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Detection of a highly prevalent and potentially virulent strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from nosocomial infections in a medical center
Ghassan M Matar, Mira H Chaar, George F Araj, Zaher Srour, Ghassan Jamaleddine, Usamah Hadi
BMC Microbiology , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2180-5-29
Abstract: Data showed that most of the clinical and environmental isolates were susceptible to tested antimicrobial agents. RAPD analysis determined the presence of 31 genotypes, with genotype 1 detected in 42% of the clinical isolates and 43% of the environmental isolates. Enzymatic activity testing showed that genotype 1 produced all virulence factors tested for.In conclusion, our data demonstrated the predominant prevalence of a potentially virulent P. aeruginosa genotype, circulating in a number of units of the medical center and emphasize the need to reinforce infection control measures.Despite the advances in hospital care and the introduction of a wide variety of antimicrobial agents, Pseudomonas aeruginosa continues to be a major nosocomial pathogen particularly in patients who suffer from immunosuppression [1]. P. aeruginosa is a ubiquitous pathogen prevalent in the hospital environments, and can cause severe nosocomial infections [2]. The latter involve a broad spectrum of infections including the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinary tracts as well as wound infections, sepsis and others [3]. Various possible sources of P. aeruginosa infection in hospitals have been identified; such as tap water, medical equipment, hospital personnel and other patients [2,4]. P. aeruginosa accounts for 10% of all hospital acquired infections, a site specific prevalence which may vary from one unit to another and from study to study [5]. Among data on site-specific infections, P. aeruginosa appears to be the major cause of ventilator-associated pneumonia with a high rate of attributable mortality [6]. Moreover this organism can contaminate a number of other medical equipment such as respirators, endoscopes, bronchoscopes, transvenous pacemakers, urinary catheters, and dialysis equipment, leading to site-related infections [7,8]. During the last year, the average prevalence of P. aeruginosa nosocomial infections in our medical center was 18%. Such a high rate prompted us to study
Marín, M. , Tejer y vestir : de la Antigüedad al Islam, Madrid, éd., Estudios árabes y Islámicos, Monografías, Consejo Superior de Investigationes Científicas, 2001, 500 p.
Nada Chaar
Revue des Mondes Musulmans et de la Méditerranée , 2004,
Abstract: L’ouvrage constitue le compte rendu de deux journées d’études qui se sont tenues à Madrid les 11 et 12 novembre 1999 sur le thème Identité et langage corporel : le vêtement en al-Andalus et dans d’autres sociétés pré-modernes . La période traitée s’étend de l’Antiquité à la fin du Moyen Age. L’éditeur scientifique, Manuela Marín, présente ces journées d’études comme le résultat paradoxalement fécond de l’échec du projet initial de réaliser l’inventaire des restes textiles et le répertoire ...
The Onsager Algebra
Caroline El-Chaar
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: In this thesis, four realizations of the Onsager algebra are explored. We begin with its original definition as introduced by Lars Onsager. We then examine how the Onsager algebra can be presented as a Lie algebra with two generators and two relations. The third realization of the Onsager algebra consists of viewing it as an equivariant map algebra which then gives us the tools to classify its closed ideals. Finally, we examine the Onsager algebra as a subalgebra of the tetrahedron algebra. Using this fourth realization, we explicitly describe all its ideals.
Elementary Students’ Levels of Realization of Basic Concepts related with Environment Problem
Murat Demirba?,Hüseyin Mira? Pekta?
Necatibey Faculty of Education, Electronic Journal of Science and Mathematics Education , 2009,
Abstract: This paper explores elementary students’ levels of recognition of basic concepts about environmental problems. 86 students at 6th, 7th and 8th grades studying in central elementary schools of K r kkale participated in this study. Students’ awareness and preliminary knowledge of environmental problems and their sensitivities towards environment were determined by using open ended questions. According to the findings of this study, the students were mostly aware of the environmental problems stemming from environmental contamination, air pollution and waste materials. Moreover, the students mostly answered the questions correctly regarding with the environmental problems they frequently face in daily life whereas the answers to the questions regarding with the current environmental problems that are infrequently handled in educational institutions such as greenhouse effect, global warming etc. were occasionally incorrect; and in certain cases, the answers even contained a number of misconceptions. Moreover, the levels of students’ sensitivity towards environment were found to be sufficient.
Newt Opportunities for Understanding the Dedifferentiation Process
Ziad Y. Chaar,Catherine Tsilfidis
The Scientific World Journal , 2006, DOI: 10.1100/tsw.2006.327
Developing of Scale Implementation Difficulties on Project Based Learning Approach
Hüseyin Mira? PEKTAS,Harun ?EL?K,Sacit K?SE
Journal of Kirsehir Education Faculty , 2009,
Abstract: The aim of this study is to develop a reliable and valid measurement device which measures the level of involvement in problems teachers face in applying project based learning developed scale. The developed scale is applied to 82 teachers who are randomly chosen emong the masters in science and technology that lecture in the primary schools in the center of K r kkale. The scale, which is in five fold likert type, consists of 30 entry items. As a result of factor analysis which aims to determine the validity of structure; it is decided that load factors consist of four factors varies from 0,93 to 0,62 and it is decided that the consistency coefficent (Cronbach Alpha) is α = 0.92 which is calculated for reliability of (KMO) Kaiser- Mayer-Olkin asset. The finding about reliability and validity has shown that the scale has been worthy of credence.
Valence and Arousal Ratings for 420 Finnish Nouns by Age and Gender
Carina S?derholm, Emilia H?yry, Matti Laine, Mira Karrasch
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0072859
Abstract: Language-and culture-specific norms are needed for research on emotion-laden stimuli. We present valence and arousal ratings for 420 Finnish nouns for a sample of 996 Finnish speakers. Ratings are provided both for the whole sample and for subgroups divided by age and gender in light of previous research suggesting age- and gender-specific reactivity to the emotional content in stimuli. Moreover, corpus-based frequency values and word length are provided as objective psycholinguistic measures of the nouns. The relationship between valence and arousal mainly showed the curvilinear relationship reported in previous studies. Age and gender effects on valence and arousal ratings were statistically significant but weak. The inherent affective properties of the words in terms of mean valence and arousal ratings explained more of the variance in the ratings. In all, the findings suggest that language- and culture-related factors influence the way affective properties of words are rated to a greater degree than demographic factors. This database will provide researchers with normative data for Finnish emotion-laden and emotionally neutral words. The normative database is available in Database S1.
Catalog of Visually Classified Galaxies in the Local ($z\sim0.01$) Universe
H. B. Ann,Mira Seo,D. K. Ha
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1088/0067-0049/217/2/27
Abstract: The morphological types of 5840 galaxies were classified by a visual inspection of color images using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Data Release 7 (DR7) to produce a morphology catalog of a representative sample of local galaxies with $z<0.01$. The sample galaxies are almost complete for galaxies brighter than $r_{pet}=17.77$. Our classification system is basically the same as that of the Third Reference Catalog of Bright Galaxies with some simplification for giant galaxies. On the other hand, we distinguish fine features of dwarf elliptical-like galaxies to classify 5 subtypes: dwarf ellipticals (dE), blue-cored dwarf ellipticals (dE$_{bc}$), dwarf spheroidals (dSph), blue dwarf ellipticals (dE$_{blue}$), and dwarf lenticulars (dS0). In addition, we denote the presence of nucleation in dE, dSph, and dS0. Elliptical galaxies and lenticular galaxies contribute only $\sim1.5\%$ and $\sim4.9\%$ of the local galaxies, respectively, whereas spirals and irregulars contribute $\sim32.1\%$ and $\sim42.8\%$, respectively. The dE$_{blue}$ galaxies, which are recently found populations of galaxies, contribute a significant fraction to the dwarf galaxies. There seems to be structural difference between dSph and dE galaxies. The dSph galaxies are fainter and bluer with shallower surface brightness gradient than dE galaxies. They also have lower fraction of galaxies with small axis ratios ($b/a \lesssim 0.4$) than dE galaxies. The mean projected distance to the nearest neighbor galaxy is $\sim260$kpc. About $1\%$ of local galaxies have no neighbors with comparable luminosity within a projected distance of 2Mpc.
Isoperimetric domains of large volume in homogeneous three-manifolds
William H. Meeks III,Pablo Mira,Joaquin Perez,Antonio Ros
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Given a non-compact, simply connected homogeneous three-manifold $X$ and a sequence $\{\Omega_n\}_n$ of isoperimetric domains in $X$ with volumes tending to infinity, we prove that as $n\to \infty $: 1. The radii of the $\Omega_n$ tend to infinity. 2. The ratios $\{Area} (\partial \Omega_n)/\{Vol}(\Omega_n)$ converge to the Cheeger constant Ch$(X)$, which we also prove to be equal to $2H(X)$ where $H(X)$ is the critical mean curvature of $X$. 3. The values of the constant mean curvatures $H_n$ of the boundary surfaces $\partial \Omega_n$ converge to $\frac{1}{2}\{Ch}(X)$. Furthermore, when Ch$(X)$ is positive, we prove that for $n$ large, $\partial \Omega_n$ is well-approximated in a natural sense by the leaves of a certain foliation of $X$, where every leaf of the foliation is a surface of constant mean curvature $H(X)$.
Constant mean curvature spheres in homogeneous three-spheres
William H. Meeks III,Pablo Mira,Joaquin Perez,Antonio Ros
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We give a complete classification of the immersed constant mean curvature spheres in a three-sphere with an arbitrary homogenous metric, by proving that for each $H\in\mathbb{R}$, there exists a constant mean curvature $H$-sphere in the space that is unique up to an ambient isometry.
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