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Impact of Chikungunya Virus on Aedes albopictus Females and Possibility of Vertical Transmission Using the Actors of the 2007 Outbreak in Italy
Romeo Bellini, Anna Medici, Mattia Calzolari, Paolo Bonilauri, Francesca Cavrini, Vittorio Sambri, Paola Angelini, Michele Dottori
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0028360
Abstract: We investigated the impact of CHIKV strains on some Aedes albopictus (Skuse) reproductive parameters and the possibility of vertical transmission. Two strains were collected in the area where the epidemic occurred in 2007, one isolated from mosquitoes, the other one isolated from a viraemic patient. Different types of blood meals, either infected or non-infected, were offered to Ae. albopictus females, that were then analyzed at increasing time post infection. The virus titre, measured by two RT-PCR methods in the blood meals, influenced the rate of infection and the rate of dissemination of CHIKV in Ae. albopictus body. We found individual variability with respect to the infection/dissemination rates and their latency both considering the female's body and appendages. The hatching rate was significantly lower for the eggs laid by the infected females than for the control eggs, while the mortality during the larval development (from first instar larva to adult emergence) was similar among the progeny of infected and non-infected female groups. Our findings seem to support the hypothesis that the vertical transmission is a rare event under our conditions, and that a certain time period is required in order to get the ovarioles infected. Field observations conducted during the Spring 2008 showed no evidence of the presence of infected overwintering progeny produced by Ae. albopictus females infected during the 2007 outbreak.
Usutu Virus Persistence and West Nile Virus Inactivity in the Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy) in 2011
Mattia Calzolari, Paolo Bonilauri, Romeo Bellini, Alessandro Albieri, Francesco Defilippo, Marco Tamba, Massimo Tassinari, Antonio Gelati, Paolo Cordioli, Paola Angelini, Michele Dottori
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0063978
Abstract: Background The circulation of West Nile virus and Usutu virus was detected in the Emilia-Romagna region in 2008 and 2009. To evaluate the extent of circulation of both viruses, environmental surveillance, based on bird and mosquito testing, was conducted in 2008 and gradually improved over the years. Methods In February–March 2009–2011, 5,993 hibernating mosquitoes were manually sampled, out of which 80.1% were Culex pipiens; none tested positive for the viruses. From 2008 to 2011, 946,213 mosquitoes, sampled between May and October, were tested; 86.5% were Cx. pipiens. West Nile virus was detected in 32 Cx. pipiens pools, and Usutu virus was detected in 229 mosquito pools (217 Cx. pipiens, 10 Aedes albopictus, one Anopheles maculipennis s.l., and one Aedes caspius). From 2009 to 2011, of 4,546 birds collected, 42 tested positive for West Nile virus and 48 for Usutu virus. West Nile virus and Usutu virus showed different patterns of activity during the 2008–2011 surveillance period. West Nile virus was detected in 2008, 2009, and 2010, but not in 2011. Usutu virus, however, was continuously active throughout 2009, 2010, and 2011. Conclusions The data strongly suggest that both viruses overwinter in the surveyed area rather than being continually reintroduced every season. The lack of hibernating mosquitoes testing positive for the viruses and the presence of positive birds sampled early in the season support the hypothesis that the viruses overwinter in birds rather than in mosquitoes. Herd immunity in key bird species could explain the decline of West Nile virus observed in 2011, while the persistence of Usutu virus may be explained by not yet identified reservoirs. Reported results are comparable with a peri-Mediterranean circulation of the West Nile virus lineage 1 related strain, which became undetectable in the environment after two to three years of obvious circulation.
CP Violation and K0 decays revelation: study and simulation of neutral Trigger in NA48 experiment -- Violazione di CP e rivelazione dei decadimenti del K0: studio e simulazione del Trigger neutro nell'esperimento NA48
Federico Calzolari
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: At the INFN laboratory in Pisa I have prepared my dissertation, which essentially concerned Montecarlo simulation of subnuclear particles decays and investigation of low-noise electronic devices for analyzing high-frequency signals. The team-work was part of NA48/EPSI experiment jointly carried out with European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN, Geneva. ----- Nell'ambito dell'esperimento NA48 in corso al CERN Super Proton Syncrothon (SPS) finalizzato a misurare la violazione diretta di CP in sistemi di particelle K0 attraverso il doppio rapporto R = [N(K_L->Pi0Pi0)]/[N(K_S->Pi0Pi0)] / [N(K_L->Pi+Pi-)]/[N(K_S->Pi+Pi-)] = 1 - 6 Re(e1/e) con una precisione di Re(e1/e) superiore a 2 * 10^-4, il lavoro di tesi si propone di effettuare una simulazione per la rivelazione dei decadimenti neutri dei K0 ed una successiva analisi dei dati raffrontando l'evento fisico generato con metodo Montecarlo e quello ricostruito. Per la misura di e1/e occorre isolare tra i vari modi di decadimento dei K quelli K_S->Pi0Pi0, K_S->Pi+Pi-, e quelli K_L->Pi0Pi0, K_L->Pi+Pi-.
High availability using virtualization
Federico Calzolari
Computer Science , 2009,
Abstract: High availability has always been one of the main problems for a data center. Till now high availability was achieved by host per host redundancy, a highly expensive method in terms of hardware and human costs. A new approach to the problem can be offered by virtualization. Using virtualization, it is possible to achieve a redundancy system for all the services running on a data center. This new approach to high availability allows to share the running virtual machines over the servers up and running, by exploiting the features of the virtualization layer: start, stop and move virtual machines between physical hosts. The system (3RC) is based on a finite state machine with hysteresis, providing the possibility to restart each virtual machine over any physical host, or reinstall it from scratch. A complete infrastructure has been developed to install operating system and middleware in a few minutes. To virtualize the main servers of a data center, a new procedure has been developed to migrate physical to virtual hosts. The whole Grid data center SNS-PISA is running at the moment in virtual environment under the high availability system. As extension of the 3RC architecture, several storage solutions have been tested to store and centralize all the virtual disks, from NAS to SAN, to grant data safety and access from everywhere. Exploiting virtualization and ability to automatically reinstall a host, we provide a sort of host on-demand, where the action on a virtual machine is performed only when a disaster occurs.
Evidence of Simultaneous Circulation of West Nile and Usutu Viruses in Mosquitoes Sampled in Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy) in 2009
Mattia Calzolari,Paolo Bonilauri,Romeo Bellini,Alessandro Albieri,Francesco Defilippo,Giulia Maioli,Giorgio Galletti,Antoni Gelati,Ilaria Barbieri,Marco Tamba,Davide Lelli,Elena Carra,Paolo Cordioli,Paola Angelini,Michele Dottori
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0014324
Abstract: In recent years human diseases due to mosquito-borne viruses were increasingly reported in Emilia-Romagna region (Italy), from the chikungunya virus in 2007 to the West Nile virus (WNV) in 2008. An extensive entomological survey was performed in 2009 to establish the presence and distribution of mosquito arboviruses in this region, with particular reference to flaviviruses.
Enlargement of filtration and predictable representation property for semi-martingales
Antonella Calzolari,Barbara Torti
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We present two examples of loss of the predictable representation property for semi-martingales by enlargement of the reference filtration. First of all we show that the predictable representation property for a square-integrable semi-martingale X does not transfer from the reference filtration F to a larger filtration G when the information starts growing up to a positive time. Then we study the case when F coincides with the natural filtration of X and G is obtained by adding the natural filtration of a second square-integrable semi-martingale, Y. We establish conditions under which the triplet (X,Y,[X,Y]) enjoys the predictable representation property with respect to G.
Proxy dynamic delegation in grid gateway
Federico Calzolari,Daniele Licari
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Nowadays one of the main obstacles the research comes up against is the difficulty in accessing the required computational resources. Grid is able to offer the user a wide set of resources, even if they are often too hard to exploit for non expert end user. Use simplification has today become a common practice in the access and utilization of Cloud, Grid, and data center resources. With the launch of L-GRID gateway, we introduced a new way to deal with Grid portals. L-GRID is an extremely light portal developed in order to access the EGI Grid infrastructure via Web, allowing users to submit their jobs from whatever Web browser in a few minutes, without any knowledge about the underlying Grid infrastructure.
A new job migration algorithm to improve data center efficiency
Federico Calzolari,Silvia Volpe
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: The under exploitation of the available resources risks to be one of the main problems for a computing center. The growing demand of computational power necessarily entails more complex approaches in the management of the computing resources, with particular attention to the batch queue system scheduler. In a heterogeneous batch queue system, available for both serial single core processes and parallel multi core jobs, it may happen that one or more computational nodes composing the cluster are not fully occupied, running a number of jobs lower than their actual capability. A typical case is represented by more single core jobs running each one over a different multi core server, while more parallel jobs - requiring all the available cores of a host - are queued. A job rearrangement executed at runtime is able to free extra resources, in order to host new processes. We present an efficient method to improve the computing resources exploitation.
The Anatomy of a Grid portal
Daniele Licari,Federico Calzolari
Computer Science , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/331/7/072043
Abstract: In this paper we introduce a new way to deal with Grid portals referring to our implementation. L-GRID is a light portal to access the EGEE/EGI Grid infrastructure via Web, allowing users to submit their jobs from a common Web browser in a few minutes, without any knowledge about the Grid infrastructure. It provides the control over the complete lifecycle of a Grid Job, from its submission and status monitoring, to the output retrieval. The system, implemented as client-server architecture, is based on the Globus Grid middleware. The client side application is based on a java applet; the server relies on a Globus User Interface. There is no need of user registration on the server side, and the user needs only his own X.509 personal certificate. The system is user-friendly, secure (it uses SSL protocol, mechanism for dynamic delegation and identity creation in public key infrastructures), highly customizable, open source, and easy to install. The X.509 personal certificate does not get out from the local machine. It allows to reduce the time spent for the job submission, granting at the same time a higher efficiency and a better security level in proxy delegation and management.
Microstructural characterisation related to hot tearing of Al-Cu sand mould castings
Mattia Merlin
Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, the hot tearing behaviour in Al-(4.8 6)%Cu sand mould castings was preliminary investigated by means of microstructural examination and image analysis. A dog-bone pattern was employed for the realisation of the castings and three Al-Cu alloys with different Cu and Si contents were used. The effects of the alloy composition and of different pouring temperatures on the hot tearing behaviour of the castings were evaluated. The quantity of the eutectic phase available during solidification is considered a very important parameter for the crack healing phenomenon, in fact the eutectic liquid flows into the hot tear areas and covers parts of the cracks. The hot tear paths and surfaces were observed by means of optical and scanning electron microscopes, which showed that the fracture surfaces were dominated by bridged grain boundaries and the presence of a liquid film, in particular at higher copper concentrations. Several samples were also drawn from the zones characterised by the maximum cross-section variation and the micrographs from the optical microscope were statistically analysed by means of commercially available image analysis software. The quantitative microstructural parameters of percentage, mean area and distribution of the eutectic phase were evaluated and correlated to the capacity of the eutectic liquid to heal open fractures caused by hot tearing for the examined alloys.
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