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Effects of Mango Wastes-Based Diets on the Growing Parameters of Laying Hens and Biometric Parameters of the Eggs  [PDF]
Drissa Barry, Timbilfou Kiendrebeogo, Modou Sere, Alima Combari, Youssouf Mopaté Logténé, Chantal Yvette Kaboré-Zoungrana
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105868
Introduction: Poultry production has increased during the past half century throughout the world. In Burkina Faso modern poultry farming is becoming a necessity in view of the growing demand for eggs. Intensive poultry farming is developing rapidly, given that the productivity of local poultry remains very low Because of the low availability and high cost of food. Therefore, it becomes imperative to develop strategies to make modern poultry farming more productive, by finding alternative solutions for feeds. Objective: The study aims to evaluate the effects of diets incorporating mango waste-based feed on the growth parameters of laying hens and biometric parameters of first eggs. Methods: Two hundred and ten (10) hens of the Isa Brown breed were divided into 3 batches (70 chicks per set) and feed with three diets namely mango and maize diet (MMD = lot1), control maize diet (CMD = lot2) and absolute control diet (ACD = lot3) in a feed experiment at INERA research station in Farako-ba, Bobo Dioulasso. Results: The final average weight (FW) gained by the lot1 and lot3 using the diet CMD (1364 ± 114 g) and ACD (1364 ± 115 g), respectively was significantly higher than the lot 2 feed with the MMD diet (1265 ± 117 g) (p < 0.05). The average daily weight gain (ADG) of CMD and ACD was significantly (p < 0.05) higher than that of the MMD ration. The feed intake (FI) and consumption index (CI) of the MMD ration were significantly (p < 0.05) higher than those of CMD and ACD (p > 0.05). Average weight and egg density were similar (p > 0.05) for the three diets. The eggs on the MMD diet were larger (p < 0.05) than those in the ration’s CMD and ACD, but the two later were similar (p > 0.05). Conclusion: Maize can be substituted with mango feed in growing layer diets. Mango waste-based feed is predisposed for better preparation of growing layers for good laying performances. It is an alternative to increase the availability of feed for farm animals including the laying hen.
Phosphorus Based Ceramics for Positive Electrode Synthesis and Characterization  [PDF]
Diouma Kobor, Abdou Kadri Diallo, Modou Tine
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2014.515147
Abstract: Historically, the LiCoO2 is the most used as active material for battery positive electrode because of its great potential (3.7 - 4.2 V), its interesting specific capacity (150 mA·h·g-1) and its excellent life cycle [1]. However, its toxicity, the cobalt cost and its structural instability oriented research towards new materials more stable that can replace it. In another context, hybrid, electrical vehicles and communication (computers and mobile phones...) have increased the scientific and technological research for new materials capable of storing and return energy through a system called accumulator. And research has identified the phosphate olivine structure as the most prolific ceramic material for positive electrode. LiFePO4 is a promising cathode material for Lithium-ion batteries. It provides high thermal stability and is synthesized using low cost materials. Unfortunately LiFePO4 suffers from a low electrical conductivity, which is harmful to its electrochemical performance. Decreasing the particle size, coating the particles with carbon or doping with metal atoms can increase the conductivity of the material. In this paper, we present the synthesis, physico-chemical and electrical characterization of lithium and iron doped Al-phosphorrus-based ceramic. The NPK Fertiliser was used as Al and phosphorus precursors. The powder XRD spectrum shows a possible presence of LiFePO4 and Fe2(PO)3 in theheterostrcture. An important quantity of Al is found by EDX spectra which supposed that the most important based atom is Aluminum and not Phosphorus. This can explain the increase of the conductivity value 102 times more important than those found in the literature for LiFePO4.
Mn Effect on Nonlinear and Structural Properties of <110> Oriented PZN-4.5PT Single Crystals  [PDF]
Diouma Kobor, Modou Tine, Abdelowahed Hajjaji, Laurent Lebrun, Daniel Guyomar
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2012.35056
Abstract: Ferroelectric single crystals Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 (PZN-PT) are promising full materials for non resonant or large bandwidth transducers due to the large values of their piezoelectric properties (d ij , k ij ) and their low mechanical quality factor (Q ij ). Many studies on <001> oriented PZN-4.5PT single crystals were carried out but it is very difficult to find research findings on <110> oriented Mn doped PZN-PT. Thus, investigations were made using XRD, Raman and EPR characterization for <110> oriented PZN-4.5PT grown through the Flux method. Mn doping effect on structural, dielectric, mechanical and piezoelectric properties with two values of Mn percentage (1 and 2 mol%) are also reported in this paper. Through the XRD study, the lattice parameters of doped PZN-PT crystals are slightly increased compared to the undoped one but the Mn didn’t change its structure. The room temperature dielectric permittivity along <110> direction is about 1572 and 1626 (respectively 1% and 2% Mn doped crystals) which are much lower than that of the undoped PZN-4.5PT (2553). The remnant polarization and coercive field of <110> oriented doped crystal measured at 1 KHz are respectively 30 μC/cm2 and 4.30 kV/cm (PZN-4.5PT), 32 μC/cm2 and 6.10 kV/cm (PZN-4.5PT + 1% Mn) and 28 μC/cm2 and 7.30 kV/cm (for the 2% Mn doped crystal). The mechanical quality factor Qm changed from 139 to 441 respectively for the pure and 1% Mn doped single crystals at room temperature while it decreases slightly to 336 for the 2 mol% Mn doped.
Determination of the Vibro-Rotational Constants, the Dipole Moment’s Function and the Intensities of the HTO’s ν1 (ν3 by Usual Convention) Band  [PDF]
Modou Tine, Diouma Kobor, Ibrahima Sakho, Laurent Coudert
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2012.312243
Abstract: In the first part of this paper, an analysis of the high-resolution spectrum of the HTO molecule ν1(ν3) band, from 3630 to3950 cm1, was undertaken. The rotational transition of this band was assigned using combination differences. Their wavenumbers were analyzed with a least squares fit program in order to obtain spectroscopic constants. A perturbed state has been evidenced. In the second part, with a view towards building a spectroscopic data base, a calculation of the dipolar momentum function was undertaken.
Extended Standard Hough Transform for Analytical Line Recognition
Abdoulaye SERE,Oumarou SIE,Eric ANDRES
International Journal of Advanced Computer Sciences and Applications , 2013,
Abstract: This paper presents a new method which extends the Standard Hough Transform for the recognition of naive or standard line in a noisy picture. The proposed idea conserves the power of the Standard Hough Transform particularly a limited size of the parameter space and the recognition of vertical lines. The dual of a segment, and the dual of a pixel have been proposed to lead to a new definition of the preimage. Many alternatives of approximation could be established for the sinusoid curves of the dual of a pixel to get new algorithms of line recognition.
Ground State and Charge Renormalization in a Nonlinear Model of Relativistic Atoms
Philippe Gravejat,Mathieu Lewin,Eric Sere
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1007/s00220-008-0660-9
Abstract: We study the reduced Bogoliubov-Dirac-Fock (BDF) energy which allows to describe relativistic electrons interacting with the Dirac sea, in an external electrostatic potential. The model can be seen as a mean-field approximation of Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) where photons and the so-called exchange term are neglected. A state of the system is described by its one-body density matrix, an infinite rank self-adjoint operator which is a compact perturbation of the negative spectral projector of the free Dirac operator (the Dirac sea). We study the minimization of the reduced BDF energy under a charge constraint. We prove the existence of minimizers for a large range of values of the charge, and any positive value of the coupling constant $\alpha$. Our result covers neutral and positively charged molecules, provided that the positive charge is not large enough to create electron-positron pairs. We also prove that the density of any minimizer is an $L^1$ function and compute the effective charge of the system, recovering the usual renormalization of charge: the physical coupling constant is related to $\alpha$ by the formula $\alpha_{\rm phys}\simeq \alpha(1+2\alpha/(3\pi)\log\Lambda)^{-1}$, where $\Lambda$ is the ultraviolet cut-off. We eventually prove an estimate on the highest number of electrons which can be bound by a nucleus of charge $Z$. In the nonrelativistic limit, we obtain that this number is $\leq 2Z$, recovering a result of Lieb. This work is based on a series of papers by Hainzl, Lewin, Sere and Solovej on the mean-field approximation of no-photon QED.
Existence of a stable polarized vacuum in the Bogoliubov-Dirac-Fock approximation
Christian Hainzl,Mathieu Lewin,Eric Sere
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1007/s00220-005-1343-4
Abstract: According to Dirac's ideas, the vacuum consists of infinitely many virtual electrons which completely fill up the negative part of the spectrum of the free Dirac operator $D^0$. In the presence of an external field, these virtual particles react and the vacuum becomes polarized. In this paper, following Chaix and Iracane ({\it J. Phys. B}, 22, 3791--3814, 1989), we consider the Bogoliubov-Dirac-Fock model, which is derived from no-photon QED. The corresponding BDF-energy takes the polarization of the vacuum into account and is bounded from below. A BDF-stable vacuum is defined to be a minimizer of this energy. If it exists, such a minimizer is solution of a self-consistent equation. We show the existence of a unique minimizer of the BDF-energy in the presence of an external electrostatic field, by means of a fixed-point approach. This minimizer is interpreted as the polarized vacuum.
Self-consistent solution for the polarized vacuum in a no-photon QED model
Christian Hainzl,Mathieu Lewin,Eric Sere
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1088/0305-4470/38/20/014
Abstract: We study the Bogoliubov-Dirac-Fock model introduced by Chaix and Iracane ({\it J. Phys. B.}, 22, 3791--3814, 1989) which is a mean-field theory deduced from no-photon QED. The associated functional is bounded from below. In the presence of an external field, a minimizer, if it exists, is interpreted as the polarized vacuum and it solves a self-consistent equation. In a recent paper math-ph/0403005, we proved the convergence of the iterative fixed-point scheme naturally associated with this equation to a global minimizer of the BDF functional, under some restrictive conditions on the external potential, the ultraviolet cut-off $\Lambda$ and the bare fine structure constant $\alpha$. In the present work, we improve this result by showing the existence of the minimizer by a variational method, for any cut-off $\Lambda$ and without any constraint on the external field. We also study the behaviour of the minimizer as $\Lambda$ goes to infinity and show that the theory is "nullified" in that limit, as predicted first by Landau: the vacuum totally kills the external potential. Therefore the limit case of an infinite cut-off makes no sense both from a physical and mathematical point of view. Finally, we perform a charge and density renormalization scheme applying simultaneously to all orders of the fine structure constant $\alpha$, on a simplified model where the exchange term is neglected.
Existence of Atoms and Molecules in the Mean-Field Approximation of No-Photon Quantum Electrodynamics
Christian Hainzl,Mathieu Lewin,Eric Sere
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: The Bogoliubov-Dirac-Fock (BDF) model is the mean-field approximation of no-photon Quantum Electrodynamics. The present paper is devoted to the study of the minimization of the BDF energy functional under a charge constraint. An associated minimizer, if it exists, will usually represent the ground state of a system of $N$ electrons interacting with the Dirac sea, in an external electrostatic field generated by one or several fixed nuclei. We prove that such a minimizer exists when a binding (HVZ-type) condition holds. We also derive, study and interpret the equation satisfied by such a minimizer. Finally, we provide two regimes in which the binding condition is fulfilled, obtaining the existence of a minimizer in these cases. The first is the weak coupling regime for which the coupling constant $\alpha$ is small whereas $\alpha Z$ and the particle number $N$ are fixed. The second is the non-relativistic regime in which the speed of light tends to infinity (or equivalently $\alpha$ tends to zero) and $Z$, $N$ are fixed. We also prove that the electronic solution converges in the non-relativistic limit towards a Hartree-Fock ground state.
Existence and Uniqueness of Mild Solutions to Some Neutral Stochastic Partial Functional Integrodifferential Equations with Non-Lipschitz Coefficients
Mamadou Abdoul Diop,Khalil Ezzinbi,Modou Lo
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/748590
Abstract: This paper presents the result on existence, uniqueness of mild solutions to neutral stochastic partial functional integrodifferential equations under the Carathéodory-type conditions on the coefficients. The results are obtained by using the method of successive approximation. An example is provided to illustrate the results of this work.
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