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Diferentes papéis do óxido nítrico com ênfase nas neoplasias
Costa, Mirela Tinucci;Fabeni, Rita de Cássia;Aptekmann, Karina Preissing;Machado, Rosangela Racarias;
Ciência Rural , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782003000500027
Abstract: nitric oxide (no) is generated by a family of isoenzymes, through the enzymatic catalisis of the aminoacid l-arginine, which leads to the production of l-citruline and no. it is involved in many physiologic processes of mammals, including neurotransmition, blood pressure control, inflammation, immune responses and also in the mechanism of defense against invasive organisms and tumors. the uncontrolled syntesis of no is thought to take part in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases, auto-immunity, graft rejection, degenerative diseases, as well as in sepsis, genotoxicity and also in neoplasia development. the no is also considered the initial agent of carcinogenesis, which could lead to uncontrolled cytostasis and cellular differentiation when associated to other factors. the diversity of no effects seems to be related to the concentration that is generated, to the individual sensibility of cells and the duration of this phenomenon.
Effect of soil-water tension on cut chrysanthemum floral quality and longevity
Maryzélia Furtado de Farias,Jo?o C. Cury Saad,Mirela Carnietto,Denise Laschi
Pesquisa Aplicada & Agrotecnologia , 2009, DOI: 10.5777/441
Abstract: The experiment was carried out on the Steltenpool property, in the Holambra II District of the Paranapanema (SP) municipality. The research principal objective was to identify the soil water tension which would result in improved quality and greater longevity for cut chrysanthemums, Dark Orange Reagan cultivar. The treatments were defined for ten tension levels: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 kPa. In the last evaluation, when the chrysanthemums were showing open flowers, some plants were taken to the FCA/UNESP Department of Horticulture laboratory and submitted to two treatments to maintain longevity. The treatments were: T1, treatment with distilled water; T2, treatment with distilled water + gibberellic acid (GA3 30 mg.L-1). Daily analyses with specific formulae were realized, with notes attributed to each plant. Three repetitions for each tension treatment were used, with 30 stems for T1 and 30 for T2, totaling 60 stems. The stems were conditioned in pet bottles filled with 500 mL of water. The notes were given according to the following criteria: (1) generalized yellowing, soften stems, advanced wilting and discard; (2) onset of yellowing and wilting; (3) onset of falling leaves; (4) some wilted leaves; (5) normal green inflorescent turgid leaves (best quality). The conclusions drawn from the results obtained were that a greater number of A1 packets, of the best quality standard, were found with tensions of 20 and 50 kPa and that greater longevity was achieved using gibberellin (GA3) at a concentration of 30 mg.L-1, at tensions of 30 and 50 kPa . Esta experiencia fue realizada en la propiedad Steltenpool, en el districto de Holambra II municipalidad Paranapanema- San Pablo – Brasil. Su objetivo fué identificar la mejor tensión del agua en el suelo que permitiera el desarrollo de plantas de crisantemos de corte de mejor calidad y mayor longevidad – cv Dark Orange Reagan. Los tratamientos fueron definidos por diez niveles de tensiones : 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 e 50 kPa. Cuando los crisantemos estaban con sus flores abiertas, llevamos algunas plantas al laboratório del Departamento de Horticultura de la Facultad de Ciencias Agronómicas y las submetimos a dos tratamientos de manutención de la longevidad. T1: tratamiento con agua destilada y T2: tratamiento con agua destilada + ácido giberélico (GA3 30 mg.L-1). Fueron realizados analisis diários, con formularios específicosatribuyendole nota a cada planta. Realizamos tres repeticiones de la experiencia para cada tratamiento (tensión) de la siguiente forma: 30 hastes para T1 y 30 hastes
Diferentes papéis do óxido nítrico com ênfase nas neoplasias
Costa Mirela Tinucci,Fabeni Rita de Cássia,Aptekmann Karina Preissing,Machado Rosangela Racarias
Ciência Rural , 2003,
Abstract: O óxido Nítrico (ON) é gerado por uma família de isoenzimas, através da catálise enzimática do aminoácido essencial L-arginina, que resulta na forma o de L-citrulina e ON. O ON está envolvido em muitos processos fisiológicos dos mamíferos, que incluem a neurotransmiss o, controle da press o sangüínea, inflama o, rea es imunológicas e nos mecanismos de defesa contra microorganisnos e tumores. O descontrole na síntese de ON está implicado na patogênese de doen as cardiovasculares, autoimunidade, rejei o de transplantes, doen as degenerativas, na sépsis, na genotoxicidade e no surgimento de neoplasias. O ON também foi incriminado como agente de inicia o da carcinogênese, que, associado a outros fatores, poderia levar ao descontrole da citoestase e da diferencia o celular. A diversidade de efeitos do ON parece estar relacionada às concentra es de ON gerados, à sensibilidade individual das células e à dura o do fen meno.
Revis?o sistemática de dietas de emagrecimento: papel dos componentes dietéticos
Almeida, Jussara C.de;Rodrigues, Ticiana C.;Silva, Flávia Moraes;Azevedo, Mirela J.de;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302009000500020
Abstract: being overweight is the sixth most important risk factor for chronic non-transmissible diseases. many publications have been produced in recent years to evaluate the best weight loss alternative. the aim of this systematic review was to critically assess the role of dietary components (macronutrients and/or foods) in weight loss diets in adults recently described in the literature. randomized clinical trials, with at least one year of follow-up, were selected in medline (in portuguese, english and spanish languages) from 2004 to 2009. among the 23 studies included with different types of diets, 13 presented a rate of withdrawal from the study > 25% in at least one of the diets. in conclusion, most diets where the weight loss was > 5% of initial weight were energy restricted. furthermore, following low carbohydrate or mediterranean diets can be an alternative to isolated energy restriction, but these data are yet to be confirmed.
Fundamentos e aplica??es ambientais dos processos fenton e foto-fenton
Nogueira, Raquel F. Pupo;Trovó, Alam G.;Silva, Milady Renata A. da;Villa, Ricardo D.;Oliveira, Mirela C. de;
Química Nova , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422007000200030
Abstract: wastewater and soil treatment processes based on fenton's reagent have gained great attention in recent years due to its high oxidation power. this review describes the fundaments of the fenton and photo-fenton processes and discusses the main aspects related to the degradation of organic contaminants in water such as the complexation of iron, the use of solar light as the source of irradiation and the most important reactor types used. an overview of the main applications of the process to a variety of industrial wastewater and soil remediations is presented.
Papel dos lipídeos da dieta na nefropatia diabética
Almeida, Jussara C.de;Mello, Vanessa D.de;Canani, Luis H.;Gross, Jorge L.;Azevedo, Mirela J.de;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302009000500016
Abstract: the aim of the present study was to review the possible role of dietary lipids in diabetic nephropathy (dn), taking into account associated abnormalities of serum lipids and interaction of dietary and genetic aspects. dietary lipids may have an important role in the development and progression of dn. the fat diet composition has been associated with dn, particularly with microalbuminuria, serum lipids abnormalities, and endothelial function. however, the beneficial effect of fat intake modification for these patients is not fully established, especially regarding hard outcomes, such as dn incidence and progression, kidney failure, and death. moreover, genetic factors may influence the response of serum lipids to fat intake. the identification of specific genetic polymorphisms associated with this interaction could allow adoption of individual nutritional strategies in dn.
Cinética de degrada??o de vitamina c em mangas 'palmer' minimamente processadas armazenadas em diferentes temperaturas
Alves, Juliana Alvarenga;Nassur, Rita de Cássia Mirela Resende;Pires, Caroline Roberta Freitas;Alcantara, Emanuelle Mara de;Giannoni, Juliana Audi;Lima, Luiz Carlos de Oliveira;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542010000300026
Abstract: this work was used to evaluate the kinetic parameters for degradation of vitamin c on the shelf-life of minimally processed mangoes (mangifera indica l.) stored at different temperatures. 'palmer' mangos were washed in running water, sanitized, peeled, manually sliced and again sanitized. the product was packaged in polyethylene packaging with lid and stored at 0oc, 6°c and 12 °c (85-90% rh). to monitor its shelf-life, the following tests were done every two days: values l* a* b*, weight loss, ph, firmness, soluble solids (ss), titratable acidity (ta) and content of vitamin c. the minimally processed mangoes stored at 0oc and 6oc showed shelf-life of 10 days, whereas the shelf-life of mangoes stored at 12°c was 4 days. the data obtained by linear regression with the values of the neperian logarithm content of ascorbic acid by the time of storage (days) show that the reaction of degradation of vitamin c fits the kinetic model of 1st order. the arrhenius model was applied to the speed of reaction (k) at different temperatures by setting the activation energy (ea) of 34,32 kcal.mol-1. the degradation of vitamin c was slower (t1 / 2 = 63.6 days, and k = 0.0109 days-1) at 0°c, which provided greater retention of its contents (89%) during 10 days of storage. fruits stored at 12°c showed a higher rate of degradation (k = 0.1729 days-1) and, consequently, t1 / 2 less than the other temperatures (only 4 days).
Estrutura da vegeta??o e comportamento ingestivo de novilhos em pastagem natural do Rio Grande do Sul
Thurow, Juliana Muliterno;Nabinger, Carlos;Castilhos, Zélia Maria de Souza;Carvalho, Paulo César de Faccio;Medeiros, Coralia Maria Oliveira;Machado, Mirela Dias;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982009000500006
Abstract: the experiment was performed in a natural pasture to evaluate the effect of the forage offer level on the pasture structure and ingestive behavior of steers. a completely randomized block design with four daily green forage offer levels (4, 8 12 and 16 kg gfdm/100 kg lw) and two replicates was used. the continuous grazing method with variable stocking rate was used. the increasing forage offer enhanced the higher strata frequency and determined higher inferior strata height. the increasing inferior stratum height decreased the grazing time and increased the ruminating time in the autumn, winter and spring, indicating improvements in the grazing environment. however, in this type of vegetation, the increase in height with increasing forage offer was not adequate to elevate the inferior strata height to the desirable levels so that the daily forage intake could be optimized. increasing forage offer and inferior strata height indicate decreasing linear response of the grazing time and allow a feeding system with shorter time and higher number of meals.
Caracteriza??o elétrica de filmes ultrafinos de PANI/PVS: material potencial para detec??o de am?nia em galp?es de cria??o avícola
Santos, Mirela de C.;Santos, Fabrício A. dos;Teixeira, Felipe P.;Gon?alves, Gislayne E.;Bianchi, Andrea G. C.;Bianchi, Rodrigo F.;
Polímeros , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-14282010005000018
Abstract: in this work we investigated the optical, electrical and morphological properties of ultrathin pani/pvs films as active material of ammonia sensor for a poultry house. the layer-by-layer polymer films were deposited onto nicr interdigitated microelectrode recovered with au (nicr/au) line arrays. the buildup of the multilayers was monitored at each deposition step by uv-vis spectroscopy while the atomic force microscopy (afm) was employed to monitor the change in the roughness, in the grain and particle sizes. we observed a significant change in the dc conductivity when the thickness of the films was close to that of the nicr layer. this effect is attributed to the higher interfacial electrical resistance between nicr and the polymer film, compared to the resistance of the au-film interface and polymer bulk. the alternating conductivity of the polymer was typical of solid disordered materials, under the influence of the nicr electrode at low frequencies. finally, the electrical sensitivity of the system under the exposure of nh3 reveals pani/pvs films as a feasible active element for use in poultry house control systems.
Bauru School of Dentistry Tele-Health League: an educational strategy applied to research, teaching and extension among applications in tele-health
Silva, Andressa Sharllene Carneiro da;Rizzante, Fabio Antonio Piola;Picolini, Mirela Machado;Campos, Karis de;Corrêa, Camila de Castro;Franco, Elen Caroline;Pardo-Fanton, Cássia de Souza;Blasca, Wanderléia Quinhoneiro;Berretin-Felix, Giédre;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572011000600009
Abstract: tele-health is more than an innovative alternative; it is an excellent tool that enables access to health and education in health, making it possible to minimize distances, optimize time and reduce costs. based on these advantages, some brazilian universities have used these actions in strategies of education, research and extension, aiming at the application of tele-health in brazil. in that way, the bauru school of dentistry - university of s?o paulo (fob-usp) has applied the use of information and communication technologies in health by means of a "tele-health league" (tl), in order to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases, in addition to educate the population and health services. objective: the present study aims to introduce the characteristics of the tele-health league of fob-usp, as well as the development of its projects. material and methods: the tele-health league consisted as a diffusion course approved by the provost of culture and academic extension of the university of s?o paulo. it is composed as a large group enclosing professoriate coordinator, academician principal, contributing professors and league members, those, diversified between undergraduates students, graduated, health employees, technology and information areas. the participant members are evaluated by the presence frequency (minimum of 85%), and by the performance of tests and paperwork about the theoretical content provided. results: in four years of activities, the tlfob-usp obtained a high satisfaction index (90%), an increased number of vacancies due to the interest to become a member, more commitment of the professors of the university and the accomplishment of association with other brazilian leagues. it is emphasized that the approval percentage of the course results in approval from approximately half of its members. also, it is important to identify and repair the causes related to the quitting of some members. conclusions: the results showed that the tlfob-usp members, adjoinin
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