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Microbial and Chemical Characterization of Underwater Fresh Water Springs in the Dead Sea
Danny Ionescu, Christian Siebert, Lubos Polerecky, Yaniv Y. Munwes, Christian Lott, Stefan H?usler, Mina Bii?-Ionescu, Christian Quast, J?rg Peplies, Frank Oliver Gl?ckner, Alban Ramette, Tino R?diger, Thorsten Dittmar, Aharon Oren, Stefan Geyer, Hans-Joachim St?rk, Martin Sauter, Tobias Licha, Jonathan B. Laronne, Dirk de Beer
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0038319
Abstract: Due to its extreme salinity and high Mg concentration the Dead Sea is characterized by a very low density of cells most of which are Archaea. We discovered several underwater fresh to brackish water springs in the Dead Sea harboring dense microbial communities. We provide the first characterization of these communities, discuss their possible origin, hydrochemical environment, energetic resources and the putative biogeochemical pathways they are mediating. Pyrosequencing of the 16S rRNA gene and community fingerprinting methods showed that the spring community originates from the Dead Sea sediments and not from the aquifer. Furthermore, it suggested that there is a dense Archaeal community in the shoreline pore water of the lake. Sequences of bacterial sulfate reducers, nitrifiers iron oxidizers and iron reducers were identified as well. Analysis of white and green biofilms suggested that sulfide oxidation through chemolitotrophy and phototrophy is highly significant. Hyperspectral analysis showed a tight association between abundant green sulfur bacteria and cyanobacteria in the green biofilms. Together, our findings show that the Dead Sea floor harbors diverse microbial communities, part of which is not known from other hypersaline environments. Analysis of the water’s chemistry shows evidence of microbial activity along the path and suggests that the springs supply nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter to the microbial communities in the Dead Sea. The underwater springs are a newly recognized water source for the Dead Sea. Their input of microorganisms and nutrients needs to be considered in the assessment of possible impact of dilution events of the lake surface waters, such as those that will occur in the future due to the intended establishment of the Red Sea?Dead Sea water conduit.
Lattice Models of Finite Fields  [PDF]
Lucian M. Ionescu, Mina M. Zarrin
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2017.79030
Abstract: Finite fields form an important chapter in abstract algebra, and mathematics in general, yet the traditional expositions, part of Abstract Algebra courses, focus on the axiomatic presentation, while Ramification Theory in Algebraic Number Theory, making a suited topic for their applications, is usually a separated course. We aim to provide a geometric and intuitive model for finite fields, involving algebraic numbers, in order to make them accessible and interesting to a much larger audience, and bridging the above mentioned gap. Such lattice models of finite fields provide a good basis for later developing their study in a more concrete way, including decomposition of primes in number fields, Frobenius elements, and Frobenius lifts, allowing to approach more advanced topics, such as Artin reciprocity law and Weil Conjectures, while keeping the exposition to the concrete level of familiar number systems. Examples are provided, intended for an undergraduate audience in the first place.
Scientific Annals of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. New Series, Section 2. Vegetal Biology , 2009,
Abstract: Researches using species of Nicotiana tabacum L. Virginia type: Virginia 180 and Virginia 196 showed the following variation of nicotine content in the organs of these plants. Nicotine content in the roots varied during vegetation period between 0.55% and 0.86% for Virginia 180 cultivar and between 0.50 and 0.86 for Virginia 196. In the stem it was determined a few increased concentration of nicotine, varying between 0.21% and 2.53% for Virginia 180 cultivar and between 0.55 and 1.16 for Virginia 196 cultivar. Leaves, representing the depositing organs for these substances, contained between 2.92% and 4.80% nicotine. The medium value of the nicotine content from leaves, determined during vegetation period, presented small differences for the two cultivars: 3.73% for Virginia 180 cultivar and 4.10 for Virginia 196. The nicotine content from flowers was rather low and varied between 1.55 and 2.55%.
Scientific Annals of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. New Series, Section 2. Vegetal Biology , 2009,
Abstract: The paper presents the content in mineral elements from the organs of two Pisum sativum cultivars namely: Gerola and Oregon Sugar Pod. The Oregon Sugar Pod is a west European cultivar little known in Romania characterized by a large vigor it can reach 150 cm height and by the fact that the edible organs are represented by pods. Determinations were made during flowery time, the analysed organs being the root, the stem, leaves from the superior half of the plant, basal leaves, flowers and edible organs. The content of mineral elements was determined in a larger amount in the Gerola cultivar. Analysis of mineral substances from the plant organs marked out a larger content in the roots (22,57% ), and the minimal quantity was found in the edible organs (7,89%). Analysis of mineral elements was made with an inductively coupled plasma spectrometer. Among the mineral elements, there has been determined the potassium percentage, which content varied between 632,95 mg./100g of dry substance in the seeds and 76,07 mg. /100g in the roots, calcium percentage that varied between 584,96 mg/100g in the basal leaves and 65,85 mg./100g in the pods, and magnesium percentage that varied between 374,52 mg. in the seeds and 26,16 mg. in the stem.
The European monetary Union and euro
Zirojevi? Mina,Jelisavac Sanja I.
Medjunarodni Problemi , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/medjp0201005z
Abstract: The authors present and analyses the effects of introducing EURO on the European Union Market. On 1 January 2002, the euro banknotes and coins are introduced in 12 Member States of the European Union. But what is the background to the euro? Which countries are involved? How did the euro evolve? On the following pages, you will find the answers to these and many other questions along with all the information you will need about the biggest monetary changeover in history. So, whether you are in Europe or elsewhere in the world, why not take a journey with us to discover how the euro evolved?
Surface Action for a Point Particle
Marius I. Piso,Nicholas Ionescu-Pallas
Physics , 1997,
Abstract: A remark on the movement of a point mass particle is given. If one associates to the particle a sphere of radius equal to the related De Broglie length, the relativistic action on the trajectory is proportional to the surface described by this sphere.
The art of science: interview with Professor John Archibald Wheeler
Ji?i Bi?ák
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s10714-008-0691-8
Abstract: During the conference on the methods of differential geometry in physics in Warsaw in June 1976, Professor Wheeler gave an interview for the Czechoslovak Journal of Physics A. After Professor Wheeler authorized the English version in January 1977, the Czech translation was published in \v{C}eskoslovensk\'y \v{c}asopis pro fyziku A (1978) and soon afterwards the Polish translation appeared in Postepy fizyky. After John Wheeler's recent death it occurred to me that it would now be appropriate to publish the original interview from 1976 so that it would not be lost to English readers; and so, despite being more than 30 years old, the interview appeared in the special issue on quantum gravity of "General Relativity and Gravitation" dedicated to the memory of J. A. Wheeler. John Wheeler would now surely add more about black holes in nuclei of galaxies, not mentioning just Cygnus X-1, when discussing cosmology he would undoubtedly address the problem of dark energy etc. However, in the conversation about Einstein and Bohr, about the need for choosing appropriate names, or about the relation of science and philosophy and art, he would probably give answers as he did more than 30 years ago.
Does smoking have an influence on postoperative nausea and vomiting?
D Ionescu, C B descu, D Maican, I Acalovschi
Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia , 2007,
Abstract: Background Smoking is considered a risk factor not only for anaesthesia, but for general health. On the other hand, it was demonstrated that smoking reduces postoperative nausea and vomiting. In our study, we have investigated this effect in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Moreover, we have looked to see if there is a relationship between the number of cigarettes smoked daily and the antiemetic effect. Methods 71 patients scheduled for elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy under general anaesthesia were divided into 2 groups: group 1 (n=40) included non-smokers and group 2 (n=31) included the smokers. Each group was randomized for propofol and thiopentone as an induction agent. In addition, the smokers were further divided into heavy smokers, for patients smoking more than 20 cigarettes daily and smokers for patients smoking less than 20 cigarettes daily. The incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting and the severity of pain (on Visual Analogue Score) were both assessed for the first 24 hours postoperatively. Results Postoperative nausea and vomiting occurred in 31 patients (77.5%) in the non-smokers’ group, as compared with 12 patients (38.7%) in smokers’ group (p<0.05). The mean maximum degree of pain (5,82) was significantly lower in the smokers’ group as compared with non-smokers where this was 2.8 (p<0.05). Conclusions A history of current smoking significantly reduces postoperative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Smoking also reduced the incidence of postoperative pain. Despite these favorable effects, we would like to emphasize that our study is not intended to promote smoking.
Researches on efficiency of Romvac’s company live vaccines used in rabies imunoprophylaxy in canides
Gugiu, I.,,Chiriaca Ionescu,,Stiube, P.,,Toacsen, E.
Medicamentul Veterinar , 2008,
Abstract: The paper present the methods for preparation and control of the live rabies vaccines, RABIROM and RABIROM-V, produced by ROMVAC Co. S.A., to be used for prevention of the rabies n dogs, cats and foxes.
Clementina Moldovan,I. Ganescu,V. Magearu,C. Ionescu
Analele Universitatii Bucuresti : Chimie , 2006,
Abstract: The liquefaction of coals followed by the extraction of the black products with the help of some solvents is a very complex process. For this reason, the knowledge of this process’s mechanism was extremely difficult to decipher. Hiel’s studies led to the proposal of several possible reaction mechanisms. Paying particular attention to the study of the Jiu Valley coal’s liquefaction, there could be underlined a mathematical pattern of the reactions that took place during the process. This model complies with the ones proposed by the speciality literature in this filed.
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