strategy for defining the surveillance of vampire bat populations and rabies control.
Surface Tension Implementation for Gensmac2d
Castelo Filho Antonio,Mangiavacchi Norberto,Tomé Murilo F.,Cuminato José A.
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences , 2001,
Abstract: In the present work we describe a method which allows the incorporation of surface tension into the GENSMAC2D code. This is achieved on two scales. First on the scale of a cell, the surface tension effects are incorporated into the free surface boundary conditions through the computation of the capillary pressure. The required curvature is estimated by fitting a least square circle to the free surface using the tracking particles in the cell and in its close neighbors. On a sub-cell scale, short wavelength perturbations are filtered out using a local 4-point stencil which is mass conservative. An efficient implementation is obtained through a dual representation of the cell data, using both a matrix representation, for ease at identifying neighbouring cells, and also a tree data structure, which permits the representation of specific groups of cells with additional information pertaining to that group. The resulting code is shown to be robust, and to produce accurate results when compared with exact solutions of selected fluid dynamic problems involving surface tension.
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