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Valve-sparing operation for ascending aorta aneurysm
Onur Gürer,Ahmet K?rba?,Mehmet Salih Bilal
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2011,
Left Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction after Ross-Konno Operation  [PDF]
Cenap Zeybek, Mustafa Kemal Avsar, Ozgür Yildirim, Mehmet Salih Bilal
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103644
INTRODUCTION: SAM (systolic anterior motion) is defined as the dynamic motion of the anterior mitral valve leaflet to the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT) during systole. In this study, we present a case which we encountered with significant left ventricular outflow tract obstruction (LVOTO) related to SAM and developed after Ross-Konno operation. METHOD: A 4-month, 6.2 kg girl underwent balloon valvuloplasty due to bicuspid aortic stenosis when she was one-month. Ross-Konno operation was performed on the patient due to residual aortic stenosis (peak gradient of 140 mm Hg) and severe aortic regurgitation. Intraoperative echocardiography (ECHO) showed a peak gradient of 25 mmHg between the LV-Aorta. RESULTS: In the ICU at postoperative 3. hour, when tachycardia began with the patient’s hemodynamic deterioration, SAM in ECHO and concomitant LVOTO (Peak grad: 140 mmHg) and 2nd degree MY was identified. Pulmonary edema was observed along with a decrease in oxygen saturation. The treatment initiated for removing the patient from hyperdynamic state and reducing the volume deficit. Sedation and analgesia were increased. The low-dose dobutamine was stopped. Tachycardia was attempted to take control with beta-blockers. The same treatment was continued on day 2, but the frequency of patient’s tachycardia has not been reduced despite high doses of beta blockers. Heart rate was controlled by Amiodarone. On day 4, mitral regurgitation was slightly decreased while the LV-Aorta gradient was measured between 50-60 mmHg. On day 5, SAM has diminished greatly (20 mmHg). The patient was extubated 6th day and was discharged on the 12th day without any problem. One year after, LVOT gradient was not detected in the ECHO. DISCUSSION: In adult patients, although a variety of surgical procedures for the removal of SAM had been reported, no experience in infants exists in the literature on these techniques. Despite intensive medical treatment, it may take longer than expected. We think that also the decline of existing preoperative LV hypertrophy in this period contributes.
Osmanl Devletinde lk Türk ü E itim Dergisi: Yeni Fikir/// The First Nationalist Education Journal in Ottoman Empire: YeniFikir
Mehmet Salih ERKEK
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2012,
Abstract: After the proclamation of the second constitutional period, the field in which the opinions which were not verbalized during the Abdulhamit II reign were stated most frequently was the press and broadcasting. One of these journals was YeniFikir journal, which started to be published in 1911. YeniFikir is somehow not considered as being one of the nationalist journals of the period and is ignored. However, although it is mainly an education journal, it also has an aspect which defends nationalist opinions. This journal, which was published by EdhemNejad and FeridBey, is a journal which especially works for national educating and has the aim of improving agriculture and commerce at schools. During the hot days of Balkan Wars, the journal established its main policy on the idea of revenge and gave great importance to scouting, gymnastics, military training and physical education at schools. With this aspect, YeniFikir journal, which shed light on the educational, political, financial and scientific life of the second constitutional period, is a publication that is worth examining in many aspects.
An Evaluation of Changes to the Turkish High School Physics Curriculum
Mehmet Altan Kurnaz,Salih ?epni
International Education Studies , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v5n5p92
Abstract: A New Turkish Physics Curriculum has been constructed between the years 2006-2009. It is to the gaining of new perspectives. The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to reflect on the nature of the New Turkish Physics Curriculum (NTPC). To this end, the authors focus on the five themes of the NTPC using a document analysis method: basic reasons and needs of the NTPC, fundamental approaches of the NTPC, learning areas of the NTPC, characteristics of teaching activities in terms of the NTPC, needs of the NTPC. This paper highlights thus focusses on the fundamentals of the NTPC and considerations of its easy adaptation into practice.
Measurement and assessment for science education in the Turkish educational context: Problems and reflections
Mehmet Kü?üK,Salih ?EPN?
Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching , 2004,
Abstract: Research on teaching and learning supports the movement toward new assessment approaches. Educational assessment has an important effect on learners' growth, achievement and self-esteem. International literature includes a series of conceptual models that introduce the means and importance of student assessment from different perspectives. In this article, first we examined these new trends and focused on some new assessment methods in science education and then looked at the Turkish context based on the discussed criteria for science assessment. Then we analyzed some thoughts about the future of science assessment.
Timing of Carotid Endarterectomy: Perioperative Outcome According to Index Event to Operation Room Time  [PDF]
Mehmet Kalender, Ahmet Nihat Baysal, Ata Niyazi Ecevit, Okay Güven Karaca, Mehmet Tasar, Salih Salihi
Surgical Science (SS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2014.510066
Abstract: Aim: Carotid endarterectomy (CEA) is the choice of treatment for prevention of cerebrovascular events in vulnerable patients. In this single-center multi surgeon study, we aimed to evaluate outcomes of neurologically stable patients who underwent CEA after symptoms of cerebrovascular event according to time between the event and operation. Methods: In our clinic during 2008-2012, we applied 67 CEA to 65 patients. Ten of these 65 patients excluded from trial due to combined CABG operation. 18 patients were asymptomatic prior to operation and excluded. Thirty-nine of these patients were symptomatic and enrolled to study. Data were collected retrospectively. All enrolled patients were divided into two groups, according to the time between event and operation. Group I: Early Group (≤14 days). Group II: Late Group (>14 days). Results: In our clinic during 2008-2012, we applied 39 CEA procedures to consecutive 37 patients with symptomatic carotid artery stenosis. None of preoperative variables were associated with postoperative mortality (p > 0.05). We observed postoperative bleeding in one patient who was in Late Group (II). Postoperative bleeding was only associated with hyperlipidemia (p = 0.003). Postoperative stroke was observed in moderate cardiac risk patients in Early Group (I) (p = 0.003). But none of the postoperative complications were associated with study groups. We observed that, closure technique (primary closure) was associated with postoperative stroke (p = 0.030). We have achieved shorter waiting time during study time phrase but it couldn’t reached statistical significance (p = 0.196).
Fluid Inclusions Usage for Assessing Oil Migration in Duhok, North Iraq  [PDF]
Salih Muhammad Awadh, Thamer K. Al-Ameri, Sahar Y. Jassim, Mehmet S. Bayraktutan
Positioning (POS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/pos.2010.11005
Abstract: Studies of primary and secondary fluid inclusions were done on epigenetic barite samples collected from carbonates of Lower part of Sarmord Formation (Lower Cretaceous) and Aqra-Bekhme Formations (Upper Cretaceous) in Duhok, north Iraq. Lead isotopes composition in galena which associated barite that contained fluid inclusions helped the identification two events of fluid inclusions. These fluid inclusions contain brine water and hydrocarbons. Primary and secondary fluid inclusions in barite as well as lead isotopes composition in galena helped the interpretation of oil migration history and the pathway of oil migration. Ages of galena are syngronous with the events of oil and water trapping as inclusions within barite, and hence the interpreted galena generation could be assigned to the fluid inclusions age. Accordingly, the events are two phases of early and late generations that correspond to 120 m.y. and 30 m.y. respectively. Correlation with 10 PetroMod basin modeling of the generated oil from the Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Formations fitted with the event of early galena generation, whereas the oil migration started before 70 m.y. and continued to 30 m.y. ago. Palynomorphs study confirmed that the oil in source rocks is similar with the migrated oil.
What Should Be Done if There Is Coronary Artery Disorder in Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm?  [PDF]
Erdal Simsek, Mehmet Bayraktaroglu, Huseyin Bayram, Sevket Atasoy, Salih Fehmi Katircioglu
World Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery (WJCS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/wjcs.2011.11001
Abstract: Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is the most common type of aneurismal diseases. Generally, it is asymptomatic and when it is ruptured, it develops with high morbidity and mortality. Case report: A 62-years-old male patient consulted our emergency with a pain at his dorsum and lumbar part. Cardiologist with a suspicion of coronary artery disorder or dissection, coronary angiography was executed. Consecutive lesions of LAD artery (left anterior descending) 40% - 50% and 90%, CX artery (circumflex) 40% and 80% - 90%, and a lesion of RCA (right coronary artery) 20% - 30% were detected. With a suspicion of rupture, abdominal aneurysm tomography (CT) was demanded. In the tomography, a 7-cm-diameter ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm was diagnosed. Levosimendan support was started. Under the support of levosimendan a Y graft operation was performed. The operation was ended up with levosimendan support considering that coronary bypass would increase mortality and morbidity. Discussion: Approximately 50% of the ruptured aneurysms are died before they reach hospital while the 30% - 70% operated ones are died within 30 days after operation. Early diagnosis and follow-up is extremely important to decrease morbidity and mortality. The patients consulting with rupture must be taken to the operation without delay. What should be done if coronary artery disorder is detected in the patient whose AAA is ruptured and if the bypass is necessary? In our opinion, a decision must be made according to the patient’s clinical condition. As a result of our case, we thought repairing the abdominal aortic aneurysm necessitates the other comorbidites must be treated medically. We aimed to decrease the cardiac oxygen requirement by starting levosimendan and decline afterload. If the patient, whose coronary artery disorder is detected, is under risk and his overall condition is bad, we think that coronary bypass operation can be delayed.
Hyperbaric-oxygen treatment: An adjunctive therapy in acute renal failure due to crush injury  [PDF]
Rumeyza Kazancioglu, Cenk Gulgun, Salih Aydin, Nilgun Aysuna, Semra Bozfakioglu, Mehmet S Sever
Natural Science (NS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2012.428092
Abstract: Objective: Major seismic events leave their survivors trapped under the rubble leading to extensive muscle damage and its devastating sequale of hemodynamic and metabolic disturbances and acute renal failure. Hypoxemia aggravated during each hemodialysis (HD) session is important in acute renal failure patients with massive tissue injury. We retrospectively analyzed the adjunctive role of hyperbaric-oxygen (HBO) therapy in patients treated with HD for acute renal failure due to crush injury in terms of dialysis duration. Patients and methods: 16 patients admitted after the Marmara earthquake to Istanbul Faculty of Medicine were treated with HBO. Only 8 (2M, 6F, mean age: 24.8 + 7.3 years) of them had required HD treatment. 29 (16M, 13F, mean age: 34.6 + 12.9 years) crush syndrome patients treated with HD but not with HBO were taken as controls and the clinical and laboratory data of the two groups were compared. Results: The mean duration time under the rubble for the HBO group was 9.4 + 3.2 hours. Mainly lower extremity fasciotomies were performed at 15.6 + 14.8 hours after extrication. There were no amputations in this group. There were three amputations in the control group. The mean number of HD sessions was 9.2 + 6.7/patient for 10.9+9.6 days until renal functions recovered and the patients had 27.4 + 15.6 HBO sessions until the recovery of their lesions. There were no correlations between the number of HBO sessions and any laboratory parameter nor the number of HD sessions. There was no statistical difference in the need for HD between the HBO and control group. Conclusions: Our results could not demonstrate any beneficial effect of HBO treatment in terms of HD duration; however, the valuable contribution of the HBO treatment was to increase the salvage of crushed limbs.
Benign Papules and Nodules of Oral Mucosa
Mehmet Salih Gürel,Ebru Sar?kaya
Turkderm , 2012,
Abstract: This article reviews some of the more common benign oral papules and nodules of oral mucosa with emphasis on their etiology, epidemiology, clinical presentation, histopathology, and treatment. These lesions include mucocele, traumatic fibroma, epulis, pyogenic granuloma, oral papilloma, oral warts, lymphangioma, hemangioma, lipoma, oral nevi and some soft tissue benign tumors. These benign lesions must be separated clinically and histologically from precancerous and malign neoplastic lesions. Accurate clinico-pathological diagnosis is mandatory to insure appropriate therapy.
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