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Clinicopathological aspects and their relation to prognosis in adult-type granulosa cell tumor of the ovary
Andrade, Maurício De Angelo;Pupo, Joyce de Brito;Derchain, Sophie;Andrade, Liliana Aparecida Lucci De Angelo;
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-24442009000500009
Abstract: introduction and objective: the adult granulosa cell tumors (agct) correspond to less than 5% of ovarian neoplasias. they are considered low malignant potential tumors and may recur after many years. the differential diagnosis must be made with other primary or metastatic ovarian neoplasias. the aim was to analyze clinical and pathological aspects of agct and relate them to its evolution. method: in a 10- year (1995-2004) review of the files from university of campinas clinical hospital, brazil, 20 agct cases were found. the clinical records and slides were reviewed and age, symptoms, macro and microscopic aspects, diagnostic staging and recurrence were considered. when there was intraoperative biopsy, its accuracy was evaluated. results: age ranged from 27 to 79 years (mean: 53) and the follow-up from 12 to 96 months (mean: 42). the main symptoms were post-menopause bleeding (45%), abdominal pain (35%) and palpable mass (25%). most tumors were yellowish (60%) and the solid aspect (40%) was more common than the cystic or solid-cystic. the histological patterns were 40% solid, 15% macrofollicular and 45% combined forms. all of them with low mitotic index. only three out of nine intraoperative frozen sections were accurately diagnosed. the clinical staging was 13 cases in ia (65%), one case ic and 6 iiic. in three out of 14 hysterectomies there was simple endometrial hyperplasia with no atypia. only the disease staging was significantly associated with recurrence (p < 0.0001). conclusion: acgt generally occurs after menopause and intraoperative biopsies are commonly inconclusive. only advanced staging was related to the worst prognosis.
Zoochoric and hydrochoric maritime dispersal of the Opuntia monacantha (Willd.) Haw. (Cactaceae)
Maurício Lenzi,Maurício Eduardo Graipel,Josy Zarur de Matos,Angelo Martins Fraga
Biotemas , 2012,
Abstract: Evolutionary adaptations in the morphology and physiology of cactus species have been associated to their mechanisms of dispersal and colonization. The dispersal mechanisms and modes of Opuntia monacantha (Willd.) Haw. (Cactaceae) were characterized in two beaches in Florianopolis, SC, Brazil. A marsupial from the genus Didelphis (Mammalia: Didelphidae) was the only frugivorous and, thus, disperser of fruits, presenting specific eating places. The maritime hydrochory was due to the overwash on restinga vegetation, it is characterized by the dispersal of cladodes and fruits at various times of the year. It is here firstly described the sea action as a potential disperser for a cactus species.
Organic Monadology in Maupertuis  [PDF]
Maurício de Carvalho Ramos
Advances in Historical Studies (AHS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ahs.2015.41003
Abstract: The present paper aims to define the seminal parts in the generation theory in Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis’s System of nature as Leibnizian physical monads of a special type, organic monads, whose main characteristics are: 1) uniting, within the same explanatory system, epigenesis and preformation, following from an interpretation where initial conditions for epigenesis are a homogenous, non-organic seminal matter; 2) having psychic properties which give them a preformational character, allowing seminal parts to display a combination of material and representational morphologies, elaborated from a distinction between the substantial and relational character of chemical affinities proposed by Fran?ois-Geoffroy; 3) bringing, through the previous two characteristics, the System of nature to intelligibly express preexistence, a concept present in Maupertuis’ conjectures on the origins of the first organisms, where to a strongly naturalistic scenario, a supernatural cause is added—one consistent, within limits, with the natural indestructibility of the physical monad within a panspermic reading of the original Leibnizian monadology. Together, these characteristics allow us to define Maupertuis’s generation theory as an organic monadology, capable of expressing itself in other components of the modern sciences of life and the organic, revealing a historical continuity for the heuristics of Leibniz’s natural philosophy.
Genotyping of hepatitis B virus in a cohort of patients evaluated in a hospital of Porto Alegre, south of Brazil
Becker, Carlos Eduardo;Mattos, Angelo Alves de;Bogo, Maurício Reis;Branco, Fernanda;Sitnik, Roberta;Kretzmann, Nelson Alexandre;
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-28032010000100003
Abstract: context: in recent years the hepatitis b virus (hbv) genotyping has been considered a relevant factor in the natural history of the disease. objective: to determine hepatitis b virus genotypes and its epidemiological and clinical implications, in a cohort of patients in a hospital in porto alegre, south of brazil. methods - sixty seven patients with hbv chronic infection markers who were being treated at ''complexo hospitalar santa casa'', in porto alegre, rs, brazil, were evaluated. demographic and epidemiological data were collected from these group of patients by following a standard protocol and alt and hbeag were determined. the genotypes and subtypes were determined by in-house pcr and, finally, the samples were sequenced. the level of significance used was 5%. results: the qualitative analysis for hbv-dna by pcr was positive in 79.1% of the samples (53/67). the genotype was determined in all positive vhb-dna samples and the genotypes a (34%), d (60.4%) and f (5.4%) as well as the subtypes adw, ayw and adw4 were found. no significant correlation was found between the hepatitis b virus genotypes and demographic variables considered as risk factors for hepatitis b virus infection. there was also no correlation between the genotypes and the serological and laboratory variables related to liver disease. conclusion: we concluded that the most prevalent genotype found was d. however, further studies are needed to allow us to evaluate the implications of genetic variability in the clinical evolution of hbv carriers.
Avalia??o da ressec??o hepática em pacientes cirróticos com carcinoma hepatocelular
Silva, Maurício;Mattos, Angelo Alves de;Fontes, Paulo Roberto Ott;Waechter, Fábio Luiz;Pereira-Lima, Luiz;
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-28032008000200002
Abstract: background: the hepatocellular carcinoma is a disorder that affects patients suffering from cirrhosis. liver resection, orthotopic liver transplantation and percutaneous ablation are some forms of therapy currently used to provide a cure for this disease. aim: to assess the results achieved through liver resection for the treatment of the hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with cirrhosis being under treatment in a general hospital. methods: clinical observation, laboratory test results, endoscopic and histopathologic analysis were taken into consideration in the case of 22 patients who underwent liver resection between 1996 and 2005. to verify the survival rates, identify the prognostic factors and determine the risk of recurrence, special attention was given to the serologic levels of bilirubins and alpha-fetoprotein, and to the level of the hepatocellular dysfunction (classified according to the child-pugh-turcotte and the model for end-stage liver disease parameters). the size and number of tumours, microvascular invasion and the presence of satellite lesions were also taken into consideration. the level of statistic significance employed was of 95%. results: in the cases studied, patients had an average age of 62.09 years, being 17 of them male. in 10 cases the liver cirrhosis was associated to the hepatitis c chronic infection; in 4 cases there was a combination of chronic ingestion of ethanol and the hepatitis c virus; in 3 cases there was an association with the hepatitis b virus chronic infection. two cases were related to the chronic ingestion of ethanol alone and in one case the use of medications was reported. it was not possible to establish the etiology in two of the cases studied. eighteen patients had a single tumour, 11 of them smaller than 5 cm. the survival rate varied between 10 days and 120 months, being of 33.5 months on average. at the end of the 1st, 3rd and 5th year, the survival rates were 61.90%, 16.67% and 11.11%, respectively. three pat
Parasitic myoma after supracervical laparoscopic histerectomy
Maurício Paulo Angelo Mieli,Ana Maria Sampaio Moreira Grell,Ricardo dos Santos Sim?es,Leandro Accardo de Mattos
Autopsy and Case Reports , 2013,
Abstract: Parasitic myoma is a condition defined as a myoma of extrauterine nourishing. It may occur spontaneously or as a consequence of surgical iatrogeny, after myomectomy or videolaparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy, due to remaining residues of uterine tissue fragments in the pelvic cavity after morcellation. The authors describe two cases in which the patients were submitted to videolaparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy and uterine body removal through morcellation. The sites of development of the parasitic myomas were next to the cervix stump in Case 1, and next to the right round ligament in Case 2. These parasitic myomas were removed by videolaparoscopy. After myomectomies or videolaparoscopic supracervical hysterectomies followed by uterine fragments removal from the pelvic cavity through morcellation, meticulous searching for residues or fragments of uterine tissue is mandatory to prevent the occurrence of parasitic myomas.
Contribui o ao Estudo do Laser de Vapor de Cobre no Tratamento da Endometriose Induzida Cirurgicamente em Coelhas
Mieli Maurício Paulo Angelo
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2002,
Maurício de Aquino
Revista Brasileira de História das Religi?es , 2011,
Abstract: Neste artigo pretende-se reconstruir historicamente o processo de diáspora de três congrega es religiosas femininas portuguesas em decorrência da nova política religiosa estabelecida pela República de Portugal em 1910: ser o privilegiadas as Irm s Franciscanas Hospitaleiras, as Irm s Dominicanas de Santa Catarina de Sena e as Irm s de Jesus, Maria e José, sobretudo, estas duas últimas que se estabeleceram no Estado de S o Paulo nos anos 1910. Nesse período, S o Paulo já havia despontado como o principal Estado do Brasil e em seus limites a expans o cafeeira, urbana e ferroviária, envolvida pela imigra o europeia e pela industrializa o, abriam novas possibilidades de atua o às mulheres, ainda que a moderniza o tecnológica n o fosse acompanhada no campo das rela es de gênero. As mulheres freiras de Portugal se juntaram às outras que aqui estavam e assumiram a gest o de asilos, escolas, faculdades e hospitais, em um contexto de expans o institucional do catolicismo, chefiando homens e atraindo mulheres que almejavam outras perspectivas de vida para além daquelas oferecidas pela sociedade civil da época.
Construindo devo es: as estampas de santos na cria o religiosa e na pesquisa histórica – o caso da Nossa Senhora Aparecida do Vag o Queimado / Building devotions: the stamps of saints in religious creation and historical research – the case of Nossa Senhora Aparecida do Vag o Queimado
Maurício de Aquino
Plura : Revista de Estudos de Religi?o , 2011,
Abstract: It is intended to discuss the specificities, the uses and potential of prints of Catholicsaints in historical research, particularly in the construction of the devotion to Nossa Senhora Aparecida do Vag o Queimado de Ourinhos, state of S o Paulo, Brazil. In recent decades, especially in the 1970s, central points in the production of historical knowledge have been transformed, mainly, by the eruption of new conceptions of time and source. In this context, religious history, showing significant growth and renewal, has expanded its objects and, indeed, its sources, enhancing the traditional iconography in its modern format extensions, as in the case of the prints of saints. The meanings and uses of these stamps must be sought in the interaction with determined devotional practice marked by the temporal, spatial and social situations of a specific historical context, through the confluence of the perspectives of social history of art, anthropology, sociology, and cultural semiotics, adjusted to the specifically historical way of producing knowledge.Pretende-se discutir as especificidades, os usos e as potencialidades das estampas de santos católicos na pesquisa histórica, em particular, na constru o da devo o a Nossa Senhora Aparecida do Vag o Queimado de Ourinhos-SP. Nas últimas décadas, sobretudo nos anos 1970, pontos centrais da produ o do conhecimento histórico foram transformados, principalmente, pela irrup o de novas concep es de tempo e de fonte. Nesse contexto a história religiosa, em expressivo crescimento e renova o, expandiu seus objetos e, com efeito, suas fontes, valorizando a tradicional iconografia em suas extens es de formato moderno, como no caso das estampas dos santos. Os sentidos e os usos dessas estampas devem ser buscados na intera o com determinada prática devocional marcada pelas situa es temporais, espaciais e sociais de um específico contexto histórico a partir da confluência de perspectivas da história social da arte, da antropologia, da sociologia, da semiótica cultural, ajustadas ao modo propriamente histórico de produzir conhecimento.
SOUZA, Rogério Luiz de; OTTO, Clarícia (orgs.): Faces do catolicismo
Maurício de Aquino
REVER : Revista de Estudos da Religi?o , 2010,
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