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Available data and risk assessment of the Brazilian threatened species of Combretaceae
Borges, Rafael;Moraes, Miguel dvila de;Monteiro, Nina Pougy;Bevacqua, Ananda Meinberg;Martinelli, Gustavo;Marquete, Nilda;
Rodriguésia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S2175-78602012000100003
Abstract: the risk assessment is made up of risk analyses of species extinction in a given time, following the international union for conservation of nature and natural resources (iucn) criteria. in brazil, the data necessary for risk assessments have poor quality, so we proposed the articulation of previous processes to improve data quality. the main objective of this work was to reassess the extinction risk of brazilian species of combretaceae previously considered as threatened, updating conservation data available for these taxa. our results showed that the processes of taxonomic proceedings; data gathering; data analysis; georeferencing and communication improved the assessments consistency, specially due to systematization of the whole process. of the 11 selected species for reassessment, five were threatened in the categories vu, en, cr e cr* and six under significant threat of extinction. however the deficiency of herbaria data, the lack of digitalization of the majority of country collections and the limited access to available literature represent the main obstacles for extinction risk assessments of the brazilian flora.
Linguagem e deficiência: possibilidades e restri??es da prática fonoaudiológica
Dainêz, Débora;Monteiro, Maria Inês Bacellar;Freitas, Ana Paula de;Cisotto, Carolina ávila;
Psicologia em Estudo , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-73722011000300007
Abstract: based on the historical-cultural theory assumptions we herein aim to reflect on mentally deficient subjects#039; language. the data were collected from video recording transcriptions along one year of weekly speech therapy sessions, with the participation of two speech therapy interns and four youngsters with mental deficiency, aged between 19 and 29. we focused on the interactions of one of the youngsters with his peers and therapists. the results revealed that at some moments the therapists#039; and the peers#039; interpretation led to the understanding of the communicative intention. however, there were moments when such understanding didn#039;t occur and the dialogue was interrupted. the importance of the other for building up meaning and guiding therapeutic actions which can promote the creation of language alternatives is here discussed. therefore, it is considered that a more attentive look to understand the communicative purposes of subjects with mental deficiency can enhance their development.
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite gel and its application as scaffold aggregation
Rodrigues, Leonardo Ribeiro;d` ávila, Marcos Akira;Monteiro, Fernando Jorge Mendes;Zavaglia, Cecília Amélia de Carvalho;
Materials Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392012005000124
Abstract: the sol-gel process is a technique used to synthesize materials from colloidal suspensions and, therefore, is suitable for preparing materials in the nanoscale. in this work hydroxyapatite was used due to its known properties in tissue engineering. hydroxyapatite ca10(po4)6(oh)2 is a bioactive ceramic which is found in the mineral phase of bone tissue and is known for its great potential in tissue engineering applications. for this reason, this material can be applied as particle aggregates on ceramic slurry, coating or film on materials with a poorer biological response than hydroxyapatite. in this work, hydroxyapatite gel was obtained by the sol-gel process and applied as nanoparticle aggregation in the mixture of hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate to form a ceramic slurry. this process is the polymer foam replication technique used to produce scaffolds, which are used in tissue engineering. for ha gel characterization it was used enviromental scanning electron microscopy (esem), transmission electron microscopy (tem), electron energy loss spectroscopy (eels), scanning electron microscopy (sem), x-ray diffraction (xrd) and x-ray fluorescence (xrf). the crystallite size was calculated from xrd data using the scherrer equation. the nanoparticles size before firing was approximately 5nm. the crystallite size calculated after calcination was approximately 63 nm. the eels results showed that calcium phosphate was obtained before firing. after ha gel calcination at 500 oc the xrd results showed hydroxyapatite with a small content of beta-tcp. the scaffolds obtained by polymer foam replication technique showed a morphology with adequate porosity for tissue engineering.
Laparoscopic renal surgery in infants and children: is it a feasible and safe procedure for all pediatric age groups?
Denes, Francisco T.;Tavares, Alessandro;Monteiro, Edison D. S.;Bessa Jr., Jose de;Giron, Amilcar M.;Queiroz Filho, Frederico A.;Srougi, Miguel;
International braz j urol , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1677-55382008000600009
Abstract: purpose: although laparoscopy is considered the mainstay for most renal procedures in adults, its role in the pediatric population is still controversial, especially for smaller children. we reviewed our experience in pediatric renal laparoscopic surgery in three pediatric age groups in an attempt to identify if age has an impact on feasibility and surgical outcomes. materials and methods: from november 1995 to may 2006, 144 pediatric laparoscopic renal procedures were performed at our institution. the charts of these patients were reviewed for demographic data, urologic pathology and surgical procedure, as well as perioperative complications and post-operative outcomes. the findings were stratified into 3 groups, according to patient age (a: < 1 year, b: 1 to 5 years and c: 6-18 years). results: median age of the patients was 4.2 years (42 days - 18 years). we performed 54 nephrectomies, 33 nephroureterectomies, 19 upper pole nephrectomies, 11 radical nephrectomies, 22 pyeloplasties and 4 miscellaneous procedures. the 3 age groups were comparable in terms of the procedures performed. conversion rates were 0%, 1.4% and 1.9% for groups a, b and c, respectively (p = 0.72). incidence of perioperative complications was 5%, 8.2% and 7.8% for age groups a to c, respectively (p = 0.88). conclusions: most renal procedures can be performed safely by laparoscopy in the pediatric population, with excellent aesthetic and functional outcomes. the morbidity related to the procedure was minimal irrespective of the age group.
Tratamento cirúrgico em dois tempos do aneurisma toracoabdominal roto com prótese intraluminal sem sutura
BERNARDES, Rodrigo de Castro;REIS FILHO, Fernando A. Roquete;LIMA, Cláudio Moreira;GON?ALVES, Leonardo Dvila;OLIVEIRA, Marília M. Cedin;CASSéTE, Luciana T. Fernandes;MONTEIRO, Ernesto Lentz da Silveira;MELLO, José Marcelo Coutinho de;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76381998000400007
Abstract: the surgical management of thoracoabdominal aneurysms requires thoracophrenic laparotomy, prolonged periods of aortic clamping with visceral ischemia, profuse bleeding leading to a difficult postoperative course with pulmonary, renal, neurological complications, coagulation disturbances and others. all this resulting in an elevated morbidity/mortality very often contraindicating it for the very elderly or those with prior respiratory, renal or cardiac symptoms. rupture of this aneurysm greatly increases the already high rate of morbidity/mortality. crawford and borst have described a two-stage surgery with good results, for aneurysms that affect more than one segment of aorta. the objective of our report is to demonstrate a two-stage operation, employing an intraluminal prosthesis without suture. this procedure results in a less agressive surgery since it approaches only the ruptured segment of aorta, therefore, only one cavity is manipulated (thorax or abdomen). the anastomosis with intraluminal prosthesis greatly decreases the time necessary for clamping the aorta and consequently visceral ischemia and also reduces bleeding. the reduction of surgical aggression on these already severely ill patients yielded very good surgical results.
Diferen?as regionais e o êxito relativo de mulheres em elei??es municipais no Brasil
Miguel, Luis Felipe;Queiroz, Cristina Monteiro de;
Revista Estudos Feministas , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-026X2006000200003
Abstract: why do women have a better performance in the less economically developed regions at brazil's local elections? the article tests three possible answers, sometimes suggested in the debates about the question: 1) the association of female candidates with right-wing parties in those regions, 2) the educational gap, which is beneficial to the women, and 3) the greater proportion of women among the electorate. nevertheless, data analysis says that all the hypotheses must be rejected. we concluded that more complex explanations are needed, in order to understand this phenomenon. the data also show the limitations of the brazilian law which created electoral quotas for women.
Niveles de plomo en la población de alto riesgo y su entorno en San Ignacio, Fresnillo, Zacatecas, México
Manzanares-Acu?a,Eduardo; Vega-Carrillo,Héctor René; Salas-Luévano,Miguel ángel; Hernández-Dávila,Víctor Martín; Letechipía-de León,Consuelo; Ba?uelos-Valenzuela,Rómulo;
Salud Pública de México , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-36342006000300005
Abstract: objective:to determine the lead concentration in the blood of children and nursing or pregnant women from san ignacio, fresnillo, in zacatecas, mexico as well as in soil, plants, ash and lead-glazed pottery, in order to determine exposure due to a metal-recycling facility. material and methods: the study was carried out from december 2004 to april 2005. lead in blood was measured with anodic stripping voltammetry, while dispersive energy x-ray fluorescence was used in the other matrices. results: based upon the criteria outlined in the official mexican standards, 90% of the children was identified as category i, 5% as category ii and another 5% as category iii. the soil in the land near the facility contained from 73 to 84 238 μg/g, with an average of 4940 μg/g. larger lead concentrations were found on sites located closer to the facility. san ignacio's soil contained, on average, 109 μg/g. high lead levels were found in glazed pottery and the concentration in agricultural crops was greater than 300 μg/g. conclusions: although the majority of children in san ignacio have blood lead concentrations considered to be acceptable according to the official mexican standards, several studies indicate that deleterious effects on children's health exist even at low concentrations. the land around the metal recycling facility is contaminated with lead, and to that extent, the crops that are produced there, once ingested, are a source of contamination, which is compounded by the use of glazed pottery.
Utilidad de marcadores rapd en la identificación de germoplasmas de ajonjolí
Dávila,Martha; Laurentín,Hernán; Castillo,Miguel A;
Agronomía Tropical , 2003,
Abstract: sesamum indicum l. is very important source of proteins and fatty acids for human nutrition worldwide. with the use of molecular techniques, breeding programs for this species could upgrade their objetives. the objetive of this work was to use rapd techniques to identify molecular markers useful in the separation of six sesame germplasms used for the study included 19x10, 43x32, 37-1, 37-3, fonucla and ucv-2 all from a previously known origen. amplification profiles were obtained. based on jaccard's similarity coefficient, a great deal of polymorphism was observed within the genotypes and sesame materials were separated into groups. usefulness of rapd technique in discussed.
Depósitos sinorogénicos en el antepaís neopaleozoico del cinturón de Famatina, centro-oeste de Argentina: implicancias paleoambientales, paleogeografías y tectonosedimentarias
Ezpeleta,Miguel; Astini,Ricardo A; Dávila,Federico;
Revista geológica de Chile , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-02082008000200004
Abstract: in the famatina belt, western argentina, a -400 m thick conglomerate succession is extensively developed and has been previously considered as the uppermost section of a postglacial interval (late pennsylvanian) of the paganzo group. here we separate it as a different lithostratigraphic unit (las pircas formation, nom. nov.) with a significant tectonic meaning based on: 1. the angular discordance at its base; 2. the strong lito facial contrast with the underlying glacial unit and 3. its internal stratigraphic organization. facies analyses indicate topographically controlled proximal alluvial fans succeeded by braided fluvial systems, and local development of lacustrine deposits. granite bearing-megaboulder beds and conglomerates indicate significant basement exhumation and tectonic unroofing. clast composition also depicts early pennsylvanian sandstones and ordovician volcanic rocks mainly exposed in the central part of famatina (at present). paleocurrent analyses are compatible with a dispersal pattern mostly to the west. the position of basement topographic high further east from the main contemporaneous arc together with evidences of folding allow us to interpret previously unrecognized basement thrusting within the foreland. this may have been the main source for the westward coarse arkosic clastic wedge known in the argentine precordillera as the tupe formation and equivalents. this late pennsylvanian-early permian foreland model can be compared with the modern broken foreland of the central andes.
Encontrando al Kaizen : un análisis teórico de la mejora continua
Suárez Barraza, Manuel F.,Miguel Dávila, José ángel
Pecunia : Revista de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales , 2008,
Abstract: Desde que Masaaki lmai acu o el término de Kaizen a mediados de los a os ochenta, este se ha visto como un elemento clave para la competitividad de las empresas japonesas. No obstante, y a pesar de que el Kaizen ha sido definido por el autor que condujo a la luz el término, todavía sigue existiendo en la literatura sobre el tema cierta ambigüedad e inconsistencia. Además, existe una clara necesidad de desarrollar esta teoría en el campo de la dirección de operaciones.El propósito de este trabajo es analizar el Kaizen en la literatura académica y práctica con el fin de mejorar, explorar y hacer una contribución a su potencial perfil teórico. Se realizó una revisión de la literatura usando Kaizen como término de búsqueda en varias bases de datos: Proquest, Business Source Elite, Business Source Premier, Emerald, Science Direct and Google Scholar. También se consultaron libros escritos tanto por académicos como por los que lo practican. La literatura concerniente al Kaizen fue metodológicamente analizada y clasificada. Los hallazgos del estudio indican que el Kaizen es presentado bajo tres perspectivas o esferas, que incluyen una serie de principios y técnicas. Comparando los tres puntos de vista, emergieron un conjunto de principios y/o piedras angulares.Since Masaaki 'mai coined the term Kaizen in the mid eighties it has been regarded as a key element in the competitiveness of Japanese companies. However, even though Kaizen was defined by the author who created the term, writings by scholars and practitioners in the field exhibit a certain degree of ambiguity and inconsistency. Finally, there is a clear need to develop this theory in the field of operations management. Kaizen in the academic and practitioner literature in order to better understand it and further explore and contribute to its potential theoretical profile. A literature review was carried out using Kaizen as a search term. Various databases were used for this purpose: Proquest, Business Source Elite, Business Source Premier, Emerald, Science Direct and Google Scholar. Books written by both scholars and by practitioners on the subject were also consulted. The literature concerning Kaizen was methodically analyzed and categorized. The findings of the study indicate that Kaizen is presently displayed under three perspectives or spheres, which include a series of principies and techniques. By comparing the three viewpoints, a set of guiding principies and/or cornerstones for Kaizen have also emerged.
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