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Surgery and Invariants of Lagrangian Surfaces
Mei-Lin Yau
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We considered a surgery, called Lagrangian attaching disk surgery, that can be applied to a Lagrangian surface L at the presence of a Lagrangian attaching disk D, to obtain a new Lagrangian surface L' which is always smoothly isotopic to L. We showed that this type of surgery includes all even generalized Dehn twists as constructed by Paul Seidel. We also constructed a new symplectic invariant, called y-index, for orientable closed Lagrangian surfaces immersed in a parallelizable symplectic 4-manifold W. With y-index we proved that L and L' are not Hamiltonian isotopic. We also obtained new examples of nullhomologous Lagrangian tori which are smooth isotopic but not Hamiltonian isotopic.
Vanishing of the contact homology of overtwisted contact 3--manifolds
Mei-Lin Yau
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: We give a proof of, for the case of contact structures defined by global contact 1-forms, a Theorem stated by Eliashberg that for any overtwisted contact structure on a closed 3-manifold, its contact homology is 0. A different proof is also outlined in the appendix by Yakov Eliashberg.
Invariants of Lagrangian surfaces
Mei-Lin Yau
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: We define a nonnegative integer $\la(L,L_0;\phi)$ for a pair of diffeomorphic closed Lagrangian surfaces $L_0,L$ embedded in a symplectic 4-manifold $(M,\w)$ and a diffeomorphism $\phi\in\Diff^+(M)$ satisfying $\phi(L_0)=L$. We prove that if there exists $\phi\in\Diff^+_o(M)$ with $\phi(L_0)=L$ and $\la(L,L_0;\phi)=0$, then $L_0,L$ are symplectomorphic. We also define a second invariant $n(L_1,L_0;[L_t])=n(L_1,L_0,[\phi_t])$ for a smooth isotopy $L_t=\phi_t(L_0)$ between two Lagrangian surfaces $L_0$ and $L_1$ with $\la (L_1,L_0;\phi_1)=0$, which serves as an obstruction of deforming $L_t$ to a Lagrangian isotopy with $L_0,L_1$ preserved.
Monodromy and isotopy of monotone Lagrangian tori
Mei-Lin Yau
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: We define new Hamiltonian isotopy invariants for a monotone Lagrangian torus embedded in a symplectic 4-manifold. We show that, in the standard symplectic 4-space, these invariants distinguish a monotone Clifford torus from a Chekanov torus.
Monodromy groups of Lagrangian tori in the symplectic 4-space
Mei-Lin Yau
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: We determine the Lagrangian monodromy group L(T) and the smooth monodromy group S(T) of a Clifford torus T in the symplectic 4-space. We show that L(T) is isomorphic to the infinite dihedral group, and S(T) is generated by three reflections. We give explicit formulas for both groups. We also show that if a Lagrangian torus is smoothly isotopic to a Clifford torus then the smooth isotopy can be chosen to be Lagrangian outside of a disc.
Cylindrical contact homology of subcritical Stein-fillable contact manifolds
Mei-Lin Yau
Mathematics , 2004, DOI: 10.2140/gt.2004.8.1243
Abstract: We use contact handle decompositions and a stabilization process to compute the cylindrical contact homology of a subcritical Stein-fillable contact manifold with vanishing first Chern class, and show that it is completely determined by the homology of a subcritical Stein-filling of the contact manifold.
A Holomorphic 0-Surgery Model for Open Books with Application to Cylindrical Contact Homology
Mei-Lin Yau
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: We give a simple model in the complex plane of the 0-surgery along a fibered knot of a closed 3-manifold M to yield a mapping torus M'. This model allows explicit relations between pseudoholomorphic curves in the symplectizations of M and M'. As an application we use it to compute the cylindrical contact homology of open books resulting from a positive Dehn twist on a torus with boundary.
Mei-Lin Zhang,Jie Yang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2010, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536810007099
Abstract: The title compound, C19H13F2N, was synthesized by an addition reaction of bis(4-fluorophenyl)methanone with aniline. The dihedral angles formed by the fluorobenzene rings with the aniline ring are 81.04 (5) and 64.15 (5)°. In the crystal packing, intermolecular C—H...F hydrogen bonds link molecules into zigzag chains parallel to the c axis.
The Knowledge Structure and Diagnostic Reasoning of Medical Experts

WANG Yan,YAO Mei-Lin,

心理科学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: 医学专长研究中"中间者效应"的发现,引发了研究者对专家医生知识结构的探讨.在"知识打包"的基础上,医生的临床知识以"疾病脚本"的方式组织起来.随着临床经验的增加,专家医生积累了丰富的疾病脚本.在临床诊断中,他们无需对病人所有的体征和症状进行仔细地和系统地分析,而是通过非分析性的推理方式--"模式识别"或"样例识别"便可自动激活与之匹配的疾病脚本,据此对病人做出迅速而准确的诊断.医学专长的本质就在于专家医生以"疾病脚本"的方式组织起来的知识结构."适应性专长"代表了未来医学专长研究的新方向.
Effector''s Roles Playing in the Motor Sequence Learning

LIU Han-Hui,YAO Mei-Lin,

心理科学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: Motor sequence learning, which mostly involves effector, is one of the most important components of Motor skill learning. There were two hypotheses about the role that the effector played in the motor sequence learning. One was the effector-dependent, i.e., motor sequence learning was related to the specific effector and could not transfer from one effector to the other. Learners established connections among muscles or reactions during the learning. The other was the effector-independent, i.e., such sequence learning did not dependent on the specific effector and could transfer from one effector to the others. Learners established connections among the abstract stimuli representations in the process. The effector's roles played in the motor sequence learning were varied with the different stages of practice, the consciousness status and some other conditions.
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