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Techno-Economical Unit Commitment Using Harmony Search Optimization Approach
Mohammad Sadegh Javadi
International Journal of Applied Power Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.11591/ijape.v1i1.434
Abstract: -In this paper, Security-Constrained Unit Commitment (SCUC) model is proposed in a restructured power system. This model consists of a closed-loop modified Unit Commitment (UC) and Security-constrained Optimal Power Flow (SCOPF). The objective of this SCUC model is to obtain the maximum social welfare-based system operating cost while maintaining the system security. In conventional power systems, the demand was forecasted before market operation and determined as a fixed constant. Supplying this demand was therefore considered as a constraint. However, in restructured power system which is based on Standard Market Design (SMD), DISCOs offer the demand and their proposed prices; therefore the demand is modeled as an elastic load. Independent System Operator (ISO) is responsible for operating the power market. The ISO performed the power market using the SCUC software to obtain feasible and economical operation as much as possible. In this paper, Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) has been implemented to solve SCUC problem. Since the SCUC problem is a non-linear, mixed integer, large scale and non-convex problem, harmony search optimization is addressed as an efficient technique to overcome the aforementioned challenges. The simulation results show that the presented method is both satisfactory and consistent with expectation.
Security Constraint Unit Commitment Considering Line and Unit Contingencies- Particle Swarm Optimization
Mohammad Sadegh Javadi
International Journal of Applied Power Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.11591/ijape.v1i1.433
Abstract: This paper presents a new approach for considering all possible contingencies in short-term power system operation. Based on this new approach, both generator and transmission line outages would be modeled in network-based power system analysis. Multi generator and also parallel transmission lines is modeled in this methodology. We also investigate this claim that feasibility and applicability of this approach is much more than the previous analytical methodologies. Security Constrained Unit commitment (SCUC) program which is carried out by Independent System Operator (ISO), is one of the complex problems which would be handled by this approach. In this paper, a DC-Optimal Power Flow (DCOPF) methodology has been implemented by particle swarm optimization technique. The Lagrangian Relaxation technique is based on the derivatives and the PSO is a non- derivative technique. These approaches are effective tools which can be implemented for short-term and long-term power system analysis, especially for economic analysis of restructured power systems. The DCOPF methodology has been considered for LMP calculation in LR, which is not available in PSO techniques. In the other hand, PSO technique may be able to provide the optimal solution, where LR usually getting stuck at a local optimum in a large scale power system. The simulation results show that the presented methods are both satisfactory and consistent with expectation.
Neotectonics of Tabas Area, Central Iran by Index of Active Tectonics (IAT)  [PDF]
Elahe Javadi Mosavi, Mehran Arian, Manochehr Ghorshi, Mohammad Nazemi
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2015.54019
Abstract: In this research, Tabas area, which is located in central Iran, was selected as the study area and three geomorphic indices were calculated for its structural fronts. Through averaging these three indices, we obtained index of active tectonics (IAT). The values of the index were divided into classes to define the degree of active tectonics. Therefore, relative tectonic activity was calculated and their values were classified and analyzed in two groups. Regions were identified as high and moderate levels. In analyzing data and combining them with tectonic setting, the results were often associated and justified with regional geology. Our results show that the highest value is located along Shoutori fault, which shows 2 class of relative tectonic activity (high level). Also, moderate values are located along Ereshk, Ezmeighan and Jamal faults (moderate level). According to these results, Shoutori fault is the most active fault in the study area and this situation is compatible with its position as a mountain front fault.
Independent Task Scheduling in Grid Computing Based on Queen Bee Algorithm
Zahra Pooranian,Mohammad Shojafar,Bahman Javadi
IAES International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (IJ-AI) , 2012, DOI: 10.11591/ij-ai.v1i4.1229
Abstract: The inherent dynamicity in grid computing has made it extremely difficult to come up with near-optimal solutions to efficiently schedule tasks in grids. Task Scheduling plays crucial role in Grid computing. It is a challengeable issue among scientists to achieve better results especially in makespan based on various AI methods. Nowadays, non deterministic algorithms provide better results for these tasks. In this study the task scheduling problem in Grid computing environments has been addressed. In this paper, Queen Bee Algorithm is used for resolving scheduling problem and the obtained results are compared with several Meta–heuristic Algorithms which are developed to solve the problem. As it illustrated, queen bee algorithm is declined considerably makespan and execution time parameters rather than others in different states.
External Ocular Manifestations in Autosomal Dominant Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa; a Case Report
Manizheh Mahdavi,Mohammad-Ali Javadi
Journal of Ophthalmic & Vision Research , 2008,
Abstract: PURPOSE: To present a case of autosomal dominant dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa with symblepharon formation due to eye rubbing. CASE REPORT: A 10-year-old girl suffering from blistering and ulcerative lesions of the trunk and palms and dystrophic nails since childhood was referred to our clinic with a symblepharon connecting the medial portion of the right upper lid to the superonasal quadrant of the cornea. The central cornea in both eyes exhibited mild subepithelial opacification. She had history of eye rubbing due to foreign body sensation in the right eye, resulting in red eye and blister-like conjunctival lesions since three years ago. She had previously undergone surgical symblepharon removal leading to more severe recurrence of the condition. CONCLUSION: Dominant dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa may be accompanied by external ocular manifestations. Protection of the eye from minor trauma such as rubbing may help prevent ocular complications.
Structural Review of Rent Government and Its Effect on Democracy Process
Mehrzad Javadi Kouchaksaraei,Mohammad Reevany Bustami
Canadian Social Science , 2012, DOI: 10.3968/j.css.1923669720120806.1017
Abstract: Rent state is one of the theories that many analysts and researchers working on matters regarding developing countries have used to justify the lack of political and economical development in countries relying on revenues obtained from external resources called rent. Specifically, this theory concerns with the states relying heavily on godsend revenues: revenues generally obtained from natural and underground resources for instance, oil. According to the theory, rent states tend to exhibit qualities of self-sufficiency by using the revenues accrued from these natural sources to stabilize themselves and their intimate companions in the political, economic and other areas of cooperation. In this paper, various works of writers and theorists of rent state have been analyzed with specific emphasis on the notion that the structure of rent governments is an important obstacle to the formation of a democratic and politically developed society. The paper further emphasizes that such conditions eventually result in the development of non-democratic and authoritative regimes in those countries regardless of the rent resource being employed. Consequently, the probability of political and economic corruption, and the jeopardizing of civil society organizations increases beyond limit, to a large extent, in order to preserve individual authority and control of the god-given wealth. Key words: State; Rent states; Democracy
Pediatric Cataract Surgery
Farid Karimian,Mohammad-Ali Javadi,Mohammad-Reza Jafarinasab
Journal of Ophthalmic & Vision Research , 2008,
Abstract: Several aspects of cataract surgery in children differ from adults. Ocular anatomy, cataract morphology, exaggerated response to surgical trauma, and the need for amblyopia therapy are major concerns in pediatric cataract surgery. Moreover, intraoperative differences such as location and type of incisions, management of anterior and posterior capsules and need for anterior vitrectomy are other important issues to be considered. Achieving a successful result depends on adhering to all the pre-, intra- and post-operative considerations and their proper management.
The Prevalence of Glaucoma in Tehran, Iran
Heydar Amini,Mohammad-Ali Javadi,Shahin Yazdani,Mohammad Pakravan
Journal of Ophthalmic & Vision Research , 2008,
Abstract: PURPOSE: To determine the prevalence of glaucoma in adults 40 years of age or older in Tehran, Iran. METHODS: This stratified random-sampling cross-sectional population survey was performed on residents of Tehran, the capital of Iran, aged 40 years and older in the year 2001. Refraction, best-corrected visual acuity, slitlamp biomicroscopy, Goldmann applanation tonometry, funduscopy, and gonioscopy were performed in all subjects. Automated perimetry was performed in selected cases. RESULTS: Out of 4418 sampled subjects, 2184 individuals (49.4%) participated in the survey. Eventually data from 2160 individuals including 814 (38%) male and 1346 (62%) female subjects with mean age of 55.1±10.2 (range 40-92) years were analyzed. The overall prevalence of glaucoma was 1.44% (95% confidence interval, 0.94-1.94) including primary open angle glaucoma 0.46%, chronic angle closure glaucoma 0.33%, normal tension glaucoma 0.28%, pseudoexfoliation glaucoma 0.23%, and other types of glaucoma 0.14%. More than 80% of affected subjects were unaware of their condition. CONCLUSION: The prevalence of glaucoma in adults 40 years of age or older in Tehran is 1.44%, which is in the lower range reported in other populations. The large majority of cases are unaware of their condition.
Satisfaction and Motivation of General Physicians toward Their Career
Ameneh Barikani,Maryam Javadi,Aagil Mohammad,Barikani Firooze
Global Journal of Health Science , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/gjhs.v5n1p166
Abstract: Background: Human resource in health system especially in developing countries has main role in health promotion. Therefore their satisfaction and motivation are the key points in developing health system. Objective: To determine the motivation and satisfaction of general physicians (GP) towards their career. Methods: Using random sampling, 150 physicians were selected from comprehension commercial database list. Data were collected using a self-administered questionnaire that consisted of three sections; first demographic data, second work satisfaction and third questions toward biologic, dependent and growth motivation. Data were analyzed by SPSS version 16 with P<0.05. Results: From participants 64.7% of physicians were in age between 30-40 years and 27.3% were men. Only 5.3% of physicians who were employed for over 10 years were satisfied from their career. Satisfaction of career among female and male physicians was 8% and 24% respectively. The item of job safety sensation in biologic motivation had maximum scale (4.1±0.89). In dependent and growth motivations, value success sensation in job (4+-0.88) and make new skills and knowledge (4+-0.67) had maximum scale of mean. Relation of growth motivators with age (P<0.01), postgraduate duration (P<0.005) was significant. Dependent motivators had significant relation with age (P<0.04), postgraduate duration (P<0.01) and employment duration (P<0.002). Biological motivators had significant relation with sex (P<0.4) and satisfaction of work hours (P<0.007). Correlation of biological (r=0.44, P<0.001) and growth (r=0.7, P<0.001) motivators was significant. Conclusion: Growth motivators score had higher ranking than other motivators. However, biological motivators especially job security and finance were also important and must be noticed from decision makers.
Colon transit scintigraphy in the idiopathic constipated patients by 67Ga-citrate
Isa Neshandar Asli,Mohammad Javad Ehsani,Hamid Javadi,Sara Jallalat
Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine , 2010,
Abstract: Introduction: Measurement of segmental colonic transit is important in the assessment of patients with severe constipation.67Ga_citrate is an readily available in Iran and is an expensive tracer and have low burden exposure dose relative to radio-opaque markers, And when given orally is not absorbed from the bowel. No previous study was performed in Iran. It is investigate different pattern of colonic transit scintigraphy in the patients with idiopathic constipated patients. Methods: 13 idiopathic constipated patients were underwent colon transit scintigraphy. study was performed after oral administration of 6-7 MBq 67Ga_citrate .Serial abdominal images were performed up to 72h and computer data were generated from geometric mean center (GMC) of segmental retention of tracer, mean activity profiles and colonic tracer half-clearance time. Results: we have found three patterns of colonic transit scintigraphy.9 patients with normal pattern, that propagation of activity was acceptable during study.3 patients with colonic inertia pattern with mark retention of activity in the transverse colon, splenic flexure and rectosigmoid regions in 48h and 72h. 1 patient has significant retention of activity in the rectosigmoid in 72h and defined as functional rectosigmoid obstruction (FRSO).No significant difference was seen in GMC24h between normal pattern and colonic inertia (p=0.053), but significant difference in GMC48h and GMC72h were seen between two groups (p=0.016 and p=0.025 respectively), There is also significant difference in the mean half clearance time (MCT) between two groups (p=0.017). Conclusion: Oral 67Ga_citrate colon transit scintigraphy is safe method and can perform in idiopathic constipated patients.
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