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Vitamin D3: Association of Low Vitamin D3 Levels with Semen Abnormalities in Infertile Males  [PDF]
Anwar Ali Jamali, Bhojo Mal Tanwani, Ghulam Mustafa Jamali, Ameer Ali Jamali, Muhammad Ali Suhail, Jagdesh Kumar, Rajesh Kumar
Advances in Sexual Medicine (ASM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/asm.2018.84004
Abstract: Background: Insufficiency of vitamin D is one of the utmost general health issues all over the globe, including Pakistan; incompatible data are present on the possible relationship among serum vitamin D values and quality of semen. Objective: Lack of Vitamin D in body is related with a higher risk of various health problems including infertility. In our setup no such type of study had been conducted in the past on the relationship among serum vitamin D levels and infertility. This study was aimed to investigate male subjects with infertility and serum levels of vitamin D. Methods: This study was cross-sectional and performed on 243 male subjects who attended the clinic for evaluation of infertility from January 2016 to December 2017. Mean age of patients was 31.94 years with standard deviation of 7.52 years. The mean age of controls was 32.2 years with SD 8.42 years, age ranged between 20 years as minimum to 46 years as maximum. The minimum vitamin D level was 7.00 ng/dl while maximum
Vitamin D: Level of Vitamin D3 in AFB Positive PTB Patients in Initial Diagnostic Phase  [PDF]
Anwar Ali Jamali, Jawaid Hussain Lighari, Shamasddin Shaikh, Ghulam Mustafa Jamali, Bhojo Mal Tanwani, Muhammad Aslam Channa, Ameer Ali Jamali, Muhammad Ali Suhail
Journal of Tuberculosis Research (JTR) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jtr.2018.64023
Abstract: Background: A relationship among vitamin D and pulmonary tuberculosis. Objective: To conclude the occurrence of Vitamin D insufficiency in subjects suffering from pulmonary TB. Design: This was a cross sectional study. Setting: Current study was performed at department of medicine, Peoples Medical College Hospital Nawabshah starting from January 2017 to December 2017. Samples: 385 AFB positive subjects of pulmonary tuberculosis after achieving the criteria of selection were recruited. Material and Methods: After a brief discussion, the patients were characterized for variable evaluation such as age, gender, sputum AFB and duration of disease and presence of low vitamin D levels. Sputum AFB criterion was used for Data collection. Fasting blood samples were collected for analysis of vitamin D levels in all subjects of AFB positive pulmonary tuberculosis. Results: In 385 diagnosed patients with smear positive PTB, 273 (70.9%) males and 112 (29.1%) were female. Vitamin D levels were within normal or sufficient range in 134 (34.8%), below normal range in 251 (65.2%) cases (insufficient in 09.56% (24/251) and deficient in 90.43% (227/251) cases). Conclusion: Decreased levels of vitamin D were common in subjects with AFB smear Positive PTB cases.
Forecasting the Stock Market through Dart Board Theory
Faiz Muhammad Shaikh,Abdul Latif,Anwar Ali Shah,Muhammad Suhail Nazar
International Journal of Economics and Finance , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ijef.v3n4p106
Abstract: This research instigates the forecasting the Stock by using the Dart Board theory which is one of the famous theories of them is “Dart Board Theory of Stock Selection”: you can select a stock by throwing a dart at the Wall Street Journal and probability of your success is more than others who follow expert’s advice. This paper evaluates that significant factor behind the success of dart board theory is Chain Reaction in stock’s prices. The data of 30 stocks selected from KSE 100 index (stocks cover about 50-60 percent of total market volume) is arranged in four sub-categories according to their weights assigned in KSE 100 index respectively. The stock’s price moves are measured in percentage and arranged from single day to four months Result indicate that Cat: I stocks have dominant effect on stocks’ prices of Cat: II and III and causes them to move along. The value of pros/expert recommendation is also measured, based on comparative analysis of change in mutual funds earning with change in average KSE 100 index. Results also support chain reaction concept; as positive correlation exist between performance of KSE 100 index and mutual funds earnings. Findings also indicate that pros recommendations are keys to start a chain reaction.
Poverty as an Unfinished Agenda for the Third World Countries, Impact of Social and Economic Factors on Poverty, A Case Study of Sindh
Abdul Latif,Anwar Ali ShahG.Syed,Muhammad Suhail Nazar,Hina Shah
Journal of Sustainable Development , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/jsd.v4n5p107
Abstract: The main aim of this paper is to examine poverty as an unfinished agenda for the Third World countries by analyzing social and economic factors that are responsible for poverty in rural Sindh. Data were collected from 2500 households of four districts i.e. Shikarpur, Larkana, Sukkur, and Jacobabad of upper Sindh by using simple random sampling technique. A structured questionnaire was designed as an instrument to measure the poverty. It was revealed that the poverty position in Jacobabad and Shikarpur was worsening as compared with Larkana and Sukkur. The factors like tribal disputes among various tribes and law & order situation are forcing most of the business people to shift their business from Jacobabad and Shikarpur. Access to health and education facilities in all districts has slight variation except Jacobabad where the literacy rate is very low. It was further revealed that the prevalent situation made the people vulnerable to natural disasters and uncertainties, thereby reducing the earning potential of poor families. The vulnerability of the poor household becomes evident from a very significant percentage of households without any legal right in all surveyed districts. The main findings of this research suggest that in general the household income is generated from agriculture and most of the farmers are facing lot of problems regarding availability of water and inputs. By the criterion of derived demand, the households from two districts, namely, Sukkur and Larkana are engaged in productive activities to earn more compared with the Shikarpur and Jacobabad districts.
The Professional Medical Journal , 2008,
Abstract: Objectives: To assess and compare the diagnostic accuracy of DiagnosticPeritoneal Lavage (DPL) and Focused Assessment Sonography for Trauma (FAST). Design: A comparative study.Setting: SU II Department of surgery Allied Hospital Faisalabad. Period: From Jan 2006 to Dec 2006 Material andMethods: A total of 50 patients irrespective of age and sex, presenting to casualty department with blunt traumaabdomen were included in the study. Patients with equivocal signs of peritonitis under went abdominal ultra sonographyfollowed by diagnostic peritoneal lavage. The operative findings were also recorded. Results: Out of total 50 patients,Sensitivity of FAST was 88.88%, Specificity 91.30%, Accuracy 90.00%, and Positive predictive value 92.30%, Negativepredictive value 91.30%. In 3 patients ruled out on ultra sonography but confirmed on Diagnostic peritoneal lavage andexploratory laparotomy (false negative). Sensitivity of DPL was 96.66%, Specificity 85.00%. Accuracy 92.00%, Positivepredictive value 90.62%, Negative predictive value 94.44%. Out of 50 patients 29 had positive DPL wrongly positivein 3 patients, true negative in 17 patients, false negative in 1 patient. 3 patients falsely negative on abdominalultrasonography, 2 of them were having gut contents on DPL and 1 was having frank blood on DPL. Conclusion:Focused Assessment Sonography for Trauma (FAST) being non invasive should be the first step in assessment ofpatients with blunt abdominal trauma, when complimented by DPL may helps in defining the organ injury.
Social Organization of Transgender Sex Workers  [PDF]
Anwaar Mohyuddin, Muhammad Ali
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2013.37054
Abstract: This paper is an attempt to document life of male sex workers as transgender in Pakistan and to describe their cultural practices with reference to ritual performs on different occasion. Qualitative research methods combing in-depth interviews, FGDs, and observation were employed to gather information. An effort has been made to investigate the cultural life of the transgender and the pattern of their social interaction within the community as well as with the outsiders. Analysis based on thematic description of the themes generated after reviewing data. The research process revealed that males who were engaged in the sex industry have two types of sociological division: first, young and having male identity with potential to transform in transgender; while other transgender plays dual roles: a) within sex worker community as transgender women, b) male outside the transgender community. These males fulfill their socio-psychological and economic needs through entrance in the transgender community. Most of them consider themselves as having feminine soul and masculine body. The male engaging in sex work is a complex
New Applications to Solitary Wave Ansatz  [PDF]
Muhammad Younis, Safdar Ali
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.56092

In this article, the solitary wave and shock wave solitons for nonlinear Ostrovsky equation and Potential Kadomstev-Petviashvili equations have been obtained. The solitary wave ansatz is used to carry out the solutions.

Simulation of Solidification Parameters during Zr Based Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composite’s (BMGMCs) Additive Manufacturing  [PDF]
Muhammad Musaddique Ali Rafique
Engineering (ENG) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2018.103007
Abstract: After a silence of three decades, bulk metallic glasses and their composites have re-emerged as a competent engineering material owing to their excellent mechanical properties not observed in any other engineering material known till date. However, they exhibit poor ductility and little or no toughness which make them brittle and they fail catastrophically under tensile loading. Exact explanation of this behaviour is difficult, and a lot of expensive experimentation is needed before conclusive results could be drawn. In present study, a theoretical approach has been presented aimed at solving this problem. A detailed mathematical model has been developed to describe solidification phenomena in zirconium based bulk metallic glass matrix composites during additive manufacturing. It precisely models and predicts solidification parameters related to microscale solute diffusion (mass transfer) and capillary action in these rapidly solidifying sluggish slurries. Programming and simulation of model is performed in MATLAB®. Results show that the use of temperature dependent thermophysical properties yields a synergic effect for multitude improvement and refinement simulation results. Simulated values proved out to be in good agreement with prior simulated and experimental results.
Hydrothermal Processing of Phase Pure and Doped Hydroxyapatite and its Characterization  [PDF]
Muhammad Musaddique Ali Rafique
Journal of Encapsulation and Adsorption Sciences (JEAS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jeas.2018.81002
Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a synthetic ceramic which is used in numerous biomedical applications. However, its use is restricted in load bearing applications. A novel batch hydrothermal method is indigenously developed to synthesize fine size, crystalline hydroxyapatite (HA) and titania doped hydroxyapatite (TiO2-HA) powders with distinct phase formation. Powders were characterized using XRD, FTIR and DSC-TGA. Sharp peaks in HA XRD pattern after sintering at 1000°C indicate significant crystallinity while sharp peaks in TiO2 XRD pattern at 27°, 36° and 5° after sintering indicate anatase to rutile transformation. This fact is also confirmed by FTIR and DSC-TGA Plots.
Modelling and Simulation of Solidification Phenomena during Additive Manufacturing of Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composites (BMGMC)—A Brief Review and Introduction of Technique  [PDF]
Muhammad Musaddique Ali Rafique
Journal of Encapsulation and Adsorption Sciences (JEAS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jeas.2018.82005
Abstract: Despite a wealth of experimental studies focused on determining and improving mechanical properties and development of fundamental understanding of underlying mechanisms behind nucleation and growth of ductile phase precipitates from melt in glassy matrix, still, there is dearth of knowledge about how these ductile phases nucleate during solidification. Various efforts have been made to address this problem such as experiments in microgravity, high resolution electron microscopy and observation in synchrotron light after levitation but none have proved out to be satisfactory. In this study, an effort has been made to address this problem by modelling and simulation. Current state of the art of development, manufacturing, characterisation and modelling and simulation of bulk metallic glass matrix composites is described in detail. Evolution of microstructure in bulk metallic glass matrix composites during solidification in additive manufacturing has been presented with the aim to address fundamental problem of evolution of solidification microstructure as a result of solute partitioning, diffusion and capillary action. An overview is also presented to explain the relation of microstructure evolution to hardness and fracture toughness. This is aimed at overcoming fundamental problem of lack of ductility and toughness in this diverse class of materials. Quantitative prediction of solidification microstructure is done with the help of advanced part scale modelling and simulation techniques. It has been systematically proposed that 2-dimensional cellular automaton (CA) method combined with finite element (for thermal modelling) tools (CA-FE) programmed on FORTRAN and parallel simulated on ABAQUS would best be able to describe this complicated multiphysics phenomenon in most efficient way. Focus is laid on quantification of methodology by which modelling and simulation can be adopted and applied to describe evolution of microstructure in this important class of materials. It is found that proposed methodology is meritorious.
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