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Metástases intestinais de melanoma
Tomasich, Flávio Daniel Saavedra;Demarchi, Viviane Coimbra Augusto;Luz, Murilo de Almeida;Dias, Luiz Antonio Negr?o;Kato, Massakazu;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912003000200003
Abstract: background: malignant melanoma is the most common metastatic tumor involving the gastrointestinal tract, the small bowel being the localization most frequently involved. the aim of the present study is to evaluate the clinical presentation, treatment, evolution, and relate our experience with the surgical treatment of metastatic melanoma of the small bowel. methods: we reviewed 11 patients treated between september 1987 and september 2000. patients' sex and age, anatomical site and staging of the primary tumor, time and clinical manifestation of the intestinal metastasis were noted. type of surgery, occurrence of complications and necessity of reoperation, presence of others metastatic sites and survival were also studied. results: mean age of the patients was 43,3 years, and 54,5% were male. the lower extremities were the most frequent primary site involved (54,5%), and in 18,2% of the cases intestinal metastasis were the first manifestation of the disease. the most common symptoms were abdominal pain (72,7%), intestinal obstruction (36,3%) and abdominal mass (27,2%). small bowel resection with entero-enteric anastomosis were done in 72,7% of patients, more than 50% of the cases in emergencial situation. survival ranged between six days and 90 months, and the mortality was 72,7%. conclusions: intestinal metastasis must be considered in any patient with gastrointestinal symptoms and previous history of melanoma, and the surgical treatment, despite of palliative intent, occasionally can provide long-term survival.
Leiomiossarcoma primário de adrenal
Tomasich, Flávio D. Saavedra;Luz, Murilo de Almeida;Kato, Massakazu;Targa, Giovanni Zenedin;Dias, Luiz Ant?nio Negr?o;Zucoloto, Francielle Jorge;Ogata, Daniel Cury;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302008000900017
Abstract: leiomyosarcoma of adrenal gland is an extremely rare tumor originating from the central adrenal vein or its tributaries. patients with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) and epstein-barr infection have a higher incidence of these tumors, but even in those, the overall incidence is very low. in this paper we report a case of a 48 year-old woman whose diagnosis was made by image exams that had suggested a mass in adrenal area. this patient was submitted to surgery for resection of the mass. the histopathologic and immunohistochemistry exams were compatible with primary leiomyosarcoma of adrenal gland. fifty-three months after adrenalectomy the patient died with recurrent disease. despite of the rarity of this tumor, leiomyosarcoma of adrenal gland has an aggressive behavior, such as the others soft tissue sarcomas. the adrenalectomy is the primary treatment, while chemotherapy or radiotherapy is not prescribed except in metastatic or bulky and not operative disease.
Entropia espectral: um novo método para adequa??o anestésica
Nunes, Rogean Rodrigues;Almeida, Murilo Pereira de;Sleigh, James Wallace;
Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-70942004000300013
Abstract: background and objectives: though universally employed, clinical signs to evaluate anesthetic adequacy are not reliable. over the past years several pieces of equipment have been devised to improve intraoperative handling of anesthetic drugs, some of them directly measuring cerebral cortical activity (hypnosis). none of them, however, has offered the possibility of directly evaluating sub-cortical activity (motor response). contents: spectral entropy measures irregularity, complexity or amount of eeg disorders and has been proposed as indicator of anesthetic depth. signal is collected from the fronto-temporal region and processed according to shannon's equation (h = - spk log pk, where pk represents the probability of a discrete k event), resulting in two types of analyses: 1) state entropy (se), which evaluates cerebral cortex electrical activity (0.8 - 32hz) and 2) response entropy (re), containing both subcortical electromyographic and cortical electroence- phalographic components and analyzes frequencies in the range 0.8 - 47hz. conclusions: frontal muscles activation may indicate inadequacy of the subcortical component (nociception). such activation appears as a gap between se and re. this, it is possible to directly evaluate both cortical (se) and subcortical (re) components providing better anesthetic adequacy.
Entropia espectral: um novo método para adequa o anestésica
Nunes Rogean Rodrigues,Almeida Murilo Pereira de,Sleigh James Wallace
Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia , 2004,
Abstract: JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: O uso de sinais clínicos para avaliar a adequa o da anestesia, embora empregado universalmente, n o s o confiáveis. Vários equipamentos surgiram objetivando o melhor manuseio intra-operatório das drogas anestésicas, alguns deles mensurando diretamente a atividade cortical cerebral (hipnose). Entretanto, nenhum deles apresenta características diretas de avalia o da atividade sub-cortical (resposta motora). CONTEúDO: A entropia espectral mensura a irregularidade, complexidade ou a quantidade de desordem do eletroencefalograma e tem sido sugerida como um indicador do estado anestésico. O sinal é coletado na regi o fronto-temporal e tratado através da equa o de Shannon (H = - Sp k log p k, onde p k s o as probabilidades de um evento discreto k), resultando em dois tipos de análises: 1. Entropia de estado (SE), que consiste na avalia o da atividade elétrica cortical cerebral (0,8-32Hz) e 2. Entropia de resposta (RE), que analisa as freqüências de 0,8 - 47Hz (contêm componentes eletroencefalográficos-cortical e eletromiográficos-sub-cortical). CONCLUS ES: A ativa o da musculatura frontal pode indicar inadequa o do componente sub-cortical (nocicep o). Esta ativa o é observada como um "gap" entre SE e RE. Deste modo, é possível avaliar diretamente tanto o componente cortical (SE), como o sub-cortical (RE), possibilitando melhor adequa o dos componentes anestésicos.
Estereoscopia aplicada à neuroanatomia: estudo comparativo entre as técnicas de filtro de cores e de polariza??o
Meneses, Murilo Sousa de;Cruz, André Vieira da;Castro, Izara de Almeida;Pedrozo, Ari A.;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2002000500017
Abstract: the need of didactic material is increasing in medical science nowadays. the lack of anatomical specimens, and the toxicity of conservators, have originated an intense search for alternative ways of demonstrating the human anatomy. as a solution for this difficulty, three-dimensional (3-d) images may be used, facilitating the learning process. this study aims at comparing and describing two techniques of reproduction of bi-dimensional images into three dimensions, which is called stereoscopy. the methods evaluated are filter of colors (anaglyphic) and polarized light. techniques were analyzed for clearness and 3-d effect. fourteen images were evaluated by 5 people, with scores ranging from 0 to 4. total mean scores of polarized light was superior compared to the anaglyphic technique. both methods use the codification of the image, which means separation and exclusivity with each eye seeing its corresponding image. after several photographic essays and gradual adaptation to a better technique, based on optical physics, photography and neuroanatomical knowledge, we concluded that both techniques are suitable means for production of 3-d images. the best technique, however, considering the final quality of image was polarized light, which did not alter the natural color of the specimen, conserving clearness of images with lower cost.
Estrutura genética em microescala espacial de Myrcia splendens (Myrtaceae)
Brand?o, Murilo Malveira;Vieira, Fábio de Almeida;Carvalho, Dulcinéia de;
Revista árvore , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622011000600001
Abstract: in fragmented ecosystems, very common in southern minas gerais, vegetation corridors are ecologically important elements for gene flow. vegetation corridors in lavras, mg, are narrow (from 3 to 6m), with secondary vegetation formed by trench colonization and they connect primary vegetation fragments. in both environments, it is common the occurrence of myrcia splendens, which produces fruit with zoocoric dispersion. the objective of this work was to evaluate spatial genetic structure in fine-scale of myrcia splendens (sw.) in environments with fragments and in their connections. ten issr primers were used to access the genetic patterns in 168 trees distributed in five fragments and in 104 trees distributed in four vegetation corridors, totalizing 70 polymorphic loci. amova revealed that most of the genetic diversities occurs within the the populations (96.49% in the fragments and 91.15% in the corridors). in the primary formations (f1 to f5) and in the corridors c1 and c2, the genotypes are randomly distributed. it was noted in c3 and c4 corridors, spatial genetic structure with positive and significant coancestry in the first distance class with sp = 0.012 (p = 0.009) and 0.014 (p = 0.029), respectively.
Estereoscopia aplicada à neuroanatomia: estudo comparativo entre as técnicas de filtro de cores e de polariza o
Meneses Murilo Sousa de,Cruz André Vieira da,Castro Izara de Almeida,Pedrozo Ari A.
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2002,
Abstract: Atualmente há grande necessidade de maior disponibiliza o de material didático no ensino médico. A escassez de segmentos anat micos e a toxicidade dos conservantes, como o formol, têm gerado uma busca intensa por novos meios de demonstra o da anatomia humana. Como solu o para esta dificuldade pode-se utilizar imagens tridimensionais (3D), que facilitam o processo de aprendizado. Este estudo tem como objetivo comparar e descrever duas técnicas de reprodu o de imagens bidimensionais em três dimens es, o que é chamado de estereoscopia. Os dois métodos avaliados foram o de filtro de cores (anaglífico) e o de luz polarizada. As técnicas foram analisadas segundo a nitidez e o efeito 3D. Avaliaram-se 14 imagens por 5 pessoas, com notas de 0 a 4. A média total da técnica de polariza o foi superior em rela o à técnica anaglífica. Ambas realizam codifica o de imagens, que consiste na separa o e na exclusividade com que cada olho vê a imagem correspondente. Após vários ensaios fotográficos e adapta es gradativas a uma melhor técnica, baseando-se em conhecimentos de física elementar, fotografia e neuroanatomia, concluímos que ambas s o capazes de produzir efeito 3D. No entanto, a melhor técnica, em termos de qualidade final da imagem foi a de polariza o, n o alterando a colora o natural da pe a, mantendo tra os nítidos e possuindo menor custo.
Desempenho de plantas sorgo granífero sobre condi es de sombreamento = Performance of grain sorghum plants under shade conditions
Hugo Almeida Dan,Murilo Sousa Carrijo,Daniela Fideles Carneiro,Katia Aparecida de Pinho Costa
Acta Scientiarum : Agronomy , 2010,
Abstract: O presente trabalho objetivou avaliar a influência do sombreamento sobre o desempenho de cultivares de sorgo granífero. O ensaio foi realizado em casa-de-vegeta o, utilizando-se delineamento inteiramente casualisado, em esquema fatorial 4 x 2, correspondendo aos quatro híbridos de sorgo granífero (DKB 599, AG 1040, BRS 308 e AG1040) submetidos a pleno sol e sombreado, com três repeti es. Determinou-se a altura de planta, área foliar, matéria seca das folhas, caule, raízes e panícula, além do comprimento do pend o e da panícula. Os resultados obtidos permitiram constatar que o ambientesombreado proporcionou maior altura de plantas de sorgo, porém menores valores de área foliar. A redu o na luminosidade proporcionou ainda maior acúmulo de massa seca de folhas e caule de todas as cultivares avaliadas. Somente a cultivar BRS 308 apresentouestabilidade produtiva indiferente do ambiente cultivado. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of shading on the performance of cultivars of grain sorghum. The test was conducted in a greenhouse using randomized design in a 4 x 2 factorial scheme, corresponding to the four hybrids of grain sorghum (DKB 599, AG 1040,AG 308, BRS 1040) submitted to a condition with and without shade, all treatments with three replications. We evaluated plant height, leaf area, dry matter of leaves, stems, roots, panicles, and the length of the tassel and panicle. The results show that the shadedenvironment led to greater height of plant sorghum, but lower values of leaf area. The reduction in brightness provided even greater accumulation of dry mass of leaves and stems of all evaluated cultivar. The BRS 308 showed stable production regardless of growthenvironment.
Bronquiolite obliterante na forma nodular
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2002,
Abstract: Paciente com 54 anos, do sexo feminino, ex-tabagista, que após duas semanas de um resfriado comum procurou atendimento médico devido a tosse com expectora o amarela, obstru o nasal e desconforto facial. Sua radiografia do tórax mostra les o nodular no lobo superior esquerdo compatível com nódulo pulmonar solitário. Submetida a uma toracotomia exploradora, foi estabelecido o diagnóstico de bronquiolite obliterante com pneumonia em organiza o (BOOP).
The nance lingual arch: an auxiliary device in solving lower anterior crowding
Almeida, Renato Rodrigues de;Oltramari-Navarro, Paula Vanessa Pedron;Almeida, Marcio Rodrigues de;Conti, Ana Cláudia de Castro Ferreira;Navarro, Ricardo de Lima;Pacenko, Murilo Rizental;
Brazilian Dental Journal , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-64402011000400012
Abstract: after exfoliation of the primary incisors and eruption of the permanent incisors, the dentist has the opportunity of observing closely the beginning of occlusal changes. in several cases, alterations, such as lower anterior crowding, can be prevented and treated with proper follow-up. in the mixed dentition, one of the mechanisms for maintaining space and favoring dental alignment is to preserve leeway space before permanent second molar irruption. among the devices with this function, the nance lingual arch helps maintaining the position of the permanent mandibular molars and incisors after a premature loss of the primary canines. this paper describes the applicability of nance lingual arch for preserving leeway space, thus contributing for correction of lower anterior crowding.
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