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An Efficient Method for Epileptic Seizure Detection in Long-Term EEG Recordings  [PDF]
Alaa Eldeen Mahmoud Helal, Ahmed Farag Seddik, Mohammed Ali Eldosoky, Ayat Allah Farouk Hussein
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2014.712093
Abstract: Epilepsy is one of the most prevalent neurological disorders with no age, racial, social class, and neither national nor geographic boundaries. There are 50 million sufferers in the world today with 2.4 million new cases occur each year. Electroencephalogram (EEG) has become a traditional procedure to investigate abnormal functioning of brain activity. Epileptic EEG is usually characterized by short transients and sharp waves as spikes. Identification of such event splays a crucial role in epilepsy diagnosis and treatment. The present study proposes a method to detect three epileptic spike types in EEG recordings based mainly on Template Matching Algorithm including multiple signal-processing approaches. The method was applied to real clinical EEG data of epileptic patients and evaluated according to sensitivity, specificity, selectivity and average detection rate. The promising results illuminate that hybrid processing approaches in temporal, frequency and spatial domains can be a real solution to identify fast EEG transients.
The Barriers and Enablers of the Educational Cloud: A Doctoral Student Perspective  [PDF]
Mohammed Ali
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2019.71001
Background, Motivation and Objective: Cloud computing (CC) within UK HEIs is an emerging research phenomenon. When adopting new innovations, it is important to assess whether it will add value to the organisation. Contri-bution/Method: This exploratory empirical research is derived from the technology, organisation and environment model (TOE), which targeted higher education institutions (HEIs). A qualitative study, which explored the potential barriers and enablers of CC adoption by HEIs from a doctoral stu-dent perspective, was conducted, where 32 students at a University that had recently adopted the educational cloud situated in North-west England, were interviewed. Results/Discussion/Conclusion: The results showed that the most significant enablers of the educational cloud were cost efficiency, scal-ability, flexibility and mobility, and especially collaboration among students. Whereas the most significant barriers of the educational cloud were security and cultural resistance. In conclusion, the adoption rate of CC is increasing gradually in UK HEIs, which is mostly down to the cost efficient and col-laborative nature of the educational cloud, but there is still the issue of pri-vacy and trust in the educational cloud which impedes adoption.
Mystique in Arabic Poetics: An Inquiry into Cultural Dominant  [PDF]
Yassir Mohammed Nasr Ali
Advances in Literary Study (ALS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/als.2015.31002
This paper argues that the paucity of innovative work in Arabic critical tradition is a ramification of an aesthetic of conformity to the dominant patterns in Arabia. The preoccupation with specific aspects in poetics does not contribute to the framing of intellectual debates past and present, but discloses an exclusionary discourse with a narrow scheme of knowledge. Such a limitation in epistemology is symptomatic of a wider one at the level of formative ideals. The present article attempts to unfold the crisis in this epistemology by problematizing the mainstream poetics of culture and seeking new possibilities of reflection beyond the edges of definition.
Partial Quality Assessment of 60Co-Teletherapy Machine Performance  [PDF]
Mohammed A. Ali Omer
Open Journal of Radiology (OJRad) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojrad.2015.54032
Abstract: The aim of this study was to assess the performance of 60Co-teletherapy unit at Radiation and Isotopes Center in Khartoum, using the common tools used for quality control (Front pointer, Graphic paper, Pin, Non-screen film, meter and Check plate). The collected and analyzed data revealed that: there was a difference between the calculated theoretical field size (FS) and the measured one relative to the change of SSD; and the average FS shift was 0.9 cm relative to the standard one, while the machine isocenter was almost fixed at 0° with a shift of 0.003 cm, which was within the standard limit (0.2 cm). The diaphragm isocenter showed a shift of ±0.36 cm (i.e. in clock and anti clock wise) in average relative to standard limit (±0.3 cm) and the couch vertical isocenter (CVI) relative to the SSD changes was exceeded the standard limit (0.2 cm) by a factor of 0.9 cm. Also the SSD determined by the optical distance indicator was greater than the actual SSD (determined by Front pointer and measured by scale meter) by an average of 0.8 cm; which exceeded the limit (0.3 cm) by an average factor of 0.5 cm. The study also showed that the penumbra profile (1.5 cm) was less than the actual specified for 60Co-teletherapy machine, while the radiation beam was so homogeneous across the field size.
In Vitro Chromosomal Aberration Frequency by Electrofishing on Poecilia latipinna (Sailfin Molly) Fishes in Southern of Iraq  [PDF]
Mohammed A. Abd Ali, Mohammed H. Mohammed, Marwa K. Sadeq
American Journal of Molecular Biology (AJMB) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajmb.2018.82010
Abstract: The present studies describe Chromosomal aberration effects of electrofishing, which were evaluated on Poecilia latipinna, located in Shat Al-Arab river in Al-garmma city (south of Iraq). The electrofishing derive used in work is simulated to that used in the commercial fishing. The apparatus generates voltage ranged from 40 to 280 volts. Nine bearers of Poecilia latipinna sailfin molly fish in chromosomal analysis were divided into three treatments. The first were a control, the fishes of the second were exposed to 110 volts (10 seconds), and final groups were exposed to 110 volts (15 seconds). Mitotic index of the electrofishing with a control for each group decreased with increasing exposed time in somatic cell kidney tissue of Poecilia latipinna. The chromosome
Mohammed ALI
The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 2012,
Abstract: This paper examines the conceptual foundations of self-concept, self-esteem and the self as they relate to disabled students in the context of physical education. Disable school children experience severe discriminations in society and within the school system, especially if the school is the mainstream type. With increasing emphasis on inclusiveness in school to different groups of excluded children, the need to thoroughly examine the psychological frame of mind of these children is now more important than ever before. Consequently, this paper sought to uncover the fundamental tenets of self-concept of disabled learners and highlight the key characteristics of disabled children. The paper concludes by with an analysis of the major impacts that disabled learners self-concept has on participation in physical education activities.
Cloud Computing at a Cross Road: Quality and Risks in Higher Education  [PDF]
Mohammed Ali
Advances in Internet of Things (AIT) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ait.2019.93003
Abstract: The key determinants of cloud computing provide a convincing argument for HEIs and its stakeholders to adopt the innovation. These benefits reflect the essential quality characteristics of the cloud, such as Broad network Access; Measured Service; On-demand Self-Service; Rapid Elasticity; and Resource Pooling. However, there are also risks associated with the cloud, leading to non-adoption, such as Confidence, Privacy, Security, Surety and Trust. Understanding the impact of these factors can support multiple stakeholders, such as students, lecturers, senior managers and admins in their adoptive decision of CC in their respected institutions. Using the Multiview 3 (MV3) methodology, a research model was proposed to explore the key qualities and risks that determine the adoption or non-adoption of CC by UK HEIs from multiple perspectives. An exploratory qualitative study was conducted on 32 University stakeholders across 2 UK Universities. The findings suggest that security, privacy and trust are the key determinants to non-adoption as participants felt that the cloud cannot fully guarantee the safeguarding of sensitive information. Determinants to cloud adoption include improving relationships between students and teachers via collaborative tools, in addition to proposing cloud apps for mobile devices for accessing virtual learning materials and email securely off-campus. In conclusion, University stakeholders are still at a cross-road when it comes to cloud adoption, but future advances of the cloud may help to steer their decision to adopt this innovative technology given its overwhelming potential.
Interference Mitigation MAC Protocol for Cognitive Radio Networks  [PDF]
Nasir Faruk, Maaruf Ali, Mohammed Ibrahim Gumel
Wireless Engineering and Technology (WET) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/wet.2012.32010
Abstract: The growing demand for wireless services coupled with the limited availability of suitable electromagnetic spectrum is increasing the need for more efficient RF spectrum utilization. Spectrum allocated to TV operators can potentially be shared by wireless data services, either when the primary service is switched off or by exploiting spatial reuse opportunities. This paper describes a dynamic spectrum access scheme for use in the TV bands which uses cognitive radio techniques to determine the spectrum availability. The approach allows secondary users (SU) to operate in the presence of the primary users (PU) and the OPNET simulation and modelling software has been used to model the performance of the scheme. An analysis of the results shows that the proposed scheme protects the primary users from harmful interference from the secondary users. In comparison with the 802.11 MAC protocol, the scheme improves spectrum utilization by about 27% while limiting the interference imposed on the primary receiver.
Preliminary Design Support by Integrating a Reliability Analysis for Wind Turbine  [PDF]
Hamid Zaghar, Mohammed Sallaou, Ali Chaaba
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2012.44032
Abstract: In the context of industrial competitiveness, taking into account the process design throughout the product life cycle is inevitable, from the expression of the need to recycle, the capitalization and knowledge management increasingly a target much sought after companies because of increased knowledge. Indeed, during the approval phase and use studies and scientific researches make have generated knowledge especially that concerning the reliability of system components. In this context, the capitalization and reuse of knowledge are necessary and have a particular interest in design and particularly in the preliminary design phase. Studies are already completed suggest a design process ranging from the need to solve the problem. At each phase of the process, structural characteristics are defined by the designer through the available knowledge already capitalized to make choice of component and their arrangement. This article proposes integrating the analysis of system reliability in this process. The objective is the use of knowledge in the vision safety and hazards of operating through the study of reliability and decision making for the selection of solution.
Interesting and unusual cases of chronic abdominal pain-intermittent gastric volvulus  [PDF]
Sivasankaran Vadivel Kumaran, Thangavelu Pugazhendhi, Mohammed Ali
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2012.24040
Abstract: Objective: Intermittent gastric volvulus is a rare disease that requires high index of suspicion for diagnosis and treatment. The incidence and prevalence is unknown, may be due to under reporting or under diagnosis. Gastric volvulus may be transient producing few symptoms. The Borchardt’s Triad may be present only during an acute presentation. Common symptoms may mislead to diagnose a nonsurgical disease if an evaluation is not done, keeping in mind a possibility of gastric volvulus, even if a UGI scopy is normal. Cases may be submerged in the community being undiagnosed. Case Series: CASE 1: 21 yrs old male with intermittent abdominal pain for 1(1/2) yrs with marfanoid habitus, MVP and a normal UGI scopy. BMS revealed an Organo-Axial Volvulus and ligament laxity per-operatively. CASE 2: 65 yrs old diabetic female with vomiting and abdominal pain for 3 months and left sided pneumonitis. UGI scopy showed twisted gastric folds immediately below OGJ and inability to visualise antrum. BMS revealed mixed volvulus with paraesophageal herniation of distal stomach. Per-operatively there was laxity of ligaments with omental content alone within the diaphragmatic rent. Posterior retrocolic sub-mucosal gastrojejunostomy(pexy) was done for all cases. Conclusion: Gastric volvulus should be thought of in a case of chronic intermittent abdominal pain with normal baseline evaluation. A Chest X-ray and BMS should be done, at the time of symptoms.
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