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Press?o arterial elevada em adolescentes de alto nível econ?mico
Christofaro, Diego Giulliano D.;Casonatto, Juliano;Fernandes, R?mulo Araújo;Reichert, Felipe Fossati;Lock, Mathias Roberto;Guariglia, Débora Alves;Sacomanni, Milene Granja;Oliveira, Arli Ramos de;
Revista Paulista de Pediatria , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-05822010000100005
Abstract: objective: to verify the association between elevated blood pressure and related risks factors on adolescents of high economic level. methods: the sample included 233 schoolchildren (113 boys and 120 girls) on the fifth to the eighth grades of private elementary schools from londrina, paraná, brazil. the subjects' economic level and food intake were evaluated by a questionnaire. the body mass was assessed with a plenna digital scale; the height was measured with a wooden stadiometer (precision: 0.1cm); and the blood pressure, with an oscillometric device. association between elevated blood pressure and different risk factors were evaluated by the t-test, chi-square test and by poisson's regression with robust variance. results: elevated blood pressure was present in 12.4% of the students and it was associated with gender and nutritional status. poisson's regression adjusted model suggested that only nutritional status was independently associated with elevated blood pressure. conclusions: a high rate of elevated blood pressure was found in adolescents from high economic level, and overweight was associated with this condition
Vírus da doen a de Newcastle em aves n o vacinadas no Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Oliveira Junior Jorge Granja de,Portz Cristiana,Loureiro Bernardo Oliveira,Schiavo Paula Amorin
Ciência Rural , 2003,
Abstract: O vírus da doen a de Newcastle (VDN) tem sido isolado na maioria das espécies de aves de vida livre e doméstica em todo o mundo. O comércio internacional de aves deve ser considerado como um fator importante na dissemina o da doen a. Infec es naturais e experimentais já foram demonstradas em, pelo menos, 236 espécies de aves. Portanto, aves silvestres livres ou cativas, e aves domésticas n o vacinadas, podem atuar como reservatório para o VDN. Para analisar esta hipótese, aves do Zoológico Municipal do Rio de Janeiro e de propriedades particulares nos municípios de Seropédica, Japeri, Paulo de Frontin, Paracambi, Valen a, Barra do Piraí, Rio de Janeiro e Nova Friburgo tiveram sangue coletado para detec o de anticorpos para VDN. Um painel de 837 plasmas foi obtido, no período de agosto de 1998 a julho de 2001, e analisado pelo teste de inibi o da hemaglutina o (HI), dos quais 12 foram soropositivas (1,43%) para o VDN, indicando prévio contato das aves com o patógeno.
Emphysematous cystitis: a case report
Meira, Carla;Ana, Jerónimo;Oliveira, Carlos;Amaro, Augusta;Granja, Cristina;
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-86702008000600025
Abstract: emphysematous cystitis is a primary infection of the bladder with production of gas by bacteria. the infection is uncommon, still has obvious clinical importance due to its morbidity and mortality potential, as the following case enlightens. we report a clinical case of a patient admitted with acute myocardial infarction who developed an acute emphysematous cystitis, a further complication in his long and complex period of hospitalization.
Chemotherapy induces genomic instability in oral mucosal cells of women with breast cancer
Patricia Granja Coelho,Sarah Rodrigues Marsicano,Pamela Oliveira Delgado,Jorge Luiz Freire Pinto
Journal of Solid Tumors , 2012, DOI: 10.5430/jst.v2n2p10
Abstract: Objectives: The study of the involvement of non-neoplastic cells with genomic instability has not been sufficiently investigated. Genomic instability induced by treatment chemotherapy with alkylating agents’ employment has been reported in different biological matrices like PBMN, and fpDNA fuDNA. We investigated the possible use of DNA from oral mucosal cells to observe the presence of genomic instability being a simple protocol, applicable and non - invasive. Methods: Genomic instability was determined in oral mucosal cells of 31 women diagnosed with breast cancer before and after chemotherapy with alkylating agents’ presence. MSI was assessed by a panel with five different microsatellite regions. Results: We observed that 77.41% of patients had any genetic alteration in the oral mucosal cells, with a higher number of MSI events by 32.58% compared to LOH events by 24.97%, mainly in the FMR2 (16.29 %) and BAT 26 (13.04%). The control group did not show genomic instability in oral mucosal cells. Conclusions: The oral mucosal cells are susceptible to genomic instability when exposed to chemotherapy regimens containing alkylating agents which allows us a new approach to chemotherapy regimens and their implications and propose a new biological matrix for assessing such adverse effects.
Isolamento e caracteriza o biológica da amostra JAP99 do vírus da doen a de Newcastle isolada de patos domésticos (Neta sp) no Rio de Janeiro
Oliveira Júnior Jorge Granja de,Schiavo Paula Amorin,Doretto Júnior Luciano,Orsi Maria ?ngela
Ciência Rural , 2005,
Abstract: O vírus da doen a de Newcastle (VDN) é o agente etiológico de uma das doen as mais importantes da avicultura e tem sido identificado na maioria das espécies aviárias, silvestres e domésticas. Neste trabalho, obteve-se o isolamento em ovos embrionados da amostra denominada JAP99 do VDN, a partir de fezes de patos coletadas no Município de Japeri, RJ. A amostra foi identificada pela técnica da inibi o da hemaglutina o (HI) e a caracteriza o biológica da patogenicidade do novo isolado foi realizada no Laboratório Regional Animal, MAPA, Campinas, SP (LARA-Campinas). Pela inocula o intracerebral em pintos de um dia (IPIC), o índice foi 1,4. Na inocula o intravenosa em aves de seis semanas (IPIV), o índice encontrado foi 0,0 (zero) e o tempo médio de morte embrionária (TMME) foi de 62 horas. Estes resultados indicaram que o isolado JAP99 é mesogênico para galinhas comerciais, oferecendo risco para a avicultura industrial.
A competência reflexiva processual em servi?o social na a??o profissional junto às popula??es
Granja, Berta;
Cadernos de Pesquisa , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-15742011000200006
Abstract: this article is the result of ethnographic research that was carried out in portugal, brazil and canada on the professional activities of social assistants. it is centered on aspects relating to the knowledge that is constructed during their interaction with the population. the professional activity of social assistants responds to problems that individuals experience in a singular way; these responses result from the way the social, economic and political structures as well as the systems which influence the lifestyle, life paths and living conditions of individuals, groups and both their individual and collective identities. the answer to these problems in action demands professional knowledge that comes from a specific social and cognitive structure; this knowledge is the basis of the identity form constructed and reconstructed by individual and collective reflection as well as the affirmation of professional autonomy in their actions. the professionals work under constant tension, intrinsic to the action itself, in order to reinvent and adapt procedures that are difficult to codify and formalize when complex social relationships intersect with diverse and at times, antagonistic logics. the tensions, conflicts and limits within the context of the interaction with populations are factors of uncertainty and complexity. to act under these conditions, the professionals need a pattern of regularity and generality that establishes itself as the professional procedures for action, as this article shows.
Coartación de la aorta nativa y recurrente. Por qué angioplastia? Por qué stent ? Por qué stent cubierto?
Miguel Granja
Revista Argentina de Cardiología , 2005,
Self maps of HP^n via the unstable Adams spectral sequence
Gustavo Granja
Mathematics , 2003,
Abstract: We use obstruction theory based on the unstable Adams spectral sequence to construct self maps of finite quaternionic projective spaces. As a result, a conjecture of Feder and Gitler regarding the classification of self maps up to homology is proved in two new cases.
Biologia reprodutiva de Cryptostegia madagascariensis Bojer ex Decne. (Periplocoideae, Apocynaceae), espécie ornamental e exótica no Brasil
Vieira, Milene Faria;Leite, Mauro Sérgio de Oliveira;Grossi, José Antonio Saraiva;Alvarenga, Eveline Mantovani;
Bragantia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052004000300002
Abstract: reproductive phenology, floral biology, breeding system and pollinators were analyzed on cryptostegia madagascariensis individuals cultivated at federal university of vi?osa campus, municipality of vi?osa, zona da mata of minas gerais state. in addition, seed viability and vigour from naturally opened fruits were tested. seed germination from yellow-green pericarp closed fruits was also tested. flowering of c. madagascariensis occurs mainly in november and december. fruits (follicles) are exhibited during all year, but more frequently in january and february. flowers open during the day and last about 24 hours. they exhibit protandry, secondary pollen presentation and intragynoecial compitum, which results in the production of twin follicles (two follicles per flower). it is self-compatible, but spontaneous self-pollination does not occur due to morphological characteristics. bees should be the main pollinators, as they exhibited the pollinarium attached to their mouthparts. at least one pollinarium was removed per flower. however, the low natural fructification (2.7%) rate indicates that these insects are efficient for pollinaria removal, but less efficient for deposition of collected pollen. the follicles take four months to reach the maximum size (average of 6.44 cm length, 2.45 cm height and 3.4 cm width), and 210 days for opening. each follicle averaged 96.5 seeds. the ideal conditions for seed quality evaluation, from naturally opened follicles, were 30 oc constant temperature and no supplementary light, and counting occurred at the 7th days. seeds from closed follicles showed 93% germination under those conditions.
Composi??o centesimal do fruto, extrato concentrado e da farinha da uva-do-jap?o
Bampi, Marlene;Bicudo, Milene Oliveira Pereira;Fontoura, Paulo Sérgio Growoski;Ribani, Rosemary Hoffman;
Ciência Rural , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782010001100018
Abstract: hovenia dulcis, whose popular name is japanese grape, belongs to the family rhamnaceae, native of china, japan and korea, is widely distributed in southern brazil. rich in sugar and with good acceptance for human consumption it can be consumed fresh or processed. there are no literature reports of its use in food products. the aim of this study was to determine the chemical composition of the japanese grape fruit, concentrated extract and flour. the contents for moisture (54.08, 52.44 e 19.08g 100g-1), ash (2.16, 4.09 e 4.48g 100g-1), protein (3.74, 2.77 e 5.73g 100g-1), ethereal extract (1.42, 0.37 e 1.82g 100g-1), dietary fiber (12.56, 3.33 and 25.62g 100g-1) and total sugars (19.46, 37.34 and 42.53g 100g-1) were obtained for the fruit, concentrated extract and flour, respectively. quantification by liquid chromatography confirmed that the content of reducing sugars (fructose, 6.15g 100g-1 and glucose, 6.57g 100g-1) is higher than the non-reducing sugars content in fruit (sucrose, 3.56g 100g-1). calories resulted in values of 105.56, 165.14 and 216.09kcal 100g-1 for fruit, concentrated extract and flour, respectively. the flour is rich in sugars and has a high content of dietary fiber being able to be used as an alternative ingredient in bakery products. sensory analysis of the concentrated extract revealed an acceptability rate of 82% among the judges, showing good potential for jams' production.
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