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Pathogenesis and Immunohistochemical Studies of Caprine Pleuropneumonia in Experimentally Infected Goats
Umer Sadique*, Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry1, Muhammad Younus Rana2, Aftab Ahmad Anjum3, Zahoor-Ul-Hassan, Abdul Sajid and Muhammad Mushtaq
Pakistan Veterinary Journal , 2012,
Abstract: This study was designed to evaluate the pathogenesis of caprine pleuropneumonia (CPP) in the experimentally inoculated goats with Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies Capri (Mmc). For this purpose, 12 goats (Group B) were inoculated with bacterial isolates of Mmc while four goats were kept as untreated control (Group A). Clinical signs of the disease were recorded twice daily. Two goats from group B were sacrificed on weekly basis to demonstrate gross pathological lesions in different organs. Tissue samples from lungs, trachea, liver, heart, kidney, spleen, and small intestines were preserved for histopathological studies. The lungs and lymph nodes were preserved to demonstrate the antigen in tissue by using immuno- histochemical technique. The disease was successfully reproduced in all infected goats with severe manifestation. The clinical signs and gross lesions of the disease were mild at the beginning and became severe at the third and fourth weeks and then progressed to moderate and chronic forms. The histopathological lesions characteristic of CPP were found in all the organs. Antigen of Mmc was detected in tissue sections of lungs and lymph nodes. In conclusion, the disease was efficiently reproduced in experimental animals that showed acute septicemic form with lethal outcome.
Serosurveillance to H9 and H7 Avian Influenza Virus among Poultry Workers in Punjab Province, Pakistan
Abdul Ahad§*, Masood Rabbani, Tahir Yaqub, Muhammad Younus1, Altaf Mahmood2, Muhammad Zubair Shabbir, Zahida Fatima2, Rana Khurram Khalid and Majeeda Rasheed
Pakistan Veterinary Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Among the different subtypes of avian influenza virus (AIV) H9 and H7 are able to infect poultry and human. These viruses in some countries has been isolated from the occupational hazard group of people, like veterinarian, poultry attendant and poultry retailers. The aim of this study is to determine the seroprevalence of H9 and H7 AIV subtype in different occupational people who are directly or indirectly involved with the poultry industry. Antibodies to H9N2 and H7N7 avian influenza virus were measured by modified horse RBC hemagglutination inhibition (HI) test using receptor destroying enzyme (RDE) treated sera. Total 465 human sera samples were analyzed who were directly exposed to poultry industry and 25 samples were taken as control that was not exposed to poultry industry. The highest (85.7%) seroprevalence against H9 was recorded in vaccinator and the lowest (30.4%) was recorded in veterinarian. On district wise the highest (82.1%) seroprevalence against H9 was observed in Toba Tek Singh district and the lowest (9.7%) was observed in the Islamabad. In case of H7 AIV subtype the highest (44.4%) seroprevalence was recorded in lab technicians and the lowest seroprevalence (11.1%) was recorded in butcher. By district wise the highest (57.9%) seroprevalence against H7 was recorded in Haripur district and the lowest (4.6%) was recorded in Gujranwala district.
Effects of Various Agro-climatic Factors on Germination and Growth of Jojoba in Pakistan
Muhammad Younus Rana,Muhammad Azhar Bashir,Muhammad Nawaz Asad,Abdul Majeed Iqbal
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: Jojoba Simmondsia chinensis (Link) Schneider is a dioecious, perennial, evergreen woody shrub. The seed of Jojoba contains 40 to 50% oil which has wide uses in cosmetic, lubricant, pharmaceutical, plastic, printing and other industries. The present research investigations revealed that average temperature from 28.80 to 37.76°C gave 62.22 to 78.88% germination of Jojoba seed. Average maximum plant height 113.59 cm followed by 101.96 cm was recorded on silt + clay and Cholistani sand respectively. The plants gained 102.42, 94.19, 81.66 and 57.16 cm height with brackish water concentrations 1000, 4000, 6000 and 8000 ppm, respectively. Increasing salinity level reduced the growth of Jojoba.
Case-Control Study of Parturient Hemoglobinuria in Buffaloes
Altaf Mahmood*, Muhammad Athar Khan, Muhammad Younus1, Muhammad Arif Khan2, Hafiz Javed Iqbal3 and Abdul Ahad4
Pakistan Veterinary Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Population based case control study of parturient hemoglobinuria was conducted in District Chakwal during April 2009 to January 2011 for quantification of epidemiological risk factors associated with condition. Data of 180 case–control pairs were analyzed for various hypothesized risk factors. Odds ratios calculated for ≥7 years age (5.56), ≥7 months pregnancy (15.80), ≥3 lactation number (6.39), ≥8 liters daily milk yield (1.07), ≤60 days postpartum period (6.23), previous history of hemoglobinuria (3.41) and ingestion of cruciferous plants (2.51) were significant (P 0.05); whereas, those recorded for cottonseed cake (1), use of mineral mixture (0.81), use of drugs (1.07), use of oxytocin injection (1.32), vaccination (1), grazing (0.91) and previous history of diseases other than parturient hemoglobinuria (1.19) were insignificant (P>0.05). It was concluded that parturient hemoglobinuria is strongly associated with age, lactation number, stage of pregnancy, postpartum period and previous disease history of affected animals.
Comparison of Streptokinase Activity from Streptococcus mutans using Different Substrates
Muhammad Anjum Zia*, Rana Faisal, Rao Zahid Abbas1, Gull-e-Faran, Muhammad Kashif Saleemi2 and Junaid Ali Khan3
Pakistan Veterinary Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Streptokinase is a novel bacterial fibrinolytic enzyme that binds and activates plasminogen and is produced by several species of Streptococci. Streptococcus mutans was selected for optimum production of streptokinase using corn steep liquor, molasses, rice polishing and sugarcane bagass in liquid state fermentation. Substrates were applied in different concentrations ranging from 0.1-0.8%. Maximum fibrinolytic activity was observed by 0.3% corn steep liquor, 0.5% molasses and rice polishing and 0.4% by sugarcane bagass. The fibrinolytic activity achieved by fibrin clot lysis method was 5.5, 5.08, 5.16 and 4.75 units using corn steep liquor, molasses, rice polishing and sugarcane bagass, respectively.
Multiresolution and Varying Expressions Analysis of Face Images for Recognition
Muhammad Almas Anjum,Muhammad Younus Javed
Information Technology Journal , 2007,
Abstract: This study demonstrates a lower dimension multiresolution and facial expression analysis of facial images using wavelet transform and image decimation algorithm. It minimizes heavy computational load, reduce noise, produce a representation in low frequency domain and hence make the facial images less sensitive to facial expressions and small occlusions. An improved recognition rate is achieved through effective image pre processing and novel feature extraction technique. Within class varying facial expressions effects have been minimized by using image decimation. Novel feature extraction methodology has been used to extract the most suitable feature vectors required for recognition. Experiments on ORL, YALE, FERET and EME color datasets have been performed with success rate up to 99.25%. Model has been also tested on CMU AMP face expression and dataset to evaluate the ability of wavelets and decimation algorithm for varying expression compensation. Hundred percent recognition rate on this dataset is achieved.
Comparative Suitability of Ear Notch Biopsy and Serum Pairs for Detecting Nature of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus Infection in Dairy Herds
Arfan Ahmad, Masood Rabbani, Muhammad Zubair Shabbir, Khushi Muhammad1, Tahir Yaqub, Muhammad Kashif Saleemi2, Rana Khurram Khalid, Muhammad Abu Bakr Shabbir3 and Shumaila Yousaf Alvi4
Pakistan Veterinary Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Suitability of ear notch biopsy (EN) and serum pairs (n= 307) collected from 10 Holstein dairy herds located in Charlottetown, Canada was evaluated for simultaneous detection, nature of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) infection and genotype of the prevailing BVDV through Real time RT-PCR. Depending upon vaccination status and age, the sampled animals were categorized into two groups, A (n=123, ≤ 6 month of age) and B (n=184, ≥ 6 months of age) originating from 4 vaccinated (n=108) and 3 non-vaccinated (n=76) animal herds. On first round of testing a discrepancy between ear notch biopsies and sera pairs (3.25 and 6.50%; P<0.05) of groups A was observed, however, a complete harmony (50% for EN and sera each, P<0.01 was found on second round of testing that confirmed the presence of 4 persistent infection (PI) animals harboring genotype 1 of BVDV. Complete concordance between EN and sera pairs (P<0.01) on first and follow up testing in group B was observed (2.77%, each), depicting 3 PI animals with the same genotype as in group A. In the study, ear notch biopsies did not detect any transient infection (TI) but sera samples detected 3.25% transiently infected animals in group A that was 1.30 % among all the test samples (n=307) while no TI animal was found in group B. It may be concluded that both the serum and ear notch biopsy can be used to detect PI animals and that, serum samples are more sensitive than ear notch (P < 0.05) for detection of TI using real time RT-PCR.
Serological Evidence of Selected Abortifacients in a Dairy Herd with History of Abortion
Muhammad Zubair Shabbir*, Rana Khurram Khalid, Derek Matthew Freitas1, Muhammad Tariq Javed2, Masood Rabbani, Tahir Yaqub, Arfan Ahmad, Muhammad Abu Bakr Shabbir1 and Muhammad Abbas3
Pakistan Veterinary Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Abortion is common among dairy herds in Pakistan. However, except for Brucella abortus, little is known about other prevalent abortifacients. Therefore, a sero-epidemiological study was conducted in a dairy herd with a history of abortion located in Lahore, Pakistan. Blood samples (3–5 mL) were taken from each animal (cows, n = 43; buffaloes, n = 47) in the herd. Seropositivity to infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), B. abortus, blue tongue virus (BTV), bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) and Toxoplasma gondii was determined using commercially available kits. Among cows and buffaloes, seropositivity was most frequent for IBR (69.8 and 70.3%, P>0.05), followed by B. abortus (32.6 and 42.6%, P>0.05), BVDV (9.3 and 6.4%, P>0.05) and BTV (4.7 and 6.4%, P>0.05), whereas, all the animals were seronegative to T. gondii. With respect to age, there was a significant difference (P<0.05) in seropositivity to B. abortus, BTV, and to multiple infectious agents in buffaloes. Additionally, a history of prior abortion was found to be significantly associated with current abortion in buffaloes and cows (P<0.001). While several significant associations between seropositivity to various agents and abortion were initially found, further analyses showed no significant associations in cows or buffaloes. The study concludes that seropositivity to the studied infectious agents was not significantly associated with abortion when accounting for other covariates, while prior abortion was found to be significantly associated with current abortion in both cows and buffaloes. However, owing to the small preliminary nature of the study, small sample size, and small number of abortion events, further studies are needed to ascertain the validity of these results.
Material Delivery System for Aircraft Composite Component Manufacturing Workshop
Mei Zhongyi,Liu Yongjin,Muhammad Younus
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2011,
Production Planning and Scheduling for the Composite Component Manufacturing Workshop
Mei Zhongyi,Muhammad Younus,Liu Yongjin
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2010,
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