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Diminishing demandingness of parents; children with recurrent infections  [PDF]
Ellen van der Gaag, Miriam Münow
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.48077
Abstract: Background and Method: Parenting and parenting styles are in favor of authoritative parents compared with non-authoritative parents. These parents display higher levels of both responsiveness and demandingness. We studied the aspect of demandingness using a questionnaire aimed at children aged between 1 and 4 years. 82 Children with recurrent respiratory infections (RRI) and 399 control children were included. Results: Parents of RRI children regulated the quantitative dietary intake of their child less; likewise they gave less stimulation to their children to eat. They also taught their children less on what they can or cannot touch and they argued more with their children (all p < 0.05). However, when it comes to simple rules like watching television or not, the parents of RRI children were very clear. There were however no differences in rules about television watching, computer time or bedtimes. Conclusions: Our study shows that parents of children with RRI are less demanding in complex pedagogic situations that ask for creativity from the parents. However, they are demanding with respect to simple rules. We found no child factors that could explain why children give their parents a hard time. We hypothesize that the parents of RRI children could be less capable of handling complex pedagogic situations (even more complicated by the infections) instead of being unwilling.
Hospitalization Can Correct Behavioral Feeding Disorders in Children by Resetting the Pedagogic Climate  [PDF]
Ellen van der Gaag, Miriam Münow
Open Journal of Pediatrics (OJPed) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojped.2014.42019

Background: Behavioral feeding disorders are common among children, which sometimes become progressive, and consequently, children may refuse to eat anything. Parents have lots of difficulties to reset such a disturbed eating pattern. The aim of this study was to perform an analysis of clinical intervention in behavioral feeding disorders in young children. Methods: We conducted a retrospective analysis of data of 28 children aged 1 - 9 years with behavioral feeding disorders. A pediatrician and pediatric social worker conducted the training in two groups: outpatient or inpatient setting. Both groups were treated with parental education and guidance. The inpatient group also had a temporarily (2 weeks) resetting of the pedagogic climate in a pediatric ward of a general hospital under guidance of a pediatric social worker. Results: Almost all parents were inconsistent in applying appropriate behavioral contingencies during meals. Eleven patients followed 8 months of outpatient treatment and 25 patients followed 2 weeks of inpatient treatment. The overall success rate of outpatient treatment after 2 weeks was 18%, and that of inpatient treatment after 8 months was 88%. The corrected relapse rates are 18% and 56% respectively after 6 months. Conclusion: Short clinical intervention in a structured pedagogic environment is a successful treatment in behavioral feeding disorders. Herewith, pediatricians have a powerful tool for treating behavioral feeding disorders by temporarily resetting and changing the pedagogic climate.

The IM research field in view of a”rational choice” paradigm and an “institutional theory” paradigm
Nowé, Karen
Svensk Biblioteksforskning , 2005,
Abstract: This article studies the field of information management research in the light of the differences between approaches building on a “rational choice” epistemology and (new) institutional approaches. I broaden the definition of what may be included in information management research somewhat so that parts of the “INSU” (Information Seeking and Use) research field are included, and use texts from organisational theory as well as from political science to explain the differences in epistemology. The first part is devoted to defining the research field, the second part to studying the underlying epistemological assumptions. The broader project into from which this article is derived is my dissertation on how, and why, voluntary peace organisations in Sweden manage information, where some of the ideas discussed here will be used in a chapter on earlier research. Since the article first was devised as a course paper for a course on LIS research in Bor s, the literature used mirrors the course literature.
The evolution of prompt reaction to adverse ties
Sven Van Segbroeck, Francisco C Santos, Ann Nowé, Jorge M Pacheco, Tom Lenaerts
BMC Evolutionary Biology , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2148-8-287
Abstract: We introduce a novel way of thinking about the joint evolution of cooperation and social contacts. The struggle for survival between cooperators and defectors leads to an arms race for swiftness in adjusting social ties, based purely on a self-regarding, individual judgement. Since defectors are never able to establish social ties under mutual agreement, they break adverse ties more rapidly than cooperators, who tend to evolve stable and long-term relations. Ironically, defectors' constant search for partners to exploit leads to heterogeneous networks that improve the survivability of cooperators, compared to the traditional homogenous population assumption.When communities face the prisoner's dilemma, swift reaction to adverse ties evolves when competition is fierce between cooperators and defectors, providing an evolutionary basis for the necessity of individuals to adjust their social ties. Our results show how our innate resilience to change relates to mutual agreement between cooperators and how "loyalty" or persistent social ties bring along an evolutionary disadvantage, both from an individual and group perspective.Understanding the evolution of cooperative behaviour remains one of the most exciting and fundamental challenges to date [1]. In the framework of evolutionary game theory [2,3], this problem is often analyzed using the prisoner's dilemma (PD) game [4]. In its popular version a cooperator is modelled as an individual that is ready to pay a cost (c) in order that another individual receives a benefit (b). A defector, on the other hand, is one who refuses to offer such help but gladly accepts b when a cooperator offers it. The accumulation of the received benefits and expended costs by all individuals, playing simultaneously as donor and receptor, is associated with the individuals' fitness and this with the individuals' social or reproductive success. Different mechanisms to promote cooperative actions in this scenario have been proposed over the yea
Estudar a religi?o a partir do corpo: algumas quest?es teórico-metodológicas
Rabelo, Miriam C. M.;
Caderno CRH , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-49792011000100002
Abstract: the present paper presents some of the new avenues of inquiry which have been opened in the study of religion by the growing concern with the body in contemporary social theory. the discussion is organized in three main parts, each dealing with a specific set of questions. the first part introduces the concept of bodily understanding and considers the role of sensibility in the shaping of religious experience. the second develops this issue further, dealing with the themes of religious learning and the articulation of agency through religious practice. the third and last part of the paper approaches the question of agency through consideration of the role of objects in the development of the skills that are necessary for a person to become an agent.
Entre a casa e a ro?a: trajetórias de socializa??o no candomblé de habitantes de bairros populares de Salvador
Rabelo, Miriam C. M.;
Religi?o & Sociedade , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-85872008000100009
Abstract: this paper analyses trajectories of socialization in the candomblé of members of salvador's lower classes. firstly, it discusses the ways by which primary socialization within the family articulates with religious socialization. then it turns to the question of understanding how relations with different classes of sacred entities may thicken or extend certain lines of relationship within the extended family. analysis of the trajectories points to the significance of the neighborhood (bairro) as a main space of sociability for the urban poor. it indicates that informal relations with entities often precede the establishment of formal bonds with candomblé houses, developing itself in the everyday space of the family and the bairro before being formalized in the religious institution.
School Starters’ Early Structure Sense (Sentido estructural temprano de estudiantes al inicio de su escolarización)
Miriam M. Lüken
PNA , 2012,
Abstract: Low and high achieving children’s competences regarding pattern and structure at the beginning of formal schooling are comparatively analyzed in order to evaluate the range of school starters’ early structure sense. The results suggest overall high pre-instructional competences which, however, differ strongly between the mathematical high and low achievers. Cognitive milestones for the development of a sound early structure sense are named. Las competencias relacionadas con patrones y estructura al comienzo de la escolaridad formal tanto en escolares con bajo y alto rendimiento académico se analizan comparativamente a fin de evaluar la gama de sentido estructural de ni os que se inician en la escuela. Los resultados sugieren en general altas competencias pre-instruccionales las cuales, no obstante, difieren considerablemente entre los escolares de bajo y alto rendimiento académico. Se identifican hitos cognitivos para el desarrollo de un sentido estructural sólido.
Perspectives From the Cardiovascular Health Council
Miriam M. Patanian, MPH
Preventing Chronic Disease , 2008,
The mode of action of electrical high frequency stimulation  [PDF]
Miriam Kammerer, Jonas M. Hebel, Thomas J. Feuerstein
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2010.310134
Abstract: This article analyses, on the basis of the pathophysiological grounds of various syndromes treated with deep brain stimulation, whether there is a collective explanation of the mode of action of the applied regional stimulations with high frequencies (HFS). This proposed hypothesis assumes that HFS selectively releases GABA. The selective GABA re- lease can explain the efficacy and the side effects of HFS in the various target regions according to the maxim of the philosopher William of Ockham that the simplest explanation is probably the correct explanation.
First record of the ghost bat Diclidurus scutatus Peters (Mammalia, Chiroptera, Emballonuridae) in S?o Paulo city, Brazil
Sodré, Miriam M.;Uieda, Wilson;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81752006000300042
Abstract: because of their habits (fly high and harbor on palm leaves), there are few records of the ghost bat diclidurus scutatus peters, 1869. in brazil, this species is known only from northern region and this paper describes its first occurrence in southeastern region. the ghost bat was found died on the window sill of a 9th floor apartment of a residential building in the urban area in the city of s?o paulo, s?o paulo state. probably this bat must live at serra da cantareira, one of the atlantic forest fragment nearby s?o paulo city.
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