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On Some Basic Concepts of Genetic Algorithms as a Meta-Heuristic Method for Solving of Optimization Problems  [PDF]
Milena Bogdanovi?
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2011.48055
Abstract: The genetic algorithms represent a family of algorithms using some of genetic principles being present in nature, in order to solve particular computational problems. These natural principles are: inheritance, crossover, mutation, survival of the fittest, migrations and so on. The paper describes the most important aspects of a genetic algorithm as a stochastic method for solving various classes of optimization problems. It also describes the basic genetic operator selection, crossover and mutation, serving for a new generation of individuals to achieve an optimal or a good enough solution of an optimization problem being in question.
The Importance of Health Records  [PDF]
Milena Marini?
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.75073
Abstract: Health records have played an increasingly important role throughout history as an important legal document for the exercise of individuals’ rights. However, domestic legislation fails to define health records as a legally important collection of health data and documents. Recording facts and storing legally important documents are therefore the tasks of the operator. Using the prescriptive method we will determine which laws are governing the management of medical records, their safety and accessibility. Based on the descriptive method, we will describe the process of handling health records by the provider of health treatment, focusing on exposed regulatory gaps in the area of the protection of the rights of an individual. Through the analysis of the laws governing the management of health records, even after death and operator terminating the service, we will carry out inductive reasoning and provide conclusions regarding the attitude towards health records. Considering different results we can conclude that health information, especially documents relevant to the protection of individual’s rights, is not transparent. Above all, the documents in the collection are not recorded properly, thus allowing for their removal. Even the transfer of health records by the provider of health treatment is not defined, which could result in the disposal of the entire health documentation.
Use of Continuous Regional Anesthetic for Management of Pediatric Sickle Cell Crisis  [PDF]
Julie T. Vuong, Milena Pilipovic
Open Journal of Anesthesiology (OJAnes) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojanes.2012.25053
Abstract: Sickle cell patients often find difficulty obtaining adequate treatment of pain. Anti-inflammatory medications, steroids, and opioids can reduce pain; however their use is limited by side effects. We present a 12 year old female with sickle cell disease who was admitted with severe right thigh pain secondary to acute infarction of the proximal femoral diaphysis.She was treated with intravenous hydration, ketorolac and opioids with no relief. The patient agreed to a continuous femoral nerve block, which was done under sedation. Pain relief was obtained immediately. The infusion was discontinued after 3 days and the patient was discharged the day after catheter removal with a one week supply of fentanyl patches and home dose of oral oxycodone. We suggest continuous femoral nerve block as an adjunct to treat sickle cell pain crises involving the lower extremity. Regional techniques may vasodilate and thus improve the nociceptive, vasoconstrictive pain associated with acute pain crises.
Fine Gradings of Low-Rank Complex Lie Algebras and of Their Real Forms
Milena Svobodová
Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry : Methods and Applications , 2008,
Abstract: In this review paper, we treat the topic of fine gradings of Lie algebras. This concept is important not only for investigating the structural properties of the algebras, but, on top of that, the fine gradings are often used as the starting point for studying graded contractions or deformations of the algebras. One basic question tackled in the work is the relation between the terms 'grading' and 'group grading'. Although these terms have originally been claimed to coincide for simple Lie algebras, it was revealed later that the proof of this assertion was incorrect. Therefore, the crucial statements about one-to-one correspondence between fine gradings and MAD-groups had to be revised and re-formulated for fine group gradings instead. However, there is still a hypothesis that the terms 'grading' and 'group grading' coincide for simple complex Lie algebras. We use the MAD-groups as the main tool for finding fine group gradings of the complex Lie algebras $A_3 cong D_3$, $B_2 cong C_2$, and $D_2$. Besides, we develop also other methods for finding the fine (group) gradings. They are useful especially for the real forms of the complex algebras, on which they deliver richer results than the MAD-groups. Systematic use is made of the faithful representations of the three Lie algebras by $4 imes 4$ matrices: $A_3 = sl(4,mathbb C)$, $C_2 = sp(4,mathbb C)$, $D_2 = o(4,mathbb C)$. The inclusions $sl(4,mathbb C)supset sp(4,mathbb C)$ and $sl(4,mathbb C) supset o(4,mathbb C)$ are important in our presentation, since they allow to employ one of the methods which considerably simplifies the calculations when finding the fine group gradings of the subalgebras $sp(4,mathbb C)$ and $o(4,mathbb C)$.
Uniqueness of solutions of a generalized Cauchy problem for a system of first order partial functional differential equations
Milena Netka
Opuscula Mathematica , 2009,
Abstract: The paper is concerned with weak solutions of a generalized Cauchy problem for a nonlinear system of first order differential functional equations. A theorem on the uniqueness of a solution is proved. Nonlinear estimates of the Perron type are assumed. A method of integral functional inequalities is used.
Differential difference inequalities related to parabolic functional differential equations
Milena Netka
Opuscula Mathematica , 2010,
Abstract: Initial boundary value problems for nonlinear parabolic functional differential equations are transformed by discretization in space variables into systems of ordinary functional differential equations. A comparison theorem for differential difference inequalities is proved. Sufficient conditions for the convergence of the method of lines is given. Nonlinear estimates of the Perron type for given operators with respect to functional variables are used. Results obtained in the paper can be applied to differential integral problems and to equations with deviated variables.
Milena Janakova
International Journal of Digital Information and Wireless Communications , 2012,
Abstract: This paper is centered on the implementation problems of learning activities for better education in a global and information society. Modern education must respect dynamic changes in society based on preferences of business and need for competitive advantages; therefore, education seeks optimal ways to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills. Communication has an important place in education. The presented analysis is dedicated to Forum activity, with links to other learning activities like Database, Survey, or Wiki from the Moodle platform. The Forum activity is difficult for creation. Teacher must use on-line help or a specialist on the Moodle for optimal Forum creation via eighteen items. Other analyzed activities need smaller volume of work, but prompt implementation requires simplification using ideas of computational intelligence, and e- learning for knowledge society.
XIX Congreso Latinoamericano de Bioquímica Clínica: XVI Congreso Chileno de Química Clínica Santiago de Chile, 20 al 23 de abril de 2010
Milena Monari
Acta bioqu?-mica cl?-nica latinoamericana , 2009,
Programmes of promoting information literacy in other countries
Milena Bon
Knji?nica : Revija za Podro?je Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti , 2000,
Abstract: With the help of articles from foreign and domestic literature this paper shows the role of promoting information literacy, stemming from the experience of librarians of school and other types of libraries. Emphasis is on the current problems of the adequacy of digital libraries for children (advantages and disadvantages of easy access to informa tion) and on preparing adolescents for proper use of the Internet, i.e. information accessible through it. The importance of teaching children to use and search for information from the primary school onwards, and the continuation of promoting information literacy in subsequent stages of schooling in different ways: integration into the lessons, various courses, co-operation between different types of libraries.
The role of a librarian in school research work
Milena Bon
Knji?nica : Revija za Podro?je Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti , 1999,
Abstract: The paper presents the process of the preparation of Poljane High School students for writing reserch papers and the role of the librarian at it. The librarian familiarizes students with the international ISO standars which prescribe the form and the composition of such a paper. She calls their attention to the proper way of putting down quotations and sources and to the protection of copyright. She shows them how to look for literature and information in various databases (local and COBISS catalogue, WWW services, ...).
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