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International Journal of Bioinformatics Research , 2011,
Abstract: Fermentation products are indigenous to many civilizations, and they have been produced by industriessince a long time. Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288C (commonly known as baker's yeast) is the strain mainly usedin the Glucose based fermentation industries. We have seen the use of same yeast strain at different places withdifferent Phenotypic Constraints. The way to improve the adaptability of considered strain for desired phenotypicconditions, using smart selection of genes through cybernetic modeling is illustrated. Phylogenetic homologues forall S. cerevisiae S288c Glucose Fermentation pathway genes were screened to search evolutionarily relatedfunctional domains in other yeast strains like Saccharomyces cerevisiae YJM789, Candida glabrata CBS138,Kluyveromyces lactis NRRL Y-1140, Ashbya gossypii ATCC10895 etc., which are adapted naturally in different setof environment. We observed that Saccharomyces cerevisiae YJM789, Candida glabrata CBS138, Ashbyagossypii ATCC10895, Kluyveromyces lactis NRRL Y-1140 possess highly conserved functional domains, whichcan be carefully selected based on usage. This study aims at designing an algorithm to select and incorporateevolutionary homologues for genes of a considered strain, which mostly show sub-optimal performance in thedesired set of experimental constraints. Such a consideration of native microenvironment and evolutionarycloseness in the selection of functional homologues of the entire genetic set can thus be significantly fruitful.
Effect of ventilation opening levels on thermal comfort status of both animal and husbandman in a naturally ventilated rabbit occupied building
L.A.O. Ogunjimi,J.A. Osunade,F.S. Alabi
International Agrophysics , 2007,
Abstract: Three levels of ventilation openings (100, 30, and 50%) of inlet were considered in this study under a natural ventilation method for rabbit production. The study was conducted using a model animal building. The external and internal temperature and relative humidity were measured over the experimental period. The measure of thermal comfort within a locality was hence determined by temperature humidity index (THI) for both animal and husbandman while relative strain index (RSI) was also considered for man. The results showed that the amount of ventilation opening and building orientation have significant effects on the thermal comfort level of a building as indicated by the THI levels at 1% level of significance for both rabbit and man, which is also the same for the RSI for man. The larger the inlet opening and closer to perpendicular to the prevailing wind is the opening the higher is the thermal comfort level for both man and animal as seen in the values of THI for both rabbit and man and the RSI value for man in the case of 50% ventilation opening pens of the 90 ° orientation building. This may be attributed to the larger quantity of air passing through the building with increasing opening ratio. This affects the amount of heat and moisture that is removed from the building, hence the level of both temperature and relative humidity resulting in a more comfortable building internal environment for both animal and husbandman.
Glioblastoma-Initiating Cells: Relationship with Neural Stem Cells and the Micro-Environment
Nicolas Goffart,Jér?me Kroonen,Bernard Rogister
Cancers , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/cancers5031049
Abstract: Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM, WHO grade IV) is the most common and lethal subtype of primary brain tumor with a median overall survival of 15 months from the time of diagnosis. The presence in GBM of a cancer population displaying neural stem cell (NSC) properties as well as tumor-initiating abilities and resistance to current therapies suggests that these glioblastoma-initiating cells (GICs) play a central role in tumor development and are closely related to NSCs. However, it is nowadays still unclear whether GICs derive from NSCs, neural progenitor cells or differentiated cells such as astrocytes or oligodendrocytes. On the other hand, NSCs are located in specific regions of the adult brain called neurogenic niches that have been shown to control critical stem cell properties, to nourish NSCs and to support their self-renewal. This “seed-and-soil” relationship has also been adapted to cancer stem cell research as GICs also require a specific micro-environment to maintain their “stem cell” properties. In this review, we will discuss the controversies surrounding the origin and the identification of GBM stem cells and highlight the micro-environment impact on their biology.
Cancer Stem Cells, EMT, and Developmental Pathway Activation in Pancreatic Tumors
Sanne Hindriksen,Maarten F. Bijlsma
Cancers , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/cancers4040989
Abstract: Pancreatic cancer is a disease with remarkably poor patient survival rates. The frequent presence of metastases and profound chemoresistance pose a severe problem for the treatment of these tumors. Moreover, cross-talk between the tumor and the local micro-environment contributes to tumorigenicity, metastasis and chemoresistance. Compared to bulk tumor cells, cancer stem cells (CSC) have reduced sensitivity to chemotherapy. CSC are tumor cells with stem-like features that possess the ability to self-renew, but can also give rise to more differentiated progeny. CSC can be identified based on increased in vitro spheroid- or colony formation, enhanced in vivo tumor initiating potential, or expression of cell surface markers. Since CSC are thought to be required for the maintenance of a tumor cell population, these cells could possibly serve as a therapeutic target. There appears to be a causal relationship between CSC and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in pancreatic tumors. The occurrence of EMT in pancreatic cancer cells is often accompanied by re-activation of developmental pathways, such as the Hedgehog, WNT, NOTCH, and Nodal/Activin pathways. Therapeutics based on CSC markers, EMT, developmental pathways, or tumor micro-environment could potentially be used to target pancreatic CSC. This may lead to a reduction of tumor growth, metastatic events, and chemoresistance in pancreatic cancer.
Biological functions of microRNA-203 and its role in oral diseases

- , 2016, DOI: 10.7518/gjkq.2016.06.015
Abstract: 摘要: 微小RNA-203(miR-203)具有多种生物学功能,可在不同水平调控下游基因的表达,参与肿瘤和炎症的形成和进展,是肿瘤早期诊断和预后判断的可靠分子标志物及治疗靶点。随着对炎症微环境下肿瘤形成机制的深入研究,miR-203调节炎症相关肿瘤的机制成为新的研究热点。近年来,miR-203在口腔疾病中的作用引起了学者的关注,本文就miR-203的生物学功能,miR-203与口腔疾病的关系等研究进展作一综述。
Abstract: MicroRNA-203(miR-203) plays important roles in the development and progression of tumor and inflammation by targeting and regulating various downstream mediators at different levels. MiR-203 is a novel diagnostic and prognostic marker because of its therapeutic potential. The intensive investigation of mechanism in tumor development within micro-environment of inflammation has made the potent role of miR-203 in regulating inflammation-related tumor a new controversial issue. Recently, the regulatory mechanisms of miR-203 have been investigated in oral diseases. This mini-review focuses on the biological function of miR-203, especially its role in oral diseases
Formation of Aspergillus niger-mineral aggregation and characterization of polysaccharide from aggregation

Jie Hu,Bin Lian,Jianping Yu,Xing Hu,

微生物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Objective] In order to understand the weathering on potassium-bearing mineral by Aspergillus niger,we studied the formation of A.niger-mineral aggregation and polysaccharide in the revolving and fermenting mode and their role in the process of weathering on potassium-bearing mineral.Methods] We used four different media to study the morphology of A.niger-mineral aggregation;ultraviolet-visible spectrum(UV-Vis),fourier transform infrared spectrum(IR),gas chromatography(GC),scanning electron microscopy(SEM)...
Effect of fruit bagging with different spectra bags on the growth and quality of tomato in spring-summer season

ZHAO Ying,CHENG Zhi-Hui,MENG Huan-Wen,
赵 英

中国生态农业学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 通过测定分析透过5种不同果袋的光质组成,并以"东圣一号"番茄品种为试材,研究5种果袋果穗套袋处理对果实发育的微环境、鲜重增长率、产量、主要营养成分及生理病害等的影响。结果显示,套袋后,袋内光照强度极显著降低,光质组成中400 nm以下的短波紫外光减少,红膜袋内400~600 nm的光锐减;相对湿度普遍提高;温度有不同程度的变化。套袋后,番茄果实鲜重增长率、硬度、果形指数、单果重和穗果重均无显著变化;果实着色提早,成熟整齐度高;果实中番茄红素含量增加,Vc、游离氨基酸、可溶性蛋白质含量均无显著变化。鲜膜袋处理的果实固形物含量显著降低,红膜袋处理的可溶性糖含量极显著降低,白膜袋处理的有机酸含量显著降低。套袋后,番茄果实畸形果、穿孔果、脐部黑疤发生率降低,但裂果率提高,果梗容易增粗。春夏季节套袋有利于番茄果实发育和着色,袋材首选紫膜袋,次选白膜袋。
Behavior’s Evolution of Micro-Concretes in Combined Sulphate and Magnesium Aggressive Environments, at Three -Years Old
Mircea Rujanu
Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Jassy, Constructions, Architechture Section , 2010,
Abstract: In the present paper is analysed concrete behavior from strength structure elements, subjected to combined sulphatic and magnesian aggressive actions. In order to clearly relieve cement influence regarding corrosion behavior and to be as close as possible of concrete structural characteristics, tests are realized on standard mortars, which from compositional point of view are mocro-concretes. These were used different W/C ratios in order to obtain different structural characteristics, knowing that in the first period after casting, when concrete porosity is sensibly higher, corrosion process is more emphatic, with subsequent negative effects. It was taken into account the fact that sulphatic corrosion effect appears after a long duration of aggressive agent action, in the present paper proposing a three year duration for aggressive attack. In the same time it was considered the fact that usual cement for structural elements is composite cement type CEM II/A-S 32,5, studying combined sulphatic and magnesian corrosion evolution on a large type of micro-concrete compositions with different compactness and aggressive agent concentrations.
A Study on the Impact of Urban River Refurbishment to the Thermal Environment of Surrounding Residential Area  [PDF]
Daewuk Kim, Jae-Gyu Cha, Eung-Ho Jung
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2014.55048

In this study, a simulation was conducted targeting Beomeo stream of Daegu, for the purpose of the quantitative determination of the changes in thermal environment of surrounding residential areas according to the urban river refurbishment. For the study method, the reviews of literature and model verification were conducted, and then the results were derived through the process of comparing and analyzing the thermal environment resulting from the river refurbishment of the target area. As a result of the model verification, the accuracy of modeling was 95%. As a result of a simulation of the target area, in respect of the fluctuation of temperature, the temperature decreased by 1.33°C more in the daytime than in the night time, due to the river refurbishment. In respect of the positions, the decrease of the temperature was 1.33°C at 2 pm at position 1, the position of river refurbishment, and the highest in the entire time slots. Also, the changes in temperature increasingly decreased from position 1 to position 4. It seemed that it was because there was the highest radiant heat at position 1 with the biggest gap between artificial mulching and natural mulching, and the effect of the gap in the radiant heat influenced successively over position 2, 3 and 4. Lastly, in respect of the effect of river refurbishment on the surrounding area, the effect reached to position 3, in other word, 60 meters from the river.

Design and Test of Flipped Classroom Learning Support Model in Mobile Learning Environment  [PDF]
Xiulin Ma, Youyuan Su, Jingjing Liu, Sheng Li
Creative Education (CE) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2019.102020
The coverage of wireless network and the popularization of mobile communication devices enable mobile learning to happen anytime and anywhere; short and refined micro-course resources are more popular in mobile learning environments, and the flipped classroom teaching mode based on mobile learning environment also presents a more extensive application momentum. However, flipped classroom teaching practice based on mobile learning environment has also encountered some problems in recent years, mainly manifested as unstable knowledge system of learners and short retention time of learning motivation. This study referred to the existing flipped classroom teaching model; discussed the characteristics and problems of learning resources in mobile learning environment, and put forward the teaching design idea of “further structuring micro-learning resources, visualizing knowledge system and giving full play to teachers’ dominance with the help of instant messaging tools” in the mobile learning environment. With the help of practical teaching activities, the value of this design idea in improving the learning efficiency of flipped classroom was verified, and a relatively stable “flipped classroom learning support model under mobile learning environment” was finally formed. Finally, the relevant theories of mobile learning environment supporting autonomous learning are improved.
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