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Colorectal Cancer: Epidemiological, Clinical and Histopathological Aspects in Burundi  [PDF]
Rénovat Ntagirabiri, Richard Karayuba, Gabriel Ndayisaba, Sylvain Niyonkuru, Moebeni Amani
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2016.63011
Abstract: Colorectal cancer is a major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. There is no study about colorectal cancer in our country. The aim of the study was to assess epidemiological, clinical, therapeutic and histological aspects of colorectal cancer over a 10-year period (1999-2008) in Kamenge university hospital, Bujumbura, Burundi, by a descriptive retrospective study. A total of 37 cases of colorectal cancer, 22 males (59.5%) and 15 females (40.5%), mean age 50.8 years, were retrieved over the period of the study. The colorectal cancer was revealed by a rectal bleeding in 21 patients (56.8%) and an occlusive syndrome in 5 patients (13.5%). All patients underwent surgery. According to Dukes’ stages: 27% were A, 27% B, 19% C and 27% stage D. Histopathologically, 18 cases (46.7%) were differentiated adenocarcinoma, 14 cases (37.8%) undifferentiated adenocarcinoma, 2 cases of lymphoma and 2 cases of leiomyosarcoma. All patients underwent surgery. The hospitalization stay was a mean of 27 days. The prognosis was poor with a mortality rate of 13.5% in the hospital. In conclusion, colorectal cancer deserves awareness as a public health problem in our country.
Metastatic malignant melanoma arising in the ovary: A case report and review of the literature  [PDF]
Amani Harris, Norman Blumenthal
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2013.37A1002

Introduction: This article is a case report of metastatic malignant melanoma to the ovary and a review of the current literature on recommendations for diagnosis and management. Background: Metastatic involvement of the ovary from malignant melanoma is relatively uncommon and represents a diagnostic challenge. There are 74 cases of malignant melanoma metastasing to the ovary reported in the English literature. Malignant melanoma in the ovary is often found at autopsy, as a part of an extensive multisystemic spread of the disease and is rarely diagnosed during life. Most cases reported in the literature thus far occurred in women of reproductive age. Commonly, the history of a primary cutaneous melanoma lesion is remote, and in some cases, absent [1]. Most cases are associated with disseminated disease and carried a dismal prognosis [2].

Is dietary pattern of schizophrenia patients different from healthy subjects?
Reza Amani
BMC Psychiatry , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-244x-7-15
Abstract: The dietary pattern of 30 hospitalized 16–67 years old schizophrenic patients (11 female) was compared with that of 30 healthy age and sex matched individuals as control group. Subjects' anthropometric measurements including weight, height and body mass index (BMI), semi-quantitative food frequency (FFQ), medical and food history questionnaires were also collected and FFQs were then scored using Food Guide Pyramid to obtain the dietary scores. Percent body fat (%BF) was measured using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) method.Female patients had more %BF and lower dietary pattern scores than that of their controls (32 ± 3.6 vs 27.7 ± 4.6 percent and 43.2 ± 11.9 vs 54.5 ± 10.7 points; respectively, p < 0.05 for both). They also consumed less milk and dairy products, fresh vegetables, fruits, chicken, and nuts compared with the female controls (p < 0.03). However, these patients used to eat more full-fat cream and carbonated drinks (p < 0.05). Male patients had lower BMI (22 ± 4.7 vs 25.6 ± 4.4; p < 0.05) than their counterpart controls but there was no significant difference between their %BFs. Moreover, they used to have more full-fat cream, hydrogenated fats, less red meat and nuts compared with the male controls (p < 0.05).Schizophrenia patients have poor nutritional patterns. In particular, female patients have more percent body fat and lower dietary pattern scores compared with their healthy controls. All patients used to consume more fats and sweet drinks frequently. The findings of this study suggest that schizophrenia patients need specific medical nutrition therapies through limiting dietary fats and sugars intakes and weight control. Whether obesity is the consequence of disease, dietary preference or medications used remains to be cleared.While it is well recognized that the pattern of food intake is of substantial importance in the etiology of physical diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease and in the view of the clinical and ep
M Amani
Iranian Journal of Public Health , 1971,
Abstract: Decision making, for establishing programs of family planning in Iran has been based on national binary census and other scattered investigations and statistic gatherings. Both national censuses have shown young population, proving a disharmony in children fertility and mortality. For executing the policy of family planning, by instituting an office of under-secretary of family planning in the Ministry of Health, a series of measures were taken. Presently, more than 1500 family planning clinics and centers are active in the country. The aim of the government is to reduce the present rate of population growth rate of 3.2 percent to 1 percent. This great aim requires an all sided actions to be taken. Meanwhile, due to interference of social and economic factors, at least time equivalent of one generation is needed for the success of this aim. With carrying out population policy, old age tendency of the population in the long term would be a problem that must be considered from now.
A Grammar of Yeyi. A Bantu Language of Southern Africa.
Lusekelo, Amani
Afrikanistik Online , 2009,
Wilhelm J.G. M hlig and Jekura U. Kavari 2008. Reference Grammar of Herero (Otjiherero). Bantu Language of Namibia.
Amani, Lusekelu
Afrikanistik Online , 2009,
The Rheological Properties of Oil-Based Mud under High Pressure and High Temperature Conditions
Mahmood Amani
Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development , 2012, DOI: 10.3968/j.aped.1925543820120302.359
Abstract: Designing a proper drilling fluid that can function properly under the conditions of High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HP/HT) operations is very challenging. Among these challenges is the alteration of the rheological properties of drilling fluid due to the high temperature and high pressure (Ibeh et. al, 2007). This work investigates the rheological behavior of oil-based drilling fluids with different properties at Ultra-HP/HT conditions using a state-of-the-art viscometer capable of measuring drilling fluids properties up to 600°F and 40,000 psi. For this purpose, two actual oil based mud samples used by industry with the same mud weight (12.5 ppg) were chosen to carry out a matrix of experiments. The results of this study led to concluding that the viscosity, yield point and gel strength decrease with increasing temperature (until the mud sample fails, for oil-based mud with regular formulation). This behavior is the result of the thermal degradation of the solid, polymers, and other components of the mud samples and the expansion of the molecular distances which will lower the resistance of the fluid to flow and, hence, its viscosity, yield point, and gel strength. Moreover, it is concluded that the viscosity and yield point increase as the pressure increases. Pressure’s effect on these parameters, however, is more apparent at low temperature (below failure point, for oil-based mud with regular formulation). Key words: High pressure high temperature; Oil-based mud; Rheology; Rheological properties
Applicdation of Logistic Regression Model in Surveying Effective Causes of Unwanted Pregnancy
F Amani
Qom University of Medical Sciences Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background And Objectives: Unwanted pregnancy is one of the major problems in the society which endangers both mother and infant safety conditions and imposes heavy costs on health and treatment systems. Researchers have shown that more than1/3 of pregnancies in the world are unwanted of which 95% take place in developing countries. The aim of this study was to survey effective causes on unwanted pregnancy in the city of Ardabil, Iran. Methods: This study was a cross-sectional one, carried out on 328 women who had referred to health centers in Ardabil. Data were gathered via face to face interviews and were then analyzed using descriptive- inferential statistical methods and logistic regression in SPSS package. Results: The mean age of women was 28.2±6.7 years, and most of them were between 20-30 years old (55.3%). 45.3% of the population was housekeepers and most of their husbands were workers (53.8%). The mean of number of children was 1.6±1.5 out of all women under the study. 199(60.7%) had unwanted pregnancy of which 70.7% was unwanted by both couples. Most women (35.6%) used Synthetic Tablets as the contraceptive method. According to the results of logistic regression model, variables such as husband’s age, number of pregnancies and deliveries, number of abortions, the use and kind of contraceptive method had significant effect on unwanted pregnancy. Conclusion: According to the high rate of unwanted pregnancy in Ardabil compared to other places, it is necessary and important that suitable policies be made regarding the literacy, optimal pregnancy age, consultation and training about correct contraceptive methods, the importance of training men in contributing to family planning programs and qualitative promotion of family planning services.
Moral Values Education in Terms of Graduate University Students' Perspectives: A Jordanian Sample
Amani Jarrar
International Education Studies , 2013, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v6n2p136
Abstract: This study focuses on how moral values differ and vary according to variants such as education, culture, thoughts, religion, gender and family relations .It handles the issue of moral education in Jordan, from the perspective of graduate students in Petra University. Since we are facing new challenges in this era and region of the world, we are more affected by cultural and environmental effects that change our moral system. This ethical issue is highly important in a world where materialistic values are more pressing on our behavior. This study directly tackles Jordanian culture and mainly youth in universities, so that a specially tailored questionnaire was built to study the moral value educational system that Jordanian youth in private universities believe in, taking Petra University as a sample. This questionnaire covers all areas of morality and all issues dealing with ethical dilemmas, and their answers were analyzed according to certain dimensions that have to do with moral education, moral dilemmas, moral choice, moral crises, moral sensation, moral awareness, the awareness of right, and justice from the perspective of Jordanian graduate students. Many factors were being taken into consideration, especially the eastern, Muslim, Jordanian culture, the youth mentality affected by education, the Arab culture, information systems, and human rights issues. The study ends with a description of the moral value education system of graduates in Petra University as a special model of private universities.
Requirements Analysis and Arabic M-Learning Activities Module Design in the Institute of Teacher Education (ITE) in Malaysia  [PDF]
Amani Dahaman, Zawawi Ismail, Norasikin Fabil
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.38B013
Abstract: This study is aimed to identify the student needs for Arabic M-learning modules in Institute of Teacher Education  (ITE) in Malaysia. The sample comprises 150 respondents, 120 respondents were among the Bachelor of Teaching Program students (Majoring in Arabic and Islamic Studies) and 30 respondents were the Arabic lecturers from the Institute of Teacher Education in Malaysia. The instrument used was a refurbished questionnaire from the M-Learning Curriculum Requirements (Ahmad Sobri, 2009). The findings presented the selection of mobile computing technology as the main equipment in the application of Arabic m-learning in the ITE, website platform as its operation and email communications are more dominant compared to SMS and MMS. Similarly, the pattern of appropriate learning activities is included in the M-learning which focused on activities that in line with the use of mobile computer technology.
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