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Self-Tuning Control Techniques for Wind Turbine and Hydroelectric Plant Systems  [PDF]
Silvio Simani, Stefano Alvisi, Mauro Venturini
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2019.71003
Abstract: The interest on the use of renewable energy resources is increasing, especially towards wind and hydro powers, which should be efficiently converted into electric energy via suitable technology tools. To this aim, self-tuning control techniques represent viable strategies that can be employed for this purpose, due to the features of these nonlinear dynamic processes working over a wide range of operating conditions, driven by stochastic inputs, excitations and disturbances. Some of the considered methods were already verified on wind turbine systems, and important advantages may thus derive from the appropriate implementation of the same control schemes for hydroelectric plants. This represents the key point of the work, which provides some guidelines on the design and the application of these control strategies to these energy conversion systems. In fact, it seems that investigations related with both wind and hydraulic energies present a reduced number of common aspects, thus leading to little exchange and share of possible common points. This consideration is particularly valid with reference to the more established wind area when compared to hydroelectric systems. In this way, this work recalls the models of wind turbine and hydroelectric system, and investigates the application of different control solutions. Another important point of this investigation regards the analysis of the exploited benchmark models, their control objectives, and the development of the control solutions. The working conditions of these energy conversion systems will also be taken into account in order to highlight the reliability and robustness characteristics of the developed control strategies, especially interesting for remote and relatively inaccessible location of many installations.
Gas Turbine Health State Determination: Methodology Approach and Field Application
Michele Pinelli,Pier Ruggero Spina,Mauro Venturini
International Journal of Rotating Machinery , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/142173
Abstract: A reduction of gas turbine maintenance costs, together with the increase in machine availability and the reduction of management costs, is usually expected when gas turbine preventive maintenance is performed in parallel to on-condition maintenance. However, on-condition maintenance requires up-to-date knowledge of the machine health state. The gas turbine health state can be determined by means of Gas Path Analysis (GPA) techniques, which allow the calculation of machine health state indices, starting from measurements taken on the machine. Since the GPA technique makes use of field measurements, the reliability of the diagnostic process also depends on measurement reliability. In this paper, a comprehensive approach for both the measurement validation and health state determination of gas turbines is discussed, and its application to a 5?MW gas turbine working in a natural gas compression plant is presented. 1. Introduction Maintaining high levels of availability and reliability is an essential objective for all production units, especially for those that are subject to high costs due to loss of production. Nonscheduled stops due to unforeseen faults cause relevant costs related to the reduction or the interruption of the process and to the consequent repairing actions. For this reason, in strategic applications, stand-by machines are usually required to ensure the desired level of availability. In the last decades, gas turbines have been more and more used either for power generation or as mechanical drive (e.g., in natural gas compression plants), thanks to their favorable characteristics with respect to other technologies, such as low emissions and high availability and reliability. In particular, the latter issues represent winning features of gas-turbine-based power plants. Hence, in order to utilize these systems as effectively as possible, the management of machine maintenance must be optimized. The optimization of maintenance management, which should lead to cost saving and increase in machine availability, can be performed by supporting gas turbine preventive maintenance (which comes from manufacturer experience in terms of component life and performance degradation versus working hours and is performed according to a priori schedules, regardless of the effective gas turbine health state) with on-condition maintenance, which consists of ?“ad hoc” actions descending from gas turbine actual operating state [1–7]. Therefore, On-condition maintenance requires up-to-date knowledge of the machine health state in real time. One of the most
Water Stress Estimation from NDVI-Ts Plot and the Wet Environment Evapotranspiration  [PDF]
Daniela Girolimetto, Virginia Venturini
Advances in Remote Sensing (ARS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ars.2013.24031

In this work we present a new simple index to estimate water stress (WS) for different types of surfaces, from remotely sensed data. We derive a WS index, named WSIEw, modifying the Water Deficit Index (WDI) proposed by Moran et al. by using the wet environment evapotranspiration (Ew) instead of the potential evapotranspiration (Epot) concept. Jiang and Islam model was used to simulate actual evapotranspiration (ET) and Priestley and Taylor equation to estimate Ew. The WSIEw results were compared to ground observations of ET, precipitation (PP), soil temperature (Tsoil) and soil moisture (SM) in the Southern Great Plains-EEUU. Preliminary results suggest the method is sensitive to the water status of different surfaces. However, the WSIEw would range from 0 to 0.7, having a value of 0.4 for a dry surface with 5% of SM. The methodology is operationally

Gustavo Henrique Rodrigues de Oliveira Ramalho,Mauro Lúcio Mazini Filho,Bernardo Minelli Rodrigues,Gabriela Rezende de Oliveira Venturini
Brazilian Journal of Biomotricity , 2011,
Abstract: RAMALHO, G. H. R. O.; MAZINI FILHO, M. L.; RODRIGUES, B. M.; VENTURINI, G. R. O.; SALGUEIRO, R. S.; PACE JúNIOR, R. L.; MATOS, D. G. The 1RM testing for prediction of load in hypertrophy training and its relation with maximum number of repetitions. Brazilian Journal of Biomotricity. v. 5, n. 3, p. 168-174, 2011. Strength Training is nowadays regarded as an outstanding activity whenever optimized performance is intended. The 1RM test is used as a standard for determining the training load. The present study aims to evaluate the maximal strength through the 1-MR test and the capacity for repetitions with 80% of its maximal strength by testing the maximum number of repetitions (MNR). Participated in the study 24 trained men, 26,6 ± 4,3 years. The MNR test showed an average of 7 repetitions when the load was equivalent to 80% of the maximal strength, a figure considered to be below the standards for the hypertrophic training when compared to the present literature. This result leads to the conclusion that the prescription of training programs may not be effective if based on the load percentage through the 1-MR test, since it presents very low levels of training individualization, not to mention the low practicality of constantly measuring the individual's maximum strength so as to adapt the training load according to the levels of strength gain.
A cidade dos outros
Venturini, Ernesto;
Fractal : Revista de Psicologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-02922009000200002
Abstract: in the city where we live each one of us usually goes to those places that have a special meaning. all these places describe one's map of the city. but the use of the city depends above of all on the social standing of a person.before, it was considered the city map of patients discharged from psychiatric hospitals to understand the impact of deinstitutionalization . today , it is necessary to consider the underground life of "illegal" immigrants in italian cities. their maps describe the social mechanism of refusal or acceptance. this helps us understand how people refuse to budge from their respective standpoints or on the contrary how the identities interact with each other and change. the choice results from the individual receptivity, but above all from human rights policies.
O caminho dos cantos: morar e intersetorialidade na sáude mental
Venturini, Ernesto;
Fractal : Revista de Psicologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-02922010000900002
Abstract: they are two kinds of mental health services. the first tends to focus on geographic areas: it's called "passive administration". the second tends to focus on functional method: it's called "active socialization". his activities strengthen the integration between different sections of the institutions and between institutions and social networks, develop human resources, stimulate social cohesion. the objective of this process is to make the community competent and protagonist of own health. supported housing could represent one of the example of this process: they remove institutional processes that may create dependency and, through reciprocal relationships and mutual support networks, can be of more value to self-esteem and recovery
El ciclo evolutivo experimental de Diphyllobothrium erinaceieuropei en Paracyclops fimbriatus, larvas de Bufo arenarum y caninos
Venturini, Lucila;
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 1989, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-46651989000500003
Abstract: experiments were performed in order to develop the life cycle of diphyllobothrium erinaceieuropei rudolphi 1819 (cestoda, pseudophyllidea) in paracyclops fimbriatus and bufo arenarum as intermediate hosts and dogs as definitive hosts. the eggs of diphyllobothrium erinaceieuropei from faeces of naturally infected dogs were kept refrigered, in water. in order to obtain coracidiums they were incubated at 25°c, and then were placed in a flask which contained paracyclops fimbriatus. the copepods were observed to be infected with procercoids 12 days after, (mean temperature 22.6°c) and then, ten tadpoles of bufo arenarum were put into the same flask. the tadpoles were examined 22, 23, 61 and 107 days later, finding plerocercoids in all them (mean temperature 24.9°c). on the 23th day, 49 plerocercoids were removed from 6 tadpoles and 28 of them were fed to a bitch. on the 107th day, 11 plerocercoids were recovered from a dead tadpole and 3 of them were fed to another bitch. in the faeces of the first bitch there were observed the eggs of diphyllobothrium erinaceieuropei 22 days post infection (d.p.i.) and part of the strobila 30 d.p.i.. in the faeces of the second bitch the eggs were found 30 d.p.i..
Comparative Literature and Translation: Two Argentinean Versions of the Baudelairean Spleen
Venturini, Santiago
452o F : Revista de Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada , 2011,
Abstract: The link between Comparative Literature and translation creates a new reading framework that challenges the classic approach to translation, and allows the widening of the scope of the translated text. This paper explores this relationship through the analysis of two versions of Charles Baudelaire’s Les fleurs du mal published in Argentina during the 20th century,stressing the nature of translation as an act of rewriting.
Opera aperta: Wikipedia e l’oralità secondaria
Tommaso Venturini
m@gm@ , 2006,
Abstract: In questo articolo si discuterà di Wikipedia, la prima e più importante enciclopedia compilata collaborativamente su Internet. Se ne analizzerà il modello comunicativo e si mostrerà come esso getti nuova luce sulla distinzione oralità/scrittura. Il lettore, tuttavia, dovrà armarsi di pazienza, poiché non prenderemo la via breve. Prima di arrivare a Wikipedia, esamineremo la relazione segno-referente e quella mezzo-messaggio. Contesteremo la semplificazione che riduce la comunicazione a mera trasmissione di messaggi e quella che riduce l’evoluzione sociale allo sviluppo delle tecnologie mediatiche. Criticheremo la nozione di villaggio globale, di oralità secondaria e la loro applicazione al mondo della Rete. Dimostreremo, in particolare, che la comunicazione telematica non conduce a una nuova forma di oralità. Solo a questo punto, al riparo dagli equivoci del determinismo sociale e tecnologico, potremo infine affrontare l’innovazione mediale introdotta dall’invenzione dei wiki. Riflettendo sui processi e sui prodotti della mediazione comunicativa, illustreremo quindi come Wikipedia abbia dato vita a una forma di comunicazione davvero nuova. Un modello comunicativo caratterizzato da un’apertura radicale e totale che non può essere assimilata né all’oralità, né alla scrittura.
La pedagogia di Mafalda. Una proposta di utilizzo dei fumetti di Quino nell’ambito della filosofia con i bambini
Giulia Venturini
Educazione Democratica , 2013,
Abstract: Il titolo di questo studio potrebbe risultare a una prima lettura provocatorio, per qualcuno addirittura privo di significato. Associare due termini tanto distanti come la pedagogia e Mafalda – il fumetto di Quino – sembra una proposta illogica perché se pensiamo al primo immediatamente ci vengono alla mente concetti come educazione, formazione, scuola, insomma lo studio con la esse maiuscola, mentre al secondo associamo concetti quali gioco, divertimento, infanzia. Ebbene se si procede su questo percorso probabilmente l’iniziale corto circuito di senso si risolverà in una domanda e poi in un’altra e un’altra ancora. Ecco, la domanda, l’interrogarsi, questo è il principio su cui si fonda la pratica della Filosofia per e con i bambini – Philosophy for and with Children (P4C) ideata da Matthew Lipman – perché il dubbio, la curiosità e l’interesse sono gli stimoli necessari per attivare il pensiero e le capacità cognitive così da essere in grado di generare riflessioni, di argomentarle, di ascoltare il punto di vista altrui e grazie a questo fare esperienza di un’altra prospettiva.
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